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  “Do you know him?”

        “No, I don’t.” Liang Zhe said without hesitation. He took a slight step backward, dodging Xu Yong’s hand that was reaching out to him.

        Xu Yong didn’t care at all, and smilingly withdrew his hand. He didn’t think Mr. Liang would really shake hands with a small person like him.

        “Mr. Liang, I didn’t expect to see you in Shenzhen! Are you coming here to invest?” His small eyes were full of flattery, “I have opened my factory here for half a year, but I have some insights.”

       “Oh?” Liang Zhe replied, he was a bit interested, he came to the inland originally with the purpose of inspection. A Hong Kong businessman who had invested and built a factory in the mainland would some reference value for his views on China’s investment environment.

        He glanced at Xu Yong, who was smiling with a flattering face, and was about to speak when he felt a gentle bump on his shoulder.

       He turned to Li Zheng, Li Zheng winked at him, so he didn’t speak.

Xu Yong was in a hurry now that Mr Liang showed interest. For a small Hong Kong businessman like him, he had worked hard for ten years, so he might as well get on the big ship that was the Liang family.

        If just a little resource fell from Mr. Liang’s fingers, just a little bit, he would benefit endlessly!

        “Mr. Liang ……” Xu Yong wanted to say something else, and before he could finish, he was interrupted by Li Zheng.

        “Just now I heard you say that the investment environment in Shenzhen isn’t very good?” Li Zheng smilingly spoke.

        The group of officials, led by Qiu Zhengye, smiled with hearts lifted.

“In this man’s opinion, no investment is good! Xi ‘ao Village has such a large piece of land beside the main road that he wanted to buy for 20,000 yuan. Even the slaughterhouse in the village gave us more than this price 10 years ago! It is said that it is necessary to attract investors. I think it’s simply attracting a group of vampires! ”

        A loud voice came from the rear of the team of officials, the officials team stirred up, the people in front couldn’t help but turn their heads to look back, an old man wearing an old-fashioned suit with grey hair, appeared in front of the crowd.

        The old man was hale and hearty, with an indescribable domineering aura. This was a person who was used to giving orders.

“Old Secretary Shi?” The official next to him saw that it was that old man, and the sweat on his face came down at once. This old secretary Shi wasn’t a big official, he was the secretary of a town in Shenzhen area, in the future, this kind of small officials simply didn’t have the qualifications to speak in front of the provincial and regional officials.

        But the ecological environment of the eighties, the village and town cadres were mostly local respected figures, they could speak louder than Qiu Zhengye, vice governor of Guangdong Province.

        “Am I wrong? This vampire, giving the workers the same salary as the slaughterhouse in the countryside, but making people work from morning to night, our people are stupid! I think, this kind of person is a capitalist. This is a capitalist… We have to fight and expel them!” The old secretary slapped his chest, if this was his younger days, he might have just pulled out a clay g*n and shot him.

        The old secretary had a heavy local accent, Liang Zhe didn’t understand very well, but Li Zheng heard it clearly.

        The regional official next to the old secretary was afraid that the old gentleman would say something else that would break the ice, he quickly tried to calm the old man down.

        Li Zheng’s smile had completely disappeared, and his expression cooled down. The pain of reform and opening up, he had heard the older generation talk about it too many times in his last life. Under the fruitful results of reform and opening up, some pains could only be borne by the local government and people themselves.

        For example, people like Xu Yong enjoyed the preferential policies of China, but refused to show a hint of sincerity, like a vampire squeezing the blood and sweat of the local people.

        “Mr. Xu, sometimes one has to be grateful.” Li Zheng suddenly spoke up, “Enjoying the benefits of others, but also saying bad things about others, that’s too unethical.”

        There were some things that officials couldn’t say, but Li Zheng was able to.

        The smile on Fatty Xu’s face froze, his small eyes surreptitiously glanced at Li Zheng, as if he wanted to see what kind of relationship he had with Liang Zhe.

        “This gentleman, you shouldn’t listen to these people’s nonsense.” Xu Yong glanced at the officials of the Shenzhen region led by Qiu Zhengye with a contemptuous expression, “As I said earlier, these people ……”

       Before he finished, a shoe sole from nowhere, hit his nose.

        He screamed in pain, “blood, blood ……” red with yellow unknown liquid flowed out of his nasal cavity and covered half of his face.

“You crazy old man!” Xu Yong could no longer maintain the fake smile on his face, he jumped and cursed at the old secretary who was standing with one foot on the ground and half of his body leaning on the officer next to him.

        As Xu Yong pointed at him, the old secretary’s eyes went wide with anger, he didn’t care about the ground being dirty, he placed his bare foot on the ground and started walking towards Xu Yong.

