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The hovering machine was still parked outside the side door of the classroom, and the people who came to watch outside the circular classroom didn’t have the slightest intention to disperse.



After Duan Hengye went out and raised his eyes, he saw this huge crowd, he was unprepared and was shocked. Almost the same time that Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai appeared here, there were uncontrollable screams outside the classroom. Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai didn’t directly board the levitator as usual, but stopped there and waved to the onlookers in a good mood.



When the screams dissipated, Meng Jinhuai took Duan Hengye’s hand and boarded the hovercraft together, then flew towards the location of the starship.



As the protagonists of today’s event that was destined to affect the future development of the stars, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai knew better than the onlookers what kind of impact the event would have on the entire interstellar. Although Meng Jinhuai took the time to pick up Duan Hengye from Duguang star, but this didn’t mean that his work task was easy. Once on board the starship, Meng Jinhuai went straight to his study to start working on the press conference today.



The distance between Duguang and Southern Star wasn’t too far and not too close, so in normal times, Duan Hengye would basically choose to spend this time reading professional documents or dealing with school matters. But today, after Meng Jinhuai left his side to go to work, Duan Hengye felt a strong sense of exhaustion come over him.



He sat in his study for a while, and then went to the lounge behind the study and slowly laid down on the bed. In today’s class, Duan Hengye still behaved calmly, but only he knew that he hadn’t slept all night. Now when the big stone fell, the exhaustion from both physical and psychological aspects also multiplied in his body.



The window of the lounge automatically adjusted to opaque mode, and the room darkened at once. Duan Hengye laid on his side on the bed, his head gently pressed on the corner of the square pillow placed vertically, and his arms were clasped tightly on the other side. Although Duan Hengye was thin, he wasn’t short, now that he was curled up in a ball, from the side, he really looked extraordinarily pitiful.



Normally, Duan Hengye would return to his residence in Duguang star to rest after each class , and then return to Southern Star or the research institute the next day. But because of this press conference today, Duan Hengye boarded the return starship early and didn’t even have time to eat.


Not long after Duan Hengye went to sleep, the staff on the starship prepared the food and brought it to Meng Jinhuai’s side. After seeing what was on the table, Meng Jinhuai, who had been working with his head down, finally took his attention away from his light computer.



Meng Jinhuai stood up, then gently picked up the things on the table and walked towards Duan Hengye’s office.



On this starship, Duan Hengye’s and Meng Jinhuai’s offices were in the same large suite. After the sensor device captured the information, it opened the silver-white door when Meng Jinhuai was about to walk to the door, and then the Marshal found that – Duan Hengye wasn’t working today.




Seeing this Meng Jinhuai paused in his steps, he gently placed the things in his hands on the table, then couldn’t help but slow down his steps towards the rest room hidden behind the office. As the hatch on the starship quietly opened, Meng Jinhuai saw Duan Hengye lying on his side on the bed. Although he was no longer nervous, the sleepy Duan Hengye still frowned tightly.



Seeing this scene, Meng Jinhuai carefully moved towards the bed, he saw that because he was hugging the pillow to sleep, most of his body wasn’t covered with the quilt.




The marshal’s eyes were unusually gentle at this time, and he slowly reached out his hand to pull up the quilt that was piled up behind Duan Hengye’s back. Meng Jinhuai looked at Duan Hengye for a while longer, then couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch his cheek, before slowing down again to walk out of the lounge.



After waiting for the hatch to close again, Meng Jinhuai quickly walked back to Duan Hengye’s desk, where he re-lifted the item and handed it over to the staff standing outside the hatch. “Keep it at room temperature.”



Although he knew that the sound insulation on top of the starship was very good, Meng Jinhuai still couldn’t help but lower his voice after going out, as if he was afraid of disturbing the person inside. The staff member standing outside the door was newly transferred to the starship, and the one he had seen most before that was Meng Jinhuai, who worked in the military department.



In this staff’s mind, Meng Jinhuai’s image had always been tall, calm and very intimidating. Now suddenly seeing Meng Jinhuai reveal such a gentle side, the staff couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, then he carefully took the things from Meng Jinhuai’s hands, and sent to the side for room temperature storage.



