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Although on the outside, he looked mature and sensible, Duan Hengye also had a very childish side.

        For example, the current Duan Hengye was very much like a child who promised his parents that he would not watch TV again, but then picked up the remote control again after the other went out. As soon as the office door closed, he turned the light screen back to the file, and then continued working.

        Although recently, Duan Hengye’s work and rest was very chaotic, the robots in the office still followed the program set before and used the special robot channel to send up his breakfast. Duan Hengye’s office desk was very large, except for a lighted light screen, there was nothing on it.

        The position where the breakfast was placed was a bit far from Duan Hengye and the light screen that was directly opposite. So once again Duan Hengye didn’t notice, just when he was working, the robot helped him set breakfast on the table again.

        After serious work, time always passed quickly. Duan Hengye didn’t know how long it took to complete part of the work, but he finally moved his eyes away from the light screen. Because he maintained a position for a long time, Duan Hengye’s shoulders and arms were very sore at this time. He sat up straight, and then unconsciously reached out his hand to give his shoulder a firm tap.

        It was also at this time that Duan Hengye finally saw the breakfast laid out on the table. The meals at the institute were prepared by a nutritionist, and not only did they taste good, but they also looked very pleasing to the eye. So after seeing a few white porcelain plates on the table, Duan Hengye realized he was already a little hungry.

      Duan Hengye stood up from his position, and then stretched. Because the desk was very large, Duan Hengye wasn’t able to reach the breakfast set out in front. So after getting up, Duan Hengye went over and picked up the milk and bread that had gotten cold.

        Although the research institute didn’t promote luxury and waste, of course, breakfast wouldn’t be these simple meal. Duan Hengye chose to pick them, both because it wouldn’t be affect by heat or cold, but also because it was a time-saving meal.

So after standing and finishing the bread, Duan Hengye once again sat back down at his desk. This time, the robot refilled a cup of coffee for him, and the whole room was once again wrapped in that mellow aroma.

        By now, even Duan Hengye didn’t remember how long he had been working. Sitting down again to face the data, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel sleepy. He yawned, then gently rested his chin on his palm and began to slowly look back at his work records just now.

        Although Duan Hengye’s office waa connected to a lounge, in recent times, he had laid on his desk more than once. After eating, Duan Hengye’s spirit couldn’t help but drift down, sleepiness was coming to him.

        Just when Duan Hengye decided to simply lay there for a while, a prompt popped up on his light computer once again – someone was applying to enter the office.

        Whenever he received this prompt, Duan Hengye always opened it first to see who waa coming. However, because he was too sleepy now, after seeing this prompt, Duan Hengye, for the first time lazily didn’t click it, but directly gently clicked on the button to open the door.

        Except for Su Mingge, there was probably no one else who would come to his office.

        Duan Hengye, who had just almost fallen asleep, even acted half a beat slower, and after tapping the open door button, he first gently closed his eyes to relieve the soreness brought by looking at the light screen for a long time, and then moved his eyes towards the door

        “Su ……” After looking up and seeing who was standing at the door, Duan Hengye swallowed the last half of his sentence completely.

        How come Meng Jinhuai was here? Duan Hengye couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to gently rub his eyes. And only after making sure that the person who appeared in front of him wasn’t an illusion, he finally blinked with a surprised expression towards where Meng Jinhuai was standing: “…… Is there something wrong with the paperwork side?” Duan Hengye really couldn’t figure out what else Meng Jinhuai would come looking for him out of the blue for other than this reason.

        After all, as a military marshal, Meng Jinhuai’s daily routine would only be busier than his own. If it wasn’t for something big, Duan Hengye didn’t think the other would choose to suddenly change the trip plan that had already been arranged.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s question, Meng Jinhuai didn’t answer. As he got closer and closer, Duan Hengye finally saw that …… Meng Jinhuai’s expression seemed a little serious?

        He was drowsy, but in the next second after seeing the other’s expressions, Duan Hengye’s sleepiness was instantly scared away. Although Professor Duan wasn’t a person who waa too good at brainstorming, seeing Meng Jinhuai’s rare serious expression, his heart still instantly associated it with a myriad of possibilities.

