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Shen Jue crouched down and put his finger under Murong Xiu’s nose.

It was out of breath.

He knitted his eyebrows, thinking over the details of what had happened. He had already let Murong Xiu die willingly at his hands, why was he still alive? Could it be that Murong Xiu was not the master of this realm?

No, in his last life, he killed Murong Xiu and the realm was destroyed.

Shen Jue thought about it, and suddenly remembered something Murong Xiu had said. He asked Shen Jue to promise him two conditions, and the second was that after his death, Shen Jue couldn’t be with Ni Xinyan. Could it be that this was the only way to break the mirror?

He thought back to his last life, when Ni Xinyan died first, then he killed Murong Xiu, and the realm was broken, but this life, Ni Xinyan was still alive. Shen Jue’s eyes widened a little, perhaps he was going to kill Ni Xinyan.

Thinking of this, Shen Jue rolled Murong Xiu over and resolutely pulled out the dagger from the other man’s chest.

When blood splashed on his face, Shen Jue carelessly wiped it off with the back of his hand and went to the cleanroom to wipe the blood off the dagger. He took Murong Xiu’s belt, went to Murong Xiu’s study, found a map in it, and went out. He saw a horse at the entrance of the residence, and the horse was covered with blood.

Shen Jue climbed the horse and headed out of the city.

The Yongle City was in chaos, the people had already received the news that Murong Xiu was defeated, so they all secretly fled out of the city at night with their parcels, the shadow of the slaughter of the previous city still fresh in their minds.

Shen Jue blended in with the fleeing people, but it wasn’t conspicuous, and when he reached the city gate, he turned his horse over and blended in with the crowd. The guards of Yongle City were now so disorganized that everyone wanted to escape, so who cared about others?

After Shen Jue left the city gate, he drove his horse to the Yong Kingdom boundary.

With a map, Shen Jue didn’t get lost, but after a day’s walk, he was already outside the town where the city had been slaughtered, which had now become the territory of the Yong Kingdom and was guarded by the Yong Kingdom people.

Shen Jue had heard Murong Xiu say that Ni Xinyan’s army was stationed inside.

Shen Jue rode alone and immediately alerted the soldiers above the city gate.

They pointed their bows and arrows at Shen Jue and shouted, “Who is the visitor?”

Shen Jue held his horse with one hand, holding Murong Xiu’s waist plate in the other, “I have something to ask for your General Ni, this is my token, please hand it over.”

Those soldiers looked at Shen Jue suspiciously, one of them stepped forward and carefully identified Shen Jue before muttering a few words to the soldier next to him.

That soldier nodded and immediately ran down.

In a short while, the gate opened, from which a soldier ran out, and the soldier took the waist plate from in front of Shen Jue, “Wait here.” And then he ran back down.

The soldier sent the waist plate to the person before, and when that person saw the belt, his eyes were bright, but he recognized the waist plate, it was the waist plate of the general of Murong Kingdom, seeing the plate was like seeing the person.

“Who are you, Murong Xiu?” The man shouted out to Shen Jue.

Shen Jue said, “Your Excellency need not know who I am, only that I have brought a great message for your General Ni, and you may tell him that a man surnamed Shen has come to see him.”

The man hesitated, then turned around and went down to the city gate.

Shen Jue waited outside the city gates for a while before he heard the sound of hoofbeats from near.

The city gate was opened from the inside and a man came galloping quickly on a large black horse.

That person was Ni Xinyan.

Wearing a mysterious mask, Ni Xinyan ran to Shen Jue’s front and stopped his horse. He quietly looked at Shen Jue for a moment before whispering, “What are you doing here?”

“Murong Xiu is dead.” Shen Jue said.

Ni Xinyan seemed stunned, “Dead? Who killed him?” He paused, “You?”

Shen Jue nodded his head.

Ni Xinyan immediately turned over his horse at the news, he walked over to Shen Jue’s horse and suddenly reached out and pulled Shen Jue down. He held Shen Jue in his arms forcefully, his eyes burning, “Did you really kill him?”

“The corpse is still in Yongle City, if you don’t believe me, you can bring someone to check it out.” Shen Jue calmly said.

Ni Xinyan chuckled lightly, clearly pleased, “No, I believe you, Shen Jue, I knew that you deliberately deceived his trust last time, just why did you do it yourself in case he hurt you?”

With that said, he began to check Shen Jue for injuries again.

Shen Jue reached out his hand to stop him, “I’m not hurt, don’t look.”

“Fine fine.” Ni Xinyan said, “You’re tired from coming all this way, come with me into the city first.”

