“The operation was a great success! The child is saved!” Dr. Kach, dressed in a white coat, emerged from the tent, took off his mask and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he loudly announced.



The medical support team let out a loud cheer.



However, Li Zheng found that the Dorman soldiers and even the UN troops were very indifferent to the event, and they quietly looked at the people celebrating by the open tent, without a hint of emotion in their eyes.



“You think we’re cold-blo-oded, don’t you?” The big man threw the cigarette butt to the ground and stomped it out.



Li Zheng’s eyelids twitched, he looked sideways and saw a slightly sarcastic smile on the face of the big man, with a little thought, he understood the reason for it.



Yes, this child now survived. But what about later? The bullet went through the child’s lung, he couldn’t do heavy work in this life and couldn’t be weaned off medicine, this child in a peaceful country may be able to live, but in this w-ar-torn Dorman, he wasn’t destined to survive.



Thinking of this, Li Zheng’s face suddenly became ugly, his mood was getting heavier.



Because of the 5 p.m. meeting with the Dorman government. The medical team didn’t delay too long on the bus. The bus slowly drove across the Dorman border.



After the bus drove a hundred meters, Li Zheng turned around subconsciously, and in a blur, he saw some Dorman soldiers rush into the tent set up by the medical team, and soon, a soldier came out of the tent with a quilt wrapped up, and put it on the roadside not far from the tent.



Li Zheng knew the quilt, it was the quilt the medical team used to cover the little boy.



Li Zheng’s mood was unprecedentedly depressed, and he even began to wonder what the meaning of his re-life was? Was it really useful for him to work so hard to develop new medicine? Anyway, he wasn’t short of money now.



For a moment, he seemed to have lost interest in everything, half leaning on the bus seat, Li Zheng’s body swayed with the bumpy bus, his face didn’t show any emotions.


About six hours, the bus began to drive on the concrete road, the UN garrison’s expression also relaxed a lot, some still in the mood to joke.



“Up ahead is the city of Dorman, which is also the political and economic center of Dorman. I’ve contacted the Dorman party and they are waiting for you at the hospitality center.”



The bus slowly drove into Dorman City.



A hideous military jeep pulled into the city, causing a modest commotion, and the people of Dorman thought armed opposition forces had fought their way in, but it wasn’t long before someone recognized the Union Jack and Red Cross flag.



“It’s a UN medical aid team!” Someone shouted in local slang.



The look on the faces of the Dorman crowd went from panic to surprise at once. Many locals cautiously poked their heads out of the windows, and when they saw the crowd in white coats sitting in the bus, a cheer suddenly erupted from the crowd.



The closed doors were opened, and one by one the crowd came back out onto the street, and they looked at the people sitting in the car with what could almost be called hot eyes.



Li Zheng looked out the window and his eyes met with a little girl being held in her mother’s arms, who had a big smile on her dried up little face.



Li Zheng’s tightly pursed lips couldn’t help but stretch a lot.





“Thank you to the United Nations, thank you to WHO. On behalf of Dorman and the Dorman masses, I welcome you all.” President Dorman personally received the crowd, a slightly dry and thin middle-aged old man with slightly graying sideburns and a heavy sense of vicissitudes on his face.



“The United Nations Health Organization Medical Assistance Team was originally established to support areas with less developed medical conditions, this is our mission.” Dr. Kach was still speaking in an official way.



Because it was getting late, the group stayed at the hospitality center today. The Dorman party arranged dinner in the VIP hall of the hospitality center, and the meal was good, not even worse than the autonomous dinner Li Zheng ate at the Pearl Hotel in the United States.


More importantly, at the dinner, Li Zheng also met an acquaintance.



When he first saw Liang Zhe, his eyes almost popped out.


Liang Zhe had come with President Dorman, and this Mr. Liang and the President were walking and joking at the same time, and from afar, he looked quite like he was at the shopping mall.



“Mr. Li, I heard that you and Mr. Liang are good friends?” President Doman asked with a smile.


Li Zheng nodded awkwardly and dodged Liang Zhe’s glance.



The corner of Liang Zhe’s mouth dropped down two degrees and his eyelids drooped slightly, looking as if he was being bullied.



President Dorman’s gaze glanced between the two, a foxish look on his face.



“Both of you are precious friends of Dorman, I ……” He was about to say something else, when suddenly, his secretary trotted over and attached himself to his ear and said something unknown.



The president’s face changed and he hurriedly bid farewell to the two men.



Dorman studied the West, so the table was a square table, Liang Zhe unceremoniously squeezed Dr. Kach and sat down beside Li Zheng.