        However, after seeing Duan Hengye’s tense appearance, Meng Jinhuai finally concealed his serious expression. Meng Jinhuai stood opposite Duan Hengye’s desk, and then suddenly sighed gently. After walking through the door, Meng Jinhuai noticed that there was a pile of breakfast on the corner of Duan Hengye’s desk that was barely touched, and the smell of coffee in the air was so thick that it couldn’t be dispersed. Obviously, he was being very casual.

        When sending the message just now, Su Mingge had already detailed the appearance of Duan Hengye inside the office and his current state. But after walking here, Meng Jinhuai realized that Su Mingge’s words were not only not half exaggerated, but were even euphemistic.

        When he first entered the door and saw this scene, Meng Jinhuai’s heart couldn’t help but feel some anger – according to reason, the Lord Marshal was often sensible and calm, he rarely got really angry, let alone because of this “little thing”.

   However, no matter how he felt just now, when you came closer and saw Duan Hengye’s drowsy expression, the anger in Meng Jinhuai’s heart subconsciously scattered in an instant.

        Standing across from Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai sighed gently towards him, and then said softly: “You can’t just focus on work and not on your health.”

        After speaking, Meng Jinhuai sat down on the chair opposite Duan Hengye, then hesitated a little and continued, “…… last medical examination results weren’t optimistic, you need to more attention to yourself than others.” Meng Jinhuai looked at Duan Hengye, “How many hours did you work in a row?” He asked.

Duan Hengye wasn’t a good liar, not to mention that he was far inferior to Meng Jinhuai in both acting and “mind reading” abilities. So after hearing hus question, Duan Hengye gently bit his lips and then honestly replied, “Maybe it’s more than ten hours …… I haven’t calculated it either.”

        Unlike the look he had when he was chatting with Su Mingge, facing Meng Jinhuai’s question, Duan Hengye unexpectedly developed a sense of weakness, so he didn’t speak as straightforwardly as he did just now.

        After hearing Duan Hengye’s tone of voice, Meng Jinhuai also no longer continued the topic. He got up again and took a look at Duan Hengye’s breakfast, then couldn’t help but frown at him and say: “The most difficult time for document cracking has already passed. The most important thing you should do now is to go back and rest for a while, and then continue after.”

        Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye glanced at his light screen again with some hesitation.  But before he could continue to say anything, Meng Jinhuai added “You must listen to me.”

        …… As a marshal with countless soldiers under his command, Meng Jinhuai’s tone of voice was just a little cold, yet it suddenly made people feel oppressed. Although Duan Hengye wasn’t a subordinate of Meng Jinhuai, but this trick was also very effective for him.

        Although the number of times he came to Duan Hengye’s office wasn’t many, but Meng Jinhuai was also clear about the structure of the place. Meng Jinhuai knew that Duan Hengye had lived here for a long time before, and as the director’s office, there was nothing missing here as well. But after Duan Hengye got up, Meng Jinhuai continued, “Let’s go back to the lounge, you need a good rest.”

        Meng Jinhuai’s tone didn’t leave a bit of room for Duan Hengye to retort.

        In fact, under most circumstances, Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who easily compromised. But he subconsciously knew that his behavior in recent times was indeed not very good, so Duan Hengye didn’t refute Meng Jinhuai’s words.


        The staff outside Duan Hengye’s office had seen Meng Jinhuai before, but no matter what, if the Lord Marshal appears behind you during your working hours without a sound, it was completely horrible thing no matter how they thought about it.

A few minutes ago Meng Jinhuai suddenly appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s office, and after seeing him, all the conversations in this office area stopped at the first time. Meng Jinhuai’s aura was not only as strong as ever, he looked even more cold …… so although the Lord Marshal was in front of their eyes, no one dared to greet him.

        Because of his appearance, the atmosphere inside the office area had a momentary stagnation, everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath, then watched as Meng Jinhuai walked into Duan Hengye’s office.

        And when the silver-white door slowly closed, although no one here dared to speak, and everyone still maintained their postions. At the same time, the internal chat system of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute suddenly had a large area of screen swiping.

        Those who swiped the screen were all from this office without exception.

