C39[Kill That Gentleman 2]

 After Shen Jue and Liu Xuan came to the Island of the Ten Extremities, they were ostracized by the other Heavenly Luo Bodies.

Because the Heavenly Luo Body wanted to find someone powerful so that their lives would be protected. If they were not powerful, their enemies would kill the Heavenly Luo Body first if they came to their door.

For the Celestial Luo Bodies, the more rivals there were, the more disadvantageous it was to them.

Therefore, Shen Jue and Liu Xuan, the two latecomers, were naturally rejected, and Shen Jue and Liu Xuan were not very likable.

If Liu Xuan hadn’t found him in time, he would have called the outer disciples of the Ten Jue Island, who were patrolling the island, who would have killed Shen Jue on the spot. However, after Shen Jue was rescued, he was unconscious and sick, so Liu Xuan didn’t dare to sleep for the past few days, keeping watch over him for fear that he would die.

Liu Xuan was three months older than Shen Jue, and he treated Shen Jue as if he were his own brother.

At that moment, he looked at Shen Jue lying with his eyes closed and sighed softly.

He and Liu Xuan had already spent more than half a year on the Island of the Ten Extremities.

In three months, he would be eighteen years old.

According to the memories of his previous lives, he was sent to Sang Xinghe’s bed soon after he turned eighteen.

He was rewarded to the right protector of the Island of the Ten Extremities, who seemed to treat Liu Xuan genuinely, at least when Shen Jue was still alive.

Everyone in the Ten Extremities Island knew the island master’s feelings for Sang Xinghe, and it was feared that Shen Jue would not live long if he was given to Sang Xinghe.


Liu Xuan guarded Shen Jue for a while when he suddenly heard a voice outside.

“Liu Xuan! Are you there?”

Liu Xuan’s eyes widened slightly, and he looked down at Shen Jue on the bed, seeing that his eyes were still closed, before he quietly got up and went out. Outside the door was another Celestial Luo Body, named Ji Lian.

Ji Lian was one of the few people who was willing to talk to them.

“Ji Lian, what are you doing here?” Liu Xuan was afraid of waking up Shen Jue inside, so he kept his voice very low.

Ji Lian looked at the door that Liu Xuan had gently closed, and asked in a low voice, “Is Shen Jue awake?”

“He’s awake, but now he’s sleeping again.” Speaking of Shen Jue, Liu Xuan’s expression dimmed.

“It’s good that he’s awake, but you should relax because you’ll be blessed in the future if you don’t die.” Ji Lian handed him something in his hand, “This is a tonic, cook it and give it to Shen Jue to nourish his body. I see that he is very weak.” He said this and his face turned pale.

He blushed a little as he said, “What matters most to us as Celestial Luo Bodies are our bodies, and they like to pick strong ones that can withstand torture.”

Of course, there were also some people who were particularly fond of the beautiful and weak ones.

Liu Xuan’s face couldn’t help but blush when he heard this. Although they knew their future fate, they were still extraordinarily afraid of this kind of thing. Liu Xuan said, “I’ve heard that there are women on the Ten Extremities Island, so it’s not certain if a woman would like Little Jue.”

Ji Lian couldn’t help but laugh at the words, “I’m afraid a woman would find Shen Jue even weaker. His body is even weaker than a woman practicing martial arts, and he’s almost as weak as an ordinary woman.” He paused, “It would be better to go with a man who is stronger, at least he can still save his life.”


Shen Jue didn’t know that the two people outside were talking about him. He felt thirsty after lying down for a long time, so he got up and went to get some water, but his body was really weak, so as soon as he got out of bed, he fell on the ground.

Liu Xuan turned pale and rushed into the house. When he saw Shen Jue lying on the floor, he shouted, put his things on the table, and went to support him. Ji Lian followed behind and, seeing the situation, also went to help him.

Liu Xuan checked if Shen Jue was hurt anywhere, and rubbed his knee, “Why did you get out of bed by yourself? You haven’t eaten in the past few days, where can you still walk, does your knee hurt?”

