C6— Changing Apartments

  With this in mind, he was about to call He Yishu, but Lu Na stopped him: “Chengkun, don’t rush, Xiao Shu’s attitude is very firm, I’m afraid if you contact him now, it will only make things worse.”

After saying that, Lu Na used the corner of her eyes to give her daughter a wink, He Tingting immediately understood and said aggressively, “Dad, you don’t even know what He Yishu said before, he said if you don’t agree to break off the relationship with him, he will publish unfavorable information about you on the Internet, I tried to persuade him at that time, but he didn’t listen and hung up, he is simply too hateful! ”

He Chengkun was so angry that he slapped the table, gasping for air: “He dares!”

“That child is really ……” Lu Na pretended to sigh and suggested, “I’d better go there myself in the afternoon, after all, the only reason why Xiao Shu will do this is probably because of me, it’s me, who as a stepmother, failed to take good care of him ……”

The more Lu Na spoke like this, the more He Chengkun felt that He Yishu didn’t know anything, not only did he not understand the hardships of his family, but he also did this, his character was simply abominable!

Lu Na was satisfied with He Chengkun’s reaction, and then continued to lament: “But even if he isn’t happy with me, Xiao Shu is too capricious, he has just become an adult and doesn’t know what the outside world is like, without your protection, how can he live his life? In the end, won’t he suffer?”

  He Chengkun also immediately thought of this point, that rebellious son wasn’t only an a*shole, but also very stupid, he really thought that after leaving the He family, he could still live with no worries about food and clothing in the future?

With his mediocre qualifications, he could barely find an ordinary job in an ordinary industry, it was impossible for him to support himself!

  He was so stupid to think of getting rid of him as soon as he reached adulthood!

He Chengkun previously only felt that He Yishu’s action was rebellious and was slapping him in the face, so he was furious, but now he realized that such a stupid action was tantamount to seeking his own death, very childish.

“Don’t bother with him! Since he has already made his choice, let him see exactly what he has chosen!” He wanted to see how many more days that rebellious son He Yishu could live without him!

He Yishu didn’t know how his family reacted to his previous actions and didn’t care much, but to his surprise, he didn’t have to wait until the next day, he quickly received an application from He Chengkun on the virtual network to dissolve his blood relationship, custody relationship, and support relationship as one.

  After carefully reviewing the content of the application and making sure it was okay, he signed it without hesitation, recorded his voice, and completed the identity check.

In this way, this agreement took effect immediately.

The idea that from today onwards, he was completely cut off from all relations with the He family, made He Yishu grin with joy.

Well, tomorrow would also be a better tomorrow.

After passing the entrance exam, students only needed to complete the entrance report within three days, and classes officially started on the fourth day.

He Yishu didn’t rush to report, he spent three days to understand what kind of profession he was going to enter and to think about his future plans.

In fact, He Yishu originally wanted to buy some ordinary talisman paper and pens and draw a few more talisman cards to verify and further study his suspicions, but after learning that in order to obtain the specific data of a talisman card, it had to be tested by an expensive precision instrument, He Yishu had to give up this plan for the time being.

  Although there were many stores out there that offer data testing of talisman cards, He Yishu’s situation was after all special, and without being able to determine the other’s reputation and confidentiality, He Yishu didn’t dare to take the risk.

Anyway, the future was long, this matter wasn’t urgent.

  In the afternoon of the third day, He Yishu checked out of his hotel room and belatedly reported to the first college’s rune card program. The admission procedure was actually very simple, and it only took less than ten minutes for him to complete all the formalities, pay the fees, and get the electronic key to the student apartment, which made He Yishu feel better.

However, his a good mood disappeared without a trace after he used the electronic key to open the outer door of his student apartment, because the moment the door was opened, ambiguous sounds immediately drifted over.

  What was worse, the voices were also a bit familiar, He Yishu wrinkled his eyebrows, with a very heavy feeling of nausea, he confirmed that the voices were indeed the two scums who betrayed the original owner.

