“They are not here to help us at all, in their eyes our Dorman lives are not lives at all! They are simply doing experiments with human lives.” This young man was in his early twenties, dressed in a trouser and shirt, the typical image of a young man in a modern country.



“This is Barry’s death report, our hospital in Dorman proved that Barry didn’t die from the Doc disease outbreak at all, it was them! It was the UN medical support team that ki-lled Barry, that ki-lled our fellow countryman!”



The young man spoke loudly, Barry’s mother and sister stood beside him, the mother held the little girl’s hand with her head lowered so that her expression couldn’t be seen.


Behind them, there was a large group of townspeople.



“I’m also a Doc virus carrier, and I know that from the moment I got sick, I was waiting for death to come. But this doesn’t mean that our lives are inferior, all people are equal, our lives need to be respected!”



The young man’s words were very provocative, and as he spoke, anger slowly appeared in the empty eyes of the townspeople.



A glint of joy flashed in the young man’s eyes, and he picked up where he left off.


“The people of Mammadon will never offend the UN and the West behind the UN because of us. So we have to stand up for ourselves, to do justice for Barry, for our fellow countrymen, and for ourselves!” Mammadon was the political center of Dorman, which stood for the present-day government of Doman.


“Please give an explanation!” Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted.



“Please give an explanation!” Then one after another, the voices grew louder and louder, shaking the laminate of the temporary hospital.



The medical staff paled, and Dr. Kach paced back and forth in the hospital corridor with a dark, sullen expression.



“Oh, God. What do we do? What do we do? Are they going to surround the hospital?” Seeing the young man and the townspeople tightly surround the small temporary hospital, Dr. Kach could no longer maintain a calm expression.



The most important thing in doing experiments was silence. With so much commotion, Li Zheng naturally wouldn’t stay in the laboratory, he walked out with a frown.



“Li, what should we do? They’ve surrounded the hospital.” When Kach saw Li Zheng, it was as if he had seen a lifeline.



The slogans of “explanation” reached his ears, Li Zheng tensed, “Since they want an explanation, give them one. In the end, this is also a medical incident that we are responsible for.”


Barry’s surgery was successful, but he broke free of the ventilator after the surgery, which the medical staff didn’t detect in time, that caused his death. This should be considered improper post-operative care, and the hospital should be held responsible to some degree.



Dr. Kach’s face was obscure. If he admitted the hospital’s fault, it would inevitably leave a huge stain on his resume.



“Do you want them to flood into the hospital and ask you for a statement?” Li Zheng silently stared at him.



Kach smiled, and his face turned red all of a sudden. Flock in? Of course not, they were all virus carriers, it wasn’t handled properly…. Kach shivered.



“Okay, I have no problem with that. I can personally pay a portion of the compensation.” He said through clenched teeth.



Li Zheng nodded and turned to a young doctor, “Let their representative come in to talk.”



The young doctor nodded hastily and jogged toward the hospital entrance.


Not long after, the young man brought in Barry’s mother, sister, and two townspeople.


The young man’s gaze swept around, then fell on Kach, “Dr. Kach, how do you do?” With that, he opened his arms.



Kach stood still, then the young man looked like he was hurt, “I heard that hugging is the common etiquette when Westerners meet, is it because I’m a carrier of the Doc virus, so you won’t hug me?”



The two townspeople behind the young man had a clear flash of anger on their faces. Their gazes toward the group of medical personnel became more and more unkind.



Li Zheng frowned, he really wanted to speak up, but his coat corner was gently tugged.



It was Liang Zhe.


After following Li Zheng out of the lab, Liang Zhe hadn’t spoken.


Li Zheng turned his head in confusion, and Liang Zhe shook his head then whispered in his ear, “There is something fishy about this matter, that young man …… is not simple.”



Liang Zhe had intuitions on certain things, he felt an extremely incongruous feeling from that young man. He had only gotten this feeling from those politicians in Hong Kong who had been immersed in officialdom for a long time.



Li Zheng smiled, his eyes slightly narrowed, he wasn’t stupid, after he was reminded by Liang Zhe, he naturally felt that something was wrong.



This young man seemed to be constantly provoking the relationship between the two parties. No, it was unilaterally triggering the discontent of the town’s townspeople against the medical team. But what good would that do him? A trace of doubt flashed in Li Zheng’s eyes.


“This gentleman, you are thinking too much. I am an American, and Americans only hug each other when we meet with our close friends, and we should not be considered close friends since we’re meeting for the first time.” Dr. Kach, as a nationally renowned doctor, naturally wouldn’t be a straw man.



He spoke eloquently, “I am very sorry for Barry’s death. Ma’am, I believe you know that the Doc virus had already eaten away at Barry’s respiratory tract by the time he was brought to us. According to international authorities, if no resuscitation was done after the Docovirus outbreak, the patient wouldn’t live more than two weeks at most. We gave Barry an extra-airway flocculent cleanup.”



