C49— Kill That Gentleman 12


Sang Xinghe looked at the brocade box handed to him and raised his eyebrows in confusion, “What is this?”

Shen Jue made a motion to open the box, and put it into Sang Xinghe’s hand.

Sang Xinghe had to open the box, and as soon as he did, he saw the note inside. His long fingers picked up the note, his eyes hurriedly browsed through it, and in a moment, his eyes had a slight change. He looked at Shen Jue, “Did someone ask you to send it here?”

Shen Jue nodded honestly.

Sang Xinghe looked at the box in his hand again, his expression was a bit heavy, this thing was probably from that guy, Yu Ci.

While Sang Xinghe was thinking about what to do with the medicine, he unexpectedly noticed that Shen Jue’s eyes kept staring at the box in his hand, and he froze, “Do you …… want to take it?”

Shen Jue blinked and slowly shook his head, but his eyes had not yet moved away.

Sang Xinghe understood, for any martial arts practitioner, increasing internal strength was a good thing, it was normal for Shen Jue to react like that.

“You can drink it.” Sang Xinghe handed the box to Shen Jue, and winked, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

Shen Jue seemed to freeze for a moment, then shook his head quickly, and took two steps back. Sang Xinghe usually never changed his decision, so he grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and shoved the box over, “Drink it, there’s only two of us here, just tell them that I’ve already taken it, anyway, isn’t it only the person taking the medicine that knows if it works?”

Sang Xinghe meant that even if he hadn’t taken it, Yu Ci wouldn’t know.

When Shen Jue heard Sang Xinghe say that, he hesitantly looked at the medicine in the brocade box. When Sang Xinghe looked at his eyes, he didn’t know what he was thinking. Shen Jue was afraid of being punished if he was found out.

“Drink it, it’s fine.” Sang Xinghe repeated gently.

Shen Jue pursed his lips before accepting the brocade box in Sang Xinghe’s hand. After receiving it, he gave a smile to Sang Xinghe. Although Shen Jue’s mask covered his face, Sang Xinghe saw the blue eyes that were curved into crescent moons.

Sang Xinghe felt it was little funny, but then he realized that the three times they had met before, Shen Jue had never smiled at him, not only did he not smile, but he had even beaten him up twice. Now that he had the elixir, he was willing to show him a smile. It had to be said that Shen Jue was not only vengeful, but also very realistic.

Although Sang Xinghe didn’t like Celestial Luo bodies, he knew a little bit about it, such as the fact that the Celestial Luo bodies were mostly gentle and lovely, especially in bed, yet the Celestial Luo body in front of him always behaved like a fighting chicken.

Sang Xinghe reluctantly shook his head. If he wants to keep this celestial body, he would have to find many good things to coax the other in the future.

The key was handed to Sang Xinghe, indicating the other party to help him unlock the door, and made a gesture of closing his eyes.

Sang Xinghe took the key, looked at the back of Shen Jue’s mask, and asked tentatively, “You want me to unlock the mask for you and then close my eyes?”

Shen Jue nodded.

Sang Xinghe did so with a good temper, and after he had waited for a while with his eyes closed, he felt a tap on his hand, and he opened his eyes to see Shen Jue standing with one hand holding his mask with his back to him.

Seeing this, Sang Xinghe helped Shen Jue lock the mask on again, only he couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you keep the mask on?”

Shen Jue saw that the mask was on before he turned around, and when he heard Sang Xinghe’s question, he thought for a moment and wrote on his palm.

“The island master won’t let you see my face.”

After reading it, Sang Xinghe finally got a clue about what happened to him and his expression changed slightly, “Could it be that you weren’t born mute either?”

Shen Jue nodded his head.

Sang Xinghe was a little angry at that moment, Yu Ci was simply cruel. Shen Jue finished drinking the elixir and thought about meditating and practicing his martial arts, the internal energy in his body had been mostly sucked away since he had slept with Sang Xinghe, and the speed of his practice was not as fast as the speed of his internal energy being sucked away, which annoyed him. And the “Scourge Heart Method” he had practiced before didn’t seem to be of any use at all, and Shen Jue had some doubts that the martial arts book was simply a fake.

Shen Jue was reluctant to sit on Sang Xinghe’s bed, so he found a couch to meditate on.

He had exercised his martial arts for half a day, but apart from feeling some heat under his belly, he felt nothing else. Shen Jue frowned and wanted to try again, but before he could, his hand was suddenly grabbed by someone.

Sang Xinghe had walked up to him at some point and seemed to have been watching him for a long time, but Shen Jue practiced martial arts just like monasticism, and once he got into a state, he would completely ignore everything around him.

