C58— Kill That Gentleman 21

The luminous white moonlight was like a steamer, caging everything in the world into it.


Yu Ci glanced at the people on the side, cleared his throat, and then said softly, “You see, Sang Xinghe also specially gave the ugly girl a whistle. He is going to get married. I think you should give up early. ”


He said this with a good sense of humor, but he had a thick skin, and called Sang Xinghe’s pretty little sister an ugly girl.


Shen Jue ignored him and just walked forward.


When he saw that Shen Jue was ignoring him, he snorted coldly and reached out to grab Shen Jue’s arm, not letting him go, “What do you really think? Are you done with him or not?”


Shen Jue glanced at him and looked away again.


He had plenty of time to get Shen Jue, and by the time Sang Xinghe got married, Shen Jue would have given up even if he didn’t want to. Thinking of this, he hooked the corners of his lips, turned his anger into a smile, and smilingly took the man back to the inn.


The next day, he received a letter from the Ten Extremities Island. When he saw the letter, his expression suddenly changed and he couldn’t even care about Shen Jue in his room and went outside. Shen Jue saw the hasty look on his face and was a bit curious.


Yu Ci seldom showed such an expression.


He took the letter and went to the right protector’s room next door, “Take a look at this.”


The right protector took the letter and after reading the contents, he directly cursed, “These so-called righteous people actually attacked our Ten Extremities Island, Island Master, let’s rush back now.”


This time they traveled with all the disciples with high martial arts skills, without them, the Ten Extremities Island wouldn’t have a chance of victory against the major martial arts sects’ elite disciples.


“Wait, we can’t leave yet.” Yu Ci slowly shook his head, “We must let Shen Jue see Sang Xinghe’s wedding with his own eyes.”


The right protector was anxious, “Island Master, what time is it now, as long as Sang Xinghe is married, why do we have to see the scene? Let’s go back quickly.”


After he finished, he suddenly reached out and slapped his forehead, “Island master, I think this is fishy, ah, Sang Xinghe’s wedding, all the major sects sent people to attend the wedding, how do they have time to attack our Ten Extremities Island?”


Yu Ci glanced at him, “It seems you’re not stupid, I am afraid that this wedding is fake.”


“Fake?” The right guardian became confused.


“The wedding made all the major sects attend, perhaps secretly organizing manpower to attack our ten extinct islands, and Sang Xinghe left the Ten Extremities Islands, although his eyes were covered, but he is intelligent, he might have been able to listen to the sounds to recognize the road. If the wedding is a front, why is Sang Xinghe still here?”


This was what Yu Ci couldn’t figure out.


This matter was really full of strange things.


Yuan Hao only wanted to go back cleanly, in his opinion, it was completely meaningless to stay here for the wedding. But Yu Ci didn’t think so. After thinking about it, he decided to let the right protector take his people back while he and Shen Jue continued to attend the wedding banquet here.


The right protector objected to this, but he was resolute, “Don’t worry, with my martial arts skills, not many people in this world can hurt me, if there is really a fraud, it would be better to go back.”


The right protector couldn’t resist Yu Ci, and that afternoon, he took his men and hurriedly set out on the land back to the Ten Extremities Island. It was the next day that Shen Jue found out that the Right Protector had left, and it was only two days before Sang Xinghe’s wedding. Without someone to protect them, he didn’t become cautious, and instead he took Shen Jue shopping with him.


“There’s no market on the island, so buy whatever you see, I brought a lot of money.” Yu Ci patted his money pouch under his waist.


Shen Jue looked at him and felt that he was going to be defeated soon, but as it turned out, they hadn’t been in the market for long when Yu Ci suddenly looked down at his body.


His eyes flinched and he looked back. Half a second later, he turned his head and pulled Shen Jue into a painting and calligraphy store, “Wait for me here, I’ll go catch the little thief.”


After finishing his sentence, he walked out, and in a moment, he disappeared in front of Shen Jue’s eyes.



Shen Jue had no intention of running away, not to mention the fact that before he left the house, Yu Ci had sprinkled tracking incense on his body, which would sink into his muscles, so even if he changed his clothes, he would still be able to find him, so Shen Jue had no intention of running away.


