C1.31 —- Crime Record

It was discovered.



The truth that had been hidden was about to be revealed.



Fear made this tall man grip the fire axe in his hand, and his pupils trembled as he saw everything behind him in the reflection of the mirror fragments on the floor.



Standing outside the half-covered door of the room, the curly haired youth looked cold, his beautiful eyes in the reflection of the mirror seemed to take on the light of cold disgust.



Just now his hideous and bloody side was seen by the youth, his unpleasant and disgusting side could no longer be hidden.


No one would like to fall in love with such a monster, especially a monster like him who was ugly to the core both in appearance and in heart.


“……” Crimson blood slid down the axe handle, the man’s pale palms slightly trembling revealed the chaotic fear he was feeling at this time, he didn’t dare to turn back, afraid to see the youth with eyes filled with loathing.


He could only maintain his original posture, he stood frozen in place, as if in the next second, everything would collapse.


“…… Follow me.”



Seeing the disciplinary target with this appearance of being scared to the point of being pale, Jiu Shu’s originally cold tone couldn’t help but ease up a bit.



He was only a little annoyed by the scene of the two personalities killing each other just now, in fact, it wasn’t that serious to say that he was angry.



It was more like helplessness and boredom.



Turning around to leave the dimly lit doll store, Jiu Shu rubbed his throbbing brow.



Judging from the scene just now, the object of discipline’s disgust and rejection of self had reached a level he couldn’t imagine.



Jiu Shu had tried to ease their relationship with each other before, but now it seemed to be useless.



This gave Jiu Shu a rare headache.


Walking outside the store, he looked at the neighborhood.



This was a remote corner of the mall, and he had only found this long closed doll store by following the road map on his computer.



If it wasn’t for the locator device that had been placed on the subject of his punishment in order to prevent him from getting into trouble, Jiu Shu really wouldn’t have been able to find such a remote place.



“You Xin, let’s have a good talk.”



Turning around, Jiu Shu looked at the subject of discipline who was walking out of the doll store with his head down, his tone as soft as possible.



“If you keep killing each other like this, we’ll break up.”



Jiu Shu said calmly, his tone was very soft, gently leaning against the wall posture but with a bit of carelessness.



He no longer looked at You Xin, his black hair spread out and stuck to the sides of his ears, showing his snow white neck and collarbone.



Even his slightly lazy posture made people unable to move their eyes from him.



Only the cold to the bone expression on that flawless face made it seem as if one could feel a piercing chill.



You Xin stared blankly at the lover in front of him, his gaze fixed on his cold expression.



This was the first time he had seen this expression in reality, and it was even more detached and cold than the one in the magazine.




Or maybe this was his original appearance, a proud son of heaven who was fervently pursued by the world could never have too gentle a posture towards a monster.



Before was just a little favoritism, now it had also been worn out.



You Xin stood indifferently in front of Jiu Shu, his expression wooden to the point of near numbness, his pale lips trembled as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t make a sound.



For the first time, he realized that the original despair to the extreme was followed by a nearly numb sense of emptiness, as if his heart had been gouged out in a bloody piece.



“Alright, let’s go.”



Jiu Shu picked up the laptop on the side and didn’t wait for You Xin to say anything before continuing in the previously planned direction.



It was as if he already didn’t care about the lover named You Xin behind him.



Behind him, the man whose figure was so tall that it was like a monster had his eyes widened hollowly, looking at the hand he wasn’t holding, and only after a long time, with some bemusement and bewilderment, did he follow Jiu Shu’s footsteps.



“You said before that you know the exit right, please lead the way ahead.”



Jiu Shu’s tone was still gentle, but it was as if he was treating a stranger as politely as if he was treating a stranger, and there was no longer the mesmerizing intimacy in his previous tone.



That ambiguity and affection that belonged solely between lovers disappeared.



Upon hearing these words, as if he had also realized these subtle changes, You Xin lowered his head somewhat blankly, gave a hmmm, and silently led Jiu Shu in the direction of the exit.



The pace was an almost clumsy stagger.



The two just walked down the deserted hallway, neither one speaking.



Jiu Shu looked down at his cell phone, seemingly checking something.



Meanwhile, You Xin hung his head low, peeking at his lover at his side without a trace, his eyes dimming at the sight of Jiu Shu’s still cold demeanor.



