C1—- The First Day of the Opening of the Land


“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, and thy will be done on earth ……”


When Feng Huai woke up, it was as if a child’s tender childish voice was still ringing in his head, but he couldn’t really hear it.


The pain in his chest was like a million insects and rats gnawing at his flesh and blo-od, he looked down at his chest and saw a cross wound about the size of a fist turning over the flesh, the white bones were faintly visible.


His hand held a piece of iron, through the reflection of the iron, he could see “his” face.


Most of his features were covered by short, weed-like hair, and the bridge of his nose didn’t have thick-rimmed glasses.


This wasn’t his face.


No one in the nine states of the world didn’t admire Feng Huai the Great’s poise – how could Feng Huai the Great have such an ordinary face?


He hadn’t yet figured out his current situation, but it was obvious that this body was in a very poor state.


“System binding: Feng Huai (near death).”


An abrupt voice sounded in his mind.


The man’s eyes suddenly sharpened, all the dying sickness seemed to fade away in this instant, he looked like a sheathed sword.


–He didn’t know that at this moment his features seemed to have become different from the previous state, like a layer of fog clearing, he became more distinctive.


A little more like the great Feng Huai.


The voice in his head continued to broadcast without interval.


“Choose whether to accept the mission: death row prison horror night survival.”


“Mission reward: according to the mission completion evaluation, player will obtain the corresponding points.”


“Note: points can be used in a lottery.”


“Accepting the mission can change the near-death state.”


Feng Huai felt the little life left in this body, he felt like his soul was imprisoned in this dying body, and even if he had great ability, he couldn’t break free from a dying body, his soul would sooner or later be silenced together with this body.


His eyes sank slightly.

“The mission is considered accepted. Please try to live.”


“If there are no special circumstances, the mission system will not appear frequently in the host’s daily horror life.”


“Everyday horror life?” Feng Huai’s voice was hoarse and broken, coarse as if gravel particles had crushed through his throat, he guessed this body might not have spoken for a long time.


As soon as he spoke, the scene before him suddenly shifted and a sharp, playful laugh accompanied by intense dizziness struck his nerves.


“Scene map loading …… death row prison scene loading…. completed. Note that this is a copy of the newbie guide game, the popular live and reward function is not enabled for now.”


“Background description: time in the future interstellar, two thousand years later, the planet has just experienced a century-long war catastrophe.”
“You are the thirteenth death row inmate of Death Row Prison Zero.”


“Death Row Zero is located on a cliff top, converted from an abandoned orphanage in the last century. Every midnight, Death Row Zero looks like it’s waking up. The howling of children, the roar of men, the laughter of women, tormented the nerves of every death row inmate like a nightmare – and, of course, they deserved it.”


“But then, someone began to die for real, blo-od soaking through the ropes, the neck loops like bright red scarves, hanging in long hanging tails. The bl-oody words appeared in the hidden corners of the prison along with the curved moon: Is it your turn today?”


“Complete the main line: decipher the night of terror in Death Row Prison Zero, player will receive 5 points.”


“Please feel free to explore and live well.”

This voice was like a sign of the beginning of the game.


Feng Huai opened his eyes after the dizziness passed, and the scene in front of him had turned into a small, four-square space.


Above the side of the wall, there was a bean curd-sized grill window, and the curved yellow string moon could be seen outside the window.


“Hey, new guy, are you asleep?” A man’s hushed voice came from the upper bunk above his head, “Do you know what will happen tonight ……?”


Feng Huai looked up, it was a thin-looking man, with an inverted triangle goatee, speaking with tentativeness and questions in his eyes.


“Hey, are you afraid?” A mocking, playful laugh came from the cell next door.


“Yes, it was your roommate who died last time, so maybe it’s your turn this time.”

Goatee’s face hardened for a moment as he looked at Feng Huai.


Feng Huai didn’t make a sound, but looked down at his own body –


He peeled off his orange prison clothes, and his slender, pale fingertips gently touched the clean, unblemished skin – where there should have been a bloody hole, but in the moonlight, it revealed a nearly pale, but bare chest.


However, the dull pain didn’t go away, it lingered in his heart, every beat of his heart seems to involve that pain.


The goateed man didn’t pay attention Feng Huai’s movements, he poked his body out and bent his head and neck to look down at the bunk: “I’m talking to you.”


Feng Huai subconsciously rubbed his chest, and his thin body looked even paler and weaker under the wide prison clothes.


When the man saw this, he even felt that the other wouldn’t live long.


“Last time it was also on a night like this, a man died, right here in this cell.” Goatee said to him, “When that person died, his eye sockets melted, his eyes were gone, like …… like in urban horror legends.”


