C18 — Campus Gladiator (XVI)

The list was clearly written.


Player: Xia Yihui
Level: 5 (200/500)
Subject: Liberal Arts
Coordinates: Classroom 105, No. 17 Teaching Building
Time left: 346 hours and 33 minutes



[The end of the third mode. The total number of players in this copy was 4,723, after experiencing the elimination of the three mode, the remaining number is 1,945, the elimination rate is 58.82%.]


Hearing the mortality rate of the three modes, the live room crazily commented.


Play : Almost half of the people here died every mock exam, fortunately I got out early = Petri dish =



Volume 5: From 10000 to 2000 people, with an average of 8 deaths per 10 people, the anchor is still a survivor and has returned to the list. Ah, ah, ah, ah, great (≥ ▽≤)/



Nannanlove: It’s good to be out of the game! Gosh, the order of the real world can finally be restored! I have to run a few miles to buy instant noodles now Orz


[TN: orz — you win, I surrender. ]


skr:Just now when the anchor was walking, I exited the live room to go to the European and American area to spectate for a while. They are more combative, the death rate is much higher than the Asian zone, and even some copies of the game have actually ended ……


Ye Yuan: Eh? How can it end? Isn’t there a unified time to enter the copy?



skr: When people die out, it’s over ah.


darkgodonlinejerkcat: oh my god, is the second copy this horrible? It’s practically a mass cleansing ah.



Boss Zhang’s little fan girl: I suspect that after this copy is over, there won’t be many anchors left, and all of them will be at the big brother’s level Orz


[TN: orz — you win, I surrender. ]


The following screen followed the trend, all posting this sentence.



Xia Yihui glanced back. The list had changed, but the people in the live broadcast room were actually still there, but it was different from the usual flow.



The electronic sound hadn’t ended yet.


Just like how it punked Xia Yihui last time, this time it punked another person.


【No.078 Campus Gladiator copy hidden branch line has been pushed.】



[The person who pushed the spur chose to be willing to share the information. Infinite Escape Games will relay the information for you.]



[The player is invited to select three targets to communicate with one after another. The Infinite Escape Game will publicize your conversations, and all players can share the information, so please make sure to be careful with what you say and do.]



[Please choose.]



Exclamations of surprise came from all parts of the school building, and it was clear that everyone was stunned.


Although they didn’t know who the person pushing the branch line was this time, there was no doubt that this person must be very smart.



If he had told what he knew at the beginning, then at least he wouldn’t have mixed up as badly as the current Xia Yihui.


At the same time when the crowd was madly laughing at Xia Yihui’s lack of self-importance, he found a classroom to sit and rest.


Xia Yihui found a classroom to sit and rest, took out milk from space and drank it without a sip, replenishing the endurance value.


A current sound skimmed through the broadcast, interspersed with a few people’s whispered conversations, it was very chaotic.


It took a while for the sound track of the broadcast to clear up.


It was a slightly raspy, ear-splittingly familiar male voice.


“I choose no.7 Xia Yihui.”


“Puh cough cough …… cough!!!” Xia Yihui choked on his milk and coughed for a long time.


Li Bai? The image of the man with glasses came to his mind, and his expression became odd.



He glanced at Zhang Qingyu, thinking that the Great god really didn’t save people easily. This casual rescue had saved a bull who could push the branch line.


[May I ask if player Xia Yihui accepts player Li Bai’s invitation to dialog?]



Xia Yihui thought for a split second. There was only one life, it was better to be good and fight monsters and upgrade to be stable.


He immediately shook his head, “Not accepting.”


As he spoke, his voice was infinitely amplified, and the entire copy heard.


A shout came from below the floor, “Why don’t you accept it!?”



The person next to him responded, “He doesn’t want to share resources, he just wants to secretly enjoy the news. Think about it, didn’t he not tell a single person when he discovered the branch line before?”



“……” he was wronged! Regarding the branch line, even he himself was confused, where could he share anything.



[The first person is unwilling to accept the player’s invitation. Please ask the player to choose again, you still have two more chances.]


After three seconds of silence, Li Bai’s voice came back, “I’ll choose Xia Yihui!”


Eh? Why did he still pick him?


Xia Yihui hesitated for a split second this time, “…… Don’t pick me, I won’t agree.”



[The second person is unwilling to accept the player’s invitation. Please ask the player to choose again, you have one more chance.]



The live broadcast room had exploded with so many comments that it got stuck. Xia Yihui roughly scanned through them, there were those who supported him to stay away from the matter, and there were also those who questioned his selfishness. However, because of Li Bai’s previous tawdry maneuver of pulling his teammate to block the knife, there were still more people supporting him at the moment.



It was different in the copy. As soon as he spoke, he heard quite a few cursing voices.



“Stupid, he didn’t agree, you still chose him the second time, he won’t change.”


“Xia Yihui is selfish, he doesn’t dare to play at the critical moment. Yet you want to hug no.7’s thigh, I don’t know what to say.”


“Forget it, don’t say it. In an escape game, do you expect anyone to be as selfless as the person pushing this branch? Most people should be just as selfish as Xia Yihui.”