Speaking here, Dr. Kach paused for a moment, and he couldn’t help but look at Li Zheng.



Li Zheng nodded.


Dr. Kach smiled bitterly and continued, “The operation went well, and if he recovered well, he would continue to live for at least two years. That said, we have to take some responsibility, we didn’t know the local custom of Dorman before the surgery, Dorman men are not allowed to shave. We shaved Barry’s underarms to facilitate the surgery. He came to his senses and became very agitated and broke free of the ventilator, resulting in death by asphyxiation.”



Dr. Kach continued sincerely, “This was indeed a case of improper post-operative care on our part, and we are willing to pay compensation in accordance with international practice. If the hospital’s improper care leads to the patient’s death, the compensation is ten years of local per capita income, and to express my apology, I am willing to compensate for twenty years.”



The per capita income level in Dorman was extremely low, and Kach could naturally do this as a favor.



Barry’s mother’s expression obviously eased up, she was a person who resigned to her fate. Barry’s death had long been predetermined, and she had been prepared for it when Barry was diagnosed with the Doc virus.



Twenty years of labor income, this was already extremely generous conditions.



She looked to the young man, who apparently held great prestige among the town’s townspeople.



“International practice?” The young man smiled, “Since you’re in Dorman, I think it’s better to follow the local rules of Dorman.”



The medical staff looked at each other with disbelief. The local rules of Dorman?



“The rules of Dorman, human life is equal, one life for one life.” He said word for word.



A commotion sounded in the hospital.



Certain tribes in Africa had been isolated from the world for a long time and still retained the most primitive legal system, and the saying ‘one life for one life’ wasn’t unheard of by them.


“How does that work! We’re American citizens, and it was just poor care!” A certain health care worker said in exasperation.



“Just?” A stern light flashed in the young man’s eyes, “I see that you have never put the lives of the people of Dorman at heart!”



“You are a bunch of executioners!” He said this so loudly that even the townspeople outside could hear it clearly.



The townspeople outside had no idea what was going on inside, they only felt that the people from the UN were disrespecting them, and with the incitement of the person they trusted, the encirclement outside the hospital was getting smaller and smaller, and it looked like the townspeople were about to rush in.



The young man didn’t seem to want to talk to them much, insistent on the one-life for one-life deal, he pulled Barry’s mother and sister outside.



Barry’s mother wanted to say something, but was coldly swept away by the young man and her vacant eyes returned.



But the little girl looked at Li Zheng, and then at Liang Zhe, with an apologetic expression on her face.



The young man and his party went out of the hospital, they didn’t know what he said to the townspeople outside, but the townspeople’s emotions obviously became more excited, if not that the young man stopped, they’d have broken through the hospital door.



Time passed, the townspeople didn’t have the slightest intention to leave, and even the encirclement was slowly drawing closer. The crowd settled in the hospital for lunch and dinner.



“This is not the way to go, Joe, contact the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy and ask them for help!” Kach said loudly.


The doctor known as Joe nodded vigorously and ran aside to make a phone call.



Liang Zhe suddenly looked up sharply, the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy? His eyes fell on the crowd outside the window. It seems that they were involved in big trouble this time.


Li Zheng keenly noticed the change in Liang Zhe’s complexion and slightly side-tracked his head, “What’s wrong?”


“Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this?”


Li Zheng pursed his lips, “I also feel that the development of things seem somewhat uncontrollable and strange.”



“A group of virus-infected people surrounded the hospital and already had an impact on our life safety. We naturally won’t sit around and wait for death, and our own two fists can’t beat four hands. Asking for help from the outside world is the best option.”



Liang Zhe calmly analyzed, “Dr. Kach and his group topped the name of the UN medical support team, the UN is bound to be responsible for their safety. And they are Americans, Americans are already very famous in international protection and for their domineering nature. What will happen when Joe makes this phone call?”



Li Zheng frowned slightly, then his eyes widened, he went on to say: “The United Nations and the U.S. side will definitely negotiate with the Dorman government. If the U.S. attitude is tougher, the Dorman government will most likely send armed forces!”



“That young man is from the opposition?” Although Li Zheng lacked sensitivity to this aspect, he had a high IQ, with a little nudge from Liang Zhe, his thoughts became clear.




In the past few days, the newspapers in Dorman were full of news about the arrival of the medical support team and Li Zheng, the inventor of palmatine. The government had taken all the credit for this, it led to a significant increase in its popular support, which was very unfavorable to the opposition, which had developed to this day by the so-called “public opinion”.



Therefore, they had to curb the momentum of the government. The best way to do that was to strike at the trump card the government now held, the Medical Support Group.



As long as the people’s discontent with the medical support team was triggered, naturally, the government that invited the medical team would also be implicated.



“Da-mn, I just wanted to develop a cure, how did I get involved in a political struggle?”




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