C13 —- Campus Gladiatorial Arena (XI)

But it was impossible to take it off.


And the clothes in the copy couldn’t be taken off. After pulling for a long time, the white school uniform remained as strong as gold.



Zhang Qingyu frowned, his footsteps accelerated a little. He seemed to be trying to grab Xia Yihui’s front and stop him from yelling and taking off his clothes.


This gave Xia Yihui an illusion.


Similar to ‘in order to not let you continue to pollute my ears and sight, I have to hurry to your side to kill you’ illusion.


Deeply aware of his mouth harming him, Xia Yihui wanted to cry, the grip around him became more powerful. Soon, he found that he couldn’t even touch the ground, and could only quickly give up and turn to pretend to be profound, “Do you know who I am?”


Zhang Qingyu walked up to Xia Yihui and said slightly helplessly, “Xia Yihui of the Chinese CDC?”


Xia Yihui felt suffocated. He originally wanted to use this identity to shock Zhang Qingyu, but it turned out that this guy was aware!


In fact, Xia Yihui didn’t think his identity was too impressive. There were more impressive people in the research institute than him.



After spending 10 years in the research institute, at the age of 25, he conducted his first independent experiment and had contact with various patients.


It was during this period that he suddenly realized. In the eyes of these patients, every time he appeared, it felt like he was surrounded by a white light, and they almost sang the national anthem to welcome him.


In a sense, the proposed medicine he was studying was likely to be the only hope for these patients to survive.


“How do you know my identity?” Xia Yihui inquired.



Zhang Qingyu said flatly, “You said so yourself.”



Did he? Xia Yihui’s face was almost filled with these two big words. He skipped over the question, his mind tumbling around, thinking of an escape plan.


Before he could even think about it, Zhang Qingyu directly took his hand.


Feeling his cold grip, Xia Yihui stiffened, he almost immediately tried to shake it off.


Thinking of Zhang Qingyu’s previous operation of cutting clothes with glass, Xia Yihui trembled, he quickly grabbed his collar with his other hand and said tentatively, “Great god, do you lack love?”


Zhang Qingyu didn’t even raise his eyes, he calmly lifted Xia Yihui’s hand, two fingers clasped his watch, both sides clicked on the button, directly removing his watch.


Xia Yihui was shocked, “What are you doing!!!”


This was when he realized the seriousness of the problem, he finally began to get serious and became solemn.



He thought better of it. If these words still couldn’t make Zhang Qingyu let him go, then he’d also pull Zhang Qingyu to die together.


“Big boss Zhang, those testy words before is my fault, calm down.”


“To tell you the truth, before entering this game, I was already a vegetable. If you eliminate me from the game now, it’s likely that I won’t wake up in the real world.”



“Think clearly, the original purpose of this game is to escape and protect yourself, not to kill.”



After saying that, Xia Yihui looked sincerely at Zhang Qingyu. The latter slowly raised his eyes and looked at him.


Once he saw that there was a reaction, Xia Yihui immediately used his eyes to show his sincerity.



Zhang Qingyu was stunned, he quickly lowered his head, his hand movements also accelerated a little.


He attached the two watches together, to seize his time.


“…… leave me some time!” Xia Yihui was angry, he began to struggle violently, trying to take back the watch.


Perhaps because the skill hadn’t been fully mastered, Xia Yihui’s struggle exceeded Zhang Qingyu’s control range.


Zhang Qingyu’s face showed a struggling expression, and then Xia Yihui fell from the air into his arms.


Stumbling, Xia Yihui’s hands tugged Zhang Qingyu’s clothes, then he was surrounded and couldn’t move.


He felt that he might be dying. It so happened that his chin was on Zhang Qingyu’s shoulder, so he took a bite.


At this moment, he felt like he broke through the skin.


After biting for a while, his grip was still firm, but he was fine, nothing had changed.


He felt strange, then felt the back of his head being tapped a few times. He looked over sideways and saw the calm eyes of Zhang Qingyu.


Xia Yigui obediently loosened his grip.


“Your watch.” Zhang Qingyu said.



Xia Yihui snatched back the watch, annoyed, he pushed Zhang Qingyu. Zhang Qingyu remained motionless, but Xia Yihui fell on the broken glass on the ground because of the desperation he had just struggled with.