[Please ask the player to choose again.]


This time Li Bai was silent for a long time. Xia Yihui also prayed in his heart that Li Bai would not choose him.



“Xia Yihui, the branch line is about your life and death, about the life and death of everyone in the copy. That’s all there is to say, now everyone’s life is in your hands, the choice is yours.”



After saying that, Li Bai firmly said, “I’m still going to choose Xia Yihui.”


This big hat!


Xia Yihui didn’t know if Li Bai’s words were true or false, but with this snap, if he refused again, he would really become the public enemy of the entire copy.


Tsk, it was difficult to do.


“I …… “Xia Yihui was helpless, “I accept the dialog invitation.”


The live broadcast room lashed out, furious at Li Bai’s insidious tactics. The people in the copy were happy to see it, it was certainly good to have free news.


[Dialogue connected, you have five minutes to communicate, please players grasp the time reasonably.]


Two seconds of silence. Just as Xia Yihui was thinking about whether or not to say a friendly greeting, Li Bai’s voice immediately rang out.


“Too little time, so I won’t say much nonsense. When the second mode ended and the third mode rules were released, Infinite Escape Games had a player who found a branch line, which was you who was still no.10 at the time.”


Xia Yihui didn’t speak, quietly listening.


Li Bai spoke particularly fast, blasting one’s eardrums like a series of cannonballs. Despite this, his bite was very clear, so the people in the copy could hear what he said.



“I’m a person who has the habit of recording the leaderboards, and your coordinates are something I’ve always memorized silently in my heart. When the second mode changed the list, you directly dropped off the list, but it was okay, I remembered your coordinates.”



“Classroom 607 of the 23rd teaching building. During the third mode, the first thing I did was to go to this place and lead my team in a carpet search, and in the end we found the director’s office, but the npc had already run away, and I don’t know where he went.”


[TN: NPC —- Non playable character]



“So I’d like to ask you, what did the Director tell you?”


Snickers came from downstairs, “Xia Yihui isn’t willing to share information at all, so it looks like this opportunity will be wasted again.”


Hearing the complaints from the copy players, Xia Yihui’s eyes lit up. If he changed his mindset and spoke out, it seemed that people wouldn’t try to catch him.


Xia Yihui skipped the pleasantries and went straight to the point: ”In my conversation with the director, I think only the following two sentences are worth noting, the rest are nonsense.”



Hearing Xia Yihui’s words, the jeers downstairs came to an abrupt end, and the people underneath awkwardly muttered, “Maybe it’s all useless information, he’s fooling people.”



Xia Yihui didn’t bat an eyelid and continued.



“The first sentence is ‘We are a full-time school here, all students are boarding, don’t think about escaping or asking for help.’ This sentence I interpreted it as: hurry to escape and ask for help from the outside world.”



Li Bai interrupted him, “What did you do after learning this news?”


Xia Yihui responded, “I’ve been wandering around the major school buildings on campus during the third mode, too busy earning experience and supplies to seriously develop the branch line.”



“Are you here to play a simulation?” Li Bai sounded disgruntled and added, “I thought about asking for help from the outside world during the second mode, so I went to the school entrance at the time.”


“The campus we’re on now is built inside a deep mountain forest. Surrounded by water on all sides, no boats or paddles, and the water is so deep you can’t see the bottom.”



“I couldn’t find a station, and the school didn’t have a specialized instrument for measuring water depth. So I measured the elevation of the water surface first, and then took the pole vaulting pole from the physical education equipment classroom to directly measure the depth of the water. I can’t mention the specific figures, but no one should try, even people that can swim will drown.”


Xia Yihui secretly staggered.



Normally, he also knew these things.


But when it came to reality, he definitely wouldn’t do it so meticulously and truthfully, even running back to the equipment room to get the pole.



If he were facing this situation, he would have used the ancient stone throwing measurement method, not caring about how deep the water was, just proving that the water wasn’t shallow.



In other words, he was not as rigorous as Li Bai.


A sense of crisis arose in Xia Yihui’s heart, there were really a lot of talents inside the copy.


While Xia Yihui was thinking, Li Bai continued.


“Obviously, trying to go directly out of the school to ask for help won’t work. What we need to do is to ask for help from the outside world through electronic devices. I led my team to the power resource room and found something different inside. We’re running out of time, so without further ado, you can come to the Power Resource Room and survey it for yourself.”



At the same time, the electronic voice began to urge.


[There are still three minutes left in the relay time.]


Li Bai’s voice accelerated significantly, “Please continue with the second suspicion you found.”



Xia Yi Hui immediately picked up, “The director said one more sentence that has nothing to do with the contents of the branch, but I think I should still tell everyone. Everyone has the right to know.”


“He said that there are no shortcuts on the path of learning, and that it’s the same for arts and sciences, treating them equally.”


Xia Yihui never understood this sentence, and choosing to say it at this time, it was quite like listening to Li Bai’s thoughts.


Li Bai firmly said, “It might be that taking shortcuts will cause players to be erased within the rules.”


A gasp came from within the copy.



In-rule obliteration? Enforced by whom? Zhang Qingyu?





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