C24 —- Campus Gladiators (XXII)

Two o’clock in the afternoon.


Tiger’s Teeth comprehensively cleared out Teaching Building #1, and idle players were either expelled or wiped out.



Even with such a thunderous attitude, there were still quite a few players who risked a great deal and refused to give up this piece of the pie.



Science student Li Xiaomeng was one of them.



Since entering the replica, she had been clinging to her liberal arts student best friend, they supported each other in the replica and escaped with great difficulty. Perhaps because the duo’s identity contained both art and science, very few people came to make things difficult for them.


But just last night, after Li Bai’s conversation with Xia Yihui became public, the situation inside the copy changed completely.



Arts and Science was no longer the dividing line of slaughter, and the ‘beasts’ no longer had the thin film of disciplines to hold them back.


In less than two hours, her best friend was murdered. She fought for her life to escape.


“Xia Yihui, damn Xia Yihui!” Li Xiaomeng was on the verge of crying with anger. If it wasn’t Xia Yihui, her BFF definitely wouldn’t have died so tragically.



After walking along the long corridor for a while, the surroundings were silent.



The copy was so big, but she suddenly developed a pallor of having nowhere to go.


How about just dying?



Dying inside the copy was just going to the real world anyway. Eating and drinking outside and watching live broadcasts was easier than being scared here, right?



Li Xiaomeng looked out the window.



This was the height of a seven-story building, jumping down would definitely kill her directly. Her body peeked out, her face looked hesitant.



Suddenly, a fuzzy voice came from the corner, frightening Li Xiaomeng so much that she almost lost tumbled down.



“You guys go over here and search. Remember, other than the people from Tiger’s Teeth, all the others, no matter male or female, clerical or scientific, all of them should be killed directly, don’t talk nonsense with them!”



Li Xiaomeng stomped her feet and secretly cursed, still unable to make up her mind to die. Taking advantage of the fact that the group of people hadn’t come yet, she immediately turned around and ran back.



How could she know that the bustling sounds of people were also coming from the direction she went back.



The 1st school building was now full of Tiger’s Teeth’s people, there was no way to run.



Hearing the sounds from both sides getting closer, Li Xiaomeng’s eyes showed a hint of despair.



Crouching in the corner, she covered her mouth, still she couldn’t help but let out a small sob, “Mom, I’m so scared, who’s going to save me ……”



“There is a sound in front, quick!” The voices of the Tiger’s Teeth crowd suddenly amplified, and in their voices was an extreme excitement that could not be concealed.



Li Xiaomeng’s body was aching with fear. Just when she thought she would die, there was an empty space behind her, and her entire body was planted backward.



Before the cry of alarm came out of her mouth, a warm hand covered her mouth and nose. A soft ‘shhh’ sound came from her ear.



She nodded desperately, almost crying tears of joy, knowing that she was being saved.



The small square iron door in front of her closed.



“Huh? I clearly just heard someone?”



“You misheard, right?”



Puzzled, the crowd circled around a few times before finally shaking their heads and leaving the place.



Hearing the footsteps fading away, Li Xiaomeng let out a sigh of relief. Immediately followed by curiosity.



She had just been wandering outside and saw this small iron box embedded in the wall. It looked like it was welded to the ground and couldn’t be opened at all. She didn’t know how the young man behind her opened it.



The two came out of the box together. Only then did Li Xiaomeng see clearly what the rescuer looked like.


Three words to describe: really good looking!



His short black hair was clean and sharp, the tail of his eyes was long and thin, his nose was high and straight, and his skin was fair. He almost seemed like the sun, wantonly capturing the hearts of the people.



Li Xiaomeng was in her twenties, it was the age of the budding heart, for a moment, she actually looked at the youth’s face, lost in thought.


“Classmate? I asked you, why don’t you say anything?” Xia Yihui reached out in front of Li Xiaomeng’s eyes and waved twice, he wasn’t sure if he saved a fool. The little girl didn’t say a word, and just kept giggling with a red face while looking at him.



It seemed that the game was still too cruel, it even included silly people. Xia Yihui sympathized slightly with Li Xiaomeng and had already labeled her as a silly girl in his heart.



“Ah!” Li Xiaomeng came back to her senses, feeling very humiliated, patted her heated cheeks and said awkwardly, “I didn’t hear you, can you say it again?”



Xia Yihui patiently repeated, “I just said, do you know the road in this area? I’ve been wandering around here for almost six hours or so, and I couldn’t even find the principal’s office.”



Mentioning this, he was also a bit helpless.


This No. 1 teaching building was really evil.



The entire teaching building was nine stories high, and there actually wasn’t a single classroom. Instead of being a teaching building, it was more like an office for the faculty and staff.



In these six hours he had dodged the crowd all the way, gone from the first floor to the seventh floor, and had seen all the places.



Either it was the finance department or the printing room, all of them were offices, not to mention the principal’s office, not even a vice principal’s office.



“What are you doing in the principal’s office? Now that place has definitely been controlled by Tiger’s Teeth, you going over there is just sending yourself to death.” Li Xiaomeng thought for a moment and added, “I’ve been in the No. 1 Teaching Building since the start of the game, I’ve mapped out this area, there’s definitely no principal’s office.”



“Impossible.” Xia Yihui cut her off.



There was a bulletin board map between the buildings, and it was when he saw that the No. 1 Teaching Building had labeled the place ‘Principal’s Office’ that he came over. Unless a player had intentionally changed the map.



Seeing this reaction from Xia Yihui, Li Xiaomeng followed suit and became anxious. She squinted and thought for a while, then suddenly hit her palms together and said happily, “I remembered!”



