C19 — Campus Gladiator (XVII)

Xia Yihui froze for several seconds, his mind was in turmoil, and he opened his mouth to question, “May I ask what the argument for skepticism is?”



He asked what the players in the live audience were thinking.


The live stream screen was also questioning at this time, “What does it mean to erase within the rules? Could it be that all the competition nowadays are non-rule in-rule fights?”



At this time, the number of people in the live broadcast room had already hit a new high, and the number of people had been soaring, breaking upwards a notch with each refresh.



If Xia Yihui took a moment to look at the live broadcast room, he would find that the live broadcast room could simply be described as a group of demons.



Chinese, English, Japanese and other national languages mixed, there were many words that couldn’t be identified as the language of the country interspersed among them.



The original viewers of the copies roamed to the various copies, running the news of the big advancement of the 078 copy game process.



Those who liked to see gory killings wouldn’t come over, but those who liked to read the plot line definitely came over to satisfy their curiosity.



The number of people soared into the tens of thousands.


Li Bai: “Skeptical? How about asking your companion.”


Xia Yihui froze. Companion? Did he have a companion?


The sound of players’ conversations came from downstairs.



“Xia Yihui’s companion? Who is it?”


“Isn’t he hugging Zhang Qingyu’s thigh? Maybe it refers to Zhang Qingyu?”


“Zhang Qingyu shouldn’t be considered a companion, he’s just taking Xia Yihui through the levels. A companion is a relationship where you can trust your back in times of crisis, so let’s forget about them.”



Reacting with hindsight that Li Bai was referring to Zhang Qingyu, Xia Yihui immediately turned his head to look at Zhang Qingyu.


Zhang Qingyu was sitting on the window seat, propping up his face with one hand, his face skewed outward. From Xia Yihui’s perspective, he could only see the back of his dark head.


Seemingly sensing Xia Yihui’s line of sight, Zhang Qingyu turned his face back and looked at Xia Yihui with a calm gaze.


Shocked, Xia Yihui asked, “Are we companions?”



His voice was amplified and transmitted through the radio to countless people IIRC.


At this moment, many people secretly laughed at Xia Yihui’s insouciance in their hearts, he was obviously unable to tell where his position was.



It wasn’t just because of the unequal streny. There was also the impression that Zhang Qingyu had always given the crowd.


–He was cold and silent, a loner, and seemed really unattainable.



Everyone was expecting Zhang Qingyu to harshly deny it.



This meant that no.7 Xia Yihui was nothing more than that, and if they went to embrace boss Zhang’s thighs, they might even be ranked higher than Xia Yihui.


After Xia Yihui asked this sentence, even in his own heart, he was quite amused, and quickly waved his hand, “Forget it, just pretend you didn’t hear it ……”


“Yes.” Zhang Qingyu’s eyes slightly drooped, he abruptly raised his eyes and said with certainty, “We are in a relationship that our backs can be entrusted to each other.”



Xia Yihui froze, feeling confused, but then realized in a flash. Zhang Qingyu was clearly disliking those players downstairs.


Since Xia Yihui could hear what was said downstairs, Zhang Qingyu’s voice should also be heard by those people.


As expected, after this sentence, the floor below fell into a dead silence, he didn’t know whether they were scared away or didn’t dare to make a sound. It was also considered to be much cleaner.


He didn’t care about the live broadcast room that had blown up the screen with comments and the copy players who were still confused.



With not much time left, Li Bai quickly brought the topic back, “No.1 Zhang Qingyu, also known as Zhang Da Shen. I was fortunate enough to have seen him fight and noticed that he could still take other people’s time as prey. At first I thought it was a game bug or a skill, but after just hearing your words, I’m sure it’s not.”


[TN: Zhang Da Shen — big god Zhang ]


[60 seconds left.]


“Mr. Li, hurry up and pick up the important talk, there’s no time left!” Anxious urging sounds came from the broadcast.


Li Bai paused for a moment, and his voice sped up a lot more.