  It seemed that his luck wasn’t that good, the randomly arranged apartment was actually with this kind of person, He Yishu reached out and wiped his face, he neither walked in to interrupt the two excited scums, nor did he close the door in anger and leave directly, he just calmly dialed the communication device of the dorm assistant.

  ”I’m really sorry to bother you so soon, but I do have a very difficult problem that I need your help with,” He Yishu leaned his back against the wall and calmly opened his mouth to recount the matter, “My roommate is currently having vigorous exercise with someone on the couch in the living room of the apartment …..Yes, I have no intention of prying into other people’s secrets and I don’t want to disturb them, but the living room is a public area …… Do you need to hear their battle now? Yes, I asked for a room change, it has to be done, although I don’t discriminate, this incident has affect my mood greatly, and it will also affect my subsequent mood if I stay here …… Okay, then please come over now, I’m really sorry for bothering you with this kind of thing, and thank you ……”

Halfway through He Yishu’s words, the ambiguous sounds in the room had stopped, followed by a panicked but clearly lowered voice, about a minute later, the outer room door of the apartment was finally pulled open from the inside, and Du Fangping still with a clearly flushed face appeared in front of He Yishu.

“He …… He Yishu?” Du Fangping looked at He Yishu with some surprise, but quickly thought of something and said with some urgency, “Who were you just talking to?”

If he didn’t say this he would have thought Du Fangping was still in the mood to show off in front of He Yishu and give him a good blow, after all, Brooke was He Yishu’s ex-boyfriend who he was in love with.

  But at this moment he obviously didn’t have the leisure to do such a thing, he just enrolled in school and was reported, this was absolutely a very humiliating thing.

What was worse, he was obviously not the only one who heard the conversation, there was a student who walked past here looking over with a weirdly contemptuous gaze.

  Du Fangping’s gaze swept around, his eyes suddenly widened, he actually saw two apartments around the door that were open!

  He Yishu acted calmly, as if the person in front of him and the scum still in the room had nothing to do with him at all: “Student, you should have heard what I just said, I was just contacting the college’s dorm assistant in order to switch apartment rooms.”

Du Fangping stared at He Yishu with hatred, he wanted to punch the other and smash that calm face, but the situation was extremely unfavorable to him, he could only suppress his temper, “He Yishu, come in first, if there is any problem, we can discuss it slowly, so don’t bother the assistant.”

  He Yishu, however, shook his head half-heartedly without compromise: “No need, you just finished, well, or maybe you just did that kind of thing halfway, the air inside must be very unpleasant now.”

Du Fangping’s face was green with anger, how could this man …… be so hateful!

If this continued, it would only make things worse, Du Fangping took a deep breath and completely lowered his posture: “Yishu, I know you had a lot of misunderstandings about me before, but this time I really ……”

  Although He Yishu was calm on the surface, in fact, he was disgusted, he directly interrupted his words:  “First of all, no misunderstanding exists. I really poured out my heart on you, and you really deliberately slandered me behind my back and even shamelessly seduced my ex-boyfriend. These are undeniable facts; Secondly, I just want to solve the immediate problem now, but if you must settle the old scores with me, it is not impossible, but the result will obviously be more unfavorable to you. Are you sure you won’t consider it carefully? ”

  His words blocked Du Fangping completely, and he noticed that several people were secretly standing to watch the fun.

Just as Du Fangping’s face was changing between blue and white from anger, the dorm assistant finally arrived, he obviously didn’t expect this to happen in the freshman apartment, his expression wasn’t good.

The assistant first looked at Du Fangping, then turned his head to look at He Yishu: “Was it you who just contacted me?”

He Yishu nodded his head and said bluntly, “It’s me, I want to apply for a transfer of apartments.”

Seeing that there were already several students quietly surrounding them, the assistant glared at them warningly, “Let’s go in first and discuss this matter.”

Du Fangping hastily agreed, “It’s really bad to have an assistant standing around like this.”

He Yishu didn’t reject it outright, but only frowned slightly and said, “It’s really not appropriate for us to stand here and talk like this, but the smell in the living room of this apartment should not be small now, or ……”

He Yishu’s gaze swept around the doors of the surrounding apartment rooms and suggested, “Why don’t we talk in another apartment?”

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