“There’s a place on the ninth floor that was still just an ordinary office look-alike when it was in the second and third modes, and there was no labeling on the door. It was suddenly transformed into a luxurious room during the fourth mode, and the sound of music could be heard coming from inside from far away, why don’t you go there and take a look, you might be able to find something different.”



Xia Yihui memorized the direction Li Xiaomeng pointed out and prepared to go to this place to see the situation.



“Wait!” Just as he was about to leave, the young girl’s voice came from behind.



Xia Yihui turned back in confusion, “Something else?”



“Can you take me along?” Li Xiaomeng was afraid that Xia Yihui would misunderstand that she wanted to hug his thigh and hurriedly clarified, “Don’t misunderstand. My skills are attacking skills, so I might be able to help you.”



In Li Xiaomeng’s conception, this person had just saved her, and now that this person was going to a dangerous place, of course she was obliged to help.



Seeing Li Xiaomeng’s sad expression, Xia Yihui laughed and patted her head in passing, “No need, be careful.”



Li Xiaomeng touched her patted head, mesmerized by Xia Yihui’s smile and unable to find her way back. When she came back to her senses, Xia Yihui had already disappeared. She sighed, after 16 years of being single, it wasn’t easy to meet such a big handsome guy in the game, yet she actually watched the other party go to his death.



Taking out the milk to take a sip, Li Xiaomeng casually glanced at the number of people in her live broadcast room, there were less than 50, the comment sent by her best friend drifted past alone.



Li Xiaomeng paused for a moment, a mouthful of milk directly sprayed out, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck …… just now that handsome man was Xia Yihui?!”



Then when she scolded Xia Yihui in the corridor just now, the rightful owner was hiding in that place and listening? He also saved her by the way?



Thinking of Xia Yihui’s serious admonition, Li Xiaomeng couldn’t help but redden and muttered in a small voice: “Aiya, he’s not that bad, actually he’s quite good ……”



Not caring about the episode just now, Xia Yihui directly rushed towards the ninth floor.



While rushing, he organized his current situation.



When the fourth mode had just started, he had a total of 339 hours. Of those, 200 were swallowed by the Tiger Teeth, and another 12 hours were consumed, leaving 127 hours currently remaining.



He still had 2 bottles of medicine, 14 bottles of milk, and 27 pieces of bread.



His stamina value was now only 40 after all the running around just now, and without knowing what was causing it, it was dropping at a rapid rate.



Xia Yihui hid in the shadows. The list now showed that his coordinates were the teaching room of the No. 1 teaching building. To be honest, this place wasn’t even findable by himself, let alone others using the list to find him.


He took out 4 pieces of bread, 2 bottles of milk, and pulled his stamina back above 90.



While eating, Xia Yihui glanced at the live broadcast. The number of people increased and decreased, and for now, it was still maintaining the fixed value of 50,000 people. He was about to move his eyes away when his eyes stopped on a certain comment.


Qing Yi: Report! I’ve found the live room of big god Zhang, he’s safe now! (≧▽≦)/



Xia Yihui breathed a sigh of relief. He almost fell into danger because he saved him, if anything happened, he really had a bad conscience.



Cold skin skr: Big brother do you want to talk to the big god, we can help you with long-distance conversation oh~*^O^*


Xia Yihui thought back to the scene he saw at the moment he fell, after a pause, he shook his head with a somewhat ugly expression and said vaguely, “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”



This place wasn’t far from the office where Li Xiaomeng pointed out that there was an abnormality, and the crowd in the live broadcast only thought that Xia Yihui wanted to survey the area before joining up with Zhang Qingyu, so they laughed it off with a cheeky grin and turned to chatting about other topics.



Xia Yihui didn’t have the time to participate in the discussion about ‘the real world order is gradually stabilizing’ in the live broadcast room.



There were many people from Tiger Teeth around him, and he couldn’t be distracted.



At 11:00 PM, in time for the list change, Xia Yihui finally found the ‘luxurious office’ that Li Xiaomeng had mentioned.



If he had any obvious thought of the place along the way, without thinking, it was definitely the one in front of him.



Just like what Li Xiaomeng had said, this ‘luxury office’ was playing unknown Italian folk tunes non-stop for a moment, as if it was intentionally luring people over, so it was hard not to notice.



“Strange, with the music turned up so loud, won’t the people from Tiger Teeth come over to take a look? Or have they already surveyed this place?”



Xia Yihui cautiously approached, the scalpel at his fingertips hovered, flashing with a cold silver light.



The door seemed to be unlocked, and with a twist of the handle it was pushed open.



Accompanied by a ‘creak-‘ sound, Xia Yihui’s heart stuttered, the sound seemed too eerie in the empty corridor.



He took a deep breath and walked into the room.



The first thing he saw was a huge desk, there was an office chair against the edge of the table, a person seemed to be sitting on it. The man’s back couldn’t be seen, only his legs wrapped in suit pants.



Seemingly hearing the noise behind him, the person in the office chair reached out and gently lifted the scratching needle of the old phonograph beside him, and the Italian folk tune came to an abrupt end.



As the office chair turned slightly, the man followed, revealing his full face.



A young man with shoulder-length white hair, white eyelashes and eyebrows, and two small tiger teeth when he smiled, he looked very docile and not aggressive.



Xiao Yihui was familiar with this albino like appearance, after all, he raised the child by himself and saw him for ten years.



After a two-second pause, Xia Yihui was shocked, “Number 1?!”





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