C51-Kill That Gentleman 14

While he was thinking about what was going on, Shen Jue suddenly woke up.

He woke up suddenly because of the unfamiliar scent on his body, and as soon as he woke up, he met his eyes through the blanket.

As soon as he saw Shen Jue wake up, he turned cold, and said coldly, “How long are you going to sleep in my arms?”

Shen Jue’s eyes were sore, and he looked a little weary, so when he heard Yu Ci’s words, he lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes fluttered like butterflies spreading their wings, hiding his watery blue orbs in the middle. He moved to the side, withdrew from the embrace of Yu Ci, he was about to sit up, when a hand was suddenly added to the shoulder.

“Just keep sleeping here.” Yu Ci coughed gently. “My bed has been a little cold recently. You should sleep a little longer and warm the bed so that I don’t catch a cold.”

Such a pitiful little expression, tsk tsk. The dwarf actually liked him so much that he wanted to stay in his bed for a while longer, so he was such a generous person, he’d allow it once, it won’t happen again.

Shen Jue didn’t know that he had accidentally slept in Yu Shu’s arms and caused most of the misunderstandings, he glanced at the hand on his shoulder and the disgust in his eyes flashed.

When Yu Ci saw Shen Jue looking at his hand, his fingers moved slightly and then withdrew it in the next instant. He thought he had discovered Shen Jue’s secret, and he was feeling a bit smug at the moment, but this smugness was due to the fact that Sang Xinghe was protecting Shen Jue.

He thought he had discovered Shen Jue’s secret, but it was him that Shen Jue liked.

Hey, he didn’t want this to happen either.

To put it bluntly, it was all Sang Xinghe’s fault. If he was with him directly, he wouldn’t have caused so much trouble.

Yu Ci couldn’t help but think of the confession under the tree that year.

He listened to He Qiuying’s advice and wore a robe that expressed his feelings of adoration, and also took the trouble to bring an extremely beautiful peach blossom, he was afraid that the petals of the peach blossom would fall off, and didn’t dare to use strength all the way, for fear that the wind would blow off the petals.

He also prepared a very literary poem for that day’s confession, which was written for him by He Qiuying, and He Qiuying’s eyes were red for those few days.

But Sang Xinghe actually rejected him, simply blind.

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but grind his teeth.

He was in no mood to stay in bed with Shen Jue, so he rolled out of bed and tugged on the golden bell next to the bed, and immediately some servant girls came in. The maidservants were well trained, and even when they found another person in the bed with him, they still didn’t change their faces.

They quietly washed, dressed and tied his hair.

Before he left, he turned his head to look at Shen Jue, who was still lying on the bed, and gave a light smile before he left.

When Shen Jue saw him leave, he got out of bed, put on yesterday’s outer clothes, and went back to his courtyard. He bathed, drank a bowl of porridge, and went back to sleep, which he did until the afternoon.

It was only when He Qiuying came to the door that he woke him up.

He Qiuying looked at Shen Jue, who had just woken up, and smiled, “Did you sleep that late?” He put the food box on the table, “The kitchenette made some chilled fruit, it’s too much, you can have some later.”

Shen Jue stood at the table, glanced at the food box on the table, thought for a moment, and lifted his head to smile at He Qiuying.

He Qiuying returned the smile and then greeted Shen Jue as he sat down to eat.

Shen Jue had slept for a while and was indeed a bit hungry, so he wasn’t polite with He Qiuying. While he was eating the fruit quietly, He Qiuying sat next to him and he didn’t say anything until Shen Jue finished eating, then he suddenly said, “By the way, where is that mask of yours? I think the place where the lock was opened could be changed.”

Shen Jue froze as he realized he didn’t seem to have his mask with him when he returned earlier.

The mask seemed to have been left in his room.

He Qiuying scrutinized Shen Jue’s expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Jue shook his head, dabbed some tea with his finger, and wrote on the table.

“It fell on the island master.”

He Qiuying let out an oh and immediately added, “That’s okay, I’ll go get it back for you.”

When He Qiuying left, Shen Jue suddenly realized that He Qiuying hadn’t asked him why the mask had fallen on Yu Ci.

This detail made Shen Jue think more about it.

That night Shen Jue hadn’t gone to Sang Xinghe’s place, but had gone back three days later.

When he saw Sang Xinghe again, he couldn’t seem to see how angry he looked that night.

That night, Sang Xinghe had only done it once, then got up and bathed. After bathing, he put on a silver and white broad-sleeved brocade shirt and sat in front of the chessboard, playing with himself. When Shen Jue came out of the purification room, he raised his eyes slightly, “There are some snacks on the table, you can eat some to pass the time.”