He had nothing else to do, so he simply wandered around the painting and calligraphy store, and hadn’t been around long when he heard someone come in.


“Boss, is the scroll I asked you to repair last time ready?”


This voice seemed to be something he had heard before from somewhere.


Shen Jue thought and turned his head back, not expecting to see the little sister of Sang Xinghe.


The little sister was wearing a peach-colored dress today, which made her look even more delicate and beautiful, and if one looked at her appearance alone, she was a perfect match for Sang Xinghe. At this moment she was receiving the shopkeeper’s painting, unfolded it and looked at it, then raised her chin, “Xiaoling, give the money.”


She said to the maid next to her.


Although she quickly put away the scroll, Shen Jue, who was standing diagonally behind her, saw the contents of the scroll at a glance.


The person on the painting was the little Sister herself, and although Shen Jue had glanced at it in a hurry, he could see the delicacy with which the person who had painted it used, and a lot of effort had gone into it. Listening to what the Little Sister had said to the shopkeeper just now, it should be that the painting had been damaged before, and she wasn’t able to mend it herself, so she had taken it to the painting and calligraphy store on purpose.


That also represented one thing, the person who made the painting wasn’t around, if the person who made the painting was present, they could mend it themselves.


The Little Sister carefully rolled up the painting, and as soon as she turned around, she saw Shen Jue. Her eyes lingered on Shen Jue’s body for a brief moment before she moved away. Shen Jue held down his drapery and turned away.


It must have been his outfit that caught the little sister’s attention.


Even women didn’t wear draperies, yet he, a man, was wearing a drapery hat, it was a bit conspicuous.


After the Little Sister went out, she couldn’t help but look at the painting and calligraphy store behind her. She wrinkled up her eyebrows and whispered, “Xiao Ling, do you think that man just now looked familiar?”


The maid, Xiao Ling froze, “Who is Miss talking about?”


The little sister rolled her eyes, “I said that man wearing a curtain hat, I do not wear a curtain hat, but he is wearing it, strange.”


Xiao Ling blinked, “Probably he doesn’t want people to see his face.”


“Nonsense.” The little Sister walked forward, talking to her maid was really tiring.


The maid hurriedly chased after her, she looked down at the scroll held by Little Sister herself and couldn’t help but say, “Miss, the painting…”


The little sister quickly shook her head, “I’ll take it myself, it was ruined once, I can’t let anything happen to this painting again.” Her expression was much darker when she said this.


Xiao Ling saw this and sighed, “Miss, you said he ……”


The Little sister snapped back and glared at Xiao Ling, interrupting her, “Shut up, don’t discuss these things outside, what if someone hears you?” She turned her head and walked away, Xiao Ling hurriedly chased after her, “Miss, wait for me.”


Shen Jue stepped out from behind the corner, his expression slightly changed.


What did they have that couldn’t be overheard?


The little Sister cared so much about the painting, more like the owner of the painting, but who was the owner of that painting?


It didn’t seem like Sang Xinghe.


Shen Jue thought as he walked back to the painting and calligraphy store, and just as he arrived, he saw Yu Ci.


He was holding his lost wallet in his hand, and as he approached, Shen Jue smelled the faint scent of blood on him. Shen Jue glanced at Yu Ci’s sleeve, which was stained with blood, and the mark was still slightly wet.


“It’s been a long wait, let’s go.” Yu Ci didn’t seem to notice Shen Jue’s strange expression, and with a faint smile, he pulled Shen Jue outside.


Unfortunately for Shen Jue, he had no interest in shopping, and he was even less interested when he thought about the little sister. The two of them didn’t have long to shop before they went back to the inn.


The two of them spent the next day at the inn, but near evening, Yu Ci went out and came back with two clothes. Because Sang Xinghe’s wedding was the next day, Shen Jue had to enter Tian Luoan and couldn’t wear a curtain hat anymore, so Yu Ci prepared to help Shen Jue change his face.


He brought back one set of men’s clothes and one set of women’s clothes, and the two sets of clothes were thrown on the bed by him.


“Which set do you want to wear?”


Yu Ci looked at Shen Jue with a smirk.

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