C62– Kill That Gentleman 25

The young lady finished speaking and covered her lips, as if she had said something she shouldn’t have said.

And the next moment, she was grabbed out.

Sang Xinghe’s voice came from outside, “Younger sister, why are you here?”

The Little Sister coughed and seemed embarrassed, “Eldest Brother, I came to ask you how things were going, you wouldn’t even let me go with you during the day today.”

Shen Jue still wanted to listen, when he saw Sang Xinghe close the door completely, followed by the sound of footsteps walking away. It seemed that Sang Xinghe didn’t want him to hear too much. After thinking about it, Shen Jue decided that he should continue eating. Anyway, he had only one goal from beginning to end, to make Sang Xinghe fall in love with him and then kill him, and now it seemed that things weren’t particularly bad.

It seemed that Sang Xinghe and his little sister were not a couple, and that the announcement of the wedding was nothing more than a trap to lure him in. This somewhat reassured Shen Jue, if Sang Xinghe had gotten married, his realm would have been a complete failure.

Sang Xinghe soon came back, he saw Shen Jue, who was eating with his left hand, and had a smile on his lips, “It’s inconvenient, isn’t it? Should I feed you?”

Shen Jue lifted his eyes wearily and glanced at Sang Xinghe. When Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue’s expression, he immediately understood and sat down across from him, pouring a cup of tea for him, “It’s good to eat slowly, so you don’t choke when you sleep later.”

Shen Jue ignored him and ate his food unstably. Sang Xinghe silently took in the scene and said nothing. When Shen Jue had finished eating, Sang Xinghe asked someone to come in and put away the dishes.

After eating, it was time to get down to business.

Sang Xinghe looked at Shen Jue, the warmth of the candle flame reflected in his eyes, and after leaving the island, Sang Xinghe seemed to have become more vivid.

“Does your previous injury still hurt?” Sang Xinghe asked in a low voice.

He’d wanted to ask when he’d helped Shen Jue bathe, the hideous scar was so conspicuous on his snow-white belly that it was impossible to ignore.

Shen Jue shook his head.

Sang Xinghe’s eyes were tinged with guilt, “I wanted to see you, but He Qiuying wouldn’t let me see you, so I had to leave the Ten Extremities Islands first.” He swept a glance at Shen Jue’s hand in his lap and slowly stretched out his own hand to grab it, “Now that you’re here, you’re safe for now, and I’ll do my best to protect you. I think he might come back, so you should not go out for a while.”

His hands were folded together, and Sang Xinghe easily found that Shen Jue’s hands were as cold as snow, and his long, handsome brows knitted slightly, “Why are they so cold?” He had now recovered most of his internal strength, and with the support of his internal strength, his body naturally heated up, so even in winter, he did not need soup, so there was no such thing in the house, only a charcoal fire.

He had just stood up when his cuffs were grabbed.

Sang Xinghe was slightly stunned, and then his back was pressed against a not-so-warm body.

Shen Jue pressed his face against Sang Xinghe’s back, his red lips parting slightly, “Don’t go.” His voice was soft, as if the sound of the burning coals in the room could drown out his voice.

Sang Xinghe was silent for a moment, but still pulled Shen Jue’s hand off his body. He turned around, already smiling, “I’m just going to get a soup tart, I’ll be back soon.” He paused and touched Shen Jue’s head, a gesture that was intimate but devoid of affection.

After Shen Jue keenly noticed this, he refused to let go of Sang Xinghe even more.

Something must have happened that he didn’t know about when Sang Xinghe returned to Tian Luo Sect.

Shen Jue hugged Sang Xinghe again, this time from the front. Sang Xinghe took a breath and was forced to raise his head, he looked a little helpless, “So I shouldn’t go to get the soup? Xiao Jue, let go of me first.”

Shen Jue looked up at him, his eyes serious, “Why do you know my name?”

Sang Xinghe pursed his lips and immediately replied, “He Qiuying told me, so I know it. Xiao Jue, why don’t you let go of me first, how can I talk like this?”

Shen Jue didn’t let go, “You were able to talk when it was more intimate, so why can’t you now?”

The person who spoke wasn’t shy, but the person who heard it blushed.

Sang Xinghe’s fair face was tinged with a layer of scarlet, like a magnolia flower under the setting sun, endlessly beautiful. He looked at Shen Jue and sighed after a long time, “That was …… that I was drugged, and you were forced, so it can’t count, if …… if we want to be together, it’s only if we have feelings first. ” His voice lowered, “You don’t know what kind of person I am yet, you shouldn’t make decisions so rashly, having a good feeling for someone is not the same as spending your life with the other.”

But what Shen Jue wanted wasn’t to spend a lifetime together, he just wanted Sang Xinghe’s true heart, as long as Sang Xinghe fell in love with him, no matter what way he could break these d*mn realms, he was willing to do it, he didn’t want to go on hopelessly reincarnating in these realms anymore.

So he thought about it and simply stood slightly on his tiptoes and kissed him directly.

Sang Xinghe’s body stiffened, his gaze was fixed on the teenager at arm’s length. Shen Jue pressed his lips to the other party’s, and the next thing he knew, there was no movement. He looked at Sang Xinghe’s reaction and found that the other party’s reaction was really calm, so he couldn’t help but be a little frustrated.