Shen Jue sat down on the edge of the bed tiredly, feeling a bit irritated that this body of his was even worse than the last.

To be honest, he felt that there was a reason why Shen Jue and Liu Xuan had been rejected by the crowd, because even among the naturally beautiful Celestial Luo Bodies, Shen Liu and Shen Jue were extremely good-looking, and would have fetched a very high price if they had been auctioned off in the black market. If he were an ordinary man, and not a Celestial Luo body, he would have been smitten by Shen Jue, especially since he had never seen a more beautiful Celestial Luo Body.

However, this Shen Jue’s existence was too low, always hooking his head and hiding behind Liu Xuan, which made it easy for people to ignore him, but once they noticed him, they couldn’t take their eyes off him.

But Shen Jue’s beauty was good, not to mention his dull nature, and his body was still so weak that he didn’t know how long he could live.

“I’m fine.” Shen Jue whispered. He moved his knees, not wanting Liu Xuan to touch him.

As soon as his memory returned, Shen Jue regained some of his habits as an immortal, never wanting to be touched, nor did he like to be served in this way.

However, Liu Xuan misunderstood, thinking that Shen Jue was so distressed that he didn’t want him to rub it for fear of being tired, so he held Shen Jue’s leg tightly and said, “AhJue, don’t make a fuss, I’ll rub it for you, or it won’t be good if it turns into a bruise.”

Shen Jue knitted his brows and could only stop.

Ji Lian laughed and said, “You brothers are really affectionate, I envy you.”

Shen Jue didn’t pay any attention to Ji Lian’s words, because Ji Lian seemed to be kind on the surface, but he wasn’t a good person at all.

When the island master personally chose the person, everyone knew that he was choosing for Sang Xinghe, and no one was willing to go.

When the island master was about to choose another person, Ji Lian suddenly gave Shen Jue a gentle push from behind. Although Shen Jue was able to stand firm, he stumbled and attracted the island master’s attention.

The island master was a delicate man, and he saw something fishy at once.

When he realized that Shen Jue had been pushed and that Shen Jue had almost fallen, the eyes of almost everyone on the sidelines lit up. When the island master found out, he simply ordered Shen Jue to come forward and found that all the people in the team were happy and even relieved, except for one person who showed an expression of surprise and grief.

Shen Jue was unpleasant.

The island master thought in his heart, a person who was disliked by people was naturally unpleasant, the harmonious thing was that he happened to be looking for an unpleasant celestial body, if it was pleasing, it wouldn’t be to charm away his beloved.


Shen Jue ignored Ji Lian, but Liu Xuan, a fool, didn’t.

He smiled at Ji Lian, “I grew up with Shen Jue, and we’re almost like brothers already.” At this point, Liu Xuan suddenly sighed, “It’s just that we’ll probably be separated from each other from now on.”

When the Celestial Luo Body followed their Lord, it became a personal item, and those who had it would basically not let it out freely for fear of it being killed. So even on an island, Liu Xuan and Shen Jue probably wouldn’t see each other very often.

Ji Lian’s eyes rolled around and suddenly said, “I’ve heard that the island master is looking for two Celestial Luo Bodies, so if you follow the same person, you won’t have to be separated.”

“With the same person?” Liu Xuan was stunned, but he hadn’t thought of this method. He looked at Shen Jue and then at Ji Lian, “But that’s too unlikely.”

“It’s possible,” After Ji Lian said that, he suddenly turned around and went to the door. He poked his head out to look at the door and saw that no one was outside before closing the door and walking back, “Do you know that on this island, there lives Sang Xinghe, the great warrior?”

“Warrior Sang?” Liu Xuan and Shen Jue were not well informed, and at this time they didn’t know that Sang Xinghe was on the Island of the Ten Extremities.

After all, when the island master kidnapped Sang Xinghe, he kept a very low profile. Even many people on the island didn’t know that the man the island master kidnapped was the famous gentleman of the Jianghu, Sang Xinghe, and only knew that Yi Shui Pavilion housed the island master’s beloved.