“What horror legends?” Feng Huai asked, his voice was hoarse, and once he opened his mouth, the goateed man was startled, it was like the sound of a blade grinding on the mainstay.


The man pondered in his mind, how long had it been since he opened his mouth to speak?


He pursed his lips, his voice lowered as he spoke: “Bl-oody Mary ah, haven’t you heard of it? It is …… you light a candle, look into the mirror, shout Bl-oody Mary three times, she will come to you. After you see her, your eyes will be burned and turn into two pitch-black blood holes.”


Feng Huai: “Oh”.


A similar legend existed in his world, but it was replaced by a creature that existed only in that dimension, the Blo-od Melting Ant, which was designed to stop children from crying at night.


The biggest difference was that it was real. The tiny blo-od melting ants burrowed into the skin senselessly, all the good and bad cells and organs were melted into a puddle of blo-od, and eventually the whole person was turned into a swollen human skin ball that was full of blo-od.


He had raised them, a nest of them.


The man didn’t know why Feng Huai could be so calm, God knew if the person whose eyes turned into blood holes tonight would be one of them.


Although this man looked like he was on his last breathe, if he encountered that monster, he may have to rely on him.


He gave a soft “hello” and wanted to ask Feng Huai, but he saw the other get out of bed and walk to the middle of the open space.


Feng Huai looked at the cell in front of him.


On the right corner was a sink for washing, and above the sink was a mirror.


The sound of the left and right cells disappeared at some point, and the clock hung at the end of the outer corridor, quiet enough to clearly hear the hands swinging rhythmically.





The sound of the clock hands swinging, intertwined with the sound of water drops.


Feng Huai looked at the sink, and the faucet, which had been tightly screwed, was dripping water downward.


The man with the goatee swallowed: “I tightened it.”


Feng Huai took a few steps forward, and his footsteps gave a slight pause.


“What’s wrong?” The goatee man asked in a small voice.


He hesitated for two seconds, got out of bed and walked to Feng Huai’s side.


The man soon saw what was in the sink, and he sucked in his breath with a hiss, and his pupils shrank hard.


He saw a line of blo-od slowly seeping out of the wall in front of the sink.


Is it your turn today?


Further down the pool, a pool of blo-od tumbled down, gurgling and bubbling.


Right in the middle, a tangled optic nerve eyeball was bulging with blo-od from time to time.


The rolling eye looked like it was staring at the two of them.


The goatee man got weak in the legs on the spot and fell to the ground on his b-utt, muttering uncontrollably, “It’s coming, it’s coming ……”


Feng Huai ignored the man’s mumbling, he walked over to the pool and stared at the pool of water with a slight frown.


In the next second, the man was stunned as he watched the pale man suddenly strike, his two slender white fingers moved extremely fast into the bl-oody water, so fast that he only saw a shadow.


He was rummaging for something. The man subconsciously held his breath and stared.


–the plug was floating on the surface of the water, and didn’t block the mouth of the water, but the Blo-od wasn’t flowing down the frame, but a steady stream upward.


Feng Huai’s face changed slightly, his fingers abruptly pulled something from the blo-od, and fiercely threw it to the ground.


Heard a “pop” sound, the scared man shivered and subconsciously looked at the ground.


–A puddle of rusty red, long, soft flesh-like thing fell in front of him.


The man’s face instantly paled, he looked miserable as he dragged himself backwards on his hands and knees: “What’s this!?”


Feng Huai coughed lightly, he looked down and replied in a hoarse voice, “Tongue.”


The man’s eyes widened at once and he couldn’t say a word.


He looked at Feng Huai in horror, realizing how outrageous his earlier self-righteousness had been.


Anyone who was on death row couldn’t possibly be an easy person – even if they looked like they only had one breath left.



Feng Huai turned on the faucet and carefully washed his fingers and dried the water droplets on his hands, even if it was the most common action, he did it like it was an ancient noble ritual.


Feng Huai suddenly looked up at the mirror.


The “him” in the mirror was also looking at him.


In the mirror, the black eyes, covered by glasses and bangs, widened a little, revealing an evil madness that added a bit of treachery to this bland face.


“Is it your turn today?” The mirror self smiled and asked in a soft, honeyed murmur.

“That’s what makes it interesting.” Feng Huai said in a low voice.


He clenched his hand and smashed the mirror.


The broken mirror reflected half of his face, the eyes hidden behind the black-framed glasses were calm and indifferent, making people feel fearful for no reason.



Who doesn’t like a nice horror novel ? 😁

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