He lowered his eyes, his dark pupils devoid of any emotion, leaving only the emptiness of despair.



The time had finally come for this dream to end.






The quiet corridor suddenly had the sound of tiny footsteps, as light as a child’s.



Jiu Shu raised his head and looked in the direction from which the footsteps came, and saw a little boy puppet lying on the floor.



It looked very similar to the ones in the toy store just now.



Those dolls that all had weird stiff smiles.


Jiu Shu walked near the puppet and stopped, observing something wordlessly.



There was a sudden sound of breaking glass behind him, and he paused, turning his head as a pale face in extremely close proximity came into view.



The tall man with a goofy grin and a shard of glass from nowhere at his feet was clearly the sub-persona You Xin.




He couldn’t believe he’d learned to use dolls to make a sound bite.




Jiu Shu was silent for a moment, taking a deep breath to regain his composure.



“You Xin, right, just in time.”




You Xin, who had only just switched bodies, looked at Jiu Shu, whose demeanor was unusually cold, and somehow felt some sense of panic.



He opened his mouth in bewilderment, wanting to ask Jiu Shu who he was angry with, and in the next second he heard Jiu Shu say, “Now we’re broken up.”






Caught off guard, You Xin’s eyes widened then reddened, he was at a loss for words.



“What …… Jiu Shu, you’re, scaring me.”



You Xin’s voice trembled as he stared blankly at the love of his life in front of him, bean-sized tears slipping subconsciously from his eyes, filled with unbelieving despair.



He didn’t know exactly what had happened.



Obviously, he had finally snatched back his lover and drove that damned You Xin back to the mirror world, but before he had the chance to embrace and celebrate with his lost and found lover, he was first told to break up by his beloved sweetheart.



You Xin’s brain was so dizzy that he even began to wonder if he was having a nightmare that was horrible to the core.



Yet the reality was even more cruel than the dream.



Jiu Shu retracted his gaze on You Xin and spoke in a flat tone, “I already told You Xin just now that if you kill each other again, we’ll break up.”



“Looks like this is the answer you guys gave me.”



After saying that, Jiu Shu turned around and left.



In fact, he could get out even without the object of discipline guiding him to the exit, it would just be more troublesome.



Now he was really a bit angry.



Even if they were jealous, they shouldn’t kill each other.



It could only be said that the disciplinary object’s concept of love was too childish.



Jiu Shu flipped through the messages on his cell phone, ignoring the You Xin standing dumbfounded behind him, and walked all the way to the fifth floor of the building where the connecting corridor was located.

But unexpectedly, the place had been blocked off.



The black-clothed men wearing rabbit masks were dressed in black suits, indifferently looking at the survivors outside the connecting corridor through a blocking door, while the survivors all backed away unhappily, not daring to stare at these black-clothed men with gu.ns in their hands.



They were trapped in this building, with the only exit right in front of them, but they could only watch their hopes dashed.



This was not a pleasant feeling, and many let out low cries of despair and helplessness.

Jiu Shu observed for a moment before looking at the sky outside the glass wall again.



It seemed to have started when the objects of punishment kept killing each other, the sky became redder and redder, and the smell of blood in the air became more intense.



Looking closely, it was as if one could still see some fine lines resembling mirror cracks above the sky.



It seemed that this sacrificial space had indeed been affected by the mental state of the subject of the punishment.


“…… Jiu, Jiu.”



Just as Jiu Shu was lost in thought, the man’s low, lost voice came from his ears, careful and incredibly fragile, as if he would completely collapse emotionally in the next moment.



He was at a loss for words as he looked at his lover who revealed an unprecedentedly cold expression, only feeling that his heart was being churned to the point of pain, to the point where he couldn’t breathe, and could only let out a low wailing sound, begging for his lover’s last mercy.





Jiu Shu’s eyelashes trembled but when he raised his eyes, his gaze was clear and cold.



Upon meeting Jiu Shu’s gaze, You Xin was mute for a moment.



He avoided Jiu Shu’s gaze rather woefully, as if by not looking at his beloved, he wouldn’t realize the loathing and indifference that his beloved was feeling towards him at this moment.



