“Liang’s?” Meng Jiayin was slightly stunned, “The Liang family of old Mr. Liang Zhenbang?”

Because of the embargo policy of the western countries led by the United States, it was impossible to build a production line directly to the inland of China, so Li Zheng thought of buying the production line in the name of the Hong Kong enterprise and then building a factory in the inland.

However, as soon as Li Zheng’s plan was released, it was beaten back by Cheng Xianfeng.

Soon after Mrs. Thatcher’s visit to China, her conversation with Chief Deng broke up. The political situation in Hong Kong was tense and uncertain, so how could anyone take the Hong Kong government for a fool when they were involved in such a thing as offshore transportation technology? The government of Hong Kong was not foolish enough to do such a thing.

Now that the Governor of Hong Kong was still alive, the attitude of the upper echelons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was still that Hong Kong Island was a territory of the British Empire, unlike the leased Xin Jie. Moreover, Li Zheng himself was still a Chinese national, and even if he succeeded in purchasing an advanced production line in his name, the Hong Kong Customs would not allow it to leave Hong Kong.

That was why Cheng Xianfeng mentioned the Liang Clan. Although the Liang Clan, as a local noble family in Hong Kong, had been injured by the real estate industry, the lean camel was bigger than the horse, and the Liang Clan’s foundation was still there.

It had its own transportation company and its own ship in its name. To Li Zheng’s surprise, the Liang family, which had disappeared in the last life, was still involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

Although it should be in the pharmaceutical and beauty industry to be precise, with the qualification of pharmaceutical access, it would not be awkward to buy a production line.

“The Liang family is a big family in Hong Kong, and because of the plane crash a few years ago, many members of the Liang family were killed. The current head of the family is Mr. Liang, Liang Zhe,” Li Zheng said. When Li Zheng said this, a pair of emotionless eyes appeared in his mind, and his expression stiffened for a moment, recalling that person’s actions in the back garden of the Governor’s Mansion, and Li Zheng suddenly realized whether that person was …… showing affection at that time.

Thinking of this possibility, Li Zheng was dumbfounded. If this was true, then Mr. Liang’s way of showing goodwill to others was really unique.

Meng Jiayin had not spoken for a long time, and Liang Zhenbang and Mr. Zeng Hongqing had a very personal relationship. Zeng Hongqing, as a pioneer of the revolutionary life of the older generation, had political differences with China, but the prestige of Mr Zeng among the leaders of the older generation was beyond doubt. In those days, the old leaves were sent to Babaoshan in China by Mr. Liang Zhenbang himself. During this period, Mr. Liang also expressed his tendency to move closer to China. [tn: Babaoshan is an atonal pinyin romanization of various Chinese places]

Mr. Meng Jiayin had the honor of meeting Mr. Liang once, and his impression of him was that he was “heroic” and full of passion.

That was his impression of the old man.

“The old man was a heroic man, and the sky was jealous of him.” Meng Jiayin sighed. Meng Jiayin sighed again, “Is the Liang family willing to help us?”

Li Zheng was stunned, remembering the enthusiastic voice of housekeeper Fang on the phone, and said uncertainly, “I guess so ……”.

It seemed that the few times he contacted the Liang family, it was Butler Fang who answered the phone, and Liang Zhe never stepped in.

This plan would be proposed to the Liang’s side, to purchase the production line from England in Liang’s name, and then turn it into a whole production line, transport the whole production line to different cities in China, and then assemble it by the Chinese side.

Although one production line was not a big deal, the Chinese had a strong ability to imitate, so as long as the production line equipment was in China, they could produce a world advanced drug production line. This would not only improve China’s drug manufacturing capacity but also promote the technological development of machine tool manufacturing, automation, and other industries in China.

“I’ll make sure of it later.” This was no joking matter, and Li Zheng decided to make sure Liang Zhe personally gave a word of permission in the evening.

Meng Jiayin said, patting Li Zheng’s shoulder, “I’ll thank you for the country.”

Meng Jiayin was used to going to bed early at night, so he didn’t sit for long before he got up to leave, and Li Zheng sent him to the door.

When he saw Li Zheng close the door, Chen Anbang couldn’t help but say, “Teacher Meng, do you really think Li Zheng can get the production line?”

Meng Jiayin sighed, “One more person is one more strength. In the eyes of our colleagues, Li Zheng, the young man who developed the original drug, is more important than the combined weight of our three scholars from CAS, Huaqing and Yanjing. Let’s hope that he will step forward a little more.”

“We still have to talk about what we should talk about, we can’t put our eggs in one basket, what’s the situation with Factory Director Qian?”

