The Biopharmaceutical Conference was held for three days, with ten scholars giving academic presentations on stage each day. At the end of the first day of the conference, there were already many people coming up to talk with Li Zheng.

Li Zheng chatted with the scholars with ease, not even noticing that he was just a young man under seventeen years old.

“Li, may I call you that? I’m Richard Erickson, you can call me Richard.” Richard was surrounded by people and walked out of the meeting.

Richard Erikson. Erickson, at the age of forty-six, was first nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Over the next thirty years, he had been nominated for the Nobel Prize eight times, but never won. Richard was eighty-one years old the year that Zheng Li died suddenly in his last life.

“My honor.” Facing the gazes of the crowd, Li Zheng smiled politely.

“AKS, as you know, has the world’s top biological experimental equipment.”

He paused, then smilingly said, “Are you interested in coming to the University of London for further study? I will apply for a full scholarship for you, and if you want to stay in London after graduation, I can be your guarantor.” Not caring about Xu Mingsheng’s eyes that were on fire, Richard smiled and extended the invitation to Li Zheng.

Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Richard, thank you very much for your invitation. As you know, my lab is about to be completed, and it’s on the east side of Pokfulam Road.”

“Oh!” Richard smacked himself on the head, “I can’t believe I forgot that.” He had a look of regret on his face.

Richard turned to look at Xu Mingsheng, “Xu, you’re lucky.”

Xu Mingsheng gave him back a smug and reserved smile.

Richard secretly rolled his eyes, left his contact information for Li Zheng, and then politely took his leave.

In just half an hour, Li Zheng had countless business cards in his hands. This was also the reason why many scholars were eager to attend various academic conferences to expand their social circle.

Research couldn’t be done behind closed doors, and sometimes a phone call from a colleague could save countless hours.

However, the happiest person at this conference was neither Li Zheng nor the professors from Hong Kong University, but Zhang Yuejun …….

Because Zhang Yuegun was standing close to Li Zheng and the two of them were about the same age, many people gave him a few business cards when they looked at them. Zhang Yuejun had already seen the names of several SCI authors and even reviewers on these business cards!

In sharp contrast to Li Zheng’s side, the Chinese scholars and their group were the ones who were alone.

In the past, because of the political environment, Chinese scholars seldom had the opportunity to attend such conferences, so interpersonal relationships were naturally weaker.

“Meng Lao, shall we go up and say hello?” Chen Anbang hesitantly spoke up.

Meng Jiayin shook his head, “Later. Xiao Chen, you make a phone call to China to find out who exactly Li Zheng’s grandfather is.”

He sighed and said as if to himself, “We still don’t have an original medicine of our own in China.”

All the Chinese scholars were silent.

The Hong Kong University group rode back to the hotel, and all the way, Xu Mingsheng’s mouth was grinning the whole time.

“Hahaha, did you guys see how funny Johnson’s face was! The old guy must have done it on purpose, knowing that we could be doing a report on the RSE virus this time! What a dirty trick! He didn’t expect that we still have a little genius.”

“Li Zheng, you’ve really given us a long face[pride] at Hong Kong University!” Xu Mingsheng patted Li Zheng’s shoulder with great force.

The force was so heavy!

Since the academic report was finished, the Heung Kong University group felt that a heavy burden had been lifted. After dinner, all six of them, including Xu Mingsheng, did not return to their rooms.

Xu Mingsheng, Prof. Zhao and Prof. Wang went to a famous tea ceremony classroom in Tokyo to drink tea, which was called “Relaxation”.

As for the others ……

“Zhang Yuegun, let’s go shopping, there are many things here that are not available in Hong Kong.” Seeing the professors leave, Yang Lime said eagerly.

Zhang Yuegun shook his head without even thinking about it, he had lost his life running for the patent today. He felt that what he needed to do now was to go back to his room and have a good night’s sleep.

“You can find Li Zheng.”

Yang Lime glanced at him coldly, “Brother Li Zheng’s hands are for experiments.”