A few hours later, the starship landed steadily on the giant docking pad of Southern Star. As a rule, after Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai got off the starship, it would be sent into storage, but today was different from the usual.



Before leaving here to go to work, Meng Jinhuai specifically left a part of the staff on the starship, and explained that they shouldn’t disturb Duan Hengye, and wait until he woke up before putting the starship into storage.





The starship’s windows no longer transmitted light, after waking up and seeing the dark landscape outside, Duan Hengye didn’t react for a while to where he was now. Still a little confused, he sat up, then rubbed his eyes and looked at the light computer besides him.



Now several hours had passed since the end of that press conference, and Duan Hengye’s light computer had received a large number of messages, and even the specific numbers couldn’t be displayed. After taking a look at the time and the location marked on the light computer, Duan Hengye finally clicked on the detailed information.



It was also fortunate that Duan Hengye was using the highest level of light computers on the interstellar world, so he didn’t get stuck with the sudden influx of information. But today’s press conference was so informative, the fact that he received so many messages was within Duan Hengye’s expectation.


The majority of these messages left were sent to him by his colleagues in the research institute, although today’s press conference had enough information about Duan Hengye to make an eight o’clock file, but as colleagues, they were most concerned about the topic of the new mecha. There were also special …… such as Su Mingge, who was already familiar with Duan Hengye, and he was “questioning” Duan Hengye in a very exaggerated tone about why he didn’t tell him in advance about such a big event.



Duan Hengye replied to the congratulatory messages and joked with Su Mingge in passing. At this time, two special messages were received on Duan Hengye’s light computer.



The senders were Duan Hengxing and Lan Jingchi respectively



During the treatment some time ago, Duan Hengye had met with Lan Jingchi more than once. In Duan Hengye’s eyes, Lan Jingchi had become a lot more calm while becoming mature. He didn’t know what the influence was, but he became better.



Duan Hengye was a little surprised to see that Lan Jingchi sent a “long letter” to him. In the letter, apart from congratulating Duan Hengye for his achievements, he was like a child who had just scored high marks in an exam, introducing Duan Hengye to several research results that he had achieved based on the process of eliminating toxins from his body.



Although Duan Hengye didn’t know much about fields other than mechas, there was nothing wrong with “a long illness makes a good doctor”. After this period of time, Duan Hengye had been able to understand a little bit of what Lan Jingchi was talking about. It could be seen that the results achieved by Lan Jingchi this time was really not small, it was even enough to write a textbook.



In fact, after the toxin was cleared, Duan Hengye had already seen Lan Jingchi several times. But this time after receiving the long letter, Duan Hengye still habitually cared about the other’s life and recent study status. The two of them talked a lot.



The planet where Lan Jingchi was now was almost late at night, after saying a few words, he was ready to go to rest. What surprised Duan Hengye was that when he was logging out, Lan Jingchi suddenly sent him a short four-word message.



“See you next time, brother.”



They had known each other for a period of time. Lan Jingchi was no longer as polite as before, but Duan Hengye had always been “Professor Duan” to him. This was the first time Lan Jingchi called him “brother”. It seemed a bit abrupt, but this sentence made Duan Hengye feel that the short four characters in front of him may have been typed by Lan Jingchi after a long time.

“See you next time.”



The words themselves were cold, but the person who used it gave it emotion, today Duan Hengye’s light computer received a lot of messages, but the two that came the latest and most special had a common feature – these two people used the same name for Duan Hengye, that was, “brother.”



He didn’t know why, but a few hours after this press conference, Duan Hengxing sent a message to him. Unlike the long little essay that Lan Jingchi just sent, Duan Hengxing’s message was very brief, “Brother, can we meet?”




Duan Hengxing was a famous interstellar dude, his name and photos would often appear in the corners of the entertainment section of Starnet, but Duan Hengye had discovered during this period of time that since the last star piracy incident, Duan Hengxing had suddenly become extra low-key. In the past few months, Duan Hengxing was like a new person, he wasn’t only no longer involved with the entertainment industry, even the large banquets of the upper echelons of the empire were rarely attended.

