Bao Xing didn’t lift her head while eating, making Ah Bei and Ah Zu stare at her in shock.


Guoguo handed them each a skewer of roast meat dipped in tomato sauce, surprising them both.



During the conversation, they learned that Ah Bei and Ah Zu were also sla-ves of the Salt Department, but because of their good looks as children, they were made followers of Bao Xing.


Although they were sla-ves, because they were with Bao Xing, they didn’t lack food or clothing, their life was also better than most people.



But the concept couldn’t be changed overnight, the two of them were used to waiting behind Bao Xing at all times.



They were usually not qualified to go to such a big event.



The campfire was lively, and Rong Yue carried his staff and took Tian Yang for a walk around the lake.



“Are sla-ves very common? I don’t think I ever saw one in the Gongshan tribe.”



“Because the Gongshan tribe is crowded, powerful and self-sufficient. And the Salt Tribe is too rich.”



In other words, many of the sla-ves in the Salt Tribe came from the exchange of supplies.



Some tribes didn’t have so much food and goods to exchange for salt bricks and other things, so they would exchange people as goods. Naturally, these “people” became sla-ves.



If it wasn’t necessary, few tribes would exchange their young men, so the dozen strong slaves who betrayed Bao Xing were very rare.



Rong Yue sighed, so slav-ery also existed here.



He had a long way to go ……



Suddenly, someone ran from a distance, and went straight to them.



“Tian Yang! Brother-in-law!”



It was Yue Dong carrying Xiao Ergou, they didn’t look good.


“Why so fast!” Rong Yue was surprised to see that Yue Dong looked serious, his usual somewhat silly expression was gone, so he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.


Yue Dong took a few breaths: “We, we found that can-nibalistic tribe!”



“And then what?”



Yue Dong had fear in his eyes: “…… not only them, but also our tribe, yes, our tribe’s people are also there!”



Tian Yang clenched his fist: “The Gongshan tribe?”


Yue Dong: “Yes! Gongshan tribe! Our tribe! A tribe as big as ours is talking to them, and the whole group is stationed right next to that cannibal tribe! Someone must have already gone in!”



Rong Yue muttered, “It’s too arrogant …… I feels like something’s wrong ……”


Even if such a ghost tribe accumulated a good reputation with great care, it had to avoid suspicion.



But just a few days after the subsidence, they annexed the Creek tribe and robbed the Salt Tribe’s people. These two things were high profile enough.



It was just that the Creek tribe was smal, and the Bao Xing’s team was considered insignificant, both of which fit their “picking up” characteristics, so Rong Yue didn’t think much of it.



But the Gongshan tribe, that was the top tribe in this area!



That “Paradise Tribe”, what exactly did they want?



Rong Yue thought for a while, then he gripped the staff: “Yang San is there?”



Yue Dong nodded: “Yes, we asked him to keep an eye on them to prevent them from going far away. He was also told to bring the strange smelling mangosteen, Xiao Ergou was able to find it.”



“Good.” Rong Yue nodded: “No more waiting, we’ll leave tomorrow.”



Rong Yue went back and explained the matter to Ah Jiu first.



Ah Jiu nodded: “Got it.”



“This time you should go with us, sort out a list of people that’ll go with us or stay here, and then notify them one by one.” Rong Yue turned: “Guoguo!”



Guoguo excitedly responded: “Yes!”



Rong Yue smiled: “Follow your family’s Ah Jiu, as a translator.”



Guoguo giggled.


Rong Yue put away his smile: “The tribe isn’t yet able to protect themselves, we can’t hide this matter from everyone, we need to be alert. Later, Tian Yang and I will take advantage of the night to catch some prey back, to ensure that the next half month tribal food supply us ready. The tribesmen left behind can take care of things, the specifics will be left to you to decide.”



All of them nodded.



Rong Yue pondered for a moment: “If they want to leave the tribe, let them go. If they make trouble even after a warning, they can be ki-lled.”



The last four words made Tian Yang’s pupils dilate.



Tian Yang carried Rong Yue in the forest at night and ran wildly.



For the first time, Rong Yue felt the speed of Tian Yang running at full speed, the wind scraped on his face, like a knife cut. He buried his head and tried his best to lean towards the side of Tian Yang’s neck.



Not long after arriving deep in the forest, Rong Yue sighed with relief and stumbled as he got off Tian Yang’s back.



The holy light lit up, this was a clearing deep in the forest, surrounded by dense trees. The light shone through, and there was a vague reflection of the pupils of animals flashing by.



It wasn’t yet the latter part of the night, so some nocturnal critters were still active, Rong Yue held up his staff, Tian Yang stepped forward and threw a fresh piece of meat wrapped in a leaf packet at his waist on the ground.


This was just cut from a guinea beast, which was made into a kebab for the campfire party, but had now became bait.


The smell of blo-od gradually dissipated, afraid that the meat was too small, Tian Yang tore more into small pieces, and threw the ragged pile on the ground.



The two men backed up and hid behind a large rock.



The wind whistled, insects chirped, and the rustling of grass leaves being trampled gradually rang out.



Rong Yue closed his eyes and felt the divine power in his body, brewing a big move.



After so many days, he had risen to level twenty-two, and the moves that used to be strenuous to use were now much easier to use at will. Although he was still far from his prime, using it to hunt small animals wasn’t a problem.



First, a group of strange-looking rat beasts crawled through the grass, then a group of bats swooped in, and after a while, larger unknown animals began to probe, and even some large birds, because they could fly, couldn’t wait to swoop down and pick up a piece of meat –



A flash of white light.



It was a flash of light, the horn of death. With the big stone as the center, all the small animals around the empty space lost their voice in an instant.



They all fell to the ground.


The divine power in his body was instantly drained, he let out a few exhausted gasps.



But fortunately, unlike the feeling of overdraft when using [Sacrifice], he would recover after a short rest.



Tian Yang picked up the small animals on the ground, pocketed them, and carried Rong Yue to the next place.



After three times of doing the same, they finally saved up the expected amount and the two returned to the tribe in the latter part of the night.



Li Shui and the girls waited outside the tribe early, seeing the small mountain of small animals piled up, Li Shui took a step back: “…… bats, bats!?”


It could be eaten?!


“Even small meat is meat!” As a person who had eaten scorpions, Guoguo didn’t mind at all, she quickly divided them into different categories.



Rong Yue took a breath, “I said before that we should breed them. Have you built the cage yet?”



Li Shui nodded: “Just yesterday, it should be quite sturdy, but it isn’t big.” She looked at the ground strangely: “But these are dead ah ……”


Rong Yue didn’t speak to them at first: “I’ll try it. Those that are hurt, I’ll see if they can live… The de-ad animals will be eaten first, and those who survive will be kept alive temporarily.”



Lu Shui looked at a small bat that began to flutter its wings, the corners of her mouth twitched and she took two steps back: “This can also be raised ……”



Rong Yue patted her shoulder: “Forget it if it’s too hard to eat, we’ll raise something delicious.”



While the others were busy, Rong Yue and Tian Yang went back to the tent to rest.


When it was light out, Ah Jiu sent someone to announce it.



Rong Yue yawned and tied his hair patiently.



Without a word, Tian Yang removed his leather gauntlets and leg guards and stroked Rong Yue’s long hair.



“It’s nice.”



Rong Yue replied after a laugh, “It’s too long and in the way, I want to cut it.”



Tian Yang’s surrounding aura steeply sank, the fierce hostility in the tent surged, after a long time, he quietly responded: “No!”



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