“Can you practice later?” When Sang Xinghe said this, his face was a little red, and he grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and put it under his belly, “I …… me, this ……”

Sang Xinghe was embarrassed in his heart, he didn’t want to interrupt Shen Jue’s practice, but the medicine couldn’t wait. Once the medicine started working, he couldn’t help but stare at Shen Jue, and the more he looked, the hotter his breath became, to the point where he couldn’t stand it at all, and moved towards him.

Shen Jue was too busy checking the effects of the elixir to be in the mood for that kind of thing, so he pushed Sang Xinghe with his back hand and prepared to change to another place to continue his practice. He had just gotten off the couch when an arm was wrapped around his waist.

The youth’s breath lingered on his ear, “Good boy, practice later.”

He was sitting on the roof of his courtyard and had drunk five pots of wine, but he still couldn’t sleep. In the past, he normally couldn’t sleep, but after falling asleep last night, it became very difficult for him to stay awake this night.

He kicked the empty wine jar in front of him off the roof and flew down from the top.

Last night, that dwarf just massaged his head, yet he fell asleep, so he had to find another one to help him massage it this night.

Yu Ci went to the courtyard of the two Celestial Luo bodies he raised, the two Celestial Luo bodies were extremely happy to see the island master, but Yu Ci didn’t even look at them, he went to the bed and said: “One of you, come over and massage me.”

A taller Celestial Luo body squeezed out a smile, and hurriedly went over to sit on the footrest by the bed, and his white tender hands went straight to the waist of Yu Ci.

Before he could touch it, he was grabbed by Yu Ci.
“Where are you going to touch?” Yu Ci squinted, “You don’t want your hand?”

The taller Celestial Luo body shuddered in fear, immediately knelt on the ground, and repeatedly pleaded, “Island master spare my life, island master spare my life, I won’t dare again.”

Yu Ci looked at him with disgust, “Get out.” He sent a sharp look at the other Celestial Luo body who was shaking like a sieve, “You come over.”
The Celestial Luo body moved over with a stiff face and hesitantly looked at Yu Ci, “Island …… master, I wonder where I should touch?”

Yu Ci closed his eyes and said indifferently, “Head.”

The Celestial Luo body smiled, then carefully pressed up against his head, Yu Ci closed his eyes and frowned: “Too light, didn’t you eat?”

The Celestial Luo body’s hand slightly trembled, and he hurriedly increased the force, this time Yu Ci became angry, he opened his eyes and kicked away the Celestial Luo body, “Why were you moving so heavily? Killing a pig? Waste, I raised two wastes, what a waste of food, you two give me tomorrow to ……”

He gave them a slight beating, yet these two Celestial Luo bodies couldn’t shoulder it, they were really wastes.

“Isn’t there a piece of wasteland behind this yard? You two, work on that land.”

After finishing his sentence, Yu Ci left in a rage.

He first returned to his own courtyard, smashed all the things that did not look good, and took his sword and practiced swordplay for a full half-hour and he still couldn’t sleep, and by now the night had reached the second half of the night.

He looked at the stars in the sky and was so irritated that he finally couldn’t resist going to Shen Jue’s place.

It was in vain, he remembered that Shen Jue was at Sang Xinghe’s place.

It was already midnight, why was he still at Sang Xinghe’s place?

Yu Ci grunted coldly and instantly went to Yi Shui Pavillion in anger.

As soon as he came in, Sang Xinghe heard the movement and immediately pulled the quilt to cover the person underneath him, after turning his head and seeing that the person standing outside the bed was Yu Ci, his face sank as deep as ink, “Island Lord, what are you mad about again?”

Yu Ci looked at Sang Xinghe, then moved his gaze to the person who was covered tightly by the blanket, and then looked at Sang Xinghe. Facing his beloved, he suppressed his temper and said in a calm tone, “Have you finished sleeping? You are done sleeping, so he should sleep with me.”

Sang Xinghe: “……”

“Yu Ci, get out.” Sang Xinghe’s voice was almost squeezed out from his teeth, he knew that Yu Ci wasn’t a normal person, but he never thought he was so abnormal.

He didn’t realize his problem, he thought that if Shen Jue could sleep with Sang Xinghe, why not with him? He was still the island master of the Ten Extremities Island.

He was willing to give way to Sang Xinghe and let him sleep with him before taking away Shen Jue, which was already very favorable to Sang Xinghe, and he hoped that Sang Xinghe would not be arrogant.

“I’m not going out, finish quickly, I’ll take him away afterward.” Yu Ci said in a serious manner.


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