Rong Yue brought Tian Yang back to the small clearing with a dark expression. When they saw that they finally came back and it seemed that they didn’t lack arms or legs. The people were relieved at last.


Yue Dong: “What happened? You ate too much meat? Eat more fruit!”



Rong Yue didn’t get it, but it was forgotten when Guoguo interrupted.



Guoguo rushed up: “Lord Tian Yang, you have blo-od on you!” She had a horrified expression and was just about to touch it when Rong Yue reached out and blocked it: “He’s fine, I’ve cured it.”


He didn’t want to mention the matter of Tian Yang’s magical injury, he vaguely hid it for the time being.


In his memory, magical beasts were creatures that didn’t share the same fate as humans, and when they met, it was a case of only you die and I live. That seemed to be an innate hostility, which was different from the ordinary small animals that were full of love and ate meat.


And the habits of magical beasts were almost blank in human beings, as if there was no law to speak of. They had all kinds of forms, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. It depended on luck where they met.



People who were bitten and poisoned by them would gradually become weak and eventually die.


Fortunately, this kind of thing wasn’t contagious, otherwise Tian Yang couldn’t wait for him to arrive here, he’d have been ki-lled by the mountain tribe.



Having said that, if ordinary people knew that someone was carrying magic qi, they would certainly be uncomfortable. Although they were all close friends, Rong Yue temporarily didn’t want to cross the branch.



Fortunately, Tian Yang didn’t argue.



Rong Yue still slept with Tian Yang at night.



He was still a little angry, so he was too lazy to laugh with Tian Yang, he closed his eyes but his mind was chaotic.



He couldn’t help but think over and over – Tian Yang’s behavior was strange, after the outbreak of magic, it wasn’t to say that he had become violent, but rather he “didn’t know what was important”, he was emotionally dull.



Simply put, it was as if the button to be “human” had been turned off.



Could it be that demonic energy could make people bestial? No, not like that, Tian Yang didn’t lose his mind, he knew how to deal with injuries properly, spoke and thought clearly, he wasn’t stupid.



Rong Yue rolled over in annoyance, but a hot arm was suddenly on his waist.


“?” He froze, twisted and picked his hand up and threw it back to Tian Yang’s side.


A minute later, the big hand came back up.



“…………” Rong Yue really wanted to sleep, too lazy to move again, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.



The next day when he woke up, his whole body was wrapped in the arms of Tian Yang.


“Tian Yang.”


“…… eh?”



Over the corner where the two of them were, the air pressure seemed to be lower than the surrounding, Rong Yue gritted his teeth: “One, side, go.”



Tian Yang silently raised his hands to release Rong Yue.



Although the cannibal tribal matters wasn’t resolved, but that was, after all, the matter of other people’s families, the cart going before the horse wasn’t good. Rong Yue still let everyone move the stones and then they’d go back to the tribe first.



Rong Yue had been discussing with Tian Yang to make the next decision, but he was slightly uncomfortable.



Fortunately, before coming here he was also a person who gave orders, so he wasn’t apprehensive.



Tian Yang was struck by the magic, but his strength seemed to be greater, just with him and Yue Dong, a few punches almost shattered half of the stone mountain.



Large and small stones were piled up all over the big trailer, and the disobedient Creek tribe was responsible for pulling the cart.


On the way they also encountered a few pieces of wild twisted seeds, Rong Yue was a little happier as they picked it.



The twisted seeds were common plants and easy to find, but apart from the twisted seeds, nothing else was harvested.



By mid-afternoon, Rong Yue’s sharp eyes saw a small cluster of red fruits.



“What’s that!?” He was sure it wasn’t sour fruit, because sour fruits grew on trees, while this red fruit plant was only half a man’s height. Everyone came over together curiously, and Rong Yue squatted down, his hands shaking.



Was this, was this the tomato that the player said!?



It didn’t feel exactly like the plant in the recipe looks, but the fruit really looked like it!



It was also said to be sour, but refreshingly sour, it was even more delicious when it was made into a sauce, players always said that this sauce fed a country ……



Others saw Rong Yue so excited, and held their breath, waiting for Rong Yue.


The small red fruit was only half a fist big, the smallest was the size of a knuckle.



When Guoguo saw that Rong Yue was about to put the fruit in his mouth, she worriedly asked: “Sacrifice Yue, this isn’t poisonous, right?”



Yue Dong picked it up: “It isn’t poisonous, we have seen it outside, but it is too sour, except when we’re too thirsty, no one chooses to eat it.”



Rong Yue sniffed more assuredly and stuffed it into his mouth.



