C81— Kill The Half-blood 10

   Shen Jue walked to Yu Qing’s room and met several servants on his way, who looked a bit surprised when they saw him, because this short house at the back of the manor was where they, the servants, lived, and as far as they could remember, the Duke had never been here before.

        They greeted Shen Jue, and one of them couldn’t resist asking him, “Duke, is there anything I can do for you?”

        “No.” Shen Jue refused.

        He ignored the surprised expression of the servants and went straight to the door of Yu Qing’s room. It wasn’t his first time; he’d been here the last time during the day.

        Shen Jue knocked on the door, and it was a while before he heard a hoarse voice from inside.

        “Who is it?”

        “Me.” Shen Jue replied.

        When the word was spoken, there was instant silence behind the door, and it took a while before the door was opened. Yu Qing looked like he had put on a shirt and pants in a rush, with one section of his shirt exposed, the zipper of his pants open, and his face had an inexplicable flush.

        Shen Jue glanced at him, “Won’t you invite me in to have a seat? “

        Yu Qing’s hand on the doorknob tightened quietly, and he gritted his teeth before saying, “My room is a bit messy, I’m afraid I’ll scare the Duke, but the Duke can give me an order if there’s anything.”

        “Then my order is for you to invite me in.” Shen Jue said calmly, taking a step forward.

        As soon as he stepped forward, Yu Qing hurriedly took a few steps back, as if Shen Jue was some kind of germ. Seeing this, Shen Jue simply walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

       As soon as the door was closed, Yu Qing’s expression immediately became much more nervous, and he even grabbed the edge of his pants, pinching the material. Shen Jue, on the other hand, surveyed Yu Qing’s room, and found nothing unusual except that the bed was a bit messy. He finally moved his gaze on Yu Qing’s face.

      Yu Qing’s face was red, and his pretty eyes were only looking at the floor.

        Shen Jue was silent for a moment before he said, “The drink you drank that day was drugged, the drug is called ten days of love, so the drug will last for ten days, how do you …… feel now?”

    “I’m fine!” Yu Qing looked up and blurted out, when he met Shen Jue’s eyes, he lowered his head in panic again and continued in a muffled voice, “I …… already have to get used to it, I’ll get over it if I put up with it, it’s just that I can’t work these days, I’ve already told the housekeeper to deduct my salary for a month.”

        “Is that so?” Shen Jue glanced at Yu Qing’s body.

        Yu Qing seemed to feel Shen Jue’s gaze, and his body shrank unnaturally, and the next thing he knew, he found Shen Jue sitting on the couch, and he said to him, “Come here.”

        Yu Qing froze, and only after half a second did he raise his head to look at Shen Jue. He looked at Shen Jue with uneasiness, and had a vague suspicion, but he wasn’t sure, what if it was just him getting ahead of himself again? Last time, Shen Jue had clearly said he didn’t like men.

        “Yu Qing, don’t you want me to help you?” Shen Jue said as he took a candy out of his pants pocket. There was still plenty of candy left from that time at the candy store, and he was now in the habit of keeping a few on his person.

        He peeled off the candy paper and put the candy in his mouth, and by the time he was ready to find a place to drop it, Yu Qing had already walked over.

        Yu Qing took the candy paper from Shen Jue’s hand, walked over to the trash can next to the bed, threw it in, and then slowly moved over to Shen Jue. Shen Jue was sitting and he was standing, that was, he was looking down at the other man. His gaze swept over Shen Jue’s face inch by inch before he took the initiative to sit across to Shen Jue’s lap.

        He didn’t move once he was seated, he just looked at Shen Jue quietly.

        Shen Jue frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Yu Qing took a soft breath, then gritted his teeth, and unlike last time, he didn’t do anything except sit on Shen Jue’s lap, he just stared at him.

Then his buckle was undone.

        But Shen Jue didn’t make any extra movements, he did it in silence, licking the candy in his mouth every now and then.

        The sweetness of the candy diffused in his mouth, as if all this wasn’t so disgusting, his slightly knitted brow gradually relaxed and regained its calmness.

        Yu Qing had come out in such a hurry that he had some control over it, by the time he realized what was happening, his pupils had quietly grown larger. Shen Jue hadn’t expected anything like this either, and his first reaction was to quickly close his eyes, his body stiffening even more.

Nothing like this had ever happened in any other realm, this was the first time. Just as he became disgusted, he felt as if something had touched his eyelids, followed by the tip of his nose, his chin, and finally the thing pressed against his lips.

