C38[Kill That Gentleman 1]

“Jue? Little Jue? You’ve woken up!”

Shen Jue felt hot, but someone kept whispering in his ear, so he was a little annoyed and reluctantly opened his eyes.

When the person saw that he was awake, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“The doctor said if you couldn’t wake up today, I was afraid …… you’d never wake up.” The person in front of him wiped his tears and smiled. “The congee is still hot on the stove, so I’ll bring it to you.” He talked incessantly, but Shen Jue gently twisted his eyebrows.

He closed his eyes again and said after a long time, “I …… will lie down again.”

When he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse.

The person in front of him wanted to say something again, but when he saw Shen Jue’s pale and tired look, he mumbled and sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the blanket for Shen Jue.

After lying down for a while, Shen Jue gradually remembered who he was and which realm he was in.

This realm was far away from the imperial court and was in the rivers and lakes.

The martial arts world was divided into two main sects: the good and the evil, and the sect that Shen Jue was in was an evil sect. In order to keep the sect alive, the sect leader wanted to merge it with the Ten Extremities Island, the number one evil cult in the martial arts world, but it was not possible to do so.

They were sent here because Shen Jue and Liu Xuan had the Celestial Luo Body.

People who had the Celestial Luo Body practiced martial arts very fast and their internal energy was deeper than normal people, but the Celestial Luo Body was actually very dangerous because it was like a bottle that stored the internal energy. When they were eighteen years old, once someone crossed paths with them, their internal energy would go to the other person’s body, and even in the long run, those who were with someone with a Celestial Luo Body, would practice martial arts faster and faster.

But not everyone could have the Celestial Luo Body, because the Celestial Luo Body could only be matched with one person in a lifetime, that was, the first person to have intercourse with the Celestial Luo Body, no matter if it was a male or female. Even if a later person wanted to take the Celestial Luo Body by force, he would not be able to get the internal power cultivated by the Celestial Luo Body, so some people in Jiang Hu would kill the Celestial Luo Bodies of their enemies.

The Celestial Luo Body was so rare in the rivers and lakes that there were even black-market auctions of Celestial Luo Bodies. To a certain extent, the Celestial Luo Body had been treated as an object. Even if someone with a Celestial Luo Body wanted to hide their physique, it was very difficult, because the Celestial Luo Body was naturally beautiful, and both the men and women had snow-white skin that dazzled the eyes, not to mention their sapphire blue eyes.

Even if they could hide the color of their skin, they couldn’t hide their blue eyes.

However, the Celestial Luo Body, which was hard to get for a large sum of money, was not rare on Ten Extremities Island, because there were too many people who wanted to please the Ten Extremities Island’s master, and they sent their Celestial Luo Bodies from their families and sects to the Island for protection.

It was said that there were already more than twenty Celestial Luo Bodies on the Ten Extremities Island.

When Shen Jue and Liu Xuan arrived on the island, they did not receive preferential treatment but were thrown into a small room in the northern corner of the island. In this corner, there were a number of Celestial Luo Bodies living there. These Celestial Luo Bodies were not allowed to move around the island without explicit instructions.

In this realm, Shen Jue’s fate was not much better than his last life.

Although the master of the Ten Extremities Islands raised these Celestial Luo bodies, he did not treat them as human beings; what he really liked was Sang Xinghe, a great disciple of a sect. Sang Xinghe was a famous gentleman in the rivers and lakes and had many admirers. He was completely unmoved by the admiration of the Island Master of the Ten Islands, and only politely refused.

As a result, Sang Xinghe, who had no feeling for the Island Master, hated him and was unwilling to talk to him or even see him. The island master gave the Moon Pavilion with the best view to Sang Xinghe, but Sang Xinghe chose the most remote Yi Shui Pavilion to stay. The Yi Shui Pavilion was located at the highest point of the island, and it was cold all year round, so a martial artist could not even stand to live in it, not to mention Sang Xinghe, who had been disabled, but Sang Xinghe insisted on living there.

At this time, Shen Jue was sent to the Island of the Ten Extremities.

The original sect where Shen Jue was raised kept Shen Jue and Liu Xuan, which the master of the sect intended to keep for himself and his son. However, he did not expect that the master’s son, who was always bold and arrogant, would one day force a disciple of Mei Huagu.

This was big trouble.

