“Su Zhe!!! Oh my God !!!!”
In the grandstand area, the hoarse and desperate shouts of the track and field fans were heard.
This young man, whom they once angrily denounced to get out of the sports industry, had completely conquered them!
This was a player who deserved their admiration and support!
“Su Zhe! ! I am proud of you for a lifetime! ! ! You are the best! !”
Kneeling on the ground, Su Zhe was surrounded by rainwater, until Zhao Zhixuan and Zheng Jian helped him up from the ground, his body was still as heavy as lead, even a simple action such as lifting his arm was difficult to do.
“Damn, Xiao Zhe, are you okay?” Zheng Jian looked nervously at Su Zhe’s somewhat white face, slightly at a loss for words.

Speaking of which, it wasn’t rare for athletes to exhaust their physical strength, and they never looked so flustered, but Su Zhe didn’t look like these rough men at all, even though he knew that this was a vicious person who could handle four games a day, but watching his strength wear off, he still felt worried about using too much strength to hold him.

Zhao Zhixuan looked at Su Zhe’s appearance, he no longer said anything more, but signaled Zheng Jian and quickly took Su Zhe to the field to take shelter from the rain – standing under the rain with his condition , might cause a fever.

        On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan breathed a sigh of relief.

        In just a little more than ten seconds, they seemed to be like the players on the field, who experienced a fierce battle in the rain.

        In the race, they were almost with Su Zhe, watching as he listened to the gun start on the sixth spot, all the way to the top three, the shock was still firmly in their hearts, they couldn’t extricate themselves.

        Zhang Jing: “During this recent period, my partner Wang Miaochuan and I have commented on many events in which Su Zhe participated, and his talent and great strength are something we often talk about in our private communication, while his dedication to the game could be seen in his injured participation at the National Championships. But this game today still made us shocked.”

Wang Miaochuan: “Yes, not only because of Su Zhe, every player on the field tonight, are real heroes! They didn’t give up the struggle because of the poor environment, but gritted their teeth, never giving up, this is our country’s sportsmen and women, their actions, truly interpreted what is called the spirit of sports!”

        Zhang Jing: “Tonight’s event, regardless of the final results of the players, will be the most exciting game of the first day of the World Championship Challenge!”

        In such an emotional atmosphere, the final results of tonight’s men’s 100m final had been tallied and sent to the commentary box. After Wang Miaochuan received the final results, he began to announce the final results of this event to the audience one by one.

“First place, Zhao Zhixuan: 10:15 (-0.8) tied personal PB[Personal Best]; second place, Meng Hao: 10:17 (-0.8); third place, Su Zhe: 10:19 (-0.8) ……”

        The results surprised Zhang Jing a bit, he originally thought that the environment like tonight would certainly have some impact on the strength of the runners, and the final results of this men’s 100m final in the evening might be very unattractive.
But he didn’t expect that the final score sheet wasn’t bad?
Especially Zhao Zhixuan, who ran a flat career PB in such a rainy race while still against the wind – so if the weather wasn’t so bad tonight, he might have set a new personal PB by now, and might even be able to reach the 10:10 mark!

Thinking of that, Zhang Jing couldn’t help but pay attention to Zhao Zhixuan in the field. This disciple of Su Yinsheng was amazing, he looked quiet and gentle, his senior was Chen Zhi, the king of sprinting, but Su Zhe, who started at the bottom, made him look a little plain.

        But was Zhao Zhixuan’s strength really ordinary?

        Zhang Jing picked up the information about Zhao Zhixuan: 23 years old, this year he just refreshed the personal PB 10 seconds 15, steadily occupying the top three domestic active players. He was third in the National Championships men’s 100m sprint, with the score of 10 seconds 18, then he got first in the World Championships challenge men’s 100m sprint, in this adverse weather conditions, his flat PB was 10 seconds 15 ……

Seeing this, Zhang Jing couldn’t help but suck in a breath, this kind of performance …… wasn’t not too bad compared to Chen Zhi, with such a growth path, as long as it was maintained, he was bound to be another domestic 100 meter sprint field king in the future.

Su Yinsheng deserved to be Su Yinsheng. He was really too sharp in screening 100-meter athletes. The level of his athletes were amazing.

        After the final results were announced, Zhao Zhixuan and Zheng Jian assisted Su Zhe, who had calmed down a bit, to exit the field quickly. When the three of them passed by the interview area, the reporters also saw that Su Zhe wasn’t in good shape and didn’t ask too many questions, but only took pictures of Zhao Zhixuan and Su Zhe all the way.

