Five hours later, the plane landed at the airport in Hong Kong.

Several professors, led by Xu Mingsheng, were walking in front of them, laughing and joking. This time, Xiangjiang University made a big splash at the Biopharmaceutical Conference, and President Su Changzhi personally called that night to praise them.

“Li Zheng, this time we have benefited from your light. If our medical school’s research fund is transferred, you are welcome to apply for a project in your name, and let Lao Xu do it for you!” Professor Zhao said smilingly.

Xu Mingsheng rolled his eyes, this old Zhao, the others were letting him do it.

“Yes, the research fund will come down in early March, then you can see what topics to do, type an application up.” Xu Mingsheng said with a smile, “It does not matter if the results do not come out, the Hong Kong University Medical Laboratory on it will mean a lot.”

Li Zheng smiled and thanked the professors. The amount of money allocated to a research fund often represented the academic status of a scholar, so the bigwigs in the research community still valued this. The fact that these professors were willing to let him take a bite out of the school’s research fund showed that they not only recognized Li Zheng’s ability but also included him in their own circle.

As the group walked through the airport lobby, Li Zheng suddenly felt a flash of white light in front of him, and he subconsciously blocked the light with his hand and squinted.

“She’s out, she’s out.”

A group of experts and professors had not yet reacted, a large group of people squeezed up.

Professor Wang didn’t react fast and was crowded out by a crowd, he almost fell to the ground.

“Li Wenhui, I heard that Mr. Li is interested in marrying you as the third wife, right? Will you agree? When is the date of your wedding?”

Liang Zhe pulled Li Zheng behind him at the first opportunity.

The bodyguards following behind reacted and quickly ran up to form a human wall to protect the crowd as they walked out.

“The Li family has even given bodyguards, it seems that this matter is 80% done.”

The crowd appeared more and more excited to see a group of black suits with tough bodyguards appear.

“Li Wenhui, I’m a reporter from Xiangjiang Entertainment Weekly, please answer my question.”

The people were escorted by the bodyguards and finally squeezed out of the crowd.

“Aigoo, what the h*ll is going on here, my old arms and legs almost fell down.” When they reached the open space, Professor Wang couldn’t help but complain.

Li Zheng narrowed his eyes and looked back, only to see that the exit of the airport had been blocked by the crowd, the group of people holding microphones and carrying cameras.


“Probably a star was at the back. We’re the ones who got caught in the crossfire.” Professor Zhao shook his head and sighed.

When it came to this kind of thing, the good mood of the crowd was half gone. These professors were all highly respected people in the academic world, even those at the helm of the powerful families in Hong Kong would greet them politely, but now they were being crowded by the reporters interviewing a starlet and almost fell down.

“Let’s go let’s go.” Xu Mingsheng patted the shoulders of his two old buddies and said comfortingly.

“Li Zheng ah, will you go back to the hotel or go back to school with us?”

“I’ll go back to the hotel, I need to get a good night’s sleep.” Li Zheng said, stopped a cab for Xu Mingsheng, Liang Zhe’s bodyguards had the eyes to put the professors’ gifts into the rear compartment, Li Zheng personally went up to pull open the door for several professors.

The moment he closed the cab door and looked up, his gaze collided with a young man under a tree not far away, who was holding a camera in his hand with a duck-tongued hat.

Li Zheng’s eyebrows knitted slightly, before he had time to think deeply, butler Fang smilingly spoke, “Mr. Li Zheng, the car is here, let’s give you a ride.”

Li Zheng smiled at his words and said, “That would be perfect.”

Liang’s car slowly drove away from the airport.

At the same moment, there were also black cars waiting at the entrance of the airport. As Li Wenhui and her group left, those reporters also scattered in all directions.

A group of reporters with the sign of Xiangjiang Entertainment Weekly came towards the tree with their shoulders together.

“Xiao Wang ah, you are usually not quite resourceful, this time you stood stupidly in place, you can probably only reach Li Wenhui’s car exhaust.” A slightly older entertainment reporter with a mouthful of cigarette said to the young man under the tree.

Xiao Wang, the young man who had just made eye contact with Li Zheng, smiled and hung his camera back on his neck.

“Brother Nan, how can I compare with you? Have you captured any exclusive news?”

Brother Nan exhaled a mouthful of smoke and then threw the cigarette underneath and stomped it out.

“That b*tch Li Wenhui. You also know the virtues of that b*tch, with a happy smile on her face, her mouth is tighter than a mussel, and she refuses to say a word. She knows all that sh*t, and now she’s putting up a show, she hasn’t even set foot in the door of the Li family yet!”

Xiao Wang skillfully took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it, handing it to Brother Nan’s mouth.

“Don’t be angry, she has been having a hard time lately, I heard that several advertisements have been taken away by the newcomer named Zhou Sitian. This newcomer’s momentum is not weak ah, she also signed up for this year’s Miss Hong Kong.”