At this point, the pain was no longer a concern, and most of his remaining time must have been taken away.


Xia Yihui sat on the ground and tilted his face sarcastically, “Should I thank you for leaving me a little time and not letting me die immediately?”


Zhang Qingyu pursed his lips, stood in place for two seconds, and didn’t retort, he turned around to collect the milk bread and other supplies on the ground.


“……” Xia Yihui bit his lip, he knew he couldn’t beat Zhang Qingyu now, it was imperative to see how much time he had left.



His eyes swept over, Xia Yihui froze, afraid he had seen wrong, he closed his eyes and opened them again.


–Remaining time: 237 hours and 49 minutes


Xia Yihui was confused, it felt like he became wealthy overnight.



It just so happened that at this time Zhang Qingyu finished collecting the supplies, his fingers manipulated the bits and pieces and split them in half in the air, half were sent to Xia Yihui, half were incorporated into his space.


Just like time, half of the time taken by more than 10 people present was given to Xia Yihui.


Xia Yihui put on his watch, still a little confused.



237 hours ah, that was rounded up to ten days!


Was Zhang Qingyu crazy?


He gave him ten days for no good reason!



Seeing Zhang Qingyu who turned to leave without saying a word, and the black school uniform on his shoulder that was soaked with saliva and blood, Xia Yihui hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”



Zhang Qingyu turned around, “What is it?”



Xia Yihui wanted to ask why he had to give him so much time, but then felt embarrassed.


He thought about it, and took out a single bottle of medicine from the supplies: “This is for you, I have a bottle of my own.”



Zhang Qingyu was concise, “Keep it, I don’t need it.”


Xia Yihui choked, then helplessly explained, “Sorry, I just thought you were going to kill me before I bit you. The wound on your shoulder is bleeding, bleeding will definitely accelerate the loss of stamina value…… how much stamina value do you have now?”



Zhang Qingyu moved his shoulder, “113.”



“What?” Xia Yi Hui was surprised, “Didn’t you say you were running out of stamina value to come out and find food? And isn’t the upper limit of stamina 100?”



At this time, even Xia Yihui had a little doubt that Zhang Qingyu was normal.



It was too strange, as a prey, Zhang Qingyu could actually grab and give time to others at will. On top of that, his stamina value directly exceeded 100! There were too many doubts!



Zhang Qingyu: “When promoted to S10, the stamina value will rise to 200. lv2 and above skills used again will consume stamina, and very quickly. That’s why I collect supplies to prevent the stamina value from clearing directly after the battle.”



Xia Yihui was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that not only did Zhang Qingyu level up quickly, but his skills had actually evolved as well.


This also meant that Zhang Qingyu had bought the gu-n in the cultivation space and still had at least 100 currency left over. He didn’t use these currencies instead he kept them.



How much confidence did this take?


Most people spent all their currency to prepare for the next copy and try to pull their starting point up.



Another thing, they were afraid that they would die in the next copy, and the unused currency would be wasted and not be cost effective.


This was exactly what Xia Yihui thought and did.



But Zhang Qingyu retaining currency involved a ‘storage’ concept.


Accumulate less to prepare for something better. If you spend all the currency as soon as you have it, then if you meet a Saint level skill or weapon, then you can only look at it and crave it.



In other words, Zhang Qingyu had great confidence that he wouldn’t die inside the copy.


The difference between people was really big. If he hadn’t met Zhang Qingyu, maybe Xia Yihui would have kept spending all the currency, never hoarding money, staying in a vicious cycle.


Thinking about it, Xia Yihui felt that the official Infinite Escape game was really too pitiful, everywhere held temptation that attracted players to go crooked.



Until now, Xia Yihui had taken the crooked path of ‘not knowing to keep the currency’.


Xia Yihui didn’t like to take the wrong path the most. Except for the accident at the research institute, he had always been smooth sailing throughout his life.

Noticing that the live broadcast room was about to reopen and the list was also about to appear.

Xia Yihui sped up his speech, grinned and said to Zhang Qingyu, “Big Boss Zhang, why don’t we cooperate?”




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