C60– Kill That Gentleman 23

When he saw the man on the roof, he gripped the whip tighter in his hand, his finger bones shook, and he said coldly, “He Qiuying, how dare you betray me!” His words were full of killing intent.


He Quying was still wearing his white clothes, and the wind blew his robe to a rumble. He was looking down at Yu Ci, his face still had the same gentle look as before, “Why should the island master be angry? I just saw that the island master is not interested in the affairs of the island, I want to help the island master share his worries.”


Yu Ci said sarcastically, “You want my position?”


He Qiuying lowered his head and smiled faintly, he took off off the waist plate on his waist, which was a symbol of his status as left protector. “I’m really tired, I don’t want to help the island master clean up messed, the Ten Extremities Island doesn’t need a master like the island master.” He raised his head and dropped the shattered waist plate in his hand, and at that moment, a group of black-clad masked men immediately appeared on the roof.


He looked around and gritted his teeth, “You people want to betray me too?” He looked at He Qiuying, “Where is Yuan Hao? Did he betray me too?”


When He Qiuying heard this, his expression became a bit unclear, he said with a deeper meaning, “When the island master is sacrificed, Yuan Hao will be sad for a while, but it can’t be helped, Sang Xinghe set up a Banquet, and the island master still came uninvited, it’s no one’s fault.”


Shen Jue looked at the scene a little surprised, but as he thought about it, he suddenly realized that the previous lives were not the same as this.


For example, the Tian Luoan had “Xuan Yingong” the world’s most precious treasure, in the end who got it? Why didn’t he hear this kind of talk in this life.


Even though Sang Xinghe had come out of the island earlier than in previous lives, but now at the end of the year, what should have happened had not happened, so it could only mean that the person who had spread the rumours about the Xuan Yingong in the previous lives had changed his actions, and combined with He Qiuying’s sudden betrayal, Shen Jue faintly felt that perhaps the person behind this matter in previous lives might be He Qiuying.


In the previous lives, He Qiuying had seen that Yu Ci was going to let Sang Xinghe go, so he had spread the rumor in advance, so that when Sang Xinghe arrived at his master’s sect, he would only see his dead master, and he was arrested by the righteous people and tortured day and night to ask about the whereabouts of “Xuan Yingong”.


But Sang Xinghe had a knot in his heart, he was imprisoned in the Ten Extremities Island for more than a year, he had a deep hatred. Although he went to the island with Yu Ci at first, he gradually lost weight. Even if Yu Ci sealed the Yi Shui Pavilion, even forbidding the whole island to walk around at will, it was of little use.


After Yu Ci saw that Sang Xinghe was uncomfortable, he decided to let go of everything and leave the Ten Extremities Island with Sang Xinghe.


In this life, Yu Ci had moved on, could this be the reason for He Qiuying’s direct betrayal?


But this was still a bit far-fetched, if the person behind the push was really He Qiuying, why he was quiet in previous lives when he left the Ten Extremities Island, but in this life, he changed his style of work, become so radical, and even cooperated with the martial arts sects?


Was there something else that he did not find?




Shen Jue thought about things for a while, while at this time the banquet was already at an intense point.


The crowd’s eyes were firmly fixed on Yu Ci, and no one made a rash move. The majority of the reason why Yu Ci could be a great devil was because Yu Ci’s martial arts skills were really high. The martial arts sects usually had a group of people together, but he was more accustomed to being alone.


So even if there was only one person, the crowd didn’t dare to rashly take action, but this was a good opportunity to kill the big devil, no one wanted to miss it, if they could fight in this matter and personally kill the big devil, their name would be known throughout the world.


Yu Ci’s eyes swept through the faces in front of him. Finally, he set his eyes on Sang Xinghe’s face. He smiled wildly and said defiantly, “Sang Xinghe, I really didn’t expect you to have such good means. When you were on the island, you didn’t want to try and love me. You probably gave He Qiuying a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the courage to betray me. No wonder he cared so much about you at the beginning, what did you give him?”


He said this viciously, Sang Xinghe became a person who traded his body in his mouth.


But Sang Xinghe’s expression didn’t even change a bit, he just shook the iron fan in his hand, “Lord Yu, do you still have anything to say? It may not be possible to say later.”


Yu Ci hummed before he slightly inclined his head to look at Shen Jue. His gaze became extremely complex at this moment, with so many emotions mixed in it that before Shen Jue could think clearly about what he was thinking, he was grabbed by the neck.


He grabbed Shen Jue in front of him, “Sang Xinghe, this b*tch wanted to see you again, you can kill me if you want, but it depends on whether you want his life.”


Sang Xinghe looked at this scene, a nice curve swept out of his lips, “We are different from the Island master, and do not kill innocent people.”


Both of them understood each other’s meaning.


Yu Ci sniffed and let go of Shen Jue directly, as he pushed him away, “Alright, I hope you’ll do what you say, or you’ll all go together.”