        About ten minutes later, a beep suddenly came from the quiet office. People who were familiar with this sound know that it represented that the door of Duan Hengye’s office was about to open. So after hearing this sound, the staff who were still groping for gossip in the last second immediately shifted their attention back to their work interface …… and then used the corner of their eyes to secretly observe the door.

        After a while, the office door opened, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai walked out from inside together. Because they  worked near Duan Hengye’s office all the time, everyone had subconsciously gotten used to his recent state. So this time, everyone’s attention was all on Meng Jinhuai.

        Unlike the serious expression when he entered, just ten minutes had passed yet the corners of Meng Jinhuai’s mouth suddenly had a small curve. Even the “black qi” that surrounded Meng Jinhuai just now had disappeared. Everyone could see that Meng Jinhuai’s mood had also improved.

        Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai went out and stopped talking, but a transparent boundary was formed between them. Obviously they were in the same space as the two, but everyone felt excluded from the two of them ……

Although he hadn’t been there for a while, because of the robot care, the house had been maintained at all times. From the research building to the residential area, although it wasn’t far, because his attention was no longer on work, Duan Hengye’s stomach pain became obvious to him.

        Although Duan Hengye intended to conceal it, his subconscious reaction, as well as his slightly wrinkled eyebrows called Meng Jinhuai’s attention to the problem.

        After entering the door, Meng Jinhuai naturally took off the black military jacket he was wearing and hung it on the hanger at the door. Meng Jinhuai looked at Duan Hengye, who was moving slowly due to stomach discomfort, and then said to him, “Ah Heng, sit on the sofa and rest for a while, and then go to bed after eating.”

        Meng Jinhuai’s voice was extraordinarily gentle when he spoke, and after he finished speaking, he even went along with his hand to gently touch the top of Duan Hengye’s hair. In fact, Duan Hengye had already discovered early on that although he usually always looked serious, Meng Jinhuai had a pair of “smiling eyes”.

        Now Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were already very familiar, but just now when Meng Jinhuai spoke, Duan Hengye was close enough to see his expression and was ‘killed’ by the head rub, he couldn’t help but become a little dizzy. Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye replied with an “Oh.” Then, as he said, he went to the sofa, and then sat down.

        And after a while, Duan Hengye only reacted to one thing ……

        The robot that was responsible for cooking at home seemed to have been stopped long ago, so Meng Jinhuai told him to sit here and wait, what was he waiting for?

        Duan Hengye couldn’t help but stand up from the sofa again, and then look in the direction of the kitchen. The marshal was standing alone in the beige and white kitchen, he gently pulled up the sleeves of his shirt, and then slightly bent over to look for something in the room temperature cabinet in front of him.

        It looked like Meng Jinhuai was going to do it himself?

        Duan Hengye couldn’t help but be a little surprised, but he was more curious. Despite the stomach discomfort, after drinking the hot drink brought by the robot, Duan Hengye walked in the direction of the kitchen.

Hearing the footsteps, Meng Jinhuai turned around, he looked at Duan Hengye and smiled a little and then said, “Although my level of cooking is not as good as Professor Duan, you have to give some face later.” Meng Jinhuai said this in a joking tone, especially when it came to the words “Professor Duan”, the smile on his face became wider.

        Recently he had been too busy, Duan Hengye hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time. So after listening to Meng Jinhuai’s words, he also cooperated.  Duan Hengye pretended to think for a moment, then replied, “Okay, just a little.”

        Perhaps because their life span had been lengthened, the “childishness” of young people in this era was also heavier and longer than on Earth. Although Duan Hengye was now famous in the interstellar, but with his age alone, he also perfectly fit the word “young”.

        In the eyes of those who knew Duan Hengye, he had always been permeated with the calmness and maturity that was rare in his current age group. It was probably because Meng Jinhuai knew about Duan Hengye’s experience as a teenager, that after seeing Duan Hengye’s current appearance, Meng Jinhuai’s mood also became better.

        The kind of drug that the royal family used for control before, could cause emotional dullness in the person who took it by affecting the brain and nerves. Meng Jinhuai knew that the toxin deposits in Duan Hengye’s body were still there, and the damage to his body from those drugs hadn’t been healed. But after a period of metabolism, and the development of the body, the impact of drugs on his emotional side was gradually becoming weaker.

