C5 —- A Short Life

“I always thought it was strange too!” The young girl ghost immediately said something about the death qi on Lu Wenxi, “According to reason, with so much death qi, you should have died long ago, yet you’re still alive and well.”


The strange point, was actually that?


“In your opinion, what is on my body is death qi?” Lu Wenxi pursued.


“Yes, in fact, it is the yang energy on the living, the yang energy on a newborn baby is lighter, so they can see us, as they get a little older, there’s enough yang energy, so they can’t see. Only people who have been sick for a long time, or people who have been injured and are dying, will have this dead energy that’s on your body. After the deadly qi is thick to a degree, it’s over.”



“I was fine a few days ago, what suddenly changed in the past few days?”



“Well, originally you had the purple and gold qi, I haven’t seen many people in this world with purple and gold qi, so when you walked, you were so handsome that I couldn’t wait to cross in front of you to ask for a hug. But all of a sudden, really all of a sudden, the purple gold qi suddenly turned to the death qi, two days ago it was quite little, but today …… “the girl ghost pointed to Lu Wenxi’s body, “You can see me now, indicating that your current lethargy is almost like us dead people.”


Originally, Lu Wenxi had been nonchalant about the word ‘death’ all along, but he was told by the young man that his life was not long. He was confused now, and his bad premonition was becoming stronger and stronger.


If he suffered from any major illness, or if he was suddenly attacked, or if there was something else, he may accept this statement. But he was now very healthy and had no problems at all. Apart from his diet, there was really nothing else.


If it was really because of weight control, it should be a lack of nutrition, not death!

“Why is this?” Lu Wenxi puzzled.


“I don’t know, i died more than 1 year ago, but this is my first time seeing this.” The young girl ghost replied.



Lu Wenxi rubbed his brow and tried to calm himself down.


What would happen if a person, suddenly got a prophecy of his own death? Anyway, Lu Wenxi was baffled.


First, he met a ghost, and now he learnt that he would die, Lu Wenxi’s brain immediately turned mushy, but when he realized that the time was about to arrive, Lu Wenxi immediately said: “Even if you’re already dead, something’s wrong. I haven’t been to this house for a long time, and I almost didn’t come back today. Wouldn’t you be locked here for a long time? Why are you still chasing stars after death and not returning to see your parents?”



“It’s hard to see them sad because I left, so I don’t want to go back, so I’ll find other fun.”


Lu Wenxi hadn’t experienced this feeling, he hesitated for a moment, and apologized: “Sorry, I was wrong, but you still have to leave my house later.”



“Then can you swipe your card and send me down in the elevator? Even as a ghost, going down the stairs is quite tiring.”



“You’re a ghost and you still care about that? Why didn’t you get tired of watching me shower?”


The young girl ghost was speechless.



After hesitating for a while, the young girl ghost still got up and walked towards the door, taking three steps back as she went, and couldn’t help but say in front of the door, “Boss, don’t get upset, I think you’re much better than the rumors.”



“The rumors that I swear, have a bad temper, play a lot, and have poor acting skills are true.”


“But it’s actually quite cute, and I like you anyway.”


“Okay, got it.” Lu Wenxi said and stood up, walked to the door and opened it, gesturing, “Bye bye.”



“Bye boss.” After saying this, she quickly went to Lu Wenxi’s side and seemed to want to give Lu Wenxi a kiss on the cheek, but she was afraid that her body would touch Lu Wenxi and make him feel uncomfortable, so she held back and retreated, and only then left Lu Wenxi’s house.


After Lu Wenxi closed the door, he pinched his brow, then stood next to the teenager and asked him, “Is it painful to have your kind of talisman put on?”


The teenager turned his head to look at Lu Wenxi, he seemed quite surprised, he had thought Lu Wenxi would be more concerned about the matter of his body’s deadly qi, but the first question, he was actually concerned about this.


“I can’t answer this.”




“I haven’t died, nor has it been used on me.”



” …… I guess it’s quite hard ……” Lu Wenxi felt a little self-condemnation, the other was after all his fan, she also protected him, yet he actually let the other roll all over the place. He was uncomfortable for a while, that emotion also showed on his face, and was seen by the teenager.


“Do you know, the reason for this death qi of mine?” Lu Wenxi raised his arm, as if he also wanted to see his body’s deadly Qi, but he saw nothing.


The young man’s gaze was fixed on Lu Wenxi’s arm before he answered, “Do you have any major illnesses?”



Lu Wenxi thought carefully and asked, “Do hemorrhoids count?”


“Anal fissure counts.”


“Then no.” After thinking about it, he hurriedly stressed again, “Don’t say anything out.”




“It’s …… hemorrhoids.”


“Can I get anything out of revealing this?”


“I also don’t know if this kind of news can be seen by the media.”


The atmosphere of the two people chatting was awkward for a moment.


Lu Wenxi was born gay, he realized it himself and he was a 0.



At first he didn’t panic, nor did he care much, being in a circle that was originally a group of rich kids, it was more playful, so there were really some gay, and bisexual people, and not much discrimination, acceptance was very high. But he hadn’t been open about his preferences, nor had he been in love.