Brother  Nan skimmed it, “She is a little girl, but I heard that her origin isn’t small. But compared to Li Wenhui, she’s still behind, those ads, Li Wenhui first broke the contract, Mr. Li doesn’t like the entertainment industry. Li Wenhui is now in a semi-retired state, if Mr. Li is really set on her, she’ll probably directly announce her withdrawal from the industry.”

“Brother Nan is Brother Nan, nothing in the industry can be hidden from you.” Xiao Wang smiled and flattered.


“I’m here, I’ll just take the stuff up myself.” The car stopped in front of the hotel and Li Zheng came down from the back door.

Liang Zhe nodded and sat still in his seat.

Butler Fang patted him.

Liang Zhe turned his head and looked at Butler Fang in confusion.

Butler Fang sighed and then pushed Liang Zhe out of the car with force, while saying in a voice that only two people could hear, “Good friends should help each other!”

Liang Zhe was pushed by the sudden force and almost fell down. He gave a dissatisfied glance at Butler Fang, and then slowly stepped out of the car.

“Liang Zhe? Something wrong?” Li Zheng coughed dryly, and when he saw Liang Zhe’s serious expression, he remembered how embarrassed he looked when he woke up on the plane.

The pillow of the first-class soft seat was generally soaked with his saliva, and he woke up unconsciously using his hand to wipe the saliva but forgot that he had grabbed someone’s hand before he went to sleep and didn’t let go, so all the saliva rubbed onto Liang Zhe’s hand.

At that time, Li Zheng’s entire being was frozen. Even though he had experienced numerous big scenes in his previous life, he couldn’t help but show an embarrassed look in the face of this situation.

But to Li Zheng’s surprise, Liang Zhe didn’t have much of a reaction, he took out a tissue from the front of the seat and wiped it, not even moving his facial muscles in the process.

“Uncle Fang asked me to get something for you.”

Li Zheng wanted to push back a bit but swallowed back before the words came out, forget it, he probably wouldn’t listen even if he said it. So Li Zheng unceremoniously handed the two suitcases to Liang Zhe.

“Let’s go.”

After confirming the flight information with Li Zheng last night, Zhou Sitian wanted to pick up her brother from the airport today but was stopped by Liu Zhidong.

Zhou Sitian’s last commercial had already been aired, but because Li Wenhui had publicly stated in front of the media that the commercial was hers, Zhou Sitian’s commercial spot had attracted widespread attention as soon as it came out.

Li Wenhui was known for her dominance and love of grabbing resources, and Zhou Sitian, a young girl who was just starting out, actually grabbed Li Wenhui’s commercial as soon as it came out. The entertainment tabloids instantly pitted the two against each other, from appearance to family history, it was hilarious.

In other words, Zhou Sitian was now a bit famous and could no longer appear in public so casually.

When Li Zheng walked to the door of the room, he saw a woman with a hat mask squatting at the door of his room and instantly burst into laughter.

“Sister, you don’t have to be like this.”

Zhou Sitian jumped up, because she got up too fast, her head was a little dizzy, she held Li Zheng’s shoulders and stood still. Zhou Sitian frowned, looked back and her face dropped.

“It’s you. ……”

Liang Zhe looked at Zhou Sitian, whose face was mostly covered by the mask, and then looked at her hand on Li Zheng’s shoulder, and his mouth deflated.

“Ugly ……”

Zhou Sitian’s almond eyes opened wide, she was ugly! She was ugly?

Zhou Sitian took off her hat and mask, pointed to her face with delicate makeup, and asked, “Am I ugly? Are you saying with your conscience that I’m ugly?”

Liang Zhe gave Zhou Sitian a look and said in a serious manner, “Ah Zheng looks good.”

Zhou Sitian stalled, unable to say anything, she muttered, “My brother is naturally good-looking.” Then she stopped talking.

Li Zheng laughed dryly twice and opened the door to invite the two in.

“Sister, Liang Zhe, he can’t talk, don’t bother with him in general.”

Zhou Sitian pointed her finger at herself, it was clearly him who opened his mouth and called her ugly!

“Forget it, anyway, there are many people who compliment me on my beauty, you are not the only one.” Looking at the way her brother was protecting that boy, she couldn’t help but say in a discouraged manner.

Li Zheng took two bottles of mineral water and handed them to the two, today’s Zhou Sitian dressed well, makeup exquisite, with a bright smile on her face. She was like a diamond wrapped in gravel, a little polishing made her bloom and show a charming brilliance.

Looking at her glowing appearance, Li Zheng began to reflect on whether he was right to oppose Zhou Sitian’s entry into the entertainment industry, perhaps …… this was the life Zhou Sitian should really lead.

It was just that, he couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh bitterly, if he was reborn and still couldn’t protect a little girl, he might as well jump off from Xiangjiang river before it was too late.

“Sister, I’ll introduce you to my friend Liang Zhe, Mr. Liang of the Liang family in Xiangjiang. He’s just not very good at talking, he’s very nice.”

“Liang Zhe, my sister, Zhou Sitian.” He hesitated for a moment and added “dear.”

Liang Zhe’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, he looked at Zhou Sitian up and down, and reluctantly spoke: “Sister.”

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