        Although after drinking the drink, Duan Hengye’s stomach was no longer as uncomfortable as it was just now. But when talking, Duan Hengye still subconsciously used one hand to gently hold the table. Seeing Duan Hengye’s action, Meng Jinhuai turned around and walked towards the living room, then brought the cup of hot drink over. “If you want to stand here and watch, then drink some more.” Meng Jinhuai said to him.

        Despite the ups and downs, Meng Jinhuai had lived in a top interstellar family since birth anyways. From a young age, Meng Jinhuai was surrounded by a bunch of robots that took care of everything in his life. It was reasonable to say that people who grew up in such an environment shouldn’t know how to do any of these things.

But from a long time ago, Duan Hengye knew that although Meng Jinhuai’s movements were a bit rusty, he could also cook. Now after seeing his natural movements, Duan Hengye realized that Meng Jinhuai was also very careful when taking care of people.

        Although his movements weren’t as skilled as Duan Hengye’s, the steps in Meng Jinhuai’s mind were still very clear. After handing the drink to Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai began to prepare the raw materials to be used later in order. The nobles of the Ye Tian Empire were taught strict etiquette and behavior from a young age, and Meng Jinhuai was no exception. What he was doing now seemed to have nothing to do with the word “noble”, but in the eyes of Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai’s actions were equally elegant.

        There was a high stool at the bar outside the kitchen, and after standing there for a while, Duan Hengye sat down on the stool. And after noticing that Duan Hengye had been looking at him seriously, Meng Jinhuai also slowed down the movements of his hands as he turned to Duan Hengye and asked, “What is Ah Heng thinking about?”

        “…… I was thinking, did you learn this when you were little?”

        Although he didn’t say the whole thing, Meng Jinhuai still understood what Duan Hengye meant. Meng Jinhuai carefully washed the vegetables on his hands while shaking his head a little and said to Duan Hengye, “No, the situation in Southern Star when I was a child was much worse than now. The usual curriculum, in addition to the basic courses, was mecha-related knowledge. Now these ……” he continued after a pause, “can be learned by people in recent years.”

        After Duan Hengye heard Meng Jinhuai’s answer, he was slightly flabbergasted.

        As a marshal, Meng Jinhuai had always given the Interstellar the impression of being self-disciplined and strict. Despite having countless admirers, and a large number of biographical and visual records from childhood, no one seemed to know what Meng Jinhuai’s leisure activities were.

        …… It didn’t seem right, it always seemed that Meng Jinhuai wasn’t in the same dimension with the words “entertainment” and “leisure”. This was why after hearing his answer now, Duan Hengye was so surprised. In fact, not only the ordinary people who were far away from the Southern Star and the military department, even him sometimes, couldn’t  help but deify Meng Jinhuai in their hearts.

        And now after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s answer, Duan Hengye suddenly caught a glimpse of his “mortal” side.

In fact, Meng Jinhuai wasn’t like those articles on the star network that described him as “born to belong to the battlefield”, he also loved an ordinary life. Even in his rare spare time, Meng Jinhuai would also study how to cook and always paid attention to the state of the people around him.

        This was a side of Meng Jinhuai that no one else on the planet understood, and this side could only be seen by him.

       As he thought of this, Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy.

        Although Meng Jinhuai was washing the dishes, but he was also paying attention to Duan Hengye. After seeing his expression, Meng Jinhuai’s heart couldn’t help but soften. He took out the washed vegetables and then put them on the bar beside Duan Hengye and said, “Well, don’t mind if the cuts are ugly.”

        After chatting with Meng Jinhuai and drinking the hot tea, Duan Hengye’s stomach was also quite comfortable. Meng Jinhuai wasn’t very skilled in cutting vegetables, so his speed reduced, but Duan Hengye wasn’t anxious, he  quietly sat there and watched the other’s movements.

        Time slipped away in this intermittent chat. Although both of them were involved in the recent document cracking work, when preparing the meal, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai very tacitly agreed that this matter shouldn’t be mentioned. If someone else had been in the house and heard the two chatting, they would never have thought that these two would be the military marshal and the director of the Mecha Research Institute – their conversation was no different from that of ordinary interstellar husbands.

