C57– Kill That Gentleman 20

Shen Jue didn’t know how long he had slept, and when he woke up, he was confronted with a pair of eyes.


The eyes were bloodshot, as if they had been up for days without rest, and the under-eyes were black and blue.


The owner of those eyes saw him, he froze in shock, “You’re awake?”


Shen Jue was a little tired and slowly blinked after hearing those words.


Yu Ci looked at the pale teenager on the bed and didn’t dare to speak up, as if he would shatter if he spoke up, like the vases he had broken. He looked hesitantly at Shen Jue, and only after a long time did he gently cup the other’s hand.


His hands were cool and silky, not warm at all.


He put his hand to his lips and gently kissed it and softly said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll never be mean to you again, and the things I …… said were just angry words, so don’t believe me.”


Shen Jue looked at Yu Ci, he gently struggled a little, Yu Ci saw his movements and quickly dropped Shen Jue’s hand, afraid to provoke him.


The doctor had told him many times that if Shen Jue woke up, he had to be considerate of his feelings.


Shen Jue opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.


Yu Ci froze for a moment, “Do you want some water?”


Shen Jue shook his head and opened his mouth again to say something silently, and this time Yu Ci recognized what Shen Jue was saying.


He was calling out Sang Xinghe’s name.


He gritted his teeth and a fire grew in his heart, but he could only force it down, “He’s gone, don’t think about him, I’ll be good to you from now on.”


As soon as his words left his mouth, he saw the obvious look of loss on Shen Jue’s face.


Yu Ci quietly clenched his fists and could only hold back his emotions.


It took a month or two for Shen Jue’s injuries to heal. Yu Ci collected elixirs to supplement Shen Jue’s body. Shen Jue’s health improved, but he never smiled. From time to time, he would go to the shore of the Ten Extremities Island and look over to the other side.


Yu Ci didn’t even care about the affairs of the island, he left them all to He Qiuying and spent the whole day with Shen Jue. He wanted to do what he originally wanted to do with the person he liked, after he changed his approach, would the person he liked like him?


The news spread widely, and even though the Ten Extremities Island didn’t receive the wedding invitation, the news still reached the ears of Yu Ci.


When he found out that Sang Xinghe was going to get married, he was stunned for a moment, and then he burst out laughing.


He immediately went to find Shen Jue.


Since he had tried to kill himself, Yu Ci had asked the physician to cure Shen Jue’s voice, but no matter what he did, Shen Jue never spoke, and he couldn’t force him to speak. He thought that when he found out that Sang Xinghe had gotten married, he would definitely give up Sang Xinghe.


But what surprised him was that when Shen Jue heard that Sang Xinghe was getting married, he just shook his head.


“You don’t believe me? Sang Xinghe has already sent out wedding invitations to the world, and the auspicious date has already been set, on the 15th day of next month.” Yu Ci said urgently.


Shen Jue took one look at him and turned his face away, as if what he said was a lie.


Yu Ci took a few deep breaths before saying, “Then I’ll take you to Sang Xinghe’s wedding, so you can see him get married with your own eyes.”


When He Qiuying heard that he was leaving, he wanted to stop him, but Yu Ci was determined, so he had no choice but to say, “Then let Yuan Hao go with the

island master, for there are countless people from the righteous sect who want to kill you.” When he saw that he seemed reluctant, he added, “After all, the island master still has Shen Jue with him, so if the island master doesn’t think about his own safety, he should think about Shen Jue.”


Only after hearing this did he reluctantly agree, and then He Qiuying chose a team of people with high strength from the island to follow him.



Shen Jue sat in the boat, wrapped in a heavy fox fur, and holding a souvenir in his hand, which was forcibly stuffed to him by Yu Ci. He looked out at the shimmering water and thought about Sang Xinghe.


Today’s development had completely deviated from the direction of the previous lives, Sang Xinghe was actually getting married. If Sang Xinghe got married, he would have really lost this time and would have to start all over again. Shen Jue wanted to go to Sang Xinghe’s wedding this time because he wanted to see if there was any room for redemption in this matter.


If not, he could only kill Sang Xinghe in advance and let the realm begin again.


At that moment, the door was pushed open from outside.


He frowned and closed the window, turning his head to look at Shen Jue unhappily, “You’re not well, why are you standing in the cold?” He pursed his lips, “If you keep tossing yourself around like this, I’m afraid you’ll die before you even see Sang Xinghe’s face.”


Shen Jue noticed that recently, Yu Ci’s temper had vaguely returned to its previous form, and couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at the other party.


When he saw Shen Jue glancing at him with his little eyes, the fire in his stomach inexplicably went out again.


He grinded his teeth and simply bent down and picked him up. He carried him to the couch and pulled the quilt from the couch to cover his legs before looking at Shen Jue.


When Shen Jue saw the look on his face, his heart fluttered, and in the next instant, he was kissed by the other man.


He wrinkled his eyebrows and tried to push him away, but he was no match for him now, and he ended up panting as he was pinned to the couch. Shen Jue gasped and tried to crawl out from under the other man’s body, but Yu Ci suddenly pressed against him through the covers, the weight causing Shen Jue to hiss softly.


“Don’t move.” Yu Ci’s voice was very low and bit darker.


Shen Jue’s body froze, and he turned his face away in embarrassment, not looking at the man on top of him.


Yu Ci’s face was slightly red, but his eyes kept staring straight at Shen Jue.


