C1.30—- Crime Record


The outer glass walls of the mall were still shattering.


With the influx of elongated humanoids, the first two floors of the mall had almost entirely become a sea of blood.



The twisted humanoid flesh monsters were able to move even after being reduced to puddles of semi-solid plasma, and all seemed to be intentionally moving in a certain direction.



The survivors were scared out of their wits by this horrifying and bizarre scene, and desperately ran towards the third floor and even higher floors.



The elevators in the mall had been rendered useless because of the power outage, so they could only struggle upward by squeezing themselves onto the steps.



From time to time, some people fell down the stairs in the center of the mall and fell into the sea of slender human figures, and then they were covered by countless thin and twisted blood-red limbs, emitting miserable screams.



Most of the survivors were scared by these miserable sounding screams, they didn’t dare to look down, even when they reached the third floor they didn’t dare stop, the adrenaline didn’t let them feel the slightest bit of fatigue.



And on third floor, Jiu Shu carefully observed the sudden intrusion of these slender humanoids.



He found that those who fell into it didn’t die, but as if drowning in general, they let out breathless screams, but in fact, they were unharmed.



Those horrible elongated humanoids didn’t seem to care about these humans, they just kept climbing upwards, in order to increase their speed they didn’t hesitate to trample on each other, and also trampled on those humans who fell into their midst.



They just kept climbing upwards, trampling each other in order to speed up, as well as trampling those humans who fell into their midst. That kind of incomparable persistence was as if there was something extremely attractive upstairs.



As for those who only knew how to scream, they were completely ignored, there wasn’t the slightest intention to hurt them.



Harmless to the point that it was completely different from the sense of danger brought about by their ferocious appearance.



If it was true that these elongated humanoids were manipulated by You Xin, as You Xin had just said, then they were indeed behaving as if they were coming upstairs to find him.



With this in mind, he crouched down and approached one of the elongated humanoids that was about to climb up, tentatively extending his hand in preparation for pulling it up.



If it was really You Xin, then it shouldn’t have a malicious demeanor towards him.



With his slender, snow-white palm poking through the gap under the glass railing, Jiu Shu calmly touched the slender humanoid that had already climbed up to the side of the railing.



This slender human figure with slender and twisted limbs that was covered in blood, with tumors resembling human limbs. With the climbing action, it expanded and beat like blood vessels, and flowed with semi solid liquid that was like blood, which made up its body.

To a normal person, this was a completely disgusting alien monster.

It pressed its slimy and horrible limbs against the third floor railing, leaving trails of blood on the glass guardrail, and its head without five senses paused, as if it saw the hand that was reaching out to it.



The soft, warm palm that belonged to his lover.



“You Xin? Is that you?”



The young singer’s voice, as clean and clear as a mountain spring, came in a tone as gentle as ever, as if what was in front of him was not the disgusting monster in You Xin’s mouth, but his lover.



Through the glass parapet, Jiu Shu’s eyes were clearly visible, and the ugly and repulsive face of the slender humanoid was reflected in his beautiful dark pupils.



A genuine, disgusting monster.




The elongated humanoid seemed to pause for a few seconds, after which it ignored Jiu Shu, who was full of concern, and lowered its head again, emitting the same rustling sound as always.



It didn’t seem to understand Jiu Shu’s words at all, and simply continued to climb upwards, ignoring Jiu Shu like any other human.



It also denied the fact that it was You Xin.



As if that would remove the title of monster from its body.



Not daring to look back, it circled around Jiu Shu’s outstretched palm before crawling towards the other side of the railing, its movements somewhat stiff in a different way than before.



Still, it did its best to remain camouflaged.


At Jiu Shu’s searching gaze, it made its way toward the taller man beside Jiu Shu.



The slender octopus-like limbs twisted as if filled with unspeakable anger, and its steps were slow and heavy.



The tall man had been standing not far away from Jiu Shu, in a place where Jiu Shu couldn’t see, he looked at the slender humanoid with a bit of ridicule and disgust.



Being different consciousnesses in the same body, each other could have some idea of what each was thinking, and of course, You Xin knew why You Xin had refused Jiu Shu’s help.