No one could understand the despair and helplessness of You Xin after the words “break up” were spoken by Jiu Shu, and the pain of losing what you had gained was even more bitter than that of never having gained it.



The feeling of watching the happiness that was so close to his fingertips slip through his fingers made his fragile spirit reach the brink of collapse.



Every day since the relationship with Jiu Shu was established, he was afraid of loss, afraid that his beloved would someday gently end the relationship, which was like the only beam of light in the darkness for him.


Then he would return to the glittering upper class and never again pay attention to him, the ugly, worthless guy, after all, the gap between them was huge.



He thought he had long been mentally prepared, but when the moment really came, You Xin understood that he simply couldn’t bear it, every nerve in his brain was taut on the verge of snapping, and all of them were sending out fragile begging, begging for his lover to come back to him.



He knew that he had made his sweetheart angry, but after plunging into the chaos of his thoughts, he simply didn’t know how to make up for it, he could only walk behind him like a driven stray dog, timid and hopeful.



And watching all of this, Jiu Shu remained unmoved.



Some nearby survivors noticed the strange atmosphere between Jiu Shu and You Xin, mistakenly thinking that You Xin was forcing the youth whose amazing beauty could be seen even with a mask.



“What are you doi……” Before he could finish his words, the survivor was fixed in place by You Xin’s glance.

The tall man with a deep scar on his face was obviously filled with a pitiful look of disorientation just a moment ago, but his dark pupils were filled with twisted loathing and chilling resentment after seeing the survivor’s attempts to get closer to his lover.



It was as if he was resisting anyone who tried to disturb them.



The survivor’s body stiffened in an instant, as if even his soul had been frozen, and he fought against his own body, not daring to make a single sound, his face even whiter and bloodless.



The feeling of being gazed at by those dark and horrible pupils was enough to make him remember it for the rest of his life.



Seeing that survivor’s appearance of being scared out of his wits, Jiu Shu glanced at You Xin, vaguely helpless.



However, he didn’t say anything and found a place to sit down and rest his eyes.



Previously, in addition to spreading information about help, he also spread all kinds of hidden information about the Ten Elders Club.



It was important to know that it wasn’t only this sect that believed in Kasmos in this world, there were also many strange and weird sects and organizations.



To the Ten Elders Club, all of these organizations were heretics, and at one point, they were driven to extinction.



This also made the people of other sects hate the Ten Elders Club, and once there was something that could strike the Ten Elders Club they would not hesitate to get involved.



It was only that their power was not strong, and they could only serve as a short-lived nuisance, causing the Ten Elders Club a headache for a few moments.



However, for Jiu Shu, this moment was already enough.


Jiu Shu’s powerful soul granted him a keen sense of perception.


He could sense that this sacrificial space had now become extraordinarily unstable, and perhaps the next moment it would crumble and disintegrate, returning to the real world.



Of course, Jiu Shu guessed that this might be somewhat related to the self-sabotage of the objects of punishment.



Two consciousnesses that could both influence this space were fighting with each other, just like two vicious beasts fighting in a fragile glass bottle, the glass bottle naturally had a moment when it couldn’t withstand it.



The moment the bottle shattered, the Ten Elders Club would be entangled by the heretical sects, and they would be able to escape from here.



“Jiu, Jiu, we won’t kill each other anymore ……”



“Really never again.”



Jiu Shu opened his eyes and looked at the object of his discipline who had once again walked up to him, his eyes sweeping over his reddened eyes, his tone as calm as ever.



“Now then, go and retrieve You Xin back to his old self.”



You Xin moved at the words, lowering his head in silence for a long moment.



“Jiu, Jiu Shu, aren’t we good now? Shall we leave together?” Leave that extra baggage alone, just the two of them, him and his beloved.

They would live happily together for a long, long time.



With that said, You Xin lifted his head, revealing eyes full of hope and pleading, as if filled with bright visions of the future, tears slipping down along his reddened eyes.



A thin layer of red spread across his pale cheeks, and there was a sickly blush in his cautious smile.



No one would come to disturb their happiness in that bright future.



Apparently, You Xin was still holding on to unrealistic fantasies, immersed in an exclusive desire for his lover that he couldn’t extricate himself from, naively believing that apologizing to his lover would be enough.



Jiu Shu looked at You Xin, speechlessly holding his forehead.