All of Mei Huagu’s disciples were women and had a good reputation among the rivers and lakes. In the meantime, Shen Jue’s sect was so badly hit that it was almost wiped out.

Therefore, the master of the sect sent Shen Jue and Liu Xuan to the Island of the Ten Extremities, where they were now seventeen years old, only one year away from being eighteen.

After Shen Jue was sent to the island, he lived a transparent life, and the island master saw that Sang Xinghe was getting thinner and emaciated, so he wanted to restore Sang Xinghe’s martial arts, but it was so difficult to do so that the island master had to think of the Celestial Luo Body.

In the eyes of the island master, the Celestial Luo Body was just a bottle, and he had raised many, so he was ready to choose a suitable Celestial Luo Body for Sang Xinghe himself, and finally chose Shen Jue, who was the worst at pleasing people.

Sang Xinghe didn’t like the Celestial Luo Body, because he thought that only people from evil sects would use this cultivation method.

When the island master saw that Sang Xinghe didn’t like it, he also came up with an extremely radical method. He drugged Sang Xinghe, thinking that once he recovered his martial arts skills, Sang Xinghe would be happy again.

However, he was torturing Sang Xinghe with his actions.

Whenever he did that, he had to wear a mask, and if the mask fell off, someone would kill him the next day.

In addition, the island master poisoned Shen Jue’s voice to prevent him from talking to Sang Xinghe.

As time went by, Sang Xinghe gradually recovered his martial arts skills, and when the island master saw that Sang Xinghe had recovered his martial arts skills, he thought of how to dispose of Shen Jue, but he thought that this disposal should be done properly so that Sang Xinghe would forget the Celestial Luo Body, which was famous for being a special bedmate.

The island master thought about it for a long time and finally invited Sang Xinghe to come. He told Sang Xinghe that if he could kill Shen Jue with his own hands, he would let Sang Xinghe go back to Tian Luo’an, and if not, Sang Xinghe would have to stay on the island for the rest of his life.

After the island master said this, he added, “I heard that your master is seriously ill recently, don’t you want to go back to see him?”

Sang Xinghe was silent for a moment and turned to look at Shen Jue, who was kneeling on the ground.

Shen Jue was still wearing a mask at that time, and when he heard that the island master wanted Sang Xinghe to kill him, his body shook a little. When Sang Xinghe came to his senses, he shook his head gently and backed away. He could not speak, but shook his head and begged him not to kill him.

Only when he killed him, Sang Xinghe said lightly, “I’m sorry.”

The island master was stunned when he saw Sang Xinghe kill Shen Jue with little hesitation, and then he let Sang Xinghe off the island.

As soon as Sang Xinghe returned to Tian Luo’an after leaving the island, he found that his master was actually forced to die by a group of martial arts sects because rumor had it that Tian Luo’an Sect had a martial arts treasure, the Xuan Yingong.

After those people forced Sang Xinghe’s master to death, they turned their attention to Sang Xinghe, thinking that he, as the most valued disciple of the master of Tian Luo’an Sect, must know where Xuan Yingong was hidden.

Sang Xinghe was arrested by a group of people and tortured day and night, but in the end, the island master came to his rescue. In order to be with Sang Xinghe, the island master left the Ten Extremities Island and chose a nameless island with Sang Xinghe to live in seclusion like an immortal.

But they did not know that Shen Jue’s spirit had been following Sang Xinghe until Sang Xinghe and the island master were old and dying.

When Shen Jue was alive, he was silent in nature, but when he became a soul, he became sentimental and often cried in the corner.

On the day Shen Jue disappeared, Sang Xinghe leaned on the island master’s shoulder and sang a song.

Sang Xinghe had sung it to Shen Jue and said that he would cure Shen Jue’s voice and teach him to sing this song in the future.

The old Sang Xinghe still sang beautifully, but Shen Jue could no longer appreciate it.

He nested in a cool corner, touched his own throat, and opened his mouth like Sang Xinghe, “Ah …… ah ……”.

But the most he could learn was to make a hoarse, unpleasant “ah” sound.

He didn’t cry that day, he just disappeared.

The person who had said he would teach him to sing had forgotten him.

No one remembered the little mute who often wore a mask.



I’ve never translated anything with martial arts and cultivation, hope I don’t butcher it lol.

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