The door was still locked, so Shen Jue couldn’t leave if he wanted to.

Shen Jue didn’t want to eat, he looked at the chess board that Sang Xinghe was playing and was a bit tempted, so he simply sat down opposite Sang Xinghe.

When Sang Xinghe saw a shadow suddenly cover the chessboard, he looked up in confusion and saw Shen Jue. He could see the movement in Shen Jue’s eyes, and he raised his eyebrows, “You want to play chess?”

Shen Jue nodded his head.

He hadn’t played chess in a long time.

Sang Xinghe said, “Then look, do you want to play white or black?”

Shen Jue looked at the chessboard and picked the black piece.

Sang Xinghe was a little surprised to see his move, because the black pieces on the board had already vaguely revealed defeat, and Shen Jue actually chose the black pieces, he seemed to be a deep hidden expert.

Half a cup of tea later, Sang Xinghe looked at the board and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, he had really overestimated his opponent.

And Shen Jue frowned, seemingly not understanding why he had lost so quickly.

When he was in heaven, Shen Jue had never lost a game of chess because he had only played with his master and fellow senior brother, and little did he know that those two were notoriously bad chess players in heaven, so bad that almost no one wanted to play with them.

So they coaxed Shen Jue into playing, and after much coaxing, Shen Jue thought he was pretty good at chess.

He had wanted to use his chess skills to lure Sang Xinghe’s heart, but he hadn’t expected to lose.

Shen Jue stole a glance at Sang Xinghe, and this stolen glance was caught by the other side.

Sang Xinghe thought about it and decided to take care of Shen Jue’s mood, “You should have picked white, or you would have won.”

Shen Jue blinked, and began to collect the pieces. After he had put the pieces away, he handed the bowl with the black pieces to Sang Xinghe.

Sang Xinghe took it anyway, after a little noise.

This time Shen Jue held on for a cup of tea.

He looked at the white disc, which was wrapped in the black disc, and pursed his lips in displeasure.

Sang Xinghe looked into Shen Jue’s eyes and smiled helplessly, “I’ve been studying chess since I was a child, so it’s understandable that I have a slight advantage over you now.

He hadn’t met anyone who didn’t know how to play chess in a long time.

Sang Xinghe sighed in his heart and hurriedly put the chess pieces away.

After he had put away the chess pieces, he turned the conversation to other matters, “By the way, did you have any reaction to the medicine you took last time?”

Speaking of this, Shen Jue was a bit angry, the elixir he had tricked from Sang Xinghe had not reacted at all after eating it, and he had not felt any increase in internal strength in the past few days.

When Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue’s reaction, he guessed a thing or two.

He was silent for a moment and suddenly said, “Actually, there are quite a few spiritual medicines in my division.”

When Shen Jue heard Sang Xinghe’s words, the hand under his sleeve moved slightly.

In previous lives, Sang Xinghe had said similar things to him, but back then, Shen Jue hadn’t understood the meaning of the words. In previous lives, Shen Jue had been restricted in his movements and was no better off than Sang Xinghe.

But after his death, Shen Jue had become a spirit, and while Sang Xinghe was asleep, he had drifted around and found a way to leave the island.

“If there is a chance to return to the division, I can give you all those medicines.” Sang Xinghe said gently.

Shen Jue thought for a moment and got up to bring a cup of cold tea over, he dipped some of it and wrote on the board, “You want to leave here?”

Sang Xinghe’s gaze flickered slightly and he wrote back, “Yes.”

After seeing the “yes”, Shen Jue continued writing, “I know there is a way to leave the island, but ……”

He hadn’t finished writing his next words when there was a sudden noise outside.

Sang Xinghe’s eyes flashed, and he yanked Shen Jue over and pinned him directly to the chessboard.

Shen Jue was violently pressed down, and Sang Xinghe had leaned towards him.

The cup of tea was knocked over and rolled onto the couch, the water stains wetting the clothes around Shen Jue’s waist and back.

When Yu Ci came in, he saw the scene where Sang Xinghe buried his head between the neck of the person beneath him. He had watched the scene of Sang Xinghe and Shen Jue making out three times, but each time his mood was different.

The first time he wanted to kill Shen Jue, the second time he wanted to hurry to bed, this time he was in a different state of mind, especially when he saw Shen Jue’s faint struggle underneath Sang Xinghe.

Hey, he liked him but had to serve another man, it was a bit cruel, but he couldn’t help it, he only liked Sang Xinghe.

Thinking of this, Yu Ci looked at the two entangled together and spoke, “Xinghe, the moon is perfect tonight, why don’t we go out for a walk.”

He wanted to make Shen Jue give up early, after all, his heart was only filled with Sang Xinghe.

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