C91 — Weibo paralyzed

The two ate a lot of dinner; although the cake was delicious, they symbolically ate a small piece. Gu Yanshen was deeply curious about the twenty or so gifts piled up by Lu Wenxing.

“Can I open the gifts?”

“Yes.” Lu Wenxing walked over and said, “Start from the top.”

Gu Yanshen opened the first gift box, which was a model of an Aston Martin sports car—palm-sized, exquisitely crafted—with a small card standing on the wiper.

Gu Yannshen turned three this year! Happy Birthday.

Gu Yanshen: “!”

When he was first born, his parents were still very much in love with each other and were looking forward to the arrival of their child. Gu Yanshen had no memory of his first or second birthday, but he had seen photos of them, all of which contained his parents’ love.

But their love couldn’t withstand the polishing of time, and the love between his parents ended in failure. They once loved each other deeply but were shackled because of this love. After parting, they each became well.


It was said that parental divorce would leave a psychological shadow on the child; Gu Yanshen didn’t have any psychological shadow; he just never looked forward to love, but after encountering Lu Wenxing, he began to believe in love and began to look forward to love that could last a long time.

When he picked up the second gift, Gu Yanshen had already guessed that it was his fourth birthday present.

The C-City jigsaw puzzle.

“When I was four years old, I liked to play jigsaw puzzles, and my family bought me a lot of puzzles. But this puzzle was the first time I completed it alone.” Lu Wenxing paused and continued.

“I don’t know what teacher Gu liked to play when he was four, but I want to share my four-year-old childhood with you as well.”


The gift of being eighteen was a suit.

“The year I graduated from high school, the school gave each person a suit. I thought it was very monumental, even though I didn’t get to see eighteen-year-old Mr. Gu in a suit.”

“I can imagine it; you must have been tall and handsome. And at the age of love, there must have been a lot of people pursuing teacher Gu.”

Gu Yanshen was twenty-two years old when he graduated from college, and it was also a very memorable day. Lu Wenxing gave him a watch.

“I also happen to be twenty-two this year.” Lu Wenxing took out the watch from the box and gave it to Gu Yanshen to put on. “This is LULU’s design model from last year named Ocean.”

The dial was a deep blue sea and golden sandy beach color; it had a bright and shiny gradient color scheme.

Lu Wenxing pulled his sleeve upwards, revealing the dark blue starry sky watch on his wrist, both hands pressed together. “Does this count as…twenty-two year old you and twenty-two year old me both wearing couple watches?”

Meeting Lu Wenxing’s bright smile, Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss him gently and carefully.

For the first time, Gu Yanshen felt that he was incredibly lucky.

Lucky that he liked Lu Wenxing, and lucky that he could be liked by Lu Wenxing.

He had told Lu Wenxing that he hadn’t had a birthday since he was three years old, and Lu Wenxing had taken it to heart and prepared with special care.

Lu Wenxing’s sentence ‘I want to spend your birthday with you’ wasn’t just his birthday this year, but every birthday he was absent from.

“Even though I didn’t meet Teacher Gu earlier, I still want to help you make up for every year’s birthday gift.”

Gu Yanshen opened the last box—that was his birthday gift this year.


It was nice to look at, but comparing it to the previous two dozen gifts, Gu Yanshen felt that the keychain must have a special meaning as well, but he couldn’t figure it out even after thinking about it for a while.

“Why did you give me a keychain?”

Lu Wenxing winked, “Take a guess.”

“It can’t be to hang my keys.”

Lu Wenxing nodded with a light smile.


“That’s it.”

Gu Yanshen looked slightly skeptical, just like that?

“Teacher Gu doesn’t believe it; then what do you think it’s for?”

Gu Yanshen: “To hang the key.”

He thought very seriously but failed to come up with a reason and looked blearily at Lu Wenxing.

“Then write me a guarantee.”

Gu Yanshen:?

“A guarantee?”

“Not willing, huh?” Lu Wenxing raised his eyebrows slightly.

“How come?” Gu Yanshen couldn’t keep up with Lu Wenxing’s train of thought; he jumped around the topic too quickly. “What do you want me to write?”


Lu Wenxing lowered his eyes, his thick and slender eyelashes covering his beautiful light-colored pupils, as if he were seriously thinking, “Just write; well, Gu Yanshen will be good to Lu Wenxing all his life.”

“Just this?” Gu Yanshen hooked up the corner of his lips and asked, “Isn’t that too condescending to our Xingxing?”

“You’re right.”

