C22 —- Campus Gladiator (XX)

The person he called brother looked to be almost forty and had a scar on his face that went from his forehead to his chin. The man was wearing a black school uniform that represented high school students and looked extremely out of place.


Behind him stood nearly 20 people, and among those people, Xia Yihui also saw several familiar faces.



The little girl who said she was ‘looking for Brother Liu’ was also among them.


It seemed that the ‘Tiger Tooth G.ang Brother Liu’ in her mouth happened to be the ‘Brother’ in Liu Zite’s mouth as well.



Xia Yihui knew a little bit about Tiger Tooth as a group.



After the newbie copy ended, Xia Yihui browsed the Infinite Escape Forum and read a particular post.



The general idea was to talk about the escape game, individual players proposed to form a kind of club like in an online game.



Xia Yihui read the post for a long time and still felt that this proposal wasn’t desirable. The uncertainty of the copy and the random placement of personnel doomed this idea to not work. Figuring this out, he didn’t bother about the club.



He just didn’t expect that when he came to the campus gladiatorial arena copy, he would be ‘fortunate’ to meet the ‘g.ang’.



Tiger Tooth was a ga.ng that had been established during the Second copy, and its leader was a man named Xin Zhu, who was also a regular who resided on the list. Just from this point alone, this Xin Zhu wasn’t an idle person.


It was just that although the gan.g leader was as strong, these dogs under his seat were a mixed bag of good and bad.



There was no way around it, the ga.ng had just been established, and they were focusing on taking in people with fighting ability and not looking at cultivation and intelligence, so it naturally took in many of these people who looked unreliable.



“It’s the two of them who stole my time.” Just as Xia Yihui was thinking, Liu Zite was also sparing no effort to discredit him to the Scar faced man, “The brotherhood guys were all ki.lled by them as well!”



The scarred man’s eyes were cold, hiding the killing intent in his eyes, “I’ll save you now.”


Hope reappears in Liu Zite’s eyes, fearing that this hatred wasn’t enough, he added, “Their time must add up to a thousand!”



Hearing the huge number of one thousand, the scarred man’s eyes lit up, and his eyes immediately whirled around Xia Yihui and Zhang Qingyu with ill intent.



Zhang Qingyu’s aura was too cold and intimidating, so the scarred man hesitated and turned his gaze to Xia Yihui.


Xia Yihui narrowed his eyes at him and smiled, a mad scientist’s sickly smile.



“……” The scarred man coughed twice, “I don’t know where my brother offended the two of you, if he has done something wrong, the two of you should point it out and we will definitely discipline him severely.”



Liu Zite said urgently, “Brother!”



The scarred man waved his hand, signaling him to be at ease.


Xia Yihui smiled and continued where he left off, “He’s quite good ah.”


The scarred man nodded and turned his words around, his eyes became stern, “Since he’s good, then why did you guys rob my brother’s time? I demand that you compensate back fivefold, his watch had 100 hours in it.”



The comments became faster all of a sudden.



Countless people abused the scarred man in front of them for being shameless. Of course, there were also a few people who advised Xia Yihui to eat this stifling loss and spend money to get rid of it.



Seeing that Xia Yihui didn’t speak, the scarred man’s eyes rolled and he pretended to be generous, “It’s okay if you don’t give 500 hours, leave a hand, and the brotherhood will let you through immediately.”



Xia Yihui shook his head and arched his eyebrows, “That won’t do, my hand is very important.”


“Then give 500, choose one of the two.” The scarred man stretched out his palm and made a five gesture.



Xia Yihui’s eyes held a smile, “I only have more than 360 hours, how about I give you all of them? But I have one condition, I’ll give you 200 first, you let these people spread out a path. After you’re done, the remaining 150 I’m going to give to your brother personally.”



The scarred man’s eyes were glowing when he heard so much time.


He carefully observed this corridor.



The road pattern was straight and without curves, neither Xia Yihui nor Zhang Qingyu were speed type skills, running down this corridor to avoid paying would definitely be impossible.



He finally agreed to Xia Yihui’s request and confidently gestured for everyone to disperse.



With the order, the crowd no longer surrounded the Xia Zhang duo, slowly making way behind them.


“Is this okay?” The scarred man’s eyes were dead set on Xia Yihui’s watch.



“It’s okay.” Xia Yihui smiled and stepped forward, handing over his watch with the scarred man, and in the blink of an eye, 200 hours were swiped.



He didn’t look the slightest bit distressed, only retreating a few steps and spreading his hand out in front of Liu Zite, “Bring the watch, I’ll give you the remaining 150.”



The live broadcast room blew up because of this sentence of his.



It wasn’t too much to say that 50000 people were commenting at the same time. It was hard to see clearly.


Some people felt sorry for Xia Yihui, some were disappointed, and others curse him for being a dog leg.

[TN: dog leg is a Chinese slang for “asskisser” “sycophant”.]


Cookie kkk:Fuck! That’s 200 hours! Close to 10 days, the anchor’s brain is stuck, I’m so pissed off ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!



Sheng Xia Wanqing: What the hell… I like the anchor because he always give people the feeling that even if the sky falls, he can still continue. The result is now… let’s not talk about it, goodbye, we’ll see if we have a chance.



Lucian: how to say …… I feel very complicated, this is the escape game? It’s horrible.



