C18 — High Heat

Hot, so hot.


Xiao Yu felt like he was on fire, the flames burned his skin and flesh, no matter how much he rolled and struggled, it was to no avail.


In a trance, he seemed to have touched a trace of coolness.


So he instinctively chased after that coolness in an attempt to get some salvation.


Cang Hai put the dampened towel on Xiao Yu’s forehead.


The little mermaid was moving so much that he had to press the towel with one hand to prevent it from slipping off.


The other hand encircled Xiao Yu’s waist, imprisoning him in his arms.



“It’s so hot, um……” Xiao Yu’s voice was terribly hoarse.


Cang Hai’s brows furrowed, but his tone was surprisingly gentle, “Bear with it, it will be fine soon.”


Although the Healing Instrument was able to help Xiao Yu remove the toxins, the principle of its healing was essentially to speed up the metabolism of the wound and increase the cellular activity.


Cang Hai didn’t expect the Healing Instrument to accidentally trigger Xiao Yu’s hyperthermia, and once hyperthermia arrived, it meant that the differentiation had begun.


Compared to Alphas and Betas, an Omega’s differentiation was even harsher and more thorough, and the newborn glands at the back of the neck needed a lot of nutrients to promote their development, causing the body to fall into a period of high fever.


As for exactly how long, it varied from person to person, and Cang Hai couldn’t be sure.


High fever was very important for an Omega, and once the glands were underdeveloped, it would have a huge impact on its future physique as well as the quality of its pheromones.


“What a big trouble.” Cang Hai grumbled with his mouth, but the movements under his hands were very different from his tone of voice in terms of gentleness.


He wrung out the towel that had turned warm and dipped it in the water, then wiped Xiao Yu’s body.


The cold towel was instantly courted by Xiao Yu, who subconsciously burrowed into his arms, along with Cang Hai’s hand, which was also held tightly in his arms.


“Let go.” Cang Hai said to him helplessly.



Xiao Yu refused to do so, how could he let go so easily when he had managed to feel better?


Not only that, he took an inch and held Cang Hai’s entire arm.


There was no reasoning with a patient in a coma.


Cang Hai was ready to forcefully pull his hand back, but he was met with a strong counterattack from the patient, and even for the sake of fighting for the towel, Xiao Yu rolled over and pressed Cang Hai underneath him.


But soon, Xiao Yu found something that made him even more comfortable than the towel.


He followed Cang Hai’s hand and touched it all the way to Cang Hai’s buttons.


Seeming to dislike the buttons for being in the way, he ripped them apart with one hand and stripped Canghai’s clothes as he wished.


In a sea of fire, he finally found a source of water to save his life, and then didn’t hesitate to stick to it.


Cang Hai was exasperated by Xiao Yu’s bandit behavior.



Of course he could have pushed Xiao Yu away, but after a moment’s hesitation, he chose to maintain the status quo, when he differentiated into an Alpha, he also experienced a high fever, only that his physical quality was good, coupled with the fact that his differentiation tendency was an Alpha, it was over after one night.


The little mermaid was different, on the one hand, they didn’t have the proper equipment to help him get through the high fever, knowing that Omega resources were scarce and an important resource for any country. All citizens with a tendency to differentiate into Omega were recorded in a registry, and once they began to differentiate, they were sent to a state-of-the-art and safe hospital to survive the high fever.


Even so, the number of Omega’s who didn’t make it through the hyperthermia still amounted to one percent, so you could imagine how vicious the hyperthermia was for Omega’s.


On the other hand, the Mermaid Omega was different from humans again, the biggest difference being that the Mermaid Omega’s pheromones were a one hundred percent match for any Mermaid Alpha.


It could be imagined how much nutrition would need to be supplemented for a gland capable of breeding such powerful pheromones to develop and take shape.


Cang Hai had already decided that once he realized that Xiao Yu was in danger, he would personally remove the little mermaid’s gland.



He didn’t care how precious the mermaid Omega was, living was the most important thing.


Grabbing the hand that was fooling around on him, the furrow between Cang Hai’s eyebrows deepened, with the arrival of the high fever, the pheromone on Xiao Yu’s body was getting stronger and stronger, and there was a vague precursor of losing control.


If this continued, it would be bad if he was captured by Xiao Yu’s pheromones.


Cang Hai rummaged through his spatial ring and only found a few inhibitors, he normally wouldn’t carry inhibitors with him, these were brought along as a precaution because of a certain mission, when he heard that there was an Omega among his collaborators who was adept at utilizing pheromones to achieve their goals.


In the end, of course, it was useless. The Omega’s pheromones were so disgusting that they couldn’t tempt him at all.


It wasn’t any better than the little mermaid either.


He had a feeling that the pheromones of the little mermaid tasted sweet and fresh, just what he wanted, and they must be a good match.