The main reason was that he tried to study this circle and found that the real circle was really scattered everywhere. Many people who met true love were attacking with tears. It was really… everyone in the circle were “sisters”.



He didn’t want to enter the circle, he was afraid that a group of 0s would line up for him, and then they’d be disappointed to find that he was also a 0.


A 184 cm tall, although slender, but also had pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, biceps, was a 0 ……


A ……0 with hemorrhoids ……



This was also the reason why Lu Wenxi was still single to this day.



At this time, the teenager raised his hand, put his hand on Lu Wenxi’s wrist and pinched his pulse. After Lu Wenxi was touched by cold fingers, he subconsciously wanted to withdraw his hand, but was pinched, noting that the teenager seems to be taking his own pulse, he quietly continued to raise his hand and wait.



After a while, the teenager let go of Lu Wenxi’s hand, went in front of Lu Wenxi, raised his hand and pinched his lower eyelid.



The teenager was looking at his eyes while he was staring at the teenager’s face.



Being so close, he was able to see that his skin was indeed delicate, all natural collagen, not at all an effect that could be created by an injection. His cold expression looked very stylish, yet he was curious what this face would look like if it smiled.


Would it be handsome?


Or cute?


“Open your mouth.” The teenager said.


“Want to kiss?” Lu Wenxi asked him.


The teenager raised his eyes and looked at Lu Wenxi, he didn’t seem to find the joke funny, nor was he offended, he just looked at him indifferently for a moment and replied, “Look at the tongue.”


“Oh.” Lu Wenxi responded, opened his mouth and stretched out his tongue.


After surveying it, the teenager signaled that he could close it: “Except for a little anemia, there is nothing wrong with your body.”


“Taoist priests still know the art of healing?”


“When I was a child, my family elders taught me, and I study Chinese medicine in university.” The teenager replied.


Young Taoist priest.


University student.


Lu Wenxi felt that these two identities were a bit incongruous, but he was concerned about other things: “You have to be a schoolmaster level, right?”


“I don’t know.” The teenager replied.


“How old are you?”


“Imaginary twenty.”


“Oh, week-old nineteen?”


“No, eighteen years old.”


“That’s the kind of false two years …… you’re a Capricorn, right?”


The teenager stared at Lu Wenxi, hesitated for a moment, but didn’t answer.



Lu Wenxi laughed. He didn’t feel too reserved when he saw a handsome man. Fortunately, the person in front of him was an adult, otherwise he would have felt guilty.



“Give me your birth date and eight characters.” The teenager said, took out a book from his bag, looked around, and put the book on the table, then he took out a brush from the bag, as well as a bottle of ink, opened the lid and looked at Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi quickly said his birth date, followed by an additional sentence: “I am five weeks older than you, and I am a Scorpio.”



The young man ignored that and began to deduce his fortune.


Lu Wenxi wasn’t bothered, he just watched the teenager penning those things he couldn’t understand.


The teenager obviously didn’t have a particularly flashy costume, but from the pen, he naturally had a refined temperament, some people were born for this retro feeling, the teenager could be considered one of the best. It was Lu Wenxi’s first time feeling that a person with a brush, that wrote a few words, was actually so attractive.



“I never asked, what’s your name?” Lu Wenxi asked the teenager.


“Xu Chen.”



“Oh, it’s quite nice.” Not as awkward as the name Lu Wenxi, “Have you calculated anything?”



“You, the person, although destined to have no children, you’re considered to have good fortune. The person who can have the purple gold qi, in ancient times isn’t only the emperor, it can also be a nobleman. By definition, you can live to the end of your life and should not die young.” Xu Chen put down his pen and looked at Lu Wenxi.


Hearing “destined to have no children”, Lu Wenxi’s heart wavered for a moment, but he still maintained his composure.


“Is there more?” He asked.


“You are a big and unconventional person, but you are suspicious and clever.” Xu Chen looked at Lu Wenxi frankly, then continued in that cold tone, “The way you look at me is full of teasing, the same as yesterday’s eyes.”


Lu Wenxi couldn’t help but laugh, pulled out a chair, sat opposite Xu Chen, and confessed his thoughts to Xu Chen: “That’s right, I’ve been wondering if you and that ghost teamed up to scam me? First you brought her, put her in my house, then make some noise as much as possible, let me find out, you then come over here to heroically save …… handsome, tell me that my life isn’t long, let me take out a large sum of money to you, you then help me dissolve.”


Xu Chen surprisingly had no mood swings, he just began to pack their things.



Lu Wenxi watched his movements and didn’t say anything, keeping a smile on his face and still with a playful look in his eyes, as if he was looking at a small liar, waiting for the small liar to reveal itself.



“Before you die, you will continue to see ghosts and monsters, ordinary spirits will not hurt you, and you can’t fight really evil spirits, so relax.” Xu Chen finished packing, put his things back in the bag.



“You won’t defend yourself?”



“After all, it seems to you that you’re right, and it’s easier to accept than the news that you’re not going to live long.”


“Then can you tell me why I would suddenly be covered in death aura without any symptoms?”