“…………” Seeing that Rong Yue didn’t move for half a day, Guoguo curiously asked.


“Sacrifice Yue, how is it? Is it good?”


Xiao Ergou picked a small one, rubbed it and stuffed it into her mouth.


Then she spat it out “uh-huh-“.



Tears fell from Xiao Ergou’s eyes: “so sour ah ……”



Rong Yue then swallowed the pulp in his mouth with difficulty: “It’s really sour.”



A hundred times more sour than the tribe’s sour fruit. The texture was also different, soft and flabby. Rong Yue felt fooled.


This was the kind of thing that fed a nation?


What was the real world like? Was the legendary food really so delicious? Was the delicacies he had been longing for real?


Tian Yang patted him on the back: “Bring it back?”



Rong Yue came back to his senses and said firmly, “Yes.”



Instead of doubting, why not try again? If he found all the seasonings and still couldn’t make it delicious, it wasn’t too late to doubt again.



He still remembered the first time Tian Yang roasted meat for him, without seasoning it wasn’t delicious!



With a “tomato” plant, a bag of twisted seeds, and a cart full of gravel, the group finally returned to the tribe that night without incident.




Ah Jiu was standing at the edge of the tribe with some people, and when they saw them from afar, a cheer rang out.



“They’re back!”



“Sacrifice Yue! Sacrifice Yue is back!”



“Lord Tian Yang, you’re back, how was your journey-”



Rong Yue was slightly stunned, then smiled genuinely: “We’re back, come and unload the stone.”



That night, the tribe burned a campfire, and worked together to use all those stones and made a small wall.



When Rong Yue woke up the next morning, he found that the wall was neat and tidy, and quite strong.


Because of the previous discussion with Ah Jiu, the wall couldn’t be too thin, the weight was a total of less than three meters.




If they wanted to enclose the tribe, they still had to make more efforts.



These days they felled some wood back, Rong Yue used the holy light to cut some new wheels, the craftsmen added two new cars to the tribe. The transport of stones was given to Yue Dong to lead the Creek tribe.



The two bald brothers were called by Rong Yue to the front of the tent to the council.



“Salt department?” The two men looked at each other with blank faces.



Tian Yang was sitting next to them like a bogeyman with his legs crossed, one hand still on his bone kn-ife, his torso robust and an expressionless face.



The bald brothers glanced at the sharp kni-fe and numbly turned their heads and dared not look again.



…… they felt that Lord Tian Yang wasn’t quite the same as the first time they met.



Rong Yue looked at Tian Yang and asked again: “From what Bai Tao said, you’ve been to the Salt department?”



Xi Shang came back to his senses: “Yes, we went there, but we didn’t get there, we came back halfway. Because they were about to leave for the big tribal gathering, we happened to meet up with their caravan.”



“So ……” Rong Yue was slightly disappointed: “That means, we have to wait until the big fair to exchange miscellaneous goods?”


Xi Bian: “That’s not necessarily true, the big fair doesn’t open until a month before winter, and other times they send caravans to other tribes to exchange things.”



The salt tribe was quite desolate nearby, they couldn’t maintain basic survival by hunting, so they relied on salt brick trade. But salt bricks were a necessity for other tribes, so they were quite rich, the tribe had everything, and the people were proud.



There was an enduring legend – the women of the Salt Tribe were very beautiful.



Rong Yue asked the salt tribe, mainly for sugar.



He came back with tomatoes in his arms, after reading recipes for half a day, he found that something like tomato sauce, surprisingly, had to add sugar to taste.



It was really no wonder it was so sour to eat alone.



Sugar was also rare here, the recipe didn’t have the method of making sugar sauce, Rong Yue momentarily had no other way, so he asked Tian Yang where to get sugar.



Although Tian Yang became less smiling, hit him once, and suffocated him to death every night from holding him too tight, he didn’t lose his memory.



“The Salt department has it.” He was brief and concise.



He finally asked the bald brothers, who knew that the two of them also didn’t know the way.



But it wasn’t bad news to know that it was possible to meet by chance, at least.



In the evening Rong Yue went out for a round, looking for Yue Dong to understand a little bit about Xingye Forest.



As he was thinking about things, he returned to their tent, but saw that Tian Yang lowered his head with his bone kni-fe chopping at something.



Rong Yue’s heart tightened, afraid of his sudden behavior, he quietly approached –



He was digging a hole with his precious bone kn-ife.



Hearing Rong Yue’s footsteps, the man turned back, his slightly red eyes reflecting his figure clearly: “One tomato dropped, I’m planting it for you”



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