This was the first time he’d kissed Shen Jue, he’d wanted to let the other man get acquainted with him first, but now it seemed he was the one who couldn’t resist. When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but laugh again.


His low chuckle reached Shen Jue’s ears, making him even more angry.


Shen Jue reached out and pushed him, but Yu Ci said, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, don’t push me, I won’t laugh anymore.” The rest of his sentence was very soft, “I can’t control my reaction, so just bear with me for a while.”


Shen Jue glared in annoyance at Yu Ci, who was being cheeky.


He lowered his head and gave Shen Jue a kiss on his eyelid, forcing him to close his eyes. When he couldn’t see the other man glaring at him, he said gleefully, “Well, I’m in a much better mood now.”




They had been gone for a month and finally arrived at Cloud City, where Tian Luoan was located, five days before the wedding.


Sang Xinghe was a famous young talent in Jianghu, and many martial artists came to this wedding, and the inns in Cloud City were almost full at this time. Since they got to the shore, they disguised themselves, and concealed the symbols of the Ten Extremities Island, pretending to be ordinary people. He even disguised himself as a strong man in his forties, hiding his pretty, feminine face under his disguise, while Shen Jue’s face wasn’t changed, he didn’t want to see Shen Jue disguised as someone else, so he only put on a curtain hat for him.


He had to keep a low profile when he entered the city, so he didn’t have the luxury of booking an inn. Because there weren’t many rooms, they basically shared a room with two people, and it was only right that he shared a room with Shen Jue.


Although Shen Jue wore a curtain hat, it needed to be removed when it was time to eat, and when Yu Ci took Shen Jue to eat in the lobby on the first floor, there were always people peeking at him, and even after being warned by his eyes, they didn’t stop, which made him very angry.


He looked at the right Guardian.


The Right Guardian nodded his head, and several people disappeared from the inn that night.


He was planning to bring Shen Jue to see Sang Xinghe get married, so he had to get the wedding invitations, and it just so happened that the Right Guardian had killed some people, so those people’s wedding invitations fell into his hands.


Yu Ci opened one of the wedding invitations and placed it right in front of Shen Jue, and said with a special meaning, “I have seen this little sister of Sang Xinghe, she’s very ugly and a perfect match for that guy Sang Xinghe.”


On the wedding invitation were the names of Sang Xinghe and another, side by side.


Seeing that Shen Jue was taking too long to look at the wedding invitation, his face immediately sank, he snorted coldly and took the invitation, “Even if you look again, the name on it won’t change to yours.”


Shen Jue had already gotten used to Yu Ci’s temper, so he ignored him and stood up to walk away, but he said coldly, “Do you want to go and see how the little sister of Sang Xinghe looks like? I’ll show you.”


He was afraid that it wasn’t enough for Shen Jue to see the wedding, so he wanted to take him to see the little sister.


He took Shen Jue to the inner courtyard of Tian Luoan that night, and he led him to stand on a tree in the legendary little sister’s courtyard, “Here, this is the little sister’s courtyard, the lights are still on, she seems to be awake.” He took out a dart from his pocket and suddenly threw it at the little sister’s door.


The dart stuck firmly. The sound really alerted the people inside the house.


In a few moments, a young girl wearing a yellow dress came out of the house.


She first looked around, then turned her head to look at the dart on the door.


The night was so dark that Shen Jue couldn’t see the little sister’s face clearly, but she wasn’t as ugly as he had said, and even if he couldn’t see his face, he could tell from her posture that she was a beauty.


The young lady looked at the dart and didn’t take the risk of taking it off, but pulled out a short whistle around her neck and blew out a long sound.


When Yu Ci heard the whistle, his facial expression became filled with sarcasm.


When Shen Jue heard the young girl blow the whistle, he guessed that she was calling for someone, and as expected, it wasn’t long before he saw Sang Xinghe walk in from outside.


He was a tall and graceful man, a gentleman in a turbid world.


When he walked in front of his little sister, he first looked at the dart on the door panel.


The little sister seemed to be relieved to see Sang Xinghe and said softly, “Senior brother, I was just reading in my room when I suddenly heard a strange sound and came out to see this dart stuck. It was on my door.”


Sang Xinghe pulled it out. He put the dart in his hand and examined it before he said gently to his little sister, “This dart has no letter attached and no poison, so it should be fine. Recently there are many martial artists in the city, so I’m afraid that someone was joking with my bride, and sent a dart here.”


Hearing this, the little Sister’s face showed a delicate shyness, “I won’t talk to you, Big Brother, you just know how to bully me.” With a hum, she twisted and flashed into the house.


He stood quietly at her door with the dart. After an unknown period of time, the little sister reopened the door and walked out. She first poked her head out and looked around before looking at Sang Xinghe and said in a small voice, “Big Brother, have those people left yet?


Sang Xinghe put away the dart and nodded slightly.


The Little sister let out a long breath, “Good that they are gone, the one who just came is not the big devil you mentioned, right?”


Recently, Sang Xinghe worried about the safety of his little sister, the two deliberately discussed the code word, “joke” referred to the people of the Ten Extremities Island.


After asking that question, she found her elder brother smiling, so her eyes became strange, “Elder brother?”


Sang Xinghe coughed, hid the smile at the corner of his lips and said with a straight face, “Nothing, you should be more careful in the next few days.”


Hearing this, the Little Sister couldn’t help but hold his hands and asked in fear, “That big devil won’t kill me, right?”

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