Unfortunately, Wang Lifeng’s warning came too late, before his words ended, the flat ground underneath them suddenly turned into a swampy quagmire, the weight and size of the military truck were usually a great advantage against the zombies, but in this case, it only accelerated their demise.

The military truck sank at a great speed, and the ability users inside the car didn’t care about the car and the supplies in it, they abandoned the car and fled, the earth mutants solidified the ground so that the people had a place to land, the wind ability users held the bodies of the people so that they could reduce the pressure on the ground so as not to fall into the mud, and the other mutants of various departments used their own means to escape from the swamped ground.

In the team of more than 1,000 people, many were earth ability users, but they could only petrify a part of the ground with all their efforts, they simply weren’t the opponent of the hundreds of earth ability zombies that secretly swamped the ground.

Wang Lifeng looked at the dozens of military trucks that had sank into the swamp, and his face turned blue with pain.

Using abilities consumed the human’s energy, after it was exhausted, humans simply couldn’t fight against the zombies. But yet more than a thousand people dared to try to deal with the nearly 10,000 evolved ability zombies, it was because the base gave them a lot of weapons, which against the evolved zombies, were very effective, now it was all trapped underground, what could they use to fight the zombies?

If it weren’t for a few of the Institute’s high-ranking ability users around him, Wang Lifeng would want to go home right now. With the loss of a large number of weapons and the untimely reaction of the ability users, this operation wasn’t optimistic.

Before, they didn’t have time to escape before they landed in the muddy area, some of them had died. So they guarded against the soles of their feet, because they didn’t know how many earth ability zombies were waiting to kill them underneath their feet.

For a while, it was as if heaven and earth had gone silent, and the crowd held their breaths, even the wind-ability zombies that had summoned the fierce wind had stopped attacking.

Suddenly, a short scream crossed the ears of the crowd, the ability users looked at the sound, only to see the ground slightly move a few times, and then all movements stopped. However, the ability users standing next to that place instantly retreated towards the side with frightened faces: “Old Li was dragged down!”

Just now there was an ability user standing there, but was caught off guard by an earth ability zombie, who grabbed his ankle and pulled him down, except for a few ability users around him that saw it happen, others only found out when they heard the man’s short scream.

Everyone was in danger, Wang Lifeng then embodied a leader’s decisiveness: “Everyone, seperate into groups of three, watch each other’s backs, earth ability users be at alert, harden the ground, ice ability users, freeze the ground ……” with a series of orderly arrangements, the people’s anxiety gradually calmed down.

However, Wang Lifeng didn’t dare to relax at all, he was under great pressure.

If such a large area could be turned into a swamp, either the level of the earth-type zombies were as high as the fifth rank or the number of earth-type zombies were particularly high. No matter which was possible, it made him sweat. Because he knew very well that the earth ability zombies were just a section, not to mention the wind ability zombies who had struck once before, the nearly 10,000 zombies were almost all evolved zombies, the other zombies must also be quite a lot, they were only a group of people …… Wang Lifeng looked at the tense people, his gaze sunk.


Although the more than one thousand ability users couldn’t recover the swamped ground made by the zombies, it was still possible to maintain a place to stand.

When they were on the alert, the iced ground suddenly turned into icy water, the muddy swamp added to the ice water, making it even more wet, soft and sticky, most of the ability users were caught off guard. Sharp claws with long black nails yanked people down, with no other traces than their last screams.

The previous frozen standing spot slowly crumbled, the ground made by the earth ability users weren’t any better. The shaky ground was destroyed by a more powerful force, a quicksand with strong force swept people down, a few unfortunate people were dragged down, they were definitely dead.

The people who were unlucky enough to be dragged down with such a strong force were sure to lose their lives.

However this was just the beginning ……

Wang Lifeng saw that there was no way to cope with this crisis when they were divided into a small group of three people, so he simply gathered all the rest of them together and they stayed next to each other to resist the earth ability zombies under the ground. The wind called by the wind ability zombies didn’t blow down all the people who were huddled together. They temporarily settled down but before they could relax, the outermost shadows flashed across very quickly. Every time the shadows appear, they would be accompanied by the shrieks of an ability user.