        When they returned to the players’ lounge, Su Yinsheng had already prepared drinks for them to replenish their physical energy, and helped Su Zhe massage and relax his muscles to relieve the tiredness in his muscles.

        As Su Yinsheng worked, Su Zhe had been somewhat silent, until several people almost finished packing, ready to return to the hotel to rest, then Su Zhe spoke to Su Yinsheng: “Dad, I’m sorry, I didn’t follow the plan of the race …… For the first preliminaries, if I started off with a full effort I might have been able to qualify for the 100 meters …… or if I could have left more energy for the final ……”

        Hearing this apology, Su Yinsheng habitually rolled his eyes, rubbed his forehead and said, “Come on, you aren’t buried in training every day, has your brain become silly from training? For the 100-meter preliminaries, your judgment was right, in the rain, if you didn’t hold back a little, you could have gotten injured. Of course, you failed to hold back and desperately ran forward, well, that was also understandable. “

“What I can’t understand is that you know that you consumed so much physical strength in the preliminary competition, and there was still a 110m hurdles final in the middle … Even if you didn’t contribute at all in the 110m hurdles final, how could you guarantee that in this state, you could still break the individual PB in the 100m and win the 100m qualification in the championship?”

Su Yinsheng’s words made Su Zhe, who was completely lost in his own thoughts, freeze. He had been blaming himself for failing to carry out the original plan, and his mind seemed to have gotten into a corner. It was a very simple truth, but before his father Su Yinsheng said it, he never thought of it at all.

“Young people are still not comprehensive enough in thinking, you’re too naive ah.” Su Yinsheng grunted and finally said, “All right, go back to the hotel. As for the World Championships 100 meters qualification, a seat wasn’t gotten, do you think the athletics center isn’t more anxious than you? I estimate that in just two days, the new competition notice will come down, you can try again.”

        Hearing those words, Su Zhe froze, then he remembered that the World Championships cycle seemed to have not yet closed, the two-day challenge, one of the purposes was to give the athletes a chance to challenge the seats, another purpose, was for those athletes who had reached the standard over the project, a personnel ranking screening.

        It wasn’t that the World Championship seats had been completely lost.

        Thinking of this, Su Zhe silently covered his face – he felt his father was right, training must have beaten his brain silly, why couldn’t he think of this at all?

        The first day of the World Championships had come to an end, and the athletes had returned to their hotels to rest, but the topics on the internet were being pushed under the careful arrangement of the Rampage Group’s publicity team.

        A day before the World Championship, the topic #sports beauty boy Su Zhe had gradually climbed to the top ten under the operation of the publicity team.

        Many people who didn’t know Su Zhe originally thought that this was another star buying hot searches for popularity.

        But when they poked open the hot search to see – Huh? He was really good-looking, but he didn’t resemble anyone they knew?

        And then look – ooh! He was an athlete? A good-looking athlete?

        So good-looking, why be an athlete? Why not enter the entertainment industry for everyone’s eyes?

        As long as people had such thoughts, they would be shocked by the hot topics about Su Zhe – he had really been in the entertainment industry, and had been used for an emoji pack?

        The audience followed the route arranged by Rampage’s publicity team, from Su Zhe’s appearance to his past, and were finally convinced by Su Zhe’s current achievements, while the topic would return to the World Championship Challenge and the sponsor of the World Championship Challenge, the Rampage Group.

This was just a start-up for the Rampage publicity team. Before they could contact the Broken Light crew to start the hype, another big wave suddenly hit the internet, giving them a free wave of popularity.

        Several celebrities, led by Shao Xingchen, published posts praising Su Zhe and all the contestants in this challenge, a move that made the team overjoyed.

        On Shao Xingchen’s Weibo, the latest post was once again about Su Zhe.

        [#Su Zhe #Su Zhe, you’re the best.]

        The fans who saw that Shao Xingchen made a post originally planned to rush to comment a wave of compliments to their brother, but the content of their brother’s post caught them off guard.

        Su Zhe is the best? ? ?

        What was going on here?

        And the boss …… how did he learn to use hashtags?

        This skill, why not use it for himself?

        Although the “satellites” knew that their brother had a good relationship with Su Zhe, and very much appreciated him, they usually rarely cared about the full situation of Su Zhe.

