C20 — Campus Gladiator Arena (XVIII)

Seeing this sentence, Xia Yihui only then drifted into a bit of competitive reality.


Previously, he had been lightly fighting monsters and upgrading, as Li Bai said, the escape game was considered a simulation by him.


Now it suddenly exerted such a huge pressure, his heart hung in the air, it felt like something was pressing on his head, almost forcing him to gasp for breath.


99% elimination rate, could he do it?



A ‘gurgling’ sound came from beside his ears, Xia Yihui froze and subconsciously turned his head to look.


Zhang Qingyu was biting the straw and gulped down the last bit of milk with a slurp.



He expressionlessly raised his hand, slapped the milk carton flat with one palm, kneaded it into a ball, and threw it into the classroom’s trash can in a parabola, “Let’s go.”


Xia Yihui froze watching this series of operations, before returning to his senses, “Go where?”



This time it was Zhang Qingyu’s turn to be confused, he thought Xia Yihui had forgotten his destination, so he kindly reminded, “You said you wanted to go to the principal’s office.”


Xia Yihui felt helpless. He had wanted to go there before for the simple reason of wanting to go and smack Liu Zite to death.


It just so happened that Zhang Qingyu was also going so he followed along.


But the situation was different now.


Xia Yihui responded, “Everyone heard Li Bai’s words, it must be very chaotic over there right now. If we go over there, we might become a target.”


Zhang Qingyu approached Xia Yihui and raised his hand.


With that action of slapping the flattened milk bottle just now, Xia Yihui thought that Zhang Qingyu was going to hit himself and subconsciously shrank back.


There was a ‘snap’ and a coldness on his face.


Zhang Qingyu’s big hand covered Xia Yihui’s face, his thumb pressed on the left side of his face, and the remaining four fingers pressed on the right side of his face, and with a pinch on both sides, the flesh on Xia Yihui’s face was squeezed out.



His eyes were fixed, revealing a wave of sincerity, and he calmly said, “Don’t be afraid, I can protect you.”


Xia Yihui’s face was pinched, so his speech was slurred at this time, “…… I understand, but why are you pinching my face?”



Zhang Qingyu let go, “I learned from you.”


Xia Yihui, “Huh?”


Realizing that he had missed the point, Zhang Qingyu frowned and changed the topic, “We’re all on the list now, our coordinates are exposed in real time, we can’t stay in this place for long.”


Xia Yihui’s lips quirked for a moment, frowned, and finally swallowed his question smartly.


He looked at the leaderboard outside the window.


The highest level of the copy right now was Zhang Qingyu, S17. No.2 was 9 levels behind Zhang Qingyu, and had only just been promoted to S8.


Even he, an S5, could be ranked at no.7, so it seemed that apart from Zhang Qingyu, the overall level inside the replica wasn’t high.



Xia Yihui had a few moments of envy for Zhang Qingyu in his heart.


That empathy lv1 was very impressive at first glance, let alone the Telekinesis lv3. It took minutes to sweep through the dungeons.


Then look at him, a skill like freeze lv1 sounded good, but this skill had a fatal drawback, that was, it could only freeze NPCs, it didn’t work on players.


This also meant that in this pvp copy, freeze lv1 could almost be said to be a waste of skill.

[TN: pvp — player vs player]



The second skill was detect lv1, it could only be used three times a day, but could only get very little information. At most, it was to guess the purpose of the opponent’s skill based on their skill name.


It wasn’t accurate, and the number of times he could it was too small. This skill was still in a wait-and-see state, maybe after upgrade, the number of times it could be used could be increased, or there were some more awesome enhancements. It was equally unusable so far.



However, Xia Yihui’s mindset was still quite stable, it was better compared to some.


Thinking about Li Bai’s skill of making flowers bloom faster, Xia Yihui wanted to laugh a little.


Obviously, there were a lot of people in the copy who were worse off than him.



Currently, the two of them together definitely counted as the top fighting force within the replica, so as long as they didn’t run into anyone with g.uns and ammunition, it would be no problem.


Having figured this out, Xia Yihui didn’t delay any longer, and immediately accelerated his pace, heading to the principal’s office.


Along the way, the situation seen was very different from before.



Before, he often saw a group of people chasing and a group of people running away. And now, more often than not, the two parties were entangled together.


It seemed that Li Bai’s words had played a role.


The situation of the copy had become even more severe.


Sprinting for more than six hours, passing through more than ten school buildings, the two of them rushed and finally arrived at the No. 1 school building with the principal’s office before dawn.


As early as two o’clock in the morning, the live broadcast room was reopened, and the number of people in it had already exceeded the 50,000 mark.


However, Xia Yihui was tired after rushing back and didn’t communicate too much with the audience.


Going up along the floor didn’t take long, Xia Yihui saw a familiar person.


Barely contained curls, thick lips, and a bit of freckles on his face.



Xia Yihui raised an eyebrow.


He had searched for Liu Zite all the way for so long, but he didn’t expect to catch him here.



The live room also exploded, giving the new viewers the breakdown of this former relationship.


At this time, Liu Zite was confronting his enemy.


The confrontation happened to be blocking the center of the corridor, and if they wanted to move on, they had to go through that place.


Liu Zite was having a headache on how to break out when he turned his eyes and saw Zhang Qingyu, Liu Zite’s eyes lit up and shouted, “Great god Zhang, save me!”



There was no doubt that he must have heard the rumors about Zhang Qingyu’s rescue as well.


Xia Yihui cursed a ‘disaster’. He immediately explained to Zhang Qingyu, “This man’s name is Liu Zite. When we met earlier, I was surrounded by a group of people, and he was the one who caused it.”


Zhang Qingyu nodded, “Hmm.”


What did hmm mean? Xia Yihui was still anxious.


Over there, Liu Zite saw that Zhang Qingyu didn’t have much of a reaction and thought that he didn’t hear him clearly, so he called out again, “Great god Zhang, if you save me, I will definitely repay you in the future.”



Xia Yihui snorted and immediately broke up the conversation, “Don’t pay attention, I saved him before, and in the blink of an eye, I was pitted by him. What’s the point of saving this kind of person?”



Liu Zite heard Xia Yihui’s words from ap distance and cursed, “Xia Yihui, who do you think you are? You dare tell great god Zhang who to save, see what a pug you are ……”



Zhang Qingyu cut him off, “Fine, I won’t save him.”



Liu Zite’s words stuttered violently, stunned.


Xia Yihui raised his eyebrows and grinned.



In his heart, he knew that Zhang Qingyu wasn’t going to save because of him, and he also knew how hard it was to change what a person had always believed in, so this was the time to say thank you with extra solemnity.


Xia Yihui stared at Zhang Qingyu’s clear eyes and sincerely said, “Thank you.”


Zhang Qingyu turned his face away from Xia Yihui. His face was still cold, but his ears were so red that it seemed like they were about to drip blood.





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