  Half of the sugary taste in his mouth was gone.

     Shen Jue wrinkled his brow, still with his eyes closed, and after a while, he saw that the other still had no intention of stopping, so he couldn’t help but bite it.

    “Hiss.” The other withdrew quickly and sucked in a breath.

     Half a second later, the weight on Shen Jue’s legs disappeared, and after a while, he brought a wet, hot towel and carefully wiped his face, followed by a new towel to wipe his hands.

        Yu Qing wiped several times until Shen Jue’s face and hands had turned somewhat red, then he stopped and whispered, “There.”

        He knew the other man minded, or he wouldn’t have kept his eyes closed.

        Shen Jue finally opened his eyes, and the first thing he did when he opened them was stand up to leave, and when Yu Qing saw his action, he didn’t know where he got the courage to actually stand in front of Shen Jue, and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva before he said in a trembling voice, “Duke, don’t you dislike men?” Why …… why did …… he help him.

        He could actually tolerate it alone, it was just harder.

        Shen Jue didn’t look at Yu Qing, “Because you were drugged because you went out with me, I just don’t want to owe you anything.”

        Yu Qing smiled but shook his head, “No, you could have asked someone else to ……”

        This time he didn’t finish his sentence, Shen Jue interrupted him, “I was ready to call someone, but you didn’t want to, right? Yu Qing, what were you expecting?” The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, revealing a contemptuous smile, “You think I fancy you? That I want you to be my lover?”

        He stepped forward, and Yu Qing couldn’t help but step back until he reached the door, unable to retreat.

        Shen Jue raised his hand and cupped Yu Qing’s chin, saying softly, “You’re not worthy of being my lover except for your face, and even if I liked men, I wouldn’t want a half-blood like you. In a step back, if you really become my lover, but I want to get married later, what would you do? Continue to be my secret lover? Is it okay for you to never see the light of day?”

        Yu Qing eyelashes trembled lightly, he opened his mouth, his body trembled badly, after a while, he whispered, “If the Duke doesn’t want me, why did you want me to drink your blood? Why did you take me to the banquet? Why buy me clothes? And …… also you called me baby ……”

“It’s just interesting.” Shen Jue directly replied, “What did you think it was?”

        Yu Qing could no longer speak at his words, he wanted to say that the other was lying, but he didn’t seem to have a reason to say that.


        It seemed quite funny.

        He was just teased, yet he’d foolishly gone begging for s*x, thinking that the other man wanted him, but it turned out that he just thought he was amusing.

        Yu Qing looked at Shen Jue, then he pursed his lips and smiled slightly, “I …… know, I won’t misunderstand anymore in the future, but can the Duke …… stop doing these things, although I’m a half-blood, I’m also a person.”

        “Yu Qing, you are my slave, you have no right to object to whatever I want to do.” Shen Jue refused, his eyes calm and cold, and under that gaze, Yuk Qing felt as if he wasn’t a person, but merely an object.

        Yu Qing didn’t know what the right response was, he couldn’t refuse, couldn’t take the initiative, he could only suffer it all in silence.

        Shen Jue stared at Yu Qing for half a second and then suddenly said, “Kneel down and unzip my pants.”

       Yu Qing’s eyes immediately widened, he hurriedly shook his head, “I …… I ……” he wanted to escape.

      He obviously didn’t want him, so why this command?

    But Shen Jue gently held down his shoulders and lowered his voice, “You are my slave, Yu Qing, and you should do whatever I want you to do.”

     As a nobleman in the pureblood race, Shen Jue’s hearing was actually much better than that of the half-blood Yu Qing, and he suddenly gave this task because he had heard footsteps.

      This footstep was very familiar to him, after all, he used to listen to it often. In previous lives he often deliberately stayed in Qiao Jiangyuan’s home, but Qiao Jiangyuan was very busy, each time he had to wait for a long time, he had to pretend not to care, but every time someone passed by, he would carefully go to listen to the sound of footsteps, over time, he could accurately recognize the sound of Qiao Jiangyuan’s footsteps.

        First heavy, then light, the interval was always half a second.

      Although he didn’t know why Qiao Jiangyuan could come here, Shen Jue was ready to use this opportunity. He held down Yu Qing’s shoulders and used a little force to push the man down on his knees. And after a moment of silence, Yu Qing trembled and helped Shen Jue unzip his pants.

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