        After all, Su Zhe had withdrawn from the entertainment industry, looking at the daily posts of the “philosophers”, they also knew he became an athlete after retiring from the industry, he was constantly training, or in a competition, there wasn’t really a need to pay attention to him.

        After a few moments of staring at their boss’s post, the management group of “Satellites” quickly contacted Su Zhe’s fans, asking what Su Zhe was doing and why he had been given such a huge compliment by their boss.

        Su Zhe’s fans, the “philosophers”, had been in a state of excitement for the past two days – their son was back in action after recovering from his injury at the National Championships!

        This competition was another top domestic competition, all kinds of big names in track and field were there, and their son was one of them!

        The sponsors of the competition were also very generous, a luxury hotel was arranged, round-trip airfare reimbursement, a full set of custom sports suits, and a large number of press visits, and so on and so forth.

        It almost made the philosophers feel like it was New Year’s Eve.

        One day the hot search #sports beauty boy Su Zhe was still hanging on the top of the hot search list, the next second, #Su Zhe won an in early qualification for the 110m hurdles World Championships had crept up to the end.

        If this kind of rich sponsors could come more, then wouldn’t the future be beautiful?

Just when they were happily staring at Su Zhe’s schedule, sending compliments to “Broken Light” and planning to watch the live broadcast of his game, some philosopher sisters released the schedule of their family’s cub all day today.

        To sum it up, there were 3 words, the devil’s race.

        After that moment, they began to feel worried about their cub.

        As expected, the evening event wasn’t only a full schedule, it also rained …… at that time many philosophers were in doubt, why was the game continuing under the rain? But their doubts didn’t prevent the live race.

        After the victory of two consecutive games, their hearts had long been gripped by the tired figure in the live screen, they were proud of Su Zhe’s victory, but also felt heartbroken for Su Zhe who was supported by Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun after the game.

        But at that time, their cub still had one last game to finish.

        From the end of the second game to the start of the last final game, there was only less than an hour of rest time in between, could they slow it down?

        The answer, of course, was no.

        When the little philosopher girls watched their Su Zhe start to fall behind from the beginning and then grit his teeth to catch up all the way, the image of that Su Zhe once surfaced in front of their eyes again, making many of the little girls red-eyed.

        Yes, he had always been such a character, even when he was in the entertainment industry, in a field he was completely unfamiliar with and not good at, what he did was to grit his teeth and keep forcing himself to move forward and improve.

        Perhaps his character was a bit anachronistic, but no one could deny the charm of his seriousness and hard work.

        When the “satellites” found Su Zhe’s fans, the “philosophers” were making posts about Su Zhe’s events, and the main content was very simple and straightforward, with only  – Su Zhe. You are the best.

        Within this sea of words, the “satellites” noticed that the words had been copied, precisely from their boss’s Weibo.

        This discovery made many of the “satellites” feel a bit dazed.

        For the “satellites” to come to the door, the philosopher girls were very enthusiastic, Shao Xingchen was a good friend of their child, so the satellites and the philosophers were also good friends.

With the philosopher girls’ serious and detailed explanation, the “satellites” also understood why the philosophers and even their boss made a post – and after watching the playback video of Su Zhe’s four matches in one day, they couldn’t help but be moved by it.

        Shortly after Shao Xingchen’s post, one after another, famous stars published posts with the same content, while also following Su Zhe. It wasn’t until one of them posted that all of them understood where they knew Su Zhe from.

        [Tonight at the backstage of the program recording, I followed Shao Xingchen to watch two track and field competitions, I deeply felt the athletes’ difficulties, even in the rainy outdoor venue, they still insisted on the game, and strived to sprint for better results. This spirit is touching. Su Zhe, you are the best!]

        With the influence of the celebrities’ Weibo posts spreading and the close manipulation of the Rampage publicity team, topics like #Suzhe Four Races in a Day and #Suzhe Airport Pre-Race Outfit were again quickly vaulted into the hot search.

        In a flash, the hot search list was almost covered with Su Zhe’s name.

        If this wasn’t an accomplished athlete, but any small star, they would have been ridiculed to the sky.

        When the topic reached its peak, the team dropped a heavy bomb – a multi-camera video clip of Su Zhe’s four races in one day.

        This video, which was handled by professionals, was accompanied by blood-curdling music.

        In the video, Su Zhe’s persistent gaze, resolute appearance, and even his wet hair in the rain and the track and field fans screams, finally combined into this heart-pounding video.

        [Su Zhe, the four races in one day couldn’t make him admit defeat, even if he fought to the last moment, he didn’t give up any bit of hope].