        Although Meng Jinhuai had a good grasp of the steps, after all, he wasn’t practiced. After being busy for a while, Meng Jinhuai finally made a simple home-cooked meal. Although his speed was a bit slow, the interstellar insulation equipment was excellent. After so much time had passed, the earliest thing made was still hot.

        The only robot in the room responsible for doing housework brought the meal to the table. After washing his hands and sitting at the table, Meng Jinhuai took a look at the time, then said with some guilt, “Sorry, it took a little longer.”

        “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye hurriedly shook his head and took a slightly exaggerated breath and said, “It smells great.”

Duan Hengye wasn’t exaggerating it, although Meng Jinhuai’s movements weren’t very skilled, these home-cooked dishes were enough to whet one’s appetite just by smelling them.

        Although compared to the last time Duan Hengye made it himself, the food on the table looked a lot more plain. At this moment looking at the things on the table, Duan Hengye felt as if he could understand why some people like to post pictures of food on the star network.

        In fact, he …… also really wanted to show.

        So after half a day of internal agonizing, Professor Duan finally also did something that was extremely inconsistent with his persona. He brought his light computer over, then used the automatic shooting mode and took a picture of the dining table. After seeing Duan Hengye’s action, Meng Jinhuai wasn’t surprised, instead he took two gentle steps backwards.

        The dish that was just cooked was very simple, but because of the good grasp of the fire, the photo of the food on the plate looked very good. Meng Jinhuai just steamed two bowls of egg custard, each with a small shrimp on top, placed on the edge of the white porcelain plate, it looked really good. And because Duan Hengye’s stomach wasn’t settled, in addition to stir-fried vegetables, Meng Jinhuai also cooked a little noodles.

        The Lord Marshal arranged the plate very carefully, and with the fine tableware, the food in the photo looked extraordinarily delicate.

        By this time, Meng Jinhuai had already sat back in his seat. Duan Hengye’s hand hung above the photo for half a day, and finally …… while the excitement was still there, he pressed the post button with a vengeance. After waiting for the success prompt to appear, Duan Hengye finally sat back in his position, then put down the light computer, he couldn’t wait to pick up the chopsticks.

        Duan Hengye’s tastes weren’t very similar to the flavors that were popular in the interstellar world right now, but they magically were the same as Meng Jinhuai. Although today Meng Jinhuai intentionally made the dished a little lighter, the taste was still Duan Hengye’s favorite.

        In recent times, Duan Hengye often forgot to eat or casually make up for it, just like this morning. So when Duan Hengye smelled the aroma wafting from the table now, his hunger was finally completely mobilized.

        Stretching out his chopsticks to gently pick some noodles into his mouth, Duan Hengye’s appetite was instantly activated. And after seeing Duan Hengye’s expression, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but feel full of accomplishment. It was obvious that both people were busy, but when they got together, they subconsciously became extra relaxed.

Due to the overall simplicity of the meal, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai finished their lunch in no time. Now the robots had started washing dishes and the time was 2:00 pm at the Institute’s star. Because of his very sudden arrival, Meng Jinhuai still had some work to complete, so after eating he walked to the study and opened his light computer.

        Just now he was a little too relaxed, but after seeing Meng Jinhuai’s movements, Duan Hengye finally remembered that he also had things to do. But Meng Jinhuai like he knew what Duan Hongyi was thinking and directly killed Duan Hengye’s thoughts in the cradle.

        “Go rest first, and work after you get up.” The Lord Marshal gave an order.

        The sunlight at two o’clock in the afternoon was blazing hot, and under such sunlight, people were most likely to get tired. After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye also felt a wave of sleepiness coming on. Seeing that Meng Jinhuai didn’t have the intention to leave the research institute, Duan Hengye finally went back to the bedroom as he had said.

        He had been living in the research institute these days, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but speed up a lot. Now that he was back in a familiar space, although he knew there was still a lot of work left to be done, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but be affected by the environment and relax.

        By the time he slowly finished washing up and changed into a cotton robe, it was already more than half an hour later. Duan Hengye walked out from the washroom with a yawn, and as soon as he pushed the door open he saw …… Meng Jinhuai had arrived here at some point.