You Xin wanted to deny that he was a monster, but he was clearly a monster.



Off to the side, the ignored Jiu Shu watched the slender humanoid gradually approaching in You Xin’s direction, and couldn’t help but retract his hand thoughtfully, his brow furrowing slightly.



His guess seemed to be wrong, this elongated humanoid didn’t seem to be rushing towards him, but rather towards You Xin.






Just in the gap between Jiu Shu’s thoughts, You Xin picked up the fire axe beside him.



With his short black hair concealing the hideous scars on his face and the chillingly pure murderous intent in his pitch-black pupils, he cut the slender humanoid that was approaching him in half in one go.



Just like what You Xin had done to him before, You Xin struck cleanly and cleaved the ugly flesh and blood monster back to its original plasma form, even the limbs that had subconsciously tried to get closer to Jiu Shu were sliced to pieces.

An extra puddle of scarlet liquid appeared on the ground.



The semi-solid liquid splattered from the slender humanoid stained You Xin’s clothes and hair, but he didn’t seem to care, instead, he tilted his head and looked at the bloody color on the ground, somewhat enjoying himself, revealing a smile like a child whose wish had been fulfilled.


The pale skin outside his clothes was dyed red, and the white shirt on his body was drenched in blood, and with his tall to ghastly physique, he looked like a homicidal maniac in the eyes of the common man, and even the morbidly eerie smile on his face was just like the same.



This scene scared the several survivors who originally panicked and wanted to run to the third floor, and when they saw it from afar, they directly ran away with a crawl.



You Xin coldly glanced at them and did not show any expression, but only withdrew the axe in his hand and turned his head to look at his beloved who was thinking on the side.



“Jiu Shu!”



His pitch-black pupils became bright, as if he wanted to let Jiu Shu see the scene where he killed the monster, wanting to gain his beloved’s appreciation.



However, Jiu Shu didn’t reveal a rewarding smile as he thought, but remained frowning, looking at the traces left by the slender humanoid on the ground and pondering something.



Perhaps it was because the uneasiness and guilt that had been accumulating in the bottom of his heart just now had yet to dissipate, and as You Xin looked at Jiu Shu’s slightly drooping face, he actually felt that the almost cold look was as if he had already grown tired of the romance.




Tired of him, the ugly man who always lied to his lover.



The original smile on You Xin’s face froze, the fingers holding the fire axe tightened slightly, vaguely trembling a little, the feeling of the loss of the love of his life made his already fragile state of mind almost crumble.



Jiu Shu, who was lost in thought, didn’t notice You Xin’s abnormality.

He looked at the elongated humanoids inside the mall that were still crawling here, and calmly said, “Let’s go, I remember that there’s a connecting corridor inside this mall that leads to other areas, let’s go there.”



If these elongated humanoids were really coming towards You Xin, then there was a high possibility that the Ten Elders Club had done the deed.



He had previously learned from the movie that the Ten Elders Club still had quite a few undercurrents, and there were many so-called holy artifacts obtained from who-knows-where that were truly supernatural powers that one would never expect.



Like the mirror that allowed You Xin to enter the Mirror World, it wasn’t impossible for them to use other holy weapons to order these slender humanoids to surround the object of discipline.



Presumably, the identity of the punishment object, a former sacrifice, had been discovered by the Ten Elders Club.



Like in the original, they now wanted to directly sacrifice the Discipline Object, making this Discipline Object, which very much met the requirements of the god’s current body, a true sacrifice to the god.



This was the current speculation that seemed to fit the situation quite well in Jiu Shu’s opinion.



However, due to the fact that he hadn’t learned enough information right now, he couldn’t completely confirm it.



The only thing he could be sure of was that they needed to leave this amusement park as soon as possible.



Those elongated humanoids were getting more and more numerous, and although the force value of the disciplinary target was high, they couldn’t hold up against the sea of those creatures, and they had to get out of here as fast as possible.



“…… Okay.”


The voice of You Xin followed behind him was a bit low, drawing a surprised glance from Jiu Shu.



