C80— Kill The Half-Blood 9

The noise was so loud that the cheerful sounds next door stopped.

        When Shen Jue heard the sound, he went over to the bathroom.

        In the bathroom, Yu Qing had stood up, his snow-white feet were on the shattered fragrance bottle fragments, his hands still clutching the shards.

        He lowered his head and took the fragments to his wrist, this crazy strength made Shen Jue freeze, and Yu Qing was too fast, he had made a large cut on his wrist, the smell of blood quickly became overwhelming.

“Get out!” Shen Jue turned his head and looked at the bodyguard who was already vaguely showing his fangs.

        The bodyguard smelled the blood and guessed what might have happened in the bathroom, so he backed out with little hesitation.

        Shen Jue shouted the bodyguard out before frowning and walking into the bathroom, “What are you doing? Suic*de? You can’t die by slitting your wrists.”

        Yu Qing didn’t look up, his voice was hoarse, and he couldn’t hide his desire, “No, I just can’t stand it, it’s too hard.”

        Shen Jue didn’t expect Yu Qing to actually want to use the pain to suppress the dr*g, he went forward and forcibly snatched the pieces out of Yu Qing’s hand, and dragged the man out of the bathroom. Yu Qing’s feet were also injured, as he walked from the bathroom to the bed, he left bloody marks along the way, but he didn’t scream in pain, his attention was fixed on Shen Jue.

       Shen Jue dragged the man to the bedside and took off the shirt he had just put on. He tore a few long strips of cloth from his shirt and simply wrapped the wounds on Yu Qing’s wrists and feet, and only after doing this did he look at Yu Qing again, his gaze scrutinizing, “You want me to help you?”

        His words were too clean, Yu Qing felt a buzzing at the ears, he opened his lips, then realised that what he wanted to say was really difficult, he could only only slightly nod his head. He didn’t want strangers to touch him, and if it had to be someone, it might as well be Shen Jue.

        But this thought made Yu Qing’s hands and feet tingle a little, and he couldn’t even figure out what he was really thinking, whether he had no choice but to go to Shen Jue, or whether it was his selfish desire to be closer to him. But the next thing he knew, he wasn’t thinking about that anymore, because Shen Jue was already close to him.

        He was pinned to the bed and held by the other man.

        His hand was cold, a marked contrast to his burning hot skin.

    At first, Yu Qing twisted his face away in embarrassment, but then couldn’t resist pressing close to the other. He moved closer to the other man’s neck and eagerly licked the hole he had bitten a few days ago. Shen Jue frowned slightly, but quickly moved away, he didn’t pay attention to the small movements of Yu Qing, only concentrating on what he was doing now. But Yu Qing didn’t seem to think so, he wrapped himself around Shen Jue like a boneless goblin, and even took the initiative to raise his long, snow-white neck to the other, an initiative to seek. This was an initiative to seek pleasure, a subordinate showing a submissive gesture to his superior, but Shen Jue ignored him.

        His eyes were calm to a horrible level, even in the face of this colorful scene.

        Yu Qing gave Shen Jue a somewhat lost look, but instead of being discouraged, he pushed harder. He lifted his head slightly to kiss Shen Jue’s ear, his cheek, and was about to kiss his lips when Shen Jue dodged away.

        “Don’t do those things.” Shen Jue seemed a little bored, and he wrinkled his brow and whispered, “If you really want to, I can call someone in for you.”

        Yu Qing gritted his teeth and didn’t let that one sentence stop him, he even wrapped his arms around Shen Jue’s neck and licked his lips, “Am I not pretty? Does the Duke really not want me? I …… am clean and have never had anyone else.”

        This sentence was actually the most revealing thing that Yu Qing could say, perhaps the drug paralyzed him and made him dare to be so bold tonight. The other was a noble duke, his master, and Yu Qing was even wondering if he really became Shen Jue’s lover, if his status would be very different. Would Shen Jue give him back his contract?

        But the next development was a great disappointment, even a fatal blow, to Yu Qing.

        “I don’t like men, Yu Qing.” Shen Jue said indifferently, “If you keep this up, I think you can stay here.”

        When Yu Qing heard this, his face was completely white, his body trembled slightly, and his beautiful eyes immediately filled with tears, like gems sinking into the water, hiding endless sorrow, but Shen Jue ignored it, only looking at Yu Qing indifferently.

        Seeing such a reaction from Shen Jue, Yu Qing could only put his hand back, and he embarrassingly turned his face away, silently looking at the wall as he cried. This was the saddest day of his life, and he promised it would never be worse than today, when he had been so foolish as to ask a noble duke for that. The other must now despise him, and may feel in his heart that the half-bloods were so self-indulgent.

Yu Wing became lost in his thoughts, the heat in his body was still there, but his heart was like a glacier.

        After a long time, Shen Jue got up, and he washed his hands several times before walking out of the bathroom. Yu Qing was already sitting up, he didn’t look at Shen Jue, just walked towards the bathroom, and when he brushed against the other, he heard a voice.

        “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

        Yu Qing paused slightly in his steps and buried his head even lower, “Yes, Duke.”

        Because the bodyguard’s shirt was torn, Shen Jue could only barely put his own wet clothes on again, and when he was dressed, he grabbed his mask and money clip and went downstairs first to settle the bill, which he’d purposely given three times the price because the room had been made a little worse for wear.

        When checking out, he stopped by to look at the prices in the booklet.

        The most expensive one on it was only ten gold coins.

        But how much was Yu Qing’s pay for a month’s work? Shen Jue had no recollection of it; perhaps he should ask the steward.

