The town’s residents surrounded the hospital all day and night, and the next morning, Dorman government troops marched into Mankato, along with Kent Blair.


“Mr. Blair.”


“Mr. Blair.”


Kent walked into the hospital, escorted by Dorman government troops. The medical team looked a little excited to see Kent.



Kent was a leader of Mercer, and a prominent figure in American medicine, someone they didn’t normally see.



Kent’s expression wasn’t good, he could barely maintain the surface of the smile. When he saw Li Zheng, the pace of his feet was even faster.



“Li.” He went forward and hugged Li Zheng, then pulled him closer to the nearest empty room.



“Things are bad.” Kent said openly.



“When we received your call for help yesterday evening, Washington and the United Nations building pressured Dorman at the same time. Dorman government forces rushed to Mankato last night. But not far from Mankato, they encountered the opposition forces, and there was a small-scale armed conflict between the two sides.”



Li Zheng and Liang Zhe looked at each other, as expected. It obviously wasn’t a coincidence.



“The town has been dispersed, but the matter will not be so simple to end. The UN forces in Dorman have sent a Dorman w-ar alert to headquarters, and we have reason to suspect that this is a purposeful provocation by the Dorman opposition to start another war within Dorman.” Kent said seriously.



Seeing Li Zheng look at him, Kent awkwardly touched his nose, “This is the original words of the UN strategic analyst, I am just repeating it.”



Li Zheng’s knuckles bent slightly and tapped on the table.



“That is to say, if this war really breaks out, we will become the so-called fuse of w-ar?” He had a cold smile on his face, and his mood was unspeakably bad.



W-ar fuse.



As long as this name is attached, it was a matter of a lifetime. He understood the meaning of this phrase too well.



And now China wasn’t the same as the China thirty years later. Li Zheng had a feeling that if this title was implemented, this would become the biggest obstacle for him to return to China.



Li Zheng stood up and walked to the window, his gaze fell through the glass on the Dorman soldiers guarding outside the hospital. This w-ar must not break out, absolutely not.



Kent hadn’t thought of this encounter, and hearing Li Zheng say so, his expression was also a bit unpleasant.


“Li, I think we must leave immediately, before the w-ar starts.”



Li Zheng shook his head, “Kent, the opposition needs a just reason to start a war, the Dorman government succumbed to the hegemony of the great powers and supported foreign medical teams to do human experiments on their own people, is there a better reason than this?”



“This is a crime that you cannot afford.”



Human experimentation, these four words were almost taboo-like in the world of biology. Li Zheng admittedly had a place in the world of biology, but in the end, he hadn’t yet established a firm foothold. With that title, his life would almost be ruined.



Kent’s expression was also grim, as a member of the biology circle, he understood the significance of these words.



“Da-mn, you obviously helped them develop the dr-ug!” Kent paced around the room in a hurry.



“Boom,” came the sound of a cannonball.



The hospital’s laminate shuddered heavily, and the entirety of the makeshift equipment bungalow next to it even collapsed.



“Oh, shit. Has the w-ar started?” Kent jerked the door open and ran out.



“General, what’s going on? Dorman clearly promised to get us out safely.” There were two large men in uniform standing in the hallway, and Kent shouted at one of them.



The Dorman man, who was called the general, gave the crowd a cold look, “The UN garrison has withdrawn from Dorman half an hour ago, they have abandoned us and they have abandoned you.”



“Da-mn, those da-mn cowards.” Kent jumped in anger.



The group of medics had long since panicked, cursing the UN for sending them to this place.



The sound of arti-llery fire kept ringing in his ears, and Li Zheng’s body trembled slightly. After living two lifetimes, it was the first time he felt that w-ar was so close to him.



Liang Zhe stepped forward to hold his hand, and a hint of worry flowed from his always expressionless face.



Li Zheng’s heart warmed, and the anger and panic in his heart dissipated a lot.



The Dorman Army seemed to be using the hospital as a temporary combat command center, with soldiers running back and forth, the constant ringing of telephones, and the angry roar of the commander.



“Where are the reinforcements? Da-mn, what are they doing with the air force? Can’t you see that the enemy tanks are almost to our defensive line?”



“General, General, those townspeople of Mankato ……” The soldier was just halfway through his sentence when the crowd had already seen the scene outside the window.



Countless townspeople came thickly like ants, but were blocked by a bullet that landed close by.




“Stand still, don’t go forward.”




The Dorman soldiers shouted.




“Let us through, please let us through. The tank, the tank is behind!”