No one on the Ten Extremities Island knew about him, but Ji Lian knew about Sang Xinghe, and from this point of view, she knew that he was not as simple as he seemed.

“How did Sang Xinghe end up on the Island of the Ten Extremities? I heard that he disappeared before I went to the island.” Liu Hyun said here, covering his mouth and showing surprise in his eyes, “Could it be ……?”

“Yes, Warrior Sang’s disappearance is related to the Ten Extremities Islands.” Ji Lian whispered, “I heard that Warrior Sang lives on the highest point of the island, Yi Shui Pavilion. Ji Lian whispered, “You see, the island master has found someone, and it’s not unusual for someone as intelligent as Warrior Sang to find two.”

It was enough for an ordinary person to have one Celestial Luo Body, but some martial arts wizards would raise two Celestial Luo Bodies to increase their internal strength even faster.

When Shen Jue heard Ji Lian’s words, he couldn’t help but take a look at Ji Lian, who had revealed his fox tail so early, but unfortunately in his original lifetimes, neither he nor Liu Xuan had seen it.

“Warrior Sang is imprisoned on the Ten Extremities Island, how could the island master allow him to have two Celestial Luo bodies?” Jue Shen whispered.

Ji Lian didn’t expect Shen Jue to suddenly speak, so he turned his head to look at Shen Jue, and saw that his blue eyes were looking at him with light emotion. He deliberated thought before saying, “I’m afraid that the island master, who didn’t kill Master Song, holds Master Song in high esteem, so I’m not sure if Master Song will submit to the Ten Extremities Islands in the future.”

When Liu Xuan heard this, he was moved, and was about to say something, when he heard Shen Jue speak first, “Since Brother Ji portrayed Master Song so well, why doesn’t Brother Ji follow Master Song?”

Ji Lian had already thought of something to say, so he said, “I’ll go with anyone, but don’t you want to be together? Ordinary people can’t support two Celestial Luo bodies, and if their internal force increases too fast and they can’t unblock it, they will explode and die.”

Shen Jue glanced at Liu Xuan, whose heart was still moved, and said indifferently, “It’s Liu Xuan who wants to, I don’t want to, I think it’s better to separate.”

Liu Xuan turned his head sharply to look at Shen Jue with a hurt expression on his face, “Little Jue.”

Shen Jue didn’t look at him, but only at Ji Lian, “I’d like to stay with Big Brother Ji. It would be great if Big Brother Ji and I could follow Master Sang together.”

At this point, he smiled an extremely well-behaved smile.

Ji Lian choked, while Liu Xuan suddenly stood up, his eyes red as he walked out. He didn’t expect that he would be stuck with Shen Jue for so long, but Shen Jue didn’t miss him at all, and he was already stuck with Ji Lian after only a few days.

When Liu Xuan rushed out of the room, Ji Lian stood there in an embarrassed state. He looked at Shen Jue, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and said after a long time, “It depends on your luck, but you can’t say for sure.”

Shen Jue smiled again, and even took the initiative to reach out and hold the other party’s sleeve, “Brother Ji, if I were lucky enough to follow Master Song, I would definitely introduce you to Master Song, so don’t worry, Brother Ji.”

Ji Lian: “……”


Shen Jue was dragged into the second realm by Murong Xiu in his last life, and this time he was determined to finish off the master of this realm, Sang Xinghe, in one go, so he was prepared to disguise himself even more, to avoid revealing his true nature.

However, when dealing with Ji Lian, Shen Jue was only willing to touch his opponent’s sleeve and let him take the initiative to hold his hand, which he was unwilling to do.

Ji Lian didn’t think that Shen Jue liked him so much, and he was even more embarrassed when he carefully identified Shen Jue’s appearance and saw that it didn’t look like a fake. He was a bit cavalier, and could only reluctantly say, “I wouldn’t dare to expect anything from Master Sang, and besides, Liu Xuan really wants to be with you, don’t you?”


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