The mental illness of the subject of the discipline was clearly so bad that even he felt a sense of powerless frustration.



And just as Jiu Shu and You Xin were in a stalemate, inside the underground altar located not far from the Metropolis.



The rabbit masked men that were originally surrounding the altar became a bit anxious, and the main priest was pacing back and forth angrily, “Damn it! Those damn heretics!”



“How dare they engage in heretical rituals near the place of sacrifice!”



He didn’t know if it was because of the crazy actions of those heretics, but the sacrificial space they had just constructed was already starting to have problems.



The High Priest looked anxiously at the slightest crack on the mirror of the holy artifact on the altar, hating them so much that his eyeballs protruded out and were streaked with blood.



He could originally still hear the voice from god’s resentment, but shortly afterward, that voice was suddenly interrupted, and replaced by an increasingly uncontrollable sacrificial space.



As if it couldn’t carry some kind of chaotic power, the sacrificial space began to crack and was on the verge of shattering.



It was predicted that the space would completely shatter in half an hour, but the sacrifice was not yet complete.



This was an unprecedented blunder since the club’s inception, and such a blunder would result in them not being able to receive enough energy from the god to make people live forever.



Especially for the main priest, his destiny was nearing its end, and this sacrifice was specially arranged by the headquarters to extend his own lifespan.



If the sacrifice was unsuccessful, then he would most likely not be able to wait for the next time.



The main priest couldn’t understand why this sacrifice was so chaotic and unorganized, and he kicked the few club members standing next to him down in impotent fury, his tone high-pitched.



“god! It must be god punishing us for not being pious enough! Those damn sacrifices haven’t died out by now!”



“It’s all because of you useless losers!”



The anger of the High Priest silenced the others, and it was only after a long time that the pale and gloomy voice of the High Priest could be heard, “Use more power! Make sure to do it before the end of the sacrifice time! Finish this sacrifice-”


As the high priest hissed, the smell of blood on the altar intensified, more holy vessels were brought up, and in the eerie beams of light that gradually brightened up, it was as if there was a rustling sound coming from the ground.



It was the sound of god’s breathing.






Sitting on the floor, Jiu Shu once again heard the sound of glass shattering, and he laid his eyes on You Xin, who had been sitting crouched in front of him, not noticing anything out of the ordinary.



It was only when he raised his head that he saw it was a huge gap in the blood red sky outside the building.



It was like a giant eye opening up from the scarlet sky, which was filled with senseless, chaotic and unorganized spatial turbulence.






After another crunching sound, Jiu Shu’s eyes widened slightly, and saw that the nearby survivors, including the rabbit masked men on the opposite side of the connecting corridor, were all filled with bewilderment as they lowered their heads and looked at the cracks on their own bodies.



Those cracks that originally only appeared on the punishment targets actually appeared on ordinary people.



[You see, as I said, there’s nothing you can do about it.]



[Heh heh heh!]



The system’s gloating voice suddenly rang out, and Jiu Shu calmly lowered his head, and sure enough, he saw that cracks had also appeared on his own body.


[Is that so? It’s good that you’re happy.] Jiu Shu was not the slightest bit flustered.



That calm and relaxed appearance exasperated the system that originally wanted to see a joke.



[You! What else do you have to rely on! The object of punishment? Ha ha ha!]



[You don’t really think that this disciplinary target can be compared to a god now, do you? He’s only human after all!]



[Even if he becomes a god, it’ll only be after you die!]



[You’re going to die this time! Your soul will belong to me by then!]



Jiu Shu looked blandly at the bewildered, unresponsive subject of discipline in front of him, acting flatly at the system’s taunts, rather than saying that he had been waiting for this moment for far too long.



He finally waited for this moment when the system had no qualms about tearing his face off and violating the soul contract, he gently smiled, somewhat excited.



[You don’t think that this is the only card I have, do you?]



He didn’t come to this world specifically to change the miserable fate of the disciplinary object, the real purpose was always the system.



[You!] The system’s suspicious voice rang out, as if it immediately remembered something, but it was too late, its data stream had already been invaded in its entirety, and the system panel was constantly flashing with red error words.






After the sound of glass shattering, the youth sitting in place shattered into pieces just like the other survivors trapped within this sacrificial space.