Someone shouted in horror, “It’s a speed ability zombie!”

The people present used their abilities to protect themselves, but this protection was only useful for zombies with lower speed, but useless for those with higher level.

The zombies were different from humans, even if the zombies hadn’t awakened their powers, they could still advance, their strength and speed would be enhanced with the advancement. Zombies with speed ability were not only fast, even their strength wasn’t weak. And humans with enhanced abilities only had enhanced powers, but there was no bonus for their physical quality.

Therefore, zombies on the same rank as ability users were far more powerful, they were just not as intelligent as humans. But now these zombies were controlled by Ye Tianyi, a high-ranking zombie whose intelligence stood at the top among humans, so they weren’t to be underestimated.

In the deliberate control of Ye Tianyi, these speed ability zombies that could break the necks of the human ability users with one claw didn’t directly kill these ability users, but only casually scratched a wound on their bodies to infect these ability users, which would turn them into zombies. In order to accelerate the speed of infection, Ye Tianyi also deliberately made them scratch their heads.


The human who awakened into an ability user could be immune to the zombie virus of the same level and lower levels, but they would be infected if the zombie’s level was higher than them. For example, a third-rank ability user wouldn’t be infected if he was scratched by a third-rank or below zombie, but he would be infected if he was scratched by a fourth-rank or above, and they would either be extremely lucky to awaken to another ability, or be miserable enough to become a zombie with ability.

Dual-system powers in human beings were extremely rare, and almost all of them that awakened dual abilities for the first time. They could be scratched by high-rank zombies after awakening a series of abilities. It was too rare for dual abilities to awaken a series of abilities again. At present, there were only two human beings. The fact that they could work to gained power showed their strength.

The speed of these zombies were controlled by Ye Tianyi to sneak up on the ability users of the fourth rank. All the ability users caught by these fourth-rank zombies, as long as they didn’t reach the fourth rank, they quickly mutated into second- or third-rank ability users and turned their heads to attack their companions, who were previously protected by them.

The sudden zombification of their companions and the attack from their own people, caught the human ability users off guard, filled with panic, they released their abilities to attack them, but accidentally injured many people.

The team was in chaos, Wang Lifeng hastened to stop the people who released their abilities to attack the newly zombified ability users: “They are only third-rank zombies at the highest, don’t worry about being injured and infected with the zombie virus. First deal with those fourth-rank speed ability zombies!”

The time the speed the zombies used to break through their protection wasn’t very fast and they weren’t that much, other ability ability users, expect for two or three of them that were second-rank, most of them were in the third rank, they weren’t afraid of being infected by the other second-rank zombies. Their biggest threat was letting the speed ability zombies infiltrate their protection.

Now it was more than two years after the end of the world, Wang Lifeng’s ability rank was at the peak of the fourth rank, he had a fire ability, The agents of several exclusive research institutes around him were basically in the peak of the fourth-rank, and there was even a fifth-rank ability user.

It was very difficult to upgrade after the fifth rank, it required a lot of crystal nuclei, and absorbing the energy in the crystal nuclei would have a lot of impurities, resulting in instability of the ability, which were hidden dangers.

But Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi were different, they had that mysterious chant, which could refine impurities to purify energy, so they absorbed the crystal nucleus completely without restraint. However, one of them was an ice and water dual ability mutant beast, one was a three-ability zombie, the difficulty and speed of advancement were far more than a person with one ability.

This was also Ye Tianyi’s awakening, that was, the third-rank zombies and third-rank ability users were completely different, zombies had superior grade advantages over human abilities, that was mostly why he reached the peak of the fifth-rank so fast.

It was very difficult to advance to the sixth rank, and he was still a three-rank ability user. The good thing was that he has done enough accumulation in the past half a year, he was just waiting for the thick accumulation to break through the sixth rank in one fell swoop.

Ye Tianyi’s mental energy scouted the dozen or so fourth-ranked ability users who united to deal with his fourth-ranked speed ability zombies, then he hastily withdrew them back, and then sent on other distant attacking ability zombie groups.

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