Zhang Yuejun ……

Oh, his hands deserved to carry things.

Zhang Yuegun took a look at Li Zheng, whose hands were well-defined, the knuckles of his fingers showing a faint greenish color, and the delicate texture of his skin reflected in the orange light of the hotel, as if it were a work of art that should be placed on an exhibition stand.

He also looked at his own black and thick hand, and actually felt that Yang Lime was quite reasonable ……


Most of the existing drug production lines in China were concentrated in Huajing, Tianjin, Wu, and Zheng, all of which were state-owned enterprises that ate a big meal because the government strictly controlled drug profits, so the production motivation was extremely low.

Moreover, the production lines of these pharmaceutical companies were incomplete. A complete drug production line should include all steps from raw material supply to packaging. Many of the basic raw materials needed for drug production couldn’t be extracted and produced domestically.

In this era, domestic pharmaceutical companies were in fact drug processing plants. This was similar to Foxconn in later years, which undertook the assembly of certain parts or cell phones. However, Apple’s core technology and most of its profits were not related to it.

When he returned to his room, he found that someone was already waiting at his door.

“Professor Meng and Professor Chen?” Li Zheng was taken aback, and he took two quick steps to open the door of the room.

“Why are you two free to come over? It’s my turn to pay you a visit.” He said, leaned his body slightly to the side, and made a gesture of invitation to the two.

Meng Jiayin and Chen Anbang did not refuse and went straight into the room.

They sat down on the sofa in the room, and Li Zheng took out a cup and filled it with water for the two of them.

“Li Zheng, you’re really a real person, aren’t you? An original drug! Scholars in the Chinese biology community have struggled for years, but no truly original drug has ever been released!” Meng Jiayin looked at this young man with a complex look.

The theoretical knowledge of Chinese scholars could be considered very solid. After Meng Jiayin returned to the room, he carefully analyzed Li Zheng’s molecular formula of the drug and was convinced of the authenticity of the new drug.

Li Zheng pushed the cup in front of Meng Jiayin, “Teacher Meng, what the Chinese scholars lack is only an advanced laboratory.”

Meng Jiayin smiled bitterly, “But it’s not easy to build a lab. It’s not just us, it’s a penny that can’t be spent. It’s the physics lab at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Do you know the vibration platform? “

“It’s a device that simulates the various vibrations encountered during rocket launches and missile flights. Those of them who are learning to buy gifts from foreigners with money in their hands, the foreigners won’t even sell them, so it’s an embargo.”

“Not to mention our domestic experimental equipment, that is, the production line of a drug is eliminated by others, and all the drugs in China are produced on one production line, with or without toxicity, we know that this can’t work, but what can be done? We’re poor. “

Li Zheng was silent, since the 1950s and the Soviet Union, China had been trapped in a technological island, even though China and the United States established diplomatic relations in 1979. But the West, led by the U.S., was still stifling China’s development, and advanced technologies were all embargoed and banned.

“I’m talking a bit too much,  the young man is not interested in listening.” Seeing Li Zheng’s silence, Meng Jiayin’s heart sank, but he spoke with a smile on his face.

Li Zheng shook his head, “Old man Meng, you worry too much, I’m just a little ashamed, I …… ” He knew that he chose the fastest and wisest path, but in the face of the older generation of scholars who had given their all for the country, he was still ashamed of himself.

Meng Jiayin laughed.

“Li Zheng, I’ll be straightforward, we came out this time, in addition to attending the conference there is another purpose, is to introduce an advanced drug production line for our country. We have successfully extracted the raw material from the laboratory, but what is lacking is a machine that can produce it on a large scale.” Meng Jiayin’s eyes glazed over as he looked at Li Zheng.

When Li Zheng got up, he took a document from the bedside table and handed it to Meng Jiayin.

“Teacher Meng, please take a look at the feasibility of this plan.”


I’m not Li Zheng, but I feel like I just got guilt-tripped 🤨.

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