After the three of them entered the scene together, Zhang Liran very consciously detached from the two people with their own aura, and quietly went to find her own group of plastic sisters, with them staying together, at least the blog page would not be so suffocating, right?

Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe didn’t notice this little hiccup, and after they entered, they took their seats according to the host’s arrangement.

The location of this kind of large charity dinner was of course decided early on, and Zhou Yuhe’s location was right next to Xie Yifeng’s.

    Because there was too much difference between the positions of the two sides, this wasn’t something he and Yang Yu could do. They cou;d sit together now because it was arranged by Xie Yifeng’s agent. Of course, Yang Yu helped Zhou Yuhe agree with this kind of “smoothness”.

Zhou Yuhe sat next to Xie Yifeng, and the two remarkable scenery attracted the attention of many people.

“Xie Yifeng.” A voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Both of them looked back at the same time and were stunned.

The one who called out to Xie Yifeng was actually Ji Chen. Standing next to him was his girlfriend, Ning Qin’er whose popularity was now soaring, even more so than Meng Churong.

Ji Chen was wearing a dark blue high-class suit, which exemplified his noble temperament to the fullest. Ning Qin’er, on the other hand, was wearing a dark blue starry skirt of the same color, with stars on the skirt, and her beautiful face of mixed blood of three countries, the two of them standing together could be described as a golden child and a jade daughter, making everyone envious.

Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe stood up together, facing Ji Chen and the others.

As the two of them unconsciously synchronized to get up, a ‘no less than the couple’s’ atmosphere was also brought up, the two were not less than 1.8 meters tall, especially Xie Yifeng, 1.87 meters, which could be a male model height, just standing alone made people feel pressure, not to mention the calm and easy, restrained and calm temperament on his body. Paired with Zhou Yu and that shocking person, under the make-up artist’s deliberate carving, his face was as beautiful as an immortal, and the confrontation faintly spread between the four.

Ji Chen’s dark pupils turned and saw Zhou Yuhe behind Xie Yifeng, and was slightly shocked. The young man’s upright posture wore this white high-definition suit with an unearthly temperament, the pair of smooth and graceful lines of his eyes seemed to be dense with southern smoke and rain, a pair of extremely poetic eyes, with such perfect and impeccable features, his entire body was permeated with a spring mountain-like warmth and elegance, but also concealed the mysterious detachment of ta dormant feeling, making people almost unable to move their eyes.

This young man had changed again from the last time they met!

He had previously asked his assistant to check on Zhou Yuhe’s information, and after discovering that his previous experiences were so ordinary and unexciting, his interest in him gradually faded, plus Ji Chen was going to shoot “Intelligence 2” and was in charge of the publicity for “Obviously Sweet”, so he was so busy that he completely forgot about it.

Until the teenager gave him a resounding slap on the wrist.

Although it was his first time making an idol drama, Ji Chen, who had been high and mighty since he was a child, could never have imagined that his acting skills would be so degraded.

To be honest, although the script and people hac limitations, Ji Chen’s performance in “Obviously Sweet” was absolutely remarkable, and the reason why he got nothing … was completely compared.

He also watched Zhou Yuhe as Shen Yan, and his heart was shocked, needless to say.

He also understood why the public didn’t care much about his role as Lin Yuming.

Who cared if the other beads look good or not when you have pearls in front of you.

This year would have been the most “gloomy” year for Ji Chen if it wasn’t for “Intelligence 2”, which took over the airwaves and brought back 10% of his acting skills.

Ji Chen’s eyes lingered on the young man’s body for a moment before he turned to Xie Yifeng with a formulaic smile, “I haven’t had time to congratulate you, Emperor Bo Fei, this is an unprecedented achievement.”

With a faint smile on his face, Xie Yifeng said indifferently, “Thank you.”

Ning Qin’er looked at the two of them, and suddenly said with a smile, “Brother Chen, don’t give Yifeng a high hat, what ‘no one before and no one after’, have you forgotten that thirty years ago, Jiang Jin, the old man also won? Hey, if Elder Jiang could see Yifeng win the Burfi’s Best Actor Award like him, he would be very pleased, but …… it’s a pity.”

Jiang Jin, thirty years ago, became the first and only actor in China to win the Burfi Best Actor Award, after which he quickly became a god, and became a momentous presence in the entertainment industry.

After two emotional betrayals, Jiang Jin, who was less than 45 years old, committed suicide, which became one of the biggest regrets in the entertainment industry.

Like Jiang Jin, Xie Yifeng was a genius actor, and emotional problems were inevitable for every genius actor.

Even Jiang Jin, who won the Best Actor award at the age of forty, could not avoid the tragic ending, let alone the young Xie Yifeng.

Ji Chen looked at Ning Qin’er helplessly, “You, do you have to say this at such a happy time?”

“I’m sorry, Yifeng, I didn’t mean it.” Ning Qin’er threw out her tongue, her beautiful and delicate appearance making it impossible for anyone to stir up a reproachful mind.

Xie Yifeng indifferently said, “It’s okay.”

If Ji Chen had said this, Xie Yifeng could have sneered back, but a woman’s soft knife was often the one that killed.

The atmosphere was instantly frozen.