Chen Anbang sighed, “Pfizer is on board, but they haven’t let up. I guess some other pharmaceutical companies are also in contact with them. I’m afraid he won’t care about us.”

Meng Jiayin’s eyes popped open, “Can’t take care of us? That’s not what he said when he cried out to come with us to Tokyo. He was the one who was given that spot by Zhou for the greater good! He’s telling me now that he can’t care! Go! Let’s go get him!”

When Meng Jiayin found Qian Zhenye, he was having dinner with several foreigners, and the table was full of delicacies, and in addition to Japanese sake, there was also Moutai that Qian Zhenye had brought from China.

The fires of Meng Jiayin and Chen Anbang came up at once. They knew that the salary of the second factory had not been paid for two months, and Qian Zhenye had the money to treat foreigners to a meal and a drink.

Chen Anbang took two quick steps and gestured to push the door in.

Qian Zhenye spotted the two men and his face changed. He and a few blond foreigners said their goodbyes and trotted out of the box.

“Professor Meng, Mr. Chen, what are you guys doing here?”

“Factory director Qian, what about what you promised us?” Meng Jiayin said, holding back his anger in his heart.

The smile on Qian Zhenye’s face narrowed and he sighed, “Professor Meng, to tell you the truth, I can’t even take care of myself right now. I know you want an advanced drug production line, but do you know how much an advanced drug production line costs? The cost of the production line must be included in the price of medicine, so the price of medicine will naturally go up. Have you asked the people if they want to change the production line?”

“No need to ask, I can answer you right now. The people don’t want it; they’d rather have all the drugs produced in one production line, they’d rather have the drugs rougher and less effective, than to spend a few cents more on pills. You academics are taking it for granted.”

Meng Jiayin shivered with anger, “China won’t stay poor forever, don’t you want to see the day when China’s pharmaceutical industry develops?

“Professor Meng. What I’m thinking about now is how to get Pfizer Heart Tycoon’s distributorship so that my factory doesn’t shut down and my workers don’t lose their jobs!”

Chen Anbang sneered, “The wages of the second factory haven’t been paid yet, but you have the money to buy a meal for foreigners. With the prices in Tokyo, this meal will eat up a lot of workers’ wages.”

Qian Zhenye got agitated at his words, “You learned men know nothing! Do you think I took workers’ wages to pay for those foreign devils’ meals? Fart! Fart! This money was sent to me by a group of old factory workers when I left home, and they held my hand and told me to make sure I got the list back! The factory has been shut down for months. Do you think I like to play grandson with these foreign masters? Last night, while you were happily walking down the street, I went to the bathroom with them to throw up after eating for over an hour!”

When Qian Zhenye said this, he saw the ugly faces of Meng Jiayin and Chen Anbang, and his agitation slowly calmed down, and he sighed, “I’ll ask about the production line, but don’t hold too much hope. No one is willing to take the risk to send something over without enough profit.”


Liang Zhe was sitting in the living room, next to a young man in his early thirties, he was holding a report, and reporting something.

“Mr. Liang, according to your instructions, Liang’s has stopped all land sales, and I have selected 100 units of Liang’s completed unsold medium and below buildings for rent instead of sale, probably because they are very popular because they are few in number and new homes. Often seven or eight people compete for one set of properties.”

Liang Zhe glanced at the report and nodded his head.

If Li Zheng had seen the report, he would have recognized the tricks of these latter-day businessmen.

“Mr. Liang, and ……,” the young man said.

The phone in Liang Zhe’s living room rang.

Liang Zhe looked around and saw no figure of Butler Fang, his eyebrows furrowed, and he hesitated before picking up the phone.

Two days ago, Liang Zhe’s psychiatrist had re-examined him, excitedly announcing that Mr. Liang’s autistic tendencies were gradually disappearing, which he attributed to the fact that Mr. Liang Zhe was a natural businessman who played his best in his field of expertise, and that one’s sense of satisfaction and self-assurance could heal the wounds in one’s heart.

“Hello, this is Li Zheng.” This voice came from the other end of the phone.


Liang Zhe’s brain hadn’t even thought about it, his hand had already put the phone cylinder back hard on top of the phone …… that was to say, he hung up the phone!


Reacting, Liang Zhe stiffened and stared intently at the telephone.

“Mr. Liang, Mr. Liang?” The young man cautiously called out to Liang Zhe.

Liang Zhe silently turned his head back and looked at him with a blank expression.

The young man only felt a chill rising from the soles of his feet and running up to the top of his head.

Just at this moment, Liang Zhe…


“Mr. Liang! The phone is ringing again!”

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