Time passed, and Xu Mingsheng looked down at his watch every two minutes, but he didn’t listen to a word of what the scholars above were saying.

“Li Zheng, when you go up there, don’t be frightened and don’t be afraid, just treat them as carrots on the ground.” Looking at Li Zheng, who was bowing his head to revise his paper, Xu Mingsheng couldn’t help saying

Xu Mingsheng recognized the academic level of Li Zheng, but it was one thing to be an academician and another to be a lecturer. After all, Li Zheng was only less than seventeen years old. Could he afford to make such a big scene? Xu Mingsheng’s heart was like a bucket of water hanging seven or eight times.

“Next up, Meng Jiayin of China.”

Li Zheng revised his thesis and sat up a little straighter.

Meng Jiayin, the disciple of Tong Lao, the “Father of Chinese Cloning”, had already passed away when Li Zheng returned to China in his last life. He had not recognized him yesterday, but now that he heard his name, he remembered the status of this scholar in the history of Chinese biology.

If Tong’s generation established the outline of Chinese biology, then the group of Chinese biologists led by Meng Jiayin were the ones who solidified and developed Chinese biology.

” Hello everyone, I am honored to stand here, on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yanjing University, and Huaqing University, to give this report, and the title of my report is “The Polarity Phenomenon of Wenchang Fish Embryo Development” ……” Meng Jiayin spoke freely on stage.

Li Zheng could vaguely hear the discussion of many people in the audience.

“A Chinese scholar? Chinese scholars are doing good research on embryos, but we are at a biopharmaceutical conference, did they miss the word ‘pharmaceutical’?”

“Indeed, a remarkable report. Mr. Tong Zhou of China is a world leader in fish cloning. This Mr. Meng Jiayin is his disciple, but unfortunately, the objective conditions in China have limited Mr. Tong’s development.”

“China’s biological system was established not long ago, their domestic pharmaceutical companies are mostly OEMs, and they don’t even have a complete drug production chain.”

Li Zheng’s grip on the pencil tightened, then gradually relaxed. The drug production chain matter could not be delayed any longer.

After the sixth delegation finished their report, Zhang Yuejun finally ran back panting.

“Well …… well, I filled out the patent application form for all the relevant drug molecules, crystal patents. I also sent a copy to the patent centers in New York and London, and watched them stamp it.” Zhang Yuejun was breathing heavily, but his eyes were indeed bright and shining with excitement.

Li Zheng handed over the water from the nearby conference.

With a silly smile, Zhang Yuejun said thank you and gulped water into his mouth, feeling that he had never run so fast in his life.

The seventh presentation was made by the National Medical College of Singapore, a medical school based in Singapore. They did a review of the phenomenon of antibiotic abuse, and although the technical content of the research was not high, it was very practical.

As soon as they finished their presentation, many scholars in the audience were deep in thought. The more the pearls were in the foreground, the more nervous the delegation from the Hong Kong University became.

“The following is a list of scholars from the University of Hong Kong ……. The moderator was stunned when he saw the name handed up by the University of Hong Kong, a name he had never heard of before.

Takashi Yamaguchi was an associate professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Tokyo, and although he was not well known in biology circles, he was a smooth person with long sleeves. Yamaguchi thought he would be no stranger to anyone qualified to be on stage at this conference.

Li Zheng? Was there such a person among the great Asian biology bulls?

“Li Zheng.” Although he was confused, he gave the name with a smile on his face.

Li Zheng stood up from his seat with his paper in his hand.

He walked step by step toward the podium, and as his feet took the first step, a rustling noise was immediately heard in the hall.

“Who is this? How old is he? He’s got a paper head in his hand, and don’t tell me he’s the one giving an academic presentation on behalf of Heung Kong University!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“How is it possible, this teenager definitely doesn’t look more than twenty years old! Maybe a waiter, up to change the microphone?”

“Oh, this can’t be, is Hong Kong University crazy?”

“Xu Mingsheng’s head must be in the water!”

Chen Anbang could almost stuff an egg in his mouth! He wiped his glasses and put them back on, and it was the same young man!

“Meng ……” he turned his head and said dryly.

Meng Jiayin’s face was also filled with shock, and he opened his mouth and said uncertainly, “Yesterday he introduced himself, his name was Li Zheng, right?”

“Well …… that’s right, Li Zheng, a native of Shenzhen City, Haidong Province ……” spoke another professor from China.

Silence spread among the Chinese scholars, and only after a long time, Meng Jiayin slowly spoke up: “He is from China, we should be proud of him.”

With that, he took the lead and clapped his hands.

On the other side, after expressing his great confidence in Li Zheng countless times with his peers who poked their heads in, Xu Mingsheng felt his spirits returning, and he straightened his back, staring intently at the podium, his nerves taut.

Yang Lime gently poked Zhang Yuegun’s arm.

“Can Brother Li Zheng …… do it?” Yang Lime still didn’t understand how Professor Xu could have so much confidence in a freshman.

Zhang Yuegun glanced at Yang Lime and replied without thinking, “Of course!” Ever since the lab came out, Zhang Yuegun was filled with blind confidence in Li Zheng.

A man who could develop a new drug in five days, what couldn’t he do!