Zhou Yuhe looked across at Ji Chen, and then at Xie Yifeng beside him.

The familiar scene, the familiar conversation, he was suddenly overcome with emotion.

Ji Chen, the son of heaven’s pride, the most typical figure of the resource school in showbiz.

Xie Yifeng, a natural-born drama nerd, was a hardworking person in showbiz.

These two people seemed to have been born at odds.

In his last life, it was because Ji Chen hated Xie Yifeng, and even Zhou Yuhe had a bad impression of him.

Although it couldn’t be said that they were deadly rivals, but if he hadn’t been disfigured by the fire, which made him gradually see human nature, he would have stayed away from Xie Yifeng for the rest of his life.

In his previous life, there were so many scenes of the two people fighting against each other, and he accompanied Ji Chen through many and he experienced such open shots and hidden arrows.

But in this life, he was on Xie Yifeng’s side.

“Miss Ning is actually right, Burfi movie emperor, every year there is one, it’s not really ‘no one before and no one after’, what is really no one before and no one after …… is  a twenty-four-year-old Burfi movie emperor. ” With an impeccable smile, Zhou Yuhe’s words were like a sword, instantly splitting the frozen atmosphere to the extreme.

The Burfi Award, the most authoritative award ceremony in Europe, was not as harsh on Asians as some American awards, but it was still quite exclusive. To win this award at the age of twenty-four was quite rare in the entire history of the Burfi Awards, let alone for an Asian actor to be crowned a movie star at the age of twenty-four.

Not only Zhou Yuhe, but everyone with a brain knew that although the Burfi Award was not Xie Yifeng’s only honor, to win the Burfi Award at the age of twenty-four, there would never be another person in the history of Chinese cinema!

This young man had a polite smile on his face, but his eyes were extremely determined, and he struck at the two people opposite him with a cold blade.

It was as if something had broken out of his heart.

On the other hand, Ji Chen and Ning Qin’er were also fiercely stunned.

They did not expect that Zhou Yuhe, who looked so clear and non-aggressive, would say something so strong that they would have no room to refute it.

Seeing the surprise in Xie Yifeng’s eyes, Ji Chen’s eyes also darkened. The eyes that stared at Zhou Yuhe were gradually tainted with a slight sense of victory.

This person was really interesting.

Ning Qin’er was refuted by him so much that she had nothing to say, she was already depressed, seeing Ji Chen like this, with her knowledge of him, how could she not know that he was interested in Zhou Yuhe?

Her eyes became a little bit angry when she looked at him.

She was about to open her mouth, but Ji Chen smiled first and said, “Mr. Zhou is really good at talking, no wonder you and Yifeng are so good friends. We won’t bother you anymore.”

With that, he left with a disgruntled Ning Qin’er.

Zhou Yuhe was relieved, he was about to sit down but saw that Xie Yifeng was looking at him, his focused and slightly fiery eyes made Zhou Yuhe feel a little uncomfortable, he asked: “What are you looking at?”.

Xie Yifeng smiled, a glance so gentle that it could drown one in a deep sea.

“Look at you, I’m wondering how in the world someone as good looking (inner thought: cute) as you are.”

“Flatterer.” Zhou Yuhe glared at him and calmly turned his head, unaware that his slightly reddened earlobes had betrayed his calmness.


Since Tiansen’s charity night gathered the most influential stars in the entertainment industry, it was not surprising to meet Cao Qiyue here.

At the dinner party after the charity auction, Zhou Yuhe ran into Cao Qiyue in the corner, wearing a white feathered dress that set off her entire body in an ethereal and noble way.

There was a short, obese man standing next to her, who at first glance Zhou Yuhe thought was her agent, Da Pan.

“Hi, Yuhe! You’re just in time, come over and meet my friend.” Cao Qiyue was speaking warmly and cordially with the man beside him, and upon seeing Zhou Yuhe, she waved her hand and called him over.

When Zhou Yuhe came closer, he realized that it was a strange man. One second, he was talking to Cao Qiyue with strong anger in his eyes – of course, the anger was not directed at Cao Qiyue, but rather he was confiding in Cao Qiyue about something that made him very angry – and the next second, when he saw Zhou Yuhe, his whole eyes suddenly lit up.

“Hello, who is it?” Zhou Yuhe asked with a decent smile.

In fact, if it were a private matter, he and Cao Qiyue wouldn’t have to be so polite, but now it was a dinner party, a formal occasion, so some formal courtesies were inevitable.

Cao Qiyue didn’t mind, she smiled and introduced the man beside her, “This is Mr. Zhang, he is a very famous writer.”

“Hello, Mr. Zhou.” The man seemed to be flustered by Zhou Yuhe’s dazzling appearance, and his original comfortable expression suddenly became somewhat restrained, taking the initiative to extend his hand to shake Zhou Yuhe’s.

Mr. Zhang?

Zhou Yuhe looked at the other party’s slightly familiar face and then took a closer look at Cao Qiyue.

Suddenly, it was as if a knack had been struck in his head.

Could it be that …… was that.

The next second.

Zhou Yuhe put on a more polite, more perfect smile.

And shook the other’s hands.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, very pleased to meet you.”

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