        Although the area of Duan Hengye’s room wasn’t as large as the one in the military department, there was enough space to set up a desk. Although the use rate of that desk wasn’t high because the study was right next door, it was enough. Duan Hengye saw that Meng Jinhuai had changed into his home clothes and was sitting down at the table.

        Seeing Duan Hengye come out, Meng Jinhuai nodded towards him and then asked, “I’m working here, I won’t disturb you, right?”

        At that, Duan Hengye hurriedly shook his head and said, “Of course not.”

        “That’s good,” Meng Jinhuai reolied and used the system attached to the light computer to adjust the light transmission of the bedroom window. In an instant, the room was dark, but it wasn’t quite dark. With the brightness plus the layer of gauze curtain, the atmosphere in the room immediately changed from noon to evening.

Meng Jinhuai put down the light computer, and then said to Duan Hengye, “Get some rest.”

        Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were such workaholics that they had always regarded “wasting time” as a very shameful thing. But now, when Duan Hengye was lying in bed and let himself fall asleep, he really felt for the first time that actually “killing time” was also a happy thing.

        Since he had been too tired, he immediately fell asleep.

        The time passed little by little, the stars outside the window finally escaped to a position below the horizon. Meng Jinhuai, who was working, suddenly closed the file he was browsing temporarily, and he switched his light computer to the home page of Starnet.

        Meng Jinhuai’s hand lingered on the Starnet search bar for a while, and then typed the word “Duan Hengye” on it. In an instant, the Starnet interface became crowded, and all kinds of news and discussions about Duan Hengye appeared in front of Meng Jinhuai, but he didn’t click on any of them.

        Before today, Duan Hengye had never posted anything on his Starnet account, but everyone’s attention to him wasn’t diminished by this. Duan Hengye just casually liking something made the entire Star network excited for several days, let alone this.

        Unlike Duan Hengye, who had little to no concept of Starnet social accounts, Meng Jinhuai still had some understanding of it. Although Meng Jinhuai had been psychologically prepared before he opened it, he couldn’t help but be taken aback after seeing the huge number of retweets under Duan Hengye’s only post.

        The interstellar netizens were more concerned about Duan Hengye than he thought.

        It was also only now that Meng Jinhuai clearly looked at the photo that Duan Hengye had taken. It was taken by the light computer from right above the dining table, the warm yellow light cast from the slant upwards, set the picture off in an extraordinarily warm way. This wooden dining table was from when Duan Hengye was small, although it was well maintained, but it had some noticable traces of age. Such small traces weren’t abrupt, and even with this picture, it perfectly blended together.

        Just by seeing this photo, the corners of Meng Jinhuai’s mouth started rising.

        The photo had been out for several hours, but the comments were still accumulating at a rate of thousands per second. Meng Jinhuai opened it. Then chose to sort it by popularity.

As a military marshal who was usually very busy, Meng Jinhuai almost never wasted his time reading Starnet comments. The Ministry of Military Affairs had a special department to focus on this matter anyway, if something happened, he would be the first to receive notice.

        But today, Meng Jinhuai was uncharacteristically interested.

        The reason was that not long ago, Meng Jinhuai had a similar photo in the same location and said that it was the work of Duan Hengye. So the Lord Marshal saw that the people in the comment section seemed to have decided that the dish on the picture was also from the hand of Duan Hengye. After all, these netizens couldn’t see the time spent on these dishes on the table, they only knew that it looked good.

        “Ahhh! Professor Duan actually sent a post, I did not see wrong, right?”

        “Or sunshine photos? It seems like Lord Marshal has sent similar ones before.”

        “Although I guessed that one day Professor Duan would definitely remember his social account, I really didn’t expect that the first thing he posted would be this!”

        After a while, Meng Jinhuai saw that the most popular comments in the comment section of Duan Hengye’s post were almost all in awe that Duan Hengye had “finally remembered his password” or that the picture wasn’t right, and by the way, the Starnet trend was also dominated by these two keywords.

        But in addition, there were also comments that had other styles. For example, Yu Xinran’s comment, although it was just posted, because of the identity of the commenter, it was still quickly topped and became one of the popular comments.

        “Yu Xinran.
Hahaha, it still looks beautiful, but the dish is simpler than last time. Professor Duan have you lost your level because you’ve been too busy lately?”

        “Meng Jinhuai.
I made it.

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