Cang Hai didn’t know why he thought so, perhaps he simply thought so.


But the question came up, how was the little human mermaid going to eat with this appearance?


Without food, the nutrition wouldn’t be able to keep up, let alone get through the high fever.



He carried Xiao Yu onto the bed, wanting Xiao Yu to sit obediently for a while so he could prepare some food that could be easily ingested.


Xiao Yu, however, hugged him to death and refused to let go.


“Be obedient and I’ll make you your favorite big meatballs.” Cang Hai rubbed Xiao Yu’s reddened cheeks to coax him.


How could Xiao Yu be willing to let go, he only knew that this person in his arms could make him comfortable, as for anything else, he had no room to think about it.


Cang Hai had to lightly press on the numbness point at Xiao Yu’s elbow.



Xiao Yu’s hands immediately lost their strength, but the fish tail was still wrapped around Cang Hai’s thigh, refusing to let go.



Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile, “I forgot that you still have a tail.”


However, this was not difficult for him, he flipped his wrist and used his nails to gently scratch Xiao Yu’s fish scales.


Xiao Yu had once told him that his fish tail was particularly sensitive, especially to small touches.


Sure enough, Xiao Yu’s tail relaxed, and Cang Hai smoothly rescued his thighs while pressing the bed’s shield to prevent Xiao Yu from falling off the bed.


With the only coolness gone, Xiao Yu rolled on the bed with difficulty.


His clothes had long since been torn apart, and his exposed skin was now abnormally flushed, the raging heat almost burning his consciousness to ashes.



There was no better way to be burned than by fire.


He felt like he was in a sea of fire, surrounded by blazing flames, with high temperatures and lack of oxygen threatening his life.


Just when he thought he was about to die, a sudden downpour of rain brought the fire under control, and the remaining embers, still burning in the rain, could no longer trap his consciousness.



He heard someone call his name.


A very familiar, calming voice.



Xiao Yu struggled to open his eyes, his vision was still a little blurry and he could only vaguely see silhouettes.


“Cang Hai?” There couldn’t be anyone else but him.


Cang Hai hmmmed, “You finally woke up, I was thinking that if you still refused to wake up, I would throw you into the sea.”


These words were used to scare children, Xiao Yu wouldn’t eat this, “I’m originally a mermaid, I’m still more comfortable in the sea.”


“It seems you’re really awake, you’re thinking quite clearly.” Cang Hai sighed in relief, it was good to be awake, otherwise he would have to worry about how to feed Xiao Yu.


Xiao Yu looked down and surveyed himself, “Why am I in a bucket?”



Cang Hai told him truthfully, “You’ve entered the hyperthermia stage, before you had been unconscious, I had to go to the beach and transport some seawater back to cool you down.”


He cocked his head, “High fever?”


It couldn’t be the high fever he was thinking of, could it?


High fever was mentioned in the original story, it was a necessary stage before differentiation, the body temperature of a person in high fever would continue to rise, and the organs of the second gender would be fully developed in high fever.



He subconsciously touched the back of his neck.


He couldn’t feel anything different, but he knew there must be something extra inside.


Cang Hai had told him that he had a tendency for Omega differentiation, and if he managed to get through the hyperthermia stage, at the back of his neck, a full gland would develop.



A very amazing construction, but he even had a fish tail, so another gland didn’t seem like a big deal.



Xiao Yu quickly accepted this reality, “What should I do?”


Cang Hai didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be so calm, going into a high fever stage on the Desolate Planet could be dangerous.



He who had traveled across the major galaxies wouldn’t be cowed before the battle, he didn’t tell Xiao Yu about the hardships of getting through the high fever, and only said in a light tone, “Eat a lot, rest a lot, and nourish your body well is enough. Leave the rest to me.”


Xiao Yu apologized, “It seems that I can’t help you with directions during the high fever.”


Cang Hai rubbed his wet head, “So get well quickly, I can’t leave you.”


As a matter of fact, the wind direction on the Desolate Star wouldn’t change much, and the sea breeze blowing from the ocean was the best guiding light.



Without Xiao Yu pointing out the way, Cang Hai could also judge the direction.


I can’t leave you.


Xiao Yu heard Cang Hai say so, even though he knew that Cang Hai did not mean anything else, his heart still couldn’t help but skip a beat.


Crimson quietly climbed up to the roots of his ears, and his already reddened cheeks seemed to have become even redder.


He could hardly hide his smile, “Me too.” Can’t leave you.


Cang Hai froze, “You too what? By the way, don’t worry about pointing out the way, we still have plenty of food in stock, enough to last until your high fever is over.”



Of course, in order for the little mermaid to get better faster, he would sneak out to hunt on the beach while Xiao Yu was asleep and bring back the freshest meat for Xiao Yu to eat.



There would be no need to let Xiao Yu know about this.




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