        “I’ll beat you to death, your mouth is too dirty!” He took off the other shoe on his foot and smacked Xu Yong with it.

        Xu Yong, a fat man who lacked exercise, was no match for Old Secretary Shi, a man who hunted with a clay g*n all year round.

        “Aiya, Ahhhhh~” Fatty Xu held his head and had no power to fight back.

        He was still screaming and cursing, but the more he cursed, the harder the old man hit, he finally gave in after a while.

        When the old man first started to fight, there were people who wanted to discourage him, but for some reason, as they tried, they always accidentally hit Fatty Xu.

        When Fatty Xu moved towards Qiu Zhengye and the others, the group of officials all dodged away without a second thought, as if they were deaf and blind.

        “You guys! The Chinese officials hit investors!” Fatty Xu’s peers finally reacted and trotted over from afar.

        They gave Liang Zhe a cautious glance, and when they saw that he didn’t react, their backs straightened even more.

        “When we return to Hong Kong, we will definitely tell the media of your atrocities!”

        Qiu Zhengye’s expression became serious, news of officials violently beating investors, would definitely cause a huge reaction.

        Especially at this most difficult time of reform and opening up, the whole country was talking about opening up, the country was talking about attracting investment, the country’s officials lowered their heads to invite foreign investors in, if this matter really made it to the newspapers in Hong Kong…..

        Qiu Zhengye looked unfazed by changes, but his forehead was slightly sweating.

       He didn’t think the newspapers in Hong Kong would speak for them. Once this matter was on the newspaper, the hearts of foreign investors would have the impression that Chinese officials were overbearing and the investment environment was poor. The great reform and opening up of China ……

      “Old Secretary Shi!” Qiu Zhengye finally stepped forward.

        The rest of the officials also reacted, some dragging and some hugging, they finally dragged the old secretary back.

        “Qiu Zhengye, you don’t have to say anything. I’m not a secretary anymore, I’ll go and resign.” Old Secretary Shi spoke with solemn eyes.

Qiu Zhengye felt helpless, this matter was really big, he was afraid that not even the old secretary’s resignation would solve it.

        “Yes, I …… want to tell your atrocities to the media! You are all robbers!” Fatty Xu also reacted, and his small eyes flashed with a malicious light.

        “And I’ll sue you!” He stood up straight and wiped the blood from his nose and lips, “I’m going to sue so hard you’ll go to jail!”

      His voice was so loud that it drew a lot of sideways glances from people coming and going.

        Things …… were finally getting big.

        “Old secretary, old secretary, bear with it. You can’t fight anymore, if you continue to fight, this reform and opening up will be beaten out of existence!”

      “Then what do we do! Bear with it and let these little calves shit and piss on our heads!?”

        Between pulls, Qiu Zhengye sighed and stepped forward.

        “Mr. Xu, I apologize! Mr. Shi is old, so for the sake of him being an elder, don’t bother with him.” Qiu Zhengye bowed slightly.

        The harbor became very quiet all around.

        Li Zheng’s breathing slowly became heavy, he had never been a violent person, he could solve most problems with his brain.

        And the things that his brain couldn’t solve were only a few.

        His hand tightened into a fist.

        “Apologize? Governor Qiu, I don’t you to apologize, I want …… him.” Fatty Xu smiled fiercely, “I want him to go to the broadcasting room and sincerely apologize to me! I want everyone in all of Guangdong Province to hear it!”


        Li Zheng finally decided to use his feet, he was afraid of getting his hands dirty.

        “You you you ……” The blood that had easily stopped gushed out again.

        “Everyone saw it, the person who just hit him was me. Old Secretary Shi is more than 60 years old, how could he beat this strong man in his early forties.” Li Zheng smilingly looked around, “Yes?”

        The crowd met the smiling eyes of the youth and they looked at each other for a moment.

        Who exactly was this young man?

        “What do you mean?” Fatty Xu was getting mad, what was this stranger doing, did he really think he was easy to bully? !

        He fiercely clenched his fist and looked at Li Zheng, his gaze became unkind.

        Similarly, Liang Zhe’s gaze also became unkind.

        He didn’t care about the matter between Fatty Xu and the officials, but once Li Zheng was involved, it was a different story.

        He could see that Li Zheng had made up his mind to take that old man’s side. Since that was the case ……

He pursed his lips and spoke, “Li Zheng accidentally touched you, how much compensation do you want or if you have any other opinions, talk to my lawyers.”

        He turned his head and waved to the back, and several men and women in black suits quickly stepped forward.

        Their contemptuous gaze swept over Xu Yong and his companions, “Hello, we are Liang Corporation’s legal department staff.”

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