Shen Jue’s brows knitted slightly and his body was about to retreat, but before he could do so, he was picked up.

He had always worn white clothes and rarely wore richly colored clothes, but now that he was wearing red, his face was even more beautiful. He picked up Shen Jue, taking special care not to touch his injured hand.

“You really want to stay with me?” Sang Xinghe’s voice was low and his tone was serious.

Shen Jue nodded, the next instant Sang Xinghe carried him to the bed.

Once Sang Xinghe had put him down, he turned and went to the closet, and when Shen Jue saw what he had taken out, his eyes couldn’t help but change a little, it was a set of bridal clothes. He took the clothes and walked over to the bed, his lips holding a smile, “Do you want to try it on?”

Shen Jue wrinkled his eyebrows and shook his head quickly.

He wasn’t blind, the clothes were obviously women’s clothes, he didn’t want to wear them.

Sang Xinghe bent down and looked down at Shen Jue, his eyebrows seemed a bit regretful, “Really don’t want to try it on? I asked the embroiderer to make it according to your size, and the embroiderer even asked me at the time if I was wrong about the waist being so thin.”

Shen Jue felt that Sang Xinghe was just trying to trick him into wearing a woman’s dress, the embroiderer made a woman’s wedding dress, and a woman’s waist was naturally thinner than his, so if the embroiderer asked that, he definitely wouldn’t be able to wear it.

“I won’t try.” Shen Jue refused.

Sang Xinghe sighed, “I still want to drink the wine with you later, after all, everyone in the world knows that this night is Sang Xinghe’s wedding night.” As he said this, he slightly turned his face sideways and pretended to be vulnerable, “I thought Xiao Jue would be happy, but it turns out that’s not the case, it’s late, Xiao Jue better rest early.”

What did that mean? If he didn’t wear it, he wasn’t going to be with him?

Shen Jue’s heart raced and he reached out and grabbed Sang Xinghe’s sleeve, “You ……” he said one word and closed his mouth again, but he still didn’t want to wear a woman’s clothes.

Sang Xinghe twisted his head to look at him, “Hmm?”

Shen Jue pursed his lips, his eyes harboring a layer of displeasure, but he still reached out and grabbed the garment in Sang Xinghe’s hand.

But Shen Jue had never worn women’s clothes before, let alone this complicated wedding dress, so he tried to put it on for half a day but couldn’t get it on properly. After a long time of being stared at by Sang Xinghe as he put on his clothes, Shen Jue’s heart was on fire and he forgot his disguise and threw the clothes in his hand directly into Sang Xinghe’s face, “I’m not putting them on.”

Sang Xinghe hissed and took the clothes smashed in his face down, he said somewhat helplessly, “Well, if you don’t want to wear it, don’t wear it, anyway ……” He hadn’t finished speaking yet he started walking over.

Even though Shen Jue had comforted himself in his heart, but seeing Sang Xinghe suddenly approaching, his body was still very resistant, and he even instinctively backed up. His resistant reaction fell into the eyes of Sang Xinghe, who thought that Shen Jue was still angry, so he didn’t notice anything unusual.

He put out all the candles in the room, leaving only the pair of dragon and phoenix candles on the table. He took the wine from the table and walked back to the bedside.

“Drink up and go to sleep.” He said.

Then they did sleep, but it was Shen Jue who slept alone, and Sang Xinghe went to bathe, and before he left he made a point of telling Shen Jue not to wait for him.

Shen Jue laid alone in bed, bored, playing with the knife in his hand. Sang Xinghe wanted to throw the knife away, but Shen Jue insisted on keeping it, so Sang Xinghe didn’t say anything else.

He had no desire to sleep now, too many things had happened today, and all these things were connected together, and they were vaguely odd.

Why did He Qiuying suddenly betray Yu Ci?

What about the painting that Sang Xinghe’s little sister mentioned? Could it be that Sang Xinghe drew it? But why would he paint him in women’s clothes?

Shen Jue thought of the wedding dress and wrinkled his brow, but at that moment, the bed tent was suddenly lifted by someone’s hand. Thinking it was Sang Xinghe who had returned, Shen Jue moved inside, his eyes naturally looking out of the bed, and when he saw the face of the person beside the bed, his eyes changed slightly.

The person was still wearing his daytime clothes, but the clothes were bloody, even his face had blood on it. He grabbed the bed tent, and his hand left a bloody mark on it.

Yu Ci stared at Shen Jue, after a long time he lightly laughed, the laughter was full of desolation.

“Shen Jue, don’t you have a heart?” He asked through clenched teeth.

Even though countless people were chasing him, even though Shen Jue had asked him to stop for the sake of Sang Xinghe, he was still worried about Shen Jue’s safety and had to return to Tian Luo Sect despite the opposition of the Right Protector, but the person he was worried about was lying in Sang Xinghe’s bed, and he should be happy that Shen Jue was safe, but he couldn’t help but hate.

He was cheap, cheap people deserved to be trampled on.

Yu Ci coldly smile, his eyes gradually became icy, “Shen Jue, let’s die together, ok?”

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