“I have paid attention to those who were sent out of the game by big god Zhang. All of them have one thing in common, which is that the school uniform on their bodies is torn. It’s possible that they were torn from a previous fall, or it could be from their own carelessness, but I’m more inclined to the fact that it was consciously scratched by Zhang Da Shen.”



“At this point paired with the director’s remark, it’s obvious. All cheating will be judged as taking shortcuts, regardless of arts and sciences. And in an exam, destroying the school uniform that has the same significance as the test paper is cheating.”


“What happens to people who cheat? The director has said that it is allowed within the rules …… to wipe them out!”



The school building was silent, and suddenly, a sharp, short shriek came from somewhere.


This scream was like a small stone thrown into the heart of the lake, although it wasn’t much, but the waves caused were vast and growing.


That shriek was followed by a high pitched yell from a woman, and in the next second, countless others followed, screaming in hysterical release of pressure.


This implicit rule became an opportunity for the big players. Without the restrictions of the Arts and Sciences hunter-gatherer, the game was a one-sided slaughter for them.


But for ordinary players, this was undoubtedly bad news that could send one to hell.


When the identity was a hunter, everyone could still catch their breath and relax their tense hearts.


Now that such a rule was out, the vast majority of people would have to escape day and night, spending every second in the copy with fear and trepidation.



The deadlock was completely broken.


From this moment onwards, the copies were completely reduced to slaughterhouses dominated by animalistic nature.



Xia Yihui secretly tugged at the clothes on his shoulder. It had been scratched by Zhang Qingyu earlier, and after a series of big maneuvers, the gap had been torn wider and wider, and had already begun to bore the wind.



He subconsciously looked to the side of Zhang Qingyu’s face. The latter’s face was calm, he was unable to see what was going on in his mind.



Somehow, Xia Yihui was somewhat shocked.



Could it be that Zhang Qingyu had really seen through this in advance? Then how far ahead of everyone would he have to be.


Not only were his rank skills not in the same class as everyone else, but now without realizing it, Zhang Qingyu had actually even figured out this hidden rule.


But why didn’t he say so? Although he hadn’t been in contact for long, Xia Yihui still had a preliminary understanding of Zhang Qingyu.


Just for the fact that the loot was split in half, he was by no means the type of person who would hide information for his own enjoyment.


Just as he was puzzled, he caught a glimpse of the comments dancing in chaos. Xia Yihui immediately reacted.



It wasn’t the case that by saying it or sharing it, the person was being ecumenical.



What Li Bai was doing now was completely muddying the pool. Once this rule was pierced, the mortality rate would definitely be plucked again.


[Seven seconds left]


“Xia Yihui! You must memorize every word I say next!”


Xia Yihui froze and looked up blankly.



Li Bai quickly said, “You will now immediately go to your original destination, where you will receive some news.”


“This replica OT won’t be as pedestrian as it is now at all. If my prediction is correct, the global death rate will be as high as 99% before the OT arrives! We must hurry up and develop the branch line, only then can we-”



As soon as the words left his mouth, the broadcast was cut off by an external force.


An electronic tone rang out without a gap.


[The broadcast is over, please continue your escape.]


[Your time, there is not much left.]


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the entire campus was dead silent, with no sound coming out.





That was a global mortality rate.


Are you kidding me? ……



Everyone coincidentally started to facepalm, and some people couldn’t withstand the immense pressure and even sobbed in small voices.


Although Li Bai didn’t finish his words, it wasn’t hard to guess what he was going to say.


Only by working hard to develop the branch line would everyone be able to survive and become that lucky 1%.


It was already like hell on earth now.



If these were just child’s play, then the OT, how scary must it be?


The crowd fell silent, staring at each other, they opened their mouths, but realized that not a single word could be said.



At the same time, the barrage was frantically swiping the screen, and various countries’ text was stuck. The frame rate had dropped to the bottom, and the barrage bars in the live broadcast room overlapped with each other, almost turning into a mosaic.



Just at this moment, the screen lurched. Without any warning, everyone was directly sent out of the live room.


Eventually, the last lone comment flashed in the live room screen.



Orange Wine: Live!




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