But compared to those screaming and crying survivors, the youth appeared much quieter.




The taller man’s pupils reflected the youth’s last appearance, black hair and snowy skin, raising his eyes to him as if he wanted to say something, and before he could utter a sound, he had already been reduced to broken glasses.



“…… Jiu Shu?”



The man froze and lowered his head, looking at the debris on the floor that felt no breath of life, his tone was light as if he was having a nightmare that he would never wake up from.




His pale and wide palms trembled as he touched the shards of glass on the floor, as if he couldn’t believe what was in front of him, couldn’t believe that his beloved lover had been reduced to pieces in front of him.



And all he could do was watch it all happen.



“…… I, I’ll really never make you angry again ……”



“Come back okay ……”



“I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……”



The man’s trembling voice echoed within the dead silent building for a long time without getting a response.



But he still kept calling out, as if he had lost his soul in a trance-like hollow, as if the face of his lover kept flashing back in front of him, until finally his voice went hoarse.



Until the blood-red sky turned back to normal, and the entire building was set on fire by the rabbit Masked men to prevent any survivors, the man still didn’t wake up from his trance.



He knelt in front of the glasses, piecing it together piece by piece on the floor, his pale fingers cut by the sharp shards of glass, revealing the grimy white bones underneath his thin skin.



Blood flowed on the floor, staining the shards red, but his movements were still not the slightest bit sluggish, instead there was a paranoid frenzy.



“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!!!”



He was muttering to himself, as if there were two consciousnesses with different personalities in his body, bickering and insulting each other, and finally coming back to the same despair.



As if waking up from the paranoid fantasies he had just had, and suddenly realizing the reality that his lover had disappeared, the man’s eyes became deathly silent and lightless, and even tears no longer flowed down after despairing to the extreme.



Only his voice as hoarse as rusty iron rubbing together were still emitting nervous murmurs.



“Not in the mirror either …… nowhere ……”



“It’s all …… my fault.”


“I’m at fault too ……”



Until finally the flames reached the fifth floor of the building, the man still clutched the shard in his hand, his eyes vacant as he let the flames surround him and burn him to ashes.



The little known amusement park in Metropolis was drowning in a sea of flames.



The fire was huge enough to be clearly visible from the other end of Metropolis, and countless reporters swarmed around the amusement park’s blocked off roads and began making emergency reports.



“Viewers please see behind me the amusement park where a fire broke out today, the entire commerce building is reported to be surrounded by flames, including other rides that have been set ablaze.”


“No survivors have been found yet ……”



A female host with a professional suit and dyed colored hair had a solemn face, and before she finished speaking, she heard a burst of screams and commotion from behind her.



The cameraman in front of him even froze, raising the camera lens up to the sky.



“What are you doing! Aim the camera at me!”



The female host was so angry that she stomped her feet, but the cameraman in front of her was unresponsive and instead began to murmur something.



The hostess curiously followed his gaze and heard him say, “Kasmos …… has descended.”



What Kasmos? What did it have to do with the God of Creation?




Raising her head, the hostess instantly fell into a stupor like the cameraman, her pupils reflecting what the sky looked like at that moment.


A deep crack stretched from the sky to the sea level, slowly widening.



When viewed from the ground, it was almost like an open eye.



At the same time, a wailing sound from nowhere came to the hostess’s ears, which could be heard even if she covered her ears, as if it came from the depths of her soul.



In the middle of the morning, she, who was still looking straight at the sky, slowly reached out her hand and touched the tear tracks at her cheeks.



For some reason, she had an incomparably painful feeling, wanting to cry and scream.



It was as if someone was wailing in agony, having lost something incomparably precious.



On the altar.



The High Priest also looked at the sky outside the glass window above his head in shock, and only after a long time did he reveal a look of ecstasy.



“god! It’s god! god is really watching over us!”



The believers all looked at the sky above their heads and were so excited that they burst into tears.



However, god’s gaze didn’t seem to come from an appreciation of them, as the high priest suddenly felt a sense of unprecedented weakness, and he lowered his head in confusion, seeing his wrinkled arms, he let out a scream, “Ahhhhhh!”



“What …… is going on here!!!”



All of the power that god had bestowed was withdrawn, and the High Priest returned to what he was supposed to look like, a dying old man, as he screamed.




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