Though he didn’t know why his mood had suddenly dropped, Jiu Shu took his hand reassuringly and led him in the direction of the mall’s interior.



The stairs next to them were now filled with people, so they had to take a detour to the connecting corridor located on the fifth floor.



Jiu Shu walked while analyzing the route he would take in a while, while You Xin, who was being held by his hand, was staring blankly at Jiu Shu’s white palm for a while before he somewhat coyly tightened his grip on his palm.



The eyes that had been obscure a moment ago also regained some of their luster.



Compared to his broad palm, Jiu Shu’s palm was soft and delicate, causing him to be fascinated and unwilling to let go.



However, after holding it for a while, You Xin realized that the blood-red sticky substance that had stained his palm when he had done away with the slender humanoid just now had all stained Jiu Shu’s hand with the movement of interlocking their palms.



You Xin: “!”



Immediately, he carefully used the only piece of his coat corner that wasn’t stained to gently wipe Jiu Shu’s palm, and looked at his red-stained hand with heartache.



The fact that his beloved’s hand had been soiled by him made the already guilt-ridden You Xin feel guilty and remorseful, and his movements became more and more careful.



The movements were so light that Jiu Shu didn’t even realize it in the slightest.



He was observing the surroundings, his voice calmly analyzing their current situation and the next plan to You Xin: “We’ll go to the steps in the left corridor first in a while, and then we’ll ……”


“But before that we have to find You Xin first, I remember that there are stores selling household goods in this mall, there should be mirrors inside, go and try to see if you can …… later”



Halfway through his words, Jiu Shu stopped in his tracks and watched in silence as You Xin carefully wiped the palm of his hand.


Just by looking at the confused look in You Xin’s eyes, he knew he wasn’t listening to him at all.


“…… “Jiu Shu held his forehead and admitted that he had committed an occupational disease, having carried many knives for the hero and heroine in those small worlds before, he couldn’t help but analyze the situation as soon as he encountered such a dangerous situation.



After all, if he didn’t analyze it clearly, the hero and heroine wouldn’t believe him at all.



And to You Xin, a person who trusted him wholeheartedly, too much explanation didn’t seem necessary.



“Forget it, just follow me.”



Jiu Shu simply stopped explaining and continued walking towards the interior of the mall, he was now going to look for a mirror.

Although those glass walls could be used as mirrors just now, he had taken a closer look, and You Xin wasn’t inside.



Jiu Shu didn’t want to think about the possibility that You Xin was really dead.



After all, it was the human incarnation of that so-called creator god, Kasmos, and Jiu Shu didn’t think that You Xin would die so easily in a fight between his own personalities.

Jiu Shu thought so, trying to calm the slight uneasiness in his heart.



With that, he made his way to the household goods store, where Jiu Shu looked at the household goods spread across an entire floor, glancing at the map of the area, and finally found the place where mirrors were sold.



“You Xin, can you sense where You Xin is?”



Hearing Jiu Shu’s inquiry, You Xin gave a slight start, his pale face seemed to have some shadows as he shook his head, “I can’t feel it.”



This was indeed the truth, when he was in the Mirror World, You Xin was also unable to feel his presence, which was why he was so easily cut by himself.



Thinking of how shocked and clueless You Xin looked at that time, he looked towards the mirrors of different sizes spread all over the store, where Jiu Shu hadn’t noticed, the corner of his mouth hooked up slightly, and a hint of pleasure even flashed through his pitch-black pupils.



He knew that You Xin wasn’t even in the mirror world, that he had become a monster.



It wouldn’t ever change back in the future.



You Xin lowered his head and quietly tightened his grip on Jiu Shu’s hand, a sweet and eerie smile at the corner of his mouth.



That monster wouldn’t bother them anymore.



When he left the amusement park with his beloved Jiu Shu, You Xin would stay here completely, never again able to snatch his lover from him.



Just as You Xin fantasized about a better future without You Xin, You Xin pondered how to find him.



He recalled that earlier, You Xin had said that there was no one else in the world on the other side of the mirror, yet he could see him and You Xin.