        When Shin Jue returned to the car, he handed the driver his money clip, “Go to that candy store and settle the bill for me, just tell the shopkeeper that it’s the person that bought candy but didn’t settle the bill.”

        The owner of the candy store had seen Shen Jue enter the brothel. The owner of the candy store saw Shen Jue enter the brothel and kept staring out unintentionally, and only saw Shen Jue come out after a long time. When the driver came to check out, the owner’s expression was still a little bad, and when the driver was about to leave, she couldn’t help but call out to the other, “Wait, guest.”

        The driver turned back, “What’s wrong?”

        The shopkeeper bit her lip and took a chocolate from a box on the counter and handed it to the driver, “You’ve bought a lot, this is a gift.”

        “Okay, thanks.” The driver took the chocolate and headed out.

        When the driver returned to the car, Yu Qing and the bodyguard also came out. Yu Qing kept his head down and didn’t speak from the time he walked through to the time he got in the car. Only when he reached the manor did he say softly, “Duke, I’m a little tired, can I rest early this night?”

        “Hmm.” Shen Jue turned his head to look at Yu Qing, “Get some rest, and take the day off tomorrow as well.”

        Yu Qing was silent for a moment, “Thank you Duke.”

        Shen Jue sniffed and got out of the car first, but of course he hadn’t forgotten the drink that he had taken out of the auction hall. He handed the drink to the butler, “You go and check if there are drugs in it.”

        The butler’s pupils dilated slightly at his words, “Someone drugged the Duke?”

        “No, it should be an attempt on Yu Qing.” Shen Jue said indifferently, “See if you can find out who it is.”

“Yes, Duke.” The butler immediately answered.

        Shen Jue nodded his head, while Xiang Wen, who had been unable to resist long ago, hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Duke, your clothes are soaking wet, go back to your room first to take a bath and change your clothes, don’t get sick.” He habitually stepped on Yu Qing’s foot, “That Yu Qing really does not know how to serve the Duke, actually let the Duke back in this way.”

        Shen Jue didn’t pay any attention to Xiang Wen, but went straight back to his room. When Xiang Wen saw this, he hurriedly followed him. He couldn’t help but complain about Yu Qing while Shen Jue was taking a bath, until he saw the impatient look on Shen Jue’s face and he snapped to a halt.

        “Ask the housekeeper to send some medicine to stop bleeding to Yu Qing.” Shen Jue suddenly remembered something, and instructed Xiang Wen.

        Xiang Wen’s eyes flickered, “Yu Qing is injured?”

        “Don’t ask so many questions, just go and do it.” Perhaps it was because Shen Jue was tired this night, he had never felt Xiang Wen talked so much.

        Xiang Wen stood up straighter with some fear when Shen Jue said this, “I’ll go talk to the housekeeper right away.”

        It was only after Xiang Wen left that Shen Jue closed his eyes wearily.

        Not long after, he voluntarily sank into the water, letting the water surround him, just closing his eyes. The scene in the broth*l seemed to be still fresh in his mind, making him a little distracted by such unexpected things. In fact, he should have touched Yu Qing tonight, so that Yu Qing would have feelings for him, but only he knew that his body hadn’t reacted.


        The next day, Shen Jue made a payment to the Wei family’s account, asking about the buyer of the ring by the way, and found that it was the same as in previous lives. It seemed that the ring had still fallen into Qiao Jiangyuan’s hands in this life, but Shen Jue felt that the fact that he had brought Yu Qing to the charity banquet last night would definitely reach Qiao Jiangyuan’s ears, and that Qiao Jiangyuan would do something when he found out.

        As expected, a few days later, Qiao Jiangyuan came to the door again.

        But Shen Jue didn’t see him, he directly asked the housekeeper to say that he wasn’t at home. Qiao Jiangyuan stood at the courtyard and glanced into Shen Jue’s room, the curtains weren’t fully closed and he could see the light inside.

        Shen Jue had done it on purpose, he just wanted Qiao Jiangyuan to know that he didn’t want to see him.

        Qiao Jiangyuan came back later and was still treated the same way.

The imperial capital wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small, but the circle of nobles was very small. Qiao Jiangyuan was rejected by Shen Jue and within a few days, it was well-known, these people liked drama, immediately a good person organized a banquet, and specially sent invitations to both Shen Jue and Qiao Jiangyuan.

        In the past few days, the housekeeper found out the drink was indeed drugged, the drug was made specifically for disobedient lovers. The drug was very strong, strong in that it would last ten days, so the name of this drug was called ten days of love.

        This kind of medicine was very difficult to buy, the housekeeper checked the black market, only to find that recently many people bought this kind of medicine, and it was anonymously bought, so he didn’t find out who drugged the drink.

        When the housekeeper told Shen Jue about this, Shen Jue couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, so he asked, “Is Yu Qing in the kitchen these days?”

        It seemed he hadn’t seen the other man for a few days, and he assumed it was because Yu Qing was still shy about that day and didn’t want to see him, so he didn’t pay too much attention to the other man’s movements.

        The housekeeper coughed before saying, “Yu Qing asked me for a few days’ leave, and when I saw that he was indeed unwell, I granted it.”

        Shen Jue thought for a moment, then got up, “I’ll go see him.”

        He took a few steps, then suddenly stopped and looked back at Xiang Wen. Xiang Wen was puzzled by the stare, and before he could say anything, he heard Shen Jue say, “You don’t have to follow me up, I’ll be fine alone.”

        Shen Jue dropped those words and left, and Xiang Wen stood in place for a while, finally unable to resist gritting his teeth.

        That lowly half-blood must have used every trick in the book to seduce the Duke the last time he had attended the banquet, right? That ten-day love, it was estimated that Yu Qing, who was shameless, gave it to himself.

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