        This well-made video, quickly took advantage, the World Championship Challenge fever exploded, especially for the famous Weibo Sport enthusiasts in the track and field industry, almost all of them forwarded it.

     Tao Sheng, who started the topic #Su Zhe get out of the sports circle, and then became Su Zhe’s fan, he naturally couldn’t miss this video.

        In fact, he had already watched Su Zhe’s 4 races many times, but after watching the carefully edited video, he couldn’t help but feel his blood boil.

He originally intended to write a whole tribute article for Su Zhe, analyzing the various technical characteristics he showed in the match, as well as some shortcomings in the tournament arrangement. But after pondering for a long time, Tao Sheng finally just forwarded the video and finally sent the same sentence – Su Zhe, you are the best.

        This online topics about the World Championship Trials, about Su Zhe and the Rampage Group lasted all night, and its subsequent impact was still spreading.

        But in the conference room of the athletics center in B city, no one cared about the topic that was hot on the internet at this time.

       Sun Zhihai, director of the athletics center, Chen Guangping, deputy director Zheng Wensheng and others, were listening to the staff’s work report on the first day of the World Championships Challenge in the conference room.

        “As of the evening of August 21, the first day of the World Championships Challenge completed a total of 18 events, including 110-meter hurdles, pole vault, javelin and other projects, the results of the projects that reached the World Championships participation standards, included 110-meter hurdles, pole vault, long jump, women’s 100 meters and other four projects got a full complement of seats. ”

        After the staff reported the specific data, Sun Zhihai and others nodded their heads.

        For this data, the crowd present was still relatively satisfied, Sun Zhihai’s right hand holding a pen habitually recording some data in his book, in writing to 110m hurdles data, he suddenly looked up and asked: “I remember that the previous 110m hurdles didn’t meet the competition standards for the time being last season? Is this challenge full? “

        The staff nodded affirmatively and then pulled up the data related to the 110m hurdles competition.

        “The achievers of this 110m hurdles are Su Zhe: 13 seconds 36, Zhou Tianjue: 13 seconds 44, Ye Jun: 13 seconds 45.”

        After seeing this data, Sun Zhihai smiled gratefully: “Good, good! Not only is it a full field, but Su Zhe and Zhou Tianjue are both young runners, and now they have such results, after Song Chen, we have a new hope for the 110m hurdles!”

Chen Guangping and Zheng Wensheng were also nodding in agreement with smiles on their faces.

Zheng Wensheng also smiled and said: “This Su Zhe …… In our last meeting, I opposed including him in the 110m hurdles key watch players, after I thought about it, I temporarily added him to the challenge of the 110m hurdles project, but he ran such a performance? This performance, it seems that the standard of Tokyo Olympic Games is close at hand!”

        “Who says it’s not?” Chen Guangping also laughed: “This kid is really a surprise …… Well, however, isn’t his main project the 100 meters? He wasn’t able to run into 10 seconds 10?”

        Hearing this question, the staff also couldn’t help but smile bitterly: “Su Zhe’s best time in this men’s 100-meter dash was 10 seconds 12 (-0.6) in the preliminaries.”

        Chen Guangping was quite satisfied when he heard this result: “Wasn’t it still raining in L City yesterday? At the same time he also ran 10 seconds 12 against the wind, this also leveled his personal PB, opening 10 seconds 10 is also just around the corner.”

Sun Zhihai nodded and turned to the staff: “This is a good result, what else is hidden?”

        The staff then explained with some hesitation: “We initially submitted Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles entry request to the organizing committee a little too late, the organizing committee didn’t pay attention at the time, and didn’t specifically check his schedule, resulting in Su Zhe’s personal schedule being a little intensive …… “

        “Race intensive?” Sun Zhihai froze, looked up to the staff’s PowerPoint, which marked the time schedule between the pre-finals of various competitions, finally, after seeing the time nodes of the 110m hurdles pre-finals and finals, men’s 100m pre-finals and finals, his face changed.

        After a long time, Sun Zhihai sighed: “It’s a pity.”

        With this strength shown by Su Zhe, if the time of these two competitions could be split into two days, the men’s 100m seat might have been in hand as well.

        Zheng Wensheng looked at the schedule and Su Zhe’s results, he couldn’t help but rub his hands: “I can’t say that it’s a pity, the event attainment cycle isn’t until September 7? This is still in half a month …… It’s fast! Xiao Lin, go get this half month event schedule!”

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