Li Zheng’s body stiffened and the hairs on his body stood up.



Looking at Li Zheng’s expression that was like he was looking at an enemy, Liang Zhe’s heart was almost overflowing with aggression, but in front of people, he still had to maintain the tall image of Mr. Liang.


But even so, the words he spoke couldn’t help but show a few emotions.



“I know you haven’t thought about it yet, I’m not in a hurry.” He spoke sullenly.



Li Zheng smiled, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Liang Zhe continue, “You need more than a week to collect virus samples, it’ll take a while, it’s always possible for you to think about it.”



Li Zheng jerked his head, hitting Liang Zhe’s serious and aggravated gaze, faintly, “should …… should be.”



Liang Zhe’s demeanor immediately soothed down.





Okay? Well what okay! Wait, what did he just promise again?



No, no, Li Zheng took two deep breaths and tried to get his intelligence back.



“How did you come to Dorman?” Li Zheng couldn’t help but ask.



Liang Zhe took a sip of water, “I made a deal with the Doman government.”


“What kind of deal?”



“Nothing. It’s just that Liang Co-operation funded the establishment of a hospital in Dorman, and ten years after the hospital is completed and put into use, the ownership of the hospital and the five kilometers of land around the hospital will be automatically transferred to Liang.”



Li Zheng frowned at his words, this deal sounded reasonable, but it was no small risk.


Although Dorman was known as a mineral-rich country, and the right to choose the site of Liang’s hospital was in Liang’s hands. As long as Liang sent a few geological experts to choose a few good land, the hospital investment money would be earned back in minutes.



But what if the government side of Dorman fell? The next government wouldn’t recognize this deal.



Liang Zhe smiled, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, “It’s okay, I can afford to pay for a few hospitals.” He hesitated for a moment and added a sentence later, “It’s good if you’re happy.”



Li Zheng ……



Although Liang Zhe’s appearance made him a little nervous, Li Zheng had to admit that with these two words, his heavy mood actually got a lot better, and he was even in the mood to joke.


The next day



Li Zheng really saw the high efficiency of a plutocracy running at full speed. The town of Mankato, about 20 kilometers from Dorman, was the area with the most serious outbreak of infectious diseases.



After the new Dorman government came into power, in order to control further outbreaks of infectious diseases, they drove all the Dorman people who were confirmed to be carrying infectious diseases to Mankado town.



Now there wasn’t even a single healthy person to be found in the small town of Mankado.



And before Li Zheng’s bus arrived at Mankato town, a temporary hospital appeared out of thin air not far from the town.



This temporary hospital was built by Liang cooperation overnight in the past two days, with a simple composite board, which was the material used to build temporary houses during the earthquake relief in the latter days.


Medical equipment was also shipped overnight from Hong Kong, but as far as equipment went, it was no worse than some of the smaller hospitals in Hong Kong.



Dr. Kach whistled, “Oh, God’s gift! We are so lucky.”



Li Zheng glanced at Kach and a wave of both shock and pride surged in his heart.



Li Zheng …… what was he proud of again?



Whether it was Liang building a temporary hospital or the UN team coming over, the commotion wasn’t small and had long drawn the attention of the town’s residents.



They looked at the buildings that appeared out of nowhere in the past two days, and there was no hint of fluctuation in their empty eyes.



“Mom, that’s the Red Cross. I’ve seen the Red Cross, it’s only above the hospital.”



“Mom, are the doctors coming to see us?” Not far from the temporary hospital, a little girl asked her mother in a soft voice.



The mother, dressed in a long black and gray robe, her hair looking a bit knotted because it hadn’t been washed for a long time, stared at the Red Cross flag on a white background above the makeshift hospital, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, but her eyes soon returned to calm.



“We’re not sick, we don’t need to help.” A hoarse rasp came out of her throat.



“But, but brother is very sick. Brother says he can hardly breathe and has several wounds in his throat. He should see a doctor.”



The person known as the mother sniffed and lowered her eyes slightly as she gently stroked the girl’s hair.


“It’s his life.”



Short words, but they were extraordinarily heavy. In Dorman, in Mankato, this Doc disease was no longer a disease, the residents here had been able to live in harmony with it, and even the town’s elderly would predict how long the virus could lurk in a child’s body after he had just contracted it.



The girl sniffed, her little face tightly scrunched into a ball, her eyes not blinking as she stared at the crowd of people in white coats not far away. A look of determination appeared on her childish face.



She wanted to take her brother to the doctor! She had to.



So, on the first day Li Zheng and the others arrived in Dorman, they welcomed their first patient.



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