“One tomato dropped, I’ll plant it for you.”



Rong Yue squatted down and found that the pit had been buried, the bone knife worked quite well, the soil wasn’t tightly buried, so he did a good job overall.



Tian Yang still stared at him, then he suddenly changed the subject: “Do you wear your necklace?”



Despite his doubts, Rong Yue pulled the chain out of his clothes and showed it to Tian Yang.



Tian Yang showed an expression that was probably satisfaction: “It looks good.”



Rong Yue: “……”


Tian Yang added: “Are the earrings still there? How about the bracelets?”


“They’re all there.”


“Put them on and let me see.”


Rong Yue looked around then he went to get them and put it on quietly.



Tian Yang watched him finish, his pupils became darker: “…… very nice.”



Rong Yue somehow felt uncomfortable, he raised his hand, ready to remove the earrings, when his wrist was suddenly confined by Tian Yang.



He came closer: “Clothes are still there?”



The orange sunset reflected the glitter of Rong Yue’s jeweled earrings, perhaps because of the atmosphere, or perhaps a bit of timely nostalgia, Rong Yue went into the tent and changed into his 50th grade white robe.



The silk fabric, draped smooth and silky, rippled with the movement.



The golden dark pattern spread upward from the bottom, looking elegant and noble. Rong Yue put down the ponytail as well, picked up the unusable scepter in his hand, when he finished, there was a moment of confusion.



Without a mirror, he could only do his best to stroke the frizz in his hair, slowly stepped forward and lifted the tent curtain.


Tian Yang and he stared at each other, momentarily lost for words.



After a long time, the sunset hid behind the clouds, he suddenly spoke: “Yue, you are particularly good-looking.”



Rong Yue felt a bit ashamed, he took a step back to the tent and put back all these items back to the backpack.



He put on linen clothes and sat on the edge of the stone bed, his hands covering his feverish face.



Did he just get poisoned!


Why did he change when Tian Yang said he wanted to see him dressed up!



Tian Yang, who had been poisoned with magic qi, had a kind of bewitching magic, his speech became very straightforward, and his movements were on a large scale.



Rong Yue had a bold guess – did he like him?



But the current Tian Yang was abnormal, judging his current thoughts was meaningless.




Rong Yue calmed down and sighed.



Looking at this situation, Rong Yue still had a long way to go.



Tian Yang temporarily had no symptoms, but it didn’t mean new changes wouldn’t occur, at least as far as Rong Yue observed, his chest pattern seemed to have grown half a centimeter again.



Sending Tian Yang to build the wall, Rong Yue calculated the time and made an arrangement for the time being.



With three carts pulling stones at the same time, it would take at least a month to finish the wall completely.



The twisted seeds had been planted by ama Xinya with a group of women, the field was circled outside the fence, and it was between the small lake, which was convenient for irrigation.



Ama Xinya was responsible and serious, every day she went with a group of people to record the condition of the field, the twisted seeds sprouting …… although there was no movement yet, Rong Yue observed her work and felt very relieved. The twisted seeds would be harvested in at least two more months.



He intended to wait for the Salt department to appear before he made the tomato sauce, at present he could only wait, at worst it’d be until the great gathering.



All of this took time.



And the distant and dangerous star wilderness, a round trip would take at least three months, not even the time to find medicine.



And upgrading couldn’t be rushed, Rong Yue wanted to quickly open the [divine prayer].



In the end, Rong Yue planned to stay in the village for another half a month, go to the woods with Tian Yang to catch prey, and first start the village’s aquaculture industry.


Only by storing the rations of the tribe for a period of time could they safely lead people on long journeys and punish evil while promoting good.



Who knew that plans weren’t as good as change, the next morning, the tribe blew up.



“Salt department?”



“So many things I’ve never seen ……”



“Go get Lord Tian Yang! And Sacrifice Yue! Tell them people from the Salt department are coming-”



Yesterday, he was chanting about the Salt department, but he didn’t expect to see someone arrive today.



Rong Yue was woken up, chanting tomato sauce under his breath, he hurriedly tidied up his appearance and went to the entrance of the tribe with Tian Yang.



There was already a circle of people gathered there.



The tribal crowd found the arrival of the Sacrifice Yue and Lord Tian Yang, spontaneously and respectfully made a way, Rong Yue then saw the visitors.



It turned out to be three young girls.



The leader of the group had lightly dotted vermilion lips, and her forehead also had a touch of red, charming and bright. The two young women standing behind her were also dressed similarly, but their eyebrows weren’t as stunning as the young girl in the lead.



Despite their situation, they couldn’t hide the arrogance, the two at the back of the hand tugged the rattan rope, the other end was attached to a wooden bucket somewhat like a sled.



When the young girl saw Rong Yue and Tian Yang, she frowned: “Which one of you is the leader of this small tribe?”



Rong Yue raised his eyebrows, “Ask me if you have something.”



“Hmph, well then, I’ll buy you two to pull the cart for us!” The young girl raised her chin: “I’m a woman of the salt tribe, my father is the chief of the salt tribe, we have whatever you want!”

“Ah …… I’m sorry, but our tribe is not for sale.”



“Not for sale?” The young girl’s willow eyebrows rose up: “What do you mean not for sale, you have such a bad attitude, don’t you want salt?”



Rong Yue laughed: “We want it, but our tribe people have human rights, everyone is equal, mutual respect ……”



The crowd remembered Rong Yue’s speech in the valley and shouted slogans with fervor, “Everyone is equal! Guarantee human rights! Equality for all! Safeguard human rights!”


The young girl was so shocked that she took a step back, and the arrogance on her face was lessened by a few points.



But soon she said unconvincingly, “Then, then it’s fine if you volunteer to follow me, when you arrive at our Salt Tribe, you can be allowed to marry a woman from our Salt Tribe.”



Xingyue tribe as a collection of old, sick and disabled, fell silent together: “…………”



The young girl was so aggrieved that she shouted, “What’s wrong with this broken tribe of yours! Don’t you know I’m from the salt tribe! What’s in it for you guys if you offend me!?”



When she showed her age-appropriate panic, Rong Yue took the initiative to preside over the situation: “We are willing to make a deal with the Salt Ministry, but you called us a broken tribe ……”



Tian Yang emitted a cold aura behind him.



The young girl shivered and quickly spoke: “No, not broken.”



Rong Yue smiled: “You can come in and speak, why didn’t you travel with men?”



The young girl didn’t dare to go forward: “We met bad people on the road, the man was ki-lled. I want to go back to the salt tribe, you guys put out men to help me pull my car, there are benefits, there are a lot of benefits!”



Rong Yue looked curiously at their car bucket, but didn’t accept.



He gave Yang San a look, not long, Yang San pulled a wooden cart with wheels over.



The wheels rolled smoothly, the puller looked relaxed as he pulled the cart over.



The young girl’s eyes looked straight at it.



“This this this ……” she screamed and pointed forward: “What is this?!”



Yang San showed a smile: “This is our tribe’s unique cart, it’ll save energy!”



The young girl gritted her teeth: “I’ll take this one, you guys make a price, how will you sell it to me?”



“Well ……” Rong Yue rubbed his chin: “we’ll just take everything in your cart for it.”



The young girl froze, “Impossible! You guys, are you provoking our salt tribe?”



She panicked and scanned the circle of people around her, when she saw Tian Yang, her eyes lit up and she pointed at him: “Yes, I’ve thought of something, you, it’s you …… I allow you to marry me, from now on you are the husband of the daughter of the chief of our salt tribe! Won’t you tow that thing over?!”




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