Xu Chen seemed a little hesitant, looking back at Lu Wenxi, he hesitated for a moment before answering, “Actually, I’m too lazy to explain.”





“Explaining to people who don’t understand always takes more words, not to mention that you don’t trust me.”


Xu Chen still had his own personality and was somewhat noble, being looked at with such mocking eyes, as a teenager, he would also be uncomfortable. But Xu Chen had his own connotation, he wouldn’t vent out, he just wanted to leave, but Lu Wenxi didn’t relent.



Lu Wenxi had always known that he had money, and was really very suspicious, if someone came close to him to befriend him, he had to think about if the other had ulterior motives. Yesterday, he cleverly opened a live broadcast to promote a new song through popularity. He really didn’t know what would happen in the future if Deng Xuanhan didn’t die and nothing else took away the public’s attention.



Two people just stalled for a while, Xu Chen faced Lu Wenxi and patiently said: “The world is big, there are all kinds of evil methods, if someone uses your birth date practice and wants to steal your body’s fortune, they can also cause you to become like this now. In that case, you can see who suddenly has good fortune when your fortune is down and who knows your birth date.”


“Steal fortune?”


“After all, the Purple Gold Qi is the envy of many people, and those who have it usually have very good luck.”


Lu Wenxi suddenly remembered his encounter in the past few days, it really was …… hard to say.



Previously there were other people that were criticized for their poor acting skills, but for him to be criticized to this extent, there was really no one before or after, it was comparable to a first-tier star bursting out with a cheating scandal.


“Is that so?” Lu Wenxi muttered.



“Also, if it’s someone who has a grudge against you, or against your family, they can also do the trick, such as taking one of your hair can do the trick and make you extinct. If it is against your family, it will exterminate your family. For the latter, you can look at your siblings of the same generation, and check if they are also covered in death aura. If it’s law of extinction, it will start with the younger generation first, and after your death, your elders will also suffer, until the whole family is exterminated.”


“My family has had a single lineage for three generations.”


“Then think about it, who hates you so much that they are willing to use the method of damaging yin virtue to your death.”



Lu Wenxi couldn’t help but laugh self-deprecatingly: “There are too many people who hate me, if those fans who have cursed me to death are really carried out one by one to be executed, maybe our country’s population will have to plummet by more than 100,000 people.”



“You are quite a rallying cry.” That didn’t sound like a compliment.



“In our line of work, it is just like this, being watched by many people, how many people hate you, how many people like you. If there aren’t even people who hate you, it’s a real punt.”



“Oh, I’m done explaining.” Xu Chen finished, turned his head and walked away, no more nonsense, and ignored Lu Wenxi’s sentiments.



Lu Wenxi was quite calm, but when he saw Xu Chen was leaving, he suddenly panicked again and immediately called out, “Wait a minute.”


Xu Chen ignored him, after all, he was so insulted, as a self-respecting teenager, willing to stay and say those words, hadn’t been easy.


Lu Wenxi immediately stood up and chased him to the door, reaching out to hold Xu Chen’s wrist, but before he could touch it, he felt a hurricane coming and flicking his hand away, he looked at his hand in surprise, then looked at Xu Chen.


Xu Chen also stopped, looked back at him, and asked, “Anything else?”



“Is it too late to apologize?” Lu Wenxi suddenly conceded, “I don’t mind, can you …… go with me to see my parents?”


Lu Wenxi’s attitude softened, originally having a playful appearance, such a pitiful expression could easily make someone soft-hearted.


“I have class tomorrow.” Xu Chen replied.


“Then leave me a contact, I’ll contact you when you don’t have class.”


“How do you have the confidence that you can survive that many days?”


This sentence, really stung Lu Wenxi, in Xu Chen’s eyes, there was a little impatience, and pity, as if looking at a dead thing.


This kind of look was too hurtful.


“How about you make a price, or you have any requests, I can do whatever I can.” Lu Wenxi began to try to negotiate conditions, before he was still so noble, now when talking, there was no arrogance.


He suddenly felt that he was really pretending to be smart, and people who could do this really shouldn’t be provoked. Even if they really came to cheat money, if he angered them, they might use some methods to create trouble for the family.



What’s more, that evil scene just now made him gradually think, was this teenager, really some Daoist?



“There is nothing I want.” Xu Chen replied to Lu Wenxi.


“How about this, I’ll give you half a million, you take a leave of absence, before I die, accompany me to see my parents, can you?” Lu Wenxi asked without giving up, he was beginning to accept that he would die of this thing.




“Then three million? It can’t be more.”


“I won’t go.”


“Fuck …… then five million, okay?”


Xu Chen seemed to dislike this kind of bargaining, he turned his head to continue to go, but Lu Wenxi got anxious, he followed behind Xu Chen, all the way to the corridor, yelling: “Don’t go, don’t go, 20 million okay? Before I die, come help me drive away the ghosts from time to time, and by the way, visit my parents, I will give you 20 million!”


Xu Chen’s footsteps paused, then he stopped and looked back at Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi immediately held his breath, he was so nervous that he didn’t dare to swallow, and then he heard Xu Chen ask him: “Do you need an invoice?”



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