If You Xin wasn’t lying, then the two of them were the ones who could be seen even in the mirror world.



After a moment of contemplation, Jiu Shu decided to look through every mirror in the place.

If You Xin could see them from the mirror world, he would appear with them, and then he would be able to find him.



If that still didn’t work, they would have to wait until they left the amusement park to find a way to get to the Ten Elders Club.



As the ones who started it all, they must have a way to find You Xin.

After briefly explaining the plan to You Xin, Jiu Shu began to look through the mirrors in earnest, carefully searching through each one before moving on to the next.



Anyone would be jealous to see their beloved spend so much time and effort on another person, and You Xin was no exception.



Following beside Jiu Shu, You Xin was slightly stunned as he watched Jiu Shu’s concentration, his fingers trembled for a long time before he could barely maintain his apparent calmness.



A hint of scarlet flashed in his eyes, and his fists tucked away at his side were clenched tightly, the tips of his fingers sinking into his palms and oozing blood, as if the hatred and sorrow in his heart could not be dispelled.



That monster! It was all because of that damned monster! Otherwise Jiu Shu wouldn’t have even ignored him to find some hateful mirror!



You Xin gazed grimly at the various mirrors in the store, even if You Xin was really hiding in here, he wouldn’t allow that monster to come out again.



He cut him to pieces once, he could do it again!



You Xin gritted his teeth and lowered his head, his somber brow and a pale palm reaching out from behind him clearly visible in the mirror to the side.


Bang – As if in fear of drawing attention to himself, the tall man who was still standing in the same place disappeared after a sound of very little movement.



It wasn’t until Jiu Shu rubbed his brow wearily and turned his head to prepare to speak to You Xin about his next plan that he realized that You Xin had disappeared.



“……” Jiu Shu looked at the pile of debris left on the ground not far away and expressionlessly placed the mirror in his hand back into place.


He almost forgot, the incompatibility between these two typical love-brain personalities had reached a level that was unfathomable to normal people.



He suddenly felt that his action of looking for the mirror seriously just now was stupid, so stupid that he could hardly see straight.






In the dimly lit room, dolls with weird smiles were piled up all over the floor, and on the shelves next to them were many unpacked puppets, beautifully costumed and sculpted, but all with weird, stiff smiles.



As the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the center of the room made a crisp cracking sound, the dolls’ eyes seemed to move and turn in the direction of the mirror.



In the mirror, a man with a tall figure and silent face was slowly stepping out of the darkness of the mirror, as if he had gone through a fierce battle, his body was stained with scarlet blood, and he was also dragging a heavy fire axe in his hand.



Click, click, click – the sound of mirrors shattering one after another, the tall man stepped out of the soon-to-be shattered mirror, leaving behind him a man with the same appearance as him with a vicious look, his eyes filled with deep resentment.



[You Xin! Dammit dammit! Damn it!!!]



[I won’t let you go …… you damned monster!]



The man who kept letting out harsh words struggled to poke out his arm from the mirror, as if he wanted to escape from the cold and temperature-less world of mirrors.



The protruding arm was pale and covered in deeply visible bone wounds, but strangely, the white edged wounds did not exude any blood, and the bloodless skin surface was as terrifying as a corpse, becoming even more terrifying in the dark room.



The man who stepped out of the mirror calmly listened to the curses and abuse coming from the mirror, the bloodstains still remaining on his expressionless face.



His dark, sunken eyes watched as the arm that had poked out of the mirror slowly shattered into mirror shards as it touched the outside air, and the pale man within the mirror drowned into the darkness, letting out a sob of pain and resentment.



He looked down at the floor of shards for a long moment before moving his leg and kicking the shards back into the mirror with what seemed to be some disgust.


He wasn’t a monster, You Xin was.



With that thought, the man lifted his head, ready to leave the room in search of his lover.


Before he could turn around, a familiar voice came from behind him.



“…… You Xin.”


Jiu Shu’s voice was so cold that it was a far cry from before, so cold that it caused the man to violently stiffen, his pitch-black pupils almost shrinking to the size of a needle’s point.





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