Cold skin skr: heartache for my anchor QAQ


Favorite Long Legs: I don’t believe it, Lord Wardma. You’re already on the top 7, so why are you afraid of these people? 55555


[TN: 5555 — both laughter and crying ]



Flower: or anchor, beg Big boss Zhang to save you, I feel that if you beg him I can still accept a little bit, with Liu Zite …… honestly it’s a little difficult ah ah ah.



Orange wine:… What are you doing? The anchor has been showing off various operations all the time, and it’s not the first time….. And besides, there’s also Boss Zhang guarding next to him, he can’t die_ (: 3 っ) へ



As they mentioned Zhang Qingyu, many people subconsciously looked over to him.




Zhang Qingyu was standing not far from Xia Yihui with his arms folded. Seeing his brows and eyes calm, the screen also subconsciously quieted down.



The crowd reacted to the fact that even Zhang Qingyu, who was a companion, wasn’t in a hurry, so what were they, the people outside the screen, in a hurry for.



After two days of watching the live broadcast, they more or less had a preliminary understanding of Xia Yihui.



Xia Yihui was a person who seemed to have a good temper, but once his interests were infringed upon, it was just like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves, not leaving the slightest bit of mercy.



Now this situation, seemed strange.



Liu Zite was of the same opinion.



He hesitantly looked at Xia Yihui, then looked at his brother’s encouraging eyes and the g.ang’s crowd.



With so many people watching, Xia Yihui wasn’t stupid enough to take away his time in public, right?



Seeing his brother holding the watch filled with huge amount of time with joy, the last trace of fear in Liu Zite’s heart disappeared.



He handed the watch to Xia Yihui and looked at the latter with his eyeballs bulging.


Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Xia Yihui.



The Tiger Tooth crowd wanted to see Xia Yihui cross the time onto Liu Zite’s watch. The crowd in the live broadcast room was the opposite, they were afraid to see this scene.



Under the attention of the crowd, the two watches got closer and closer. The entire corridor had more than twenty people, but it was silent.


The watches connected, Liu Zite’s chest rose and fell noticeably, and he waited nervously for a few seconds for nothing to happen.


With a glance of his eyes seeing the extra 150 hours on top of his watch, Liu Zit was instantly overwhelmed with excitement and happily looked towards the g.ang’s crowd.



He was about to happily shout something when the next second he saw the extreme panic in the eyes of the crowd.



Liu Zite fiercely froze.



What was going on? What had happened? Why were these people looking at him like this?



Noticing the deflection of the crowd’s line of sight, Liu Zite’s scalp instantly tingled, which alerted him, however, it was too late at this point. With a sharp pain in his neck, he didn’t even let out a scream, he only felt a softness in his body and lost consciousness.



Before closing his eyes, Liu Zite’s last impression was of a scalpel with a cold glint, and a pair of cold eyes full of disgust.



Shocked voices came from all sides, Xia Yihui disgustedly rubbed his hand full of blood on Liu Zite’s corpse twice, “I gave all three hundred hours, and you guys didn’t say that you can’t kill and get it back after giving this 150.”



After a pause, Xia Yihui looked at the dumbfounded crowd with a smile and calmly said, “Why are you looking at me like this? When you come out to mix, you always have to pay back, I’m just making your retribution come faster, that’s always right, right?”



“You, you ……” Seeing his own brother’s tragic death, the scarred man was extremely angry, his trembling index finger pointed at Xia Yihui, then he angrily yelled at the bystanders, “What are you waiting for, go up and kill him ah! ”



At the same time, the electronic voice sounded.



[A total of 1 player has been killed, gaining 300 experience.]



[You have been upgraded and are currently ranked S6 (0/600).]



[The player level and number of uses required to evolve your skill Detection lv1 has been reached. Evolution is about to enhance abilities and add new traits.]]



[Your skill will not be available for use in this copy unless evolved.]



[Please ask if you will pay 100 currency to choose evolution?]


Xia Yihui stumbled on his way backward furiously and almost fell.



He didn’t have any currency left, so what was the point of evolving?



But if he didn’t evolve, inside this copy, his two skills were basically ruined.


It really was true that when people were down, even the heavens had to come together to work against them. If he hadn’t evolved earlier, he would have evolved later, but this was the wrong time.



Now was not the time to consider this.



Xia Yihui retreated furiously, not forgetting to yell and remind Zhang Qingyu, “Run!”



Zhang Qingyu’s movements weren’t slow at all, closely following Xia Yihui, controlling many tables and chairs to frantically smash backwards.



Being able to gain Xin Zhu’s favor, the skills of the Tiger Tooth crowd were not destined to be weak.



Among them, the Scarred Man’s skill was Melting Lv2. The obstacles that Zhang Qingyu threw over were all melted away by him, and the speed of the crowd’s pursuit didn’t slow down at all.



Not only that, the group also cooperated seamlessly.



The scarred man melted the aluminum podium that Zhang Qingyu had thrown over, and those with wind skills in the team summoned the gale, and the sizzling mass of melted body in the air was blown by the gale, and it immediately glued itself over to Xia Yihui’s back.




The hot temperature seemed to burn through the skin on his back.



Xia Yihui only had the time to look back with his head tilted, and a large mass of hot liquid came up.



If this hit him, his handsome face would be ruined.





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