Shen Jue glanced down at the soldiers eyeing him from above the city gate and hesitated, still not choosing to do it at this time. He obediently followed Ni Xinyan into the city, and when Ni Xinyan saw the horse that Shen Jue was riding, he disliked it and let Shen Jue ride with him.

Ni Xinyan wanted Shen Jue to sit in front, but Shen Jue shook his head, “I don’t like to sit in front.”

“Then I’ll sit in front.” Ni Xinyan listened nicely and rolled over onto his horse first, then turned to look at Shen Jue, “Come up here.”

He held out his hand to Shen Jue.

Shen Jue grabbed his hand, lent a little strength, and sat on it.

Ni Xinyan tugged on the reins with one hand and grabbed Shen Jue’s hand with the other, letting the other’s hand wrap around his waist, “Hold on tight, this horse runs fast, be careful of falling off later.”

“Mm.” Shen Jue replied.

“The people below said someone was looking for me, I didn’t think it was you at first, seeing that waist plate, I thought it was that Murong Xiu guy who came over to admit defeat, I was going to tell him, it was too late, haha.” Under the night, Ni Xinyan’s figure was bathed in moonlight, his voice sounded unprecedentedly gentle, “You didn’t see it, I beat the crap out of his army two days ago, it was a rout, he couldn’t fight me at all, I didn’t expect that he would die first before I heard him admit defeat, it was a pity for him.”

Shen Jue looked ahead without blinking his eyes.

Ni Xinyan droned on and on, seeing that Shen Jue hadn’t spoken, he couldn’t help but turn his face slightly, “What’s wrong? Was it a shock? I mean, how could you do it yourself? Leave this sort of thing to me next time.”

“Ni Xinyan.” Shen Jue gently called out to Ni Xinyan.

“Huh?” Ni Xinyan turned back.

In the next instant, a muffled yell rang out. He looked down at the dagger that had pierced his body and froze.

“Jue?” Ni Xinyan stuttered out.

Shen Jue used a little more force, and Ni Xinyan violently spat out a mouthful of blood, shaking his hands and covered the wound on his side of his waist, he looked at Shen Jue incredulously, “Xiao Jue, why …… are you killing me?”

Shen Jue didn’t look at Ni Xinyan, but rather at the distant canopy, and sure enough, this realm began to recede.

It turned out that killing Murong Xiu wasn’t enough, he also had to kill a Ni Xinyan, was Ni Xinyan also the master of this realm?

Shen Jue thought that Murong Xiu and Ni Xinyan could sometimes reach a high degree of consistency in their thinking and behavior, as if they were the same person, could it be that Murong Xiu and Ni Xinyan were the same person?

But this was ultimately just a guess on Shen Jue’s part, perhaps it was just that Murong Xiu had seen him kill Ni Xinyan, and that was why he willingly dispersed the realm.

Ni Xinyan didn’t seem to notice that everything around him was dissipating, he just stared at Shen Jue for a while before saying, “Did you kill me for him? Did you lie to me when you said you killed Murong Xiu?”

Shen Jue’s gaze shifted slightly as he looked at Ni Xinyan, as it could not be ruled out that Ni Xinyan was also the master of the realm, this time Shen Jue broke into an unprecedented explanation, “No, I really killed Murong Xiu, but I’m also going to kill you, Ni Xinyan, do you know that this is your’s and Murong Xiu’s realm, I’ve been trapped in this realm for several lifetimes, and I’ve died at your hands every single one.”

“I can only break the realm if I kill you.”


Ni Xinyan felt ridiculous. He smiled helplessly, then slowly stretched out his hand and touched Shen Jue’s face, and his eyes were serious. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you really want to kill me for Murong Xiu, I can only ignore that. Xiao Jue, when you dug me out of the pile of dead people at that time, I owed you a life, I’m returning this life to you now, you should remember to smile more often in the future, if you don’t want to smile, then don’t smile, it’s ugly when you pretend to smile ……”

His voice was fading, and he slowly collapsed onto Shen Jue’s body.

After one look at him, Shen Jue looked up at the fading canopy in the distance.


Once a fellow disciple said to Shen Jue, “Senior brother, if someone falls in love with you in the future, you are really asking for trouble if you are so incomprehensible.”

At that time, Shen Jue’s expression didn’t even change a bit.

“Why should an immortal have love. Love? Isn’t that mortal distress? Everything that has to do with love. The word love is all self-inflicted, and only monasticism is the right way, Master said that as long as you practice well, you will be able to comprehend the supreme truth.”

His Fellow disciple showed a pained expression, “How did you develop such a temperament? You were so cute when you were little ……”

Shen Jue didn’t have the patience to listen further, so he took his sword and turned away.

The word love was inherently self-seeking.

Only when there was no love, there was no fear in the heart.

Shen Jue had always admonished himself in this way.


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