“Li Zheng is starting to speak!” Professor Zhao opened his mouth, and at the same time, he sat up straight, put his hands in front of his knees, and looked very serious.

Amidst the rustling and rustling of the crowd, Li Zheng stood in front of the podium, adjusted his position on the microphone, smiled politely at the crowd, and then began to speak.

“Hello everyone, I am Zheng Li from Hong Kong University. The title of my presentation is ‘Drug Feasibility Report for Infant and Toddler Frozen Blood Syndrome’.”

As soon as Li Zheng’s words came out, the entire meeting hall stirred, ‘Drug Feasibility Report’ was an indispensable document that needed to be submitted to the drug regulatory authorities when a new drug was introduced.

This title? Was this young man about to announce a new drug at a conference?

The first reaction of the crowd was “ridiculous”!

Richard sat in the first row with academics from the University of London’s Medical Laboratory.

“I thought the topic at the University of Hong Kong would be related to the RSE virus.” Richard shrugged his shoulders, clearly regretting that the University of Hong Kong had not done a report on RESE viruses.

Johnson, the scholar who had just gone up to make the report on behalf of the University of London’s medical laboratory, chuckled softly, “Richard, you’re such a crafty fellow, you know full well that after we’ve made the report, Xu Mingsheng can’t possibly go up there again to lose face.”

“According to the Chinese people, is this a broken pot for the people at the University of Hong Kong? Let a young man go up there, and the subject is so big. If this little guy doesn’t say it right …… “Johnson left his mouth, “Xu Mingsheng is really cunning.”

Richard mumbled Li Zheng’s name, and he suddenly thought of something, sitting up straight against his chair.

“Li Zheng! Li Zheng! No wonder the name was familiar to me. Eccles mentioned to me that a lab I had never heard of ordered a centrifuge and conductivity meter from him. Li Zheng’s lab! That’s the name!” The contempt in Richard’s eyes was swept away and he glared at the young man at the podium.

“A young man with such great courage could not be a megalomaniac without a little talent.”

“There are about nine million people in the world suffering from frozen blood, and thirty percent of them are children under the age of two.” Li Zheng put the photos Zhang Yuejun had collected under the projection device.

The desperate eyes of the children with frozen blood in the photo silenced the entire audience.

“As the immune function of infants and young children under two years old is not fully developed, the anti-clotting factor abnormalities on the market today, such as amoxicillin, are too toxic and cannot be used as a good medicine for infants and young children suffering from frozen blood. For this reason, my team spent countless hours and efforts, and finally, on December 29, 1982, we extracted a drug molecule that is suitable for infants and toddlers with frozen blood disease.”


The venue boomed instantly.

This young man was actually going to announce a new drug on the floor of the Biopharmaceutical Congress!

“God, this young man, no, Li Zheng, his team? A new drug, an original new drug!”

There were exclamations, sighs, and doubts all over the venue, but no matter what they said, they all kept their eyes on Li Zheng and didn’t let up at all.

Li Zheng lifted his hand, and the whole venue slowly quieted down.

They were surprised to find that this young man, who looked less than twenty years old, had mastered the rhythm of the entire meeting.

Replacing the photo, Li Zheng placed the molecular formula of the drug directly under the projection equipment.

All the scholars in the conference room did the same thing, looked for a pen, and quickly recorded the molecular formula.

Only the sound of the pen and paper rubbing together was heard in the whole hall, and it was not that no one doubted the feasibility of the molecular formula of Li Zheng’s drug, but before verifying its accuracy, they all held an attitude and recorded the birth process of a new drug in detail.

“I hereby announce that the Li Zheng Special Diseases Research Foundation is established today, and all the patent proceeds from the patent of Bactrim will be donated to the Li Zheng Special Diseases Research Foundation. The Li Zheng Special Diseases Research Foundation will be dedicated to promoting the research of various drugs for special diseases with low market expectations and great research difficulties. Every life is the best gift from God to mankind, may our tomorrow be disease free!”

Li Zheng’s last word fell, and there was silence in the hall. Then a scholar somewhere in the venue stood up and clapped his hands, followed by more and more people standing up, they clapped their hands vigorously, and the whole room thundered with applause!

At this time, no one bothered to investigate whether the molecular formula of the drug Bactrim was really useful for infant frozen blood, but the heart of this junior was enough to command respect.

After this report, the name of Li Zheng was imprinted on the minds of all the participating biologists. Moreover, with their return to China, Li Zheng’s fame would also resonate throughout the Asian biology community.

When Li Zheng came down and sat down, Xu Mingsheng was still in a trance.

Was this a success?

He snapped back to consciousness and turned to look at Li Zheng nervously, “Why did you just announce the drug molecule!” In case …… goes wrong, the University of Hong Kong will be fine, but Li Zheng’s future would be ruined.

This child had solid basic skills, strong academic skills, courage, and the ability to endure hardships. Xu Mingsheng could foresee that this teenager would become a world-class biology bull when he grew up.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I’m sure of it.” After the first drug for treating infants and young children with frozen blood came out in later years, the rest of the generic drugs came out one after another, their molecular formulas were similar, and their drug effects were also similar.

As fuzzy as Li Zheng’s memory was, the molecular formula came out and he could finally recall it.

Xu Mingsheng took a deep look at Li Zheng, “It’s good to be sure, it’s good to be sure.”

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