Perhaps the word “Seclusion” was more in line with the current state of Duan Hengxing’s life.



After receiving Duan Hengxing’s message, Duan Hengye was both a little surprised but not too surprised.



“Okay.” Duan Hengye replied, and after a while, he added a meeting with Duan Hengxing to his schedule – in a few hours.



The standard time on Southern Star and Duguang Star was originally different, and in the past, when Duan Hengye traveled between these two planets, he would have his assistant calculate the time in advance. This time because of the launch event, Duan Hengye came back a bit hurriedly, so he naturally became confused. Now it was morning in the military department, Duan Hengye went back to catch up on his sleep after getting off the starship. When the appointed time with Duan Hengxing was approaching, Duan Hengye got up again.



The temperature on Southern Star was much warmer than on the Duguang Star, which was in its “winter” season. Duan Hengye got up and changed into a black knitted home clothes, and then went to the parlor to wait for Duan Hengxing’s arrival in advance.



The area of this parlor was only about 20 square meters, and the floor was covered with a thick carpet, so when he stepped on it, he even had the illusion that he was walking on the clouds at this time. Because there was still a while before the arrival of Duan Hengxing, Duan Hengye came to the parlor and began to habitually fiddle with the tea set on the table, but in a short time, the house had a fragrance of tea if nothing else.



When Duan Hengxing walked in, he saw this scene.



There was sunlight from the side of the huge floor windows spilled into, Duan Hengye’s black knit shirt was also illuminated by a hazy light. Because he was making tea, Duan Hengye’s head was gently lowered, the bangs on his forehead blocked his eyebrows, and the jawline alone looked extraordinarily elegant.



Although they were blo-od brothers, since the accident of more than ten years, Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing rarely met. During the time when they were on the same star, one of them was undergoing a harsh all-round education while the other was on the road to becoming an interstellar dude. So obviously located on a planet at the same time, but Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing didn’t have much chance to meet.



As adults, because of the encounter some years ago, Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing were considered to have embarked on two completely different paths. When they met again, the exchange was almost only related to money.



Duan Hengxing stepped on the soft carpet and slowly walked towards the sofa, only at this time did he notice that Duan Hengye was wearing a pair of slippers on his feet …… such a homely Duan Hengye, he hadn’t seen it for a really long time.



“You’re here.” Duan Hengye looked up at Duan Hengxing, then he redirected his eyes back to the tea set in his hands, “Sit down.” He naturally re-lowered his head. Although the previous incident had passed, but once again seeing Duan Hengye, it would be a lie if Duan Hengxing said that it wasn’t embarrassing.



After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Duan Hengxing quietly sat down on the sofa. For a while neither of them spoke, and looking at the light green tea leaves sinking and floating in the teacup in front of him, Duan Hengxing’s mind was inevitably dragged back to when he was small.



“You actually still remember this ……” Duan Hengxing finally spoke.



He said this slightly abruptly, Duan Hengye turned over to see Duan Hengxing’s eyes, then he understood what the other was saying.



“Hmm.” Duan Hengye gently nodded his head, “I didn’t forget.”



After speaking, Duan Hengxing who was sitting on the side suddenly let out a long sigh, then slowly said to Duan Hengye, “I saw that press conference.” In fact, after calming down, Duan Hengye could feel from the previous conversation that Duan Hengxing wasn’t a person who had no feelings for his parents. It was just that because of all these years of no proper education and childish jealousy, that part of his feelings were hidden.



The press conference a few hours ago meant a lot to the top members of the Ye Tian Empire, but to Duan Hengxing, it probably only made him understand a little truth about his family. Duan Hengxing wasn’t a fool, after watching the press conference, he had thoroughly understood what the price behind the life he was leading really was.



After a few hours of digesting in his heart, Duan Hengxing finally set foot on Southern Star.



Duan Hengxing didn’t give Duan Hengye time to react, he suddenly reached his hand into his shirt pocket and then pulled out a small black box.



