C3– The Aggressive Mother Cui

Cui Xian violently pushed her away and took a few steps back, rubbing his forehead hard with his jersey. At the same time, he actually heard the girl’s low laughter, “Still so clean.”

He looked up and was about to get angry when he saw the girl looking at him with red eyes and a forced smile on her cold, repressed face.

Cui Xian froze.

The silent stadium suddenly erupted into a burst of laughter.

Someone shouted at the top of his lungs, “Wei Sheng! Where’s your part in this skit?”

“Get out! Where’s the SB that just spoke?!” [tn: SB- Stupid C*nt]

“Wei Sheng! You’re showing your spots!”

“Holy sh!t! Our class’s Wei Sheng and Cui Xian?”

Wei Sheng slowly put away her smile and looked blankly at the countless people around her laughing and cursing, she vaguely felt that something was wrong.

The other players on the court couldn’t help but laugh, and some even doubled over with laughter.

She slowly turned her head to look at Cui Xian and asked dully, “Cui Xian …… what time is it now?”

With a cold face, Cui Xian ignored her.

Wei Sheng once again turned her head to look at the crowd, feeling like the sound of laughter and cursing amplified countless times, the sky began spinning, then she fainted.


When she woke up again, she was already in the infirmary of the school.

The first thing she saw was Cui Xian, who was in the middle of a group of students playing downstairs.

He was clean and good-looking even among thousands of students and could still be noticed at a glance.

“Ms. Cui, take it easy, we didn’t say that the child was in love, we need to wait for Wei Sheng to wake up and ask her clearly.” The voice outside the door came from a middle-aged male, Wei Sheng felt some familiarity.

“Principal Wang, it was your teacher who called to tell me that Cui Xian had a tendency to fall in love early in school, and your teacher didn’t ask how bad the impact of creating such a rumor about Cui Xian would be if it got out?” The woman fiercely questioned the man.

The woman who spoke, Wei Sheng knew that her name was Cui Yongzhen and she was Cui Xian’s mother. The reason why Cui Xian had his mother’s name was because his father entered the Cui family, a large family, instead.

  She knew this woman because she had been considered by this woman to be Cui Hyun’s girlfriend, but she wouldn’t allow her son to go out with such a low-class girl and tried to intimidate her behind his back.

Wei Sheng’s first impression of her was that she was high and proud, Cui Xian looked a bit like her, but he was indifferent and reticent, and not as stereotypical, shrewd, strong, and aggressive as his mother.

Immediately after, footsteps from a distance approached, accompanied by the sound of talking, “Sorry I’m late, I was in the year group meeting! Hello, I’m Wei Sheng’s father, my name is Wei Jiefang.”

Hearing this voice, Wei Sheng’s heart thudded, she only knew that it was now 1998, but didn’t know what month it was, if it was before October, then her father was still the fourth middle school teacher, then he quit his job to go into business, and a few months later due to business failure and debt, he jumped to his death!

At this time, hearing the voice of her father, Wei Sheng’s heart became sore, she was sure that this moment was before October, her father was still in this school as a teacher!

Her family’s living conditions were not particularly bad, but also not good, her parents were ordinary people who relied on wages to support her, but after the death of her father, her mother remarried, her life could be said to have fallen all the way to the bottom.

Since high school, Wei Sheng had worked hard all the way to college, and besides her junior year of high school, she had to work for her tuition, she hardly asked her mother for any living expenses or tuition, and relied on racing to help her family, then the debt was paid off.

She thought more than once, if her father was still alive, her life would not have to be so hard? At least it wouldn’t be much different from people her age?

Despite this, but Wei Sheng’s heart wasn’t filled with hate, she knew that her father was cheated by people, forced into a desperate situation, and was forced to die.

Outside the door.

“You’re Wei Sheng’s father? Well, can you explain what your good daughter did to my family’s Cui Xian at the school playground ?” Cui Yongzhen’s face was sullen and full of displeasure.

Wei Jiefang was apologetic, “Can you wait until Wei Sheng wakes up and ask her clearly? I believe that this child will not play a rascal without a reason.” Yes, he had heard about his daughter’s glorious deed on the basketball court, kissing Cui Xian in public wearing a revealing tank top and being accused of being a hooligan.

But he didn’t believe it, he knew what kind of temperament his own child had. How could she dare?

“Is there anything else to wait for? Half a day and yet she’s still not awake?” Along with the sound of Cui Yongzhen’s voice, the door of the room had been pushed open by someone.

Wei Sheng turned around and met face to face with the three people standing outside the door.

Cui Yongzhen was wearing a delicate professional suit, dark red hip skirt and a suit blouse, her black hair styled in a bun, looking meticulous.

Curled hair was in vogue this year.

And Wei Jiefang, wore a white shirt, gray pants, ironed without wrinkles. He had a well-trimmed short hair, high nose, and at this time, his serious stereotypical face had a hint of panic, as if to prevent the woman from opening the door.

   As for Principal Wang, who stood behind the two, he had round golden rim glasses and an oval face.

Wei Sheng remembered that Principal Wang was later transferred to the Chaonan City Education Bureau and then promoted to the deputy director of the Provincial Education Department, which really gave Hu Tai County a face to compete for glory.

“You see, the child isn’t awake? She’s out of bed and heard us talking yet she didn’t say a word.” Cui Yongzhen said faintly in an intimidating voice.

Did Wei Sheng have a weak heart?

Wei Sheng looked at the three and slowly smiled, she greeted them one by one, “Hello Principal Wang, Hello Aunt, father.”

The face of Wei Jiefang obviously relaxedd, full of gratitude for his daughter’s polite performance.

“Since you are awake talk about it, what the h*ll is going on today?!” Cui Yongzhen gave a light hum. It was Cui Xian’s class teacher who called her today, saying that Cui Xian was having an early love affair at school?

How could it be? She immediately went to the school to ask about her son’s involvement, her son’s temper, she as a mother knew it best.

   So this time she went to the principal, the principal at the time didn’t understand the situation, so he asked a student who was there to give him a detailed explanation.

The child said that the girl named Wei Sheng kissed Cui Xian forcefully in the playground, causing a big stir in the school, hearing this, Cui Yongzhen became extremely angry.

How big was this? Kiss? What if she delayed her child’s education? Besides such a bad influence, the situation could be misunderstood.

If Wei Sheng knew this, she would have to faint again, she clearly kissed Cui Xian’s forehead, when did it become a forced kiss on Cui Xian’s mouth?

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