Shen Jue stumbled, and when he stood up, he had already made his move, using his long whip to wrap around the nearest man and slashed him.


Once he did, the crowd on the field moved.


The more blood on the hem of his shirt, the more excited he became, and he was almost red-eyed at the end.


He Qiuying saw this scene, his expression couldn’t help but change, even he, did not expect Yu Ci’s martial arts skills to be at such a high level, Yu Ci only had scratches on his body. He turned his gaze slightly and put it on Shen Jue who was standing by the wall.


All of them were attacking Yu Ci, Shen Jue was forgotten, no one paid attention to him.


The next moment, he flew down and landed directly in front of Shen Jue. Shen Jue saw He Qiuying coldly, and before he could move, he was already grabbed by the arm.


“Shen Jue, would you do me a small favor?” He Qiuying spoke really gently, but his hand was pushing hard, as if he was afraid that Shen Jue would escape.


Shen Jue looked at He Qiuying, his brows knitted slightly, and when He Qiuying saw this expression on Shen Jue’s face, he smiled, and then he took the knife from Shen Jue’s hand. Shen Jue’s hand had been hidden in his sleeve, and he didn’t know how He Qiuying had found it.


Now that the knife had been returned to its rightful owner, He Qiuying looked at the knife in his hand and switched places with Shen Jue, placing it against Shen Jue’s neck and called out, “Island Master.”


When he heard He Qiuying’s voice coming from where Shen Jue was standing before, he turned his head to look, and when he did, he became furious, “He Qiuying, how dare you!”


He Qiuying pushed the knife even further in, and a bloodstain instantly appeared on Shen Jue’s fair neck, “Island Master, you are too powerful, so many people can’t kill you, so I can only come up with this one solution, it was you who said that those who achieve great things must do nothing but evil, I learned from you.”


He was distracted by He Qiuying and immediately received a heavy slap on the back, his body staggered, when he turned around, the other side of his face was full of blood.


When Sang Xinghe saw He Qiuying threaten Yu Ci with Shen Jue, his men’s movements were all a beat, and he couldn’t help but look at He Qiuying, his expression gradually thickening. He Qiuying was the only one who looked at ease, and he even lowered his head and spoke next to Shen Jue’s ear, whispering, “Do you think that Yu Ci will give up his hands for you?”


“He Qiuying, we had a deal back then.” Sang Xinghe couldn’t help but speak up.


He Qiuying raised his head and said in a hoarse voice, “Warrior Sang, I only promised to give you Shen Jue when the matter was completed, but I didn’t say whether it would be alive or dead, if we don’t threaten Yu Ci with Shen Jue, I’m afraid that half of our people will die.”


When he heard He Qiuying’s words, he sneered, he no longer looked at He Qiuying’s side, “If you want to kill him, just kill, do you think I would not want my own life for him? It’s just a thing.” After he said these words, his expression was even more ruthless, and he laid his hands as if he didn’t care.


He Qiuying gave a tsk, seemingly with some regret.


The deepest wound was inflicted by Sang Xinghe, the wound was from the chest to the abdomen, and his clothes were cut open to reveal the belly duduo inside.


The people present saw and couldn’t help but sneer: “A good big devil, in private also wears a woman’s belly duduo, really a crazy person.”


“I heard that this devil also confessed to the warrior Sang, I’m afraid that he really considers himself as a woman, if I were the people of the Ten Extremities Island, I wouldn’t serve this as the island master.”


“This is a misogynistic devil, he should be punished!”


Yu Ci wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, a mouthful of white teeth were dyed red with blood, he heckled them, “Even if I am unmanly and unwomanly, you are just a bunch of trash, defeated men.”


Sang Xinghe looked at the wretched Yu Ci, and said in a deep voice, “Yu Ci, if you tie your hands and surrender, we can give you a chance to repent.”


Yu Ci laughed sarcastically at his words, “Why should I tie my hands and give up? If you have the guts to kill me today, I will gouge out the eyes of all of you and make wine to drink, and empty your hearts and lungs and feed them to the dogs.” He said word for word, “I’ll do what I say.”


He was covered in blood and said this like a crazy ghost.


He Qiuying looked at him coldly for a moment, then flipped the knife in his hand and stabbed it directly into Shen Jue’s arm.


Shen Jue let out a muffled grunt of pain.


The place was so noisy, but this muffled grunt was heard.


He turned his head to look at Shen Jue, the corners of his eyes faintly red, and his lips pursed into a tight line.


He Quying slowly turned the knife around at the wound, and Shen Jue blanched in pain as a result.


“Yu Ci, tie your hands, and I’ll let him go if you stop.” He Qiuying said softly.

Yu Ci clenched the long whip in his hand, which was full of blood, and the handle of the whip was almost impossible to hold, because of his sweat and blood. He stiffened and finally turned, he looked at Sang Xinghe not far away, finally, he shouted and moved his whip towards him.

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