Li Zheng saw Barry’s mother and his sister in the crowd. The mother’s ever-empty eyes took on fear and panic, and she kept pushing her daughter forward as she held her daughter tightly in front of her.





“Is that them? The ones who gave the opposition an excuse to start a w-ar?” The general walked over to the window and spoke coldly.



There was a physical clash between the townspeople and the Dorman government troops.



“General, those people are infected with the Doc virus.” Someone said in the general’s ear.



The general stared, then he spoke coldly, “The whole army needs to back up and building additional fences. They cannot be allowed to come closer.”



Li Zheng’s hand that turned his watchband tightened slightly. Behind those people was the opposition’s tank army, if that group of tanks rushed up regardless ……



“Are you crazy? Those are civilians!” Kent looked at the general incredulously.



“Yes, that’s why I didn’t order the shooting, but blocked them from coming up. I am a soldier and I must be responsible for the safety of the soldiers under my command.”



Dorman’s soldiers received the order and immediately moved wooden railings to block the way of the townspeople coming.



“Please, please let us in.”


“Uncle, please.”



“Brother, please.”



Their cries instantly rang out.



Li Zheng’s hand clutched the railing in front of the window, and Liang Zhe could even clearly see the exposed bruises on the back of his hand.



Liang Zhe had already contacted the top level of the Dorman opposition through the housekeeper Fang, offering to exchange funds for withdrawal, and the other side had agreed to do so. But looking at the appearance today, it was clear that there were different voices within the opposition.



“Let them in.” Li Zheng suddenly spoke, turning his head and looking directly at the general.



“What?” The general looked Li Zheng up and down with a sneer on his face, he seemed to realize something and slowly collected the arrogant look on his face, “You are the inventor of that palmatine dr-ug?”




Li Zheng nodded.



The general’s face softened a bit, “Even so, I still have to be responsible for the safety of my soldiers’ lives. After all, there is no cure for the Doc virus.”



Li Zheng rubbed the strap on his wrist, and he lowered his eyelids, making it impossible to see his emotions.



“Then from now on, there is a cure for the Doc virus.”



Li Zheng’s voice wasn’t loud, but it clearly reached the ears of everyone in the corridor.




The running soldiers stopped in their tracks, the liaison officer who was talking on the phone closed his mouth, and everyone in the corridor seemed to have the pause button pressed all at once, so quiet that only the ragged breathing of the crowd could be heard.



“What did you say?” The General, who rarely changed his expression even when the army was in the border, stammered when he was nervous. He was afraid he had heard the wrong thing.



“I said that the w-ar will only interfere with the process of my experiments. It’s too noisy outside.” He paused for a moment and continued, “I think, whether it is the government forces or the opposition, you are all the people of Dorman, and you should all hope that the medicine to contain the Doc virus will be available soon.”




The general stared at Li Zheng without blinking, then he pointed out the window and spoke seriously: “Mr. Li Zheng, do you hear the sound of arti-llery fire outside? Do you know what your words mean? If I publicize your words, this w-ar may be able to stop immediately. But likewise, if you fail to come up with a medicine to contain the virus for a long time, the credibility of our Dorman government will be greatly damaged, and then the w-ar will not only come back but will be even more tragic.”



“So I need a time, an exact time.”



Li Zheng pursed his lips, “Six months, I’ll definitely come up with the cure in six months.”



“Half a year?” The general’s brow furrowed, “That’s too long, they can’t possibly accept it.” Naturally, he was referring to the armed forces of the opposition.



“Moreover, I think you should know that you cannot leave Dorman until the dr-ug is available and its practical effectiveness is established.”



“This is kidna-pping! Li is a citizen of China and an asset to the global biology community. You cannot restrict his personal freedom!” Kent said with a sullen face.



“Bang.” The bu-llet embedded in the table next to Kent, the General slowly put down the g-un in his hand, he didn’t even look at Kent, but turned his head to look at Li Zheng with a smile on his face.



“Mr. Li Zheng, what do you say?”




Li Zheng pressed Liang Zhe’s shoulder down and gave that general a deep look, “Okay, then three months. I will stay here for these three months. So, can you let them in now? They are my experimental subjects.”




“Good!” The General laughed loudly then he turned to his subordinates, “Let that group of people in. And the liaison officer should contact the president’s office immediately, I think we need to announce the good news to the whole nation right away.”



“Our Dorman government, after countless efforts, has developed a dr-ug to contain the Doc virus by bringing in experts from the United Nations!”





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