“…… This is?” After seeing the thing in Duan Hengxing’s hand, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but ask hesitantly. In Duan Hengye’s opinion, although Duan Hengxing was a person who was unreliable from time to time, he wasn’t a person who would do inexplicable things. Seeing Duan Hengye’s puzzled expression, Duan Hengxing suddenly sucked in a breath, “You’ve probably forgotten that the day of our parents’ accident will be your birthday in another week …….”




The length of the rotation date of each planet in the interstellar era was different, but according to the setting inside the book, people here also had a special calendar that had a fixed day to calculate their age, almost the same as the one on Earth. Just from transmigrating into the world in this book, Duan Hengye had never carefully considered the topic related to birthdays.



Now because Duan Hengxing suddenly mentioned this matter, only then did he dimly remember his birthday date in this world.



After all, unlike Duan Hengye, who had lost some of his memories, Duan Hengxing was young, but still had a lot of memories about his parents. So Duan Hengye then noticed that Duan Hengxing’s eyes were milder when he looked at the things in his hands.



In this time, Duan Hengxing’s impetuous and unbeatable temperament was gradually dissipating. The current Duan Hengxing hadn’t appeared on the star network for a long time, if he showed up in this appearance, many netizens wouldn’t recognize him at first.



Duan Hengxing slowly opened the box in his hand. Duan Hengye saw that there was a light blue mini mecha model lying quietly inside this box. This thing in the eyes of the mecha designer Duan Hengye was as childish as a plastic toy car model, but it was the favorite toy of interstellar children.



He could see that the thing in the box was definitely not any cheap. Although more than ten years had passed, this small model still maintained the appearance of that year.



Duan Hengxing slowly took it out from inside the box, and then carefully placed it in his palm.



“This is a gift that our parents prepared for you back then, because it was a surprise, it was hidden …… but I liked to rummage around in the house at that time.” Duan Hengxing gently turned the model in his hand around, “…… then I accidentally brought it out from inside the cabinet.”



Duan Hengye sat there quietly without speaking.




Duan Hengxing continued to speak: “After waiting until after the accident …… I was first sent home for a few days by the staff of the Institute. During that time I didn’t know exactly what was happening outside until a few days had passed when someone finally came and said they were going to pick me up.” Back then, Duan Hengxing was really too small, and more than ten years have passed, and now the memories left behind were a little blurry.



When recalling this, Duan Hengxing dragged his eyes to the ceiling not far away, and his eyebrows were tightly furrowed. Then he continued: “The one who took me away looked very serious, and didn’t say much. But perhaps it was a premonition …… I always felt that something was wrong, when your birthday passed, I subconsciously put that gift into my pocket.”



The uninformed Duan Hengxing originally wanted to bring the gift over for his parents, but didn’t expect that this time he was taken directly to the Queen’s family’s star. Because the brainwashing of Duan Hengye hadn’t yet ended during that time, the royal family didn’t let them meet, and by the time they two again, they were already different people.



After saying these words, Duan Hengxing put the mecha model back into the small box in his hand, and then handed it over to Duan Hengye once again. “Happy birthday.” After a delay of more than ten years, Duan Hengxing finally said these words, and then he experienced a feeling called “relief”.



Feeling the weight in his palm and hearing the blessing in his ear, Duan Hengye smiled involuntarily. Seeing this, Duan Hengxing, who was sitting beside him, couldn’t help joking: “your mood is just like when you were a child. .. I should have noticed that before.” At the end, there was a little loneliness in his words.



Although the relationship between Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing had now eased a lot, but the emotional cracks weren’t so easy to mend. After handing over that thing to Duan Hengye, Duan Hengxing left Southern Star.



And this time, re-opening the box, the real owner Duan Hengye found the mystery inside.



This was the interstellar era, even a small box also had an identity verification system. Duan Hengxing wasn’t the real owner of the gift after all, although he could take out the toy, he couldn’t pass the verification. It waited all this time until Duan Hengye personally took the gift out of the box, the small note clamped in the compartment finally fell gently.



The letters on the note was very simple and handwritten.



“Happy birthday, love you forever!”



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