Lu Wenxing’s left arm crossed over his waist, his right elbow resting against the back of his left hand. He propped up his chin and made a thinking motion. “Then add something else.”

“Like fixed assets or something.”

Lu Wenxing was puzzled: “I’m already rich; what do I need your fixed assets for?”

Gu Yanshen: “……”

Lu Wenxing stood in front of Gu Yanshen, his bright eyes looking at him as if he wanted to look into his heart.

“Gu Yanshen, if you don’t like me in the future, I’ll…”

“Just what?” Gu Yanshen was a bit curious. “Beat me up? Expose me to the internet. Condemn me? Make me fall from the peak to the bottom.”

Lu Wenxing snorted lightly. “I’m not going to do something so boring.”

“Then what will you do?”

“I’ll just not want you. I’m so good-looking and rich. I’ll find another person who likes me even more than you do and piss you off.”

He knew that Lu Wenxing was joking, but hearing these words still made Gu Yanshen panic, and he hugged Lu Wenxing from behind.

“That won’t happen; there will never be anyone like you who makes me so moved; I will only like you alone. But ……”

The failed marriage of his parents still made Gu Yanshen a little afraid; if one day Lu Wenxing wanted to leave, could he do what his father did and set his mother free?

“But what?”

Gu Yanshen smiled brightly and said, “Nothing; I just especially want to kiss you.”

Lu Wenxing turned around and kissed Gu Yanshen’s lips, the tip of his tongue carefully meeting Gu Yanshen’s lips in a shallow manner.

Gu Yanshen wanted to deepen the kiss, but Lu Wenxing inclined his head to avoid it.

“Are you going back?”

“Gu Yanshen, you have no heart. You just received my gifts and want to send me home.”

Gu Yanshen: “I didn’t mean that.”

“Then what did you mean?”

Gu Yanshen froze for a split second before blurting out.

“Didn’t you say in the morning that your brother told you to go back early?”

“He did; I didn’t agree.”

Gu Yanshen: “Will he…”

“Are you so afraid of my brother?”

“……” Gu Yanshen replied woodenly. “No.”

“You won’t ask me about the keychain anymore?”

Lu Wenxing blinked, his starry eyes reflecting Gu Yanshen’s silhouette; he often jumped topics like this, so Gu Yanshen adapted well.

“I asked, did you answer?”

“It depends on how you ask.”

Light flashed in Gu Yanshen’s eyes, and he suddenly understood.

“Baby Xingxing, I’m curious to know why you gave me the keychain. Can you tell me?”

The corners of Lu Wenxing’s mouth rose. “I’ll tell you if you kiss me.”

Gu Yanshen lowered his head to kiss him, and Lu Wenxing took a ribbon out of nowhere to cover Gu Yanshen’s eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Yanshen didn’t resist, letting Lu Wenxing cover his eyes. Then he tied a knot at the back of his head, and he gently pulled to make sure it wouldn’t fall off.

Lu Wenxing tilted his head and dropped a soft kiss through the ribbon.

He took Gu Yanshen’s hand and led him down the stairs towards the half-finished wine cellar.

“What did you hide down there? Did you put it there when I went to pick up the cake?”

Lu Wenxing maintained a sense of mystery; the underground wine cellar was large, and there was a glass room compartment intended to be a lounge where one could sip wine.


He brought Gu Yanshen to sit on the sofa; not waiting for Gu Yanshen to ask anything, delicate and soft kisses fell, lips and teeth mingled, and the long kisses made the surrounding temperature gradually rise.

Outside the villa, it was a dry and cold winter, but the glass room was as dry and hot as summer.

“Xingxing, I like you so much.”

Gu Yanshen said, his slender fingers sliding down Lu Wenxing’s back and stopping at the slender waist; he pushed Lu Wenxing down in the process.

The air became scorched as their breaths mingled.

“I’m obviously holding you, but I still miss you so much.”

Gu Yanshen wrapped the person in his arms a little tighter, his heart beating like a drum, again and again. It was hard to ignore in the quiet glass room, but it also stimulated the two of them to get closer to each other.

“Gu Yanshen.”

Lu Wenxing’s shirt slipped from his neckline slipped, revealing his delicate collarbone. His soft lips fell on his chin, from his slender neck to his raised collarbone; they were immersed in each other’s tenderness.

“I’m trying to overwrite your memories from when you were five years old with a babysitter…and in a basement during a thunderstorm.”

Lu Wenxing’s breath caught in his throat at the kiss, his clear voice ringing in his ears.

“Only the memory of December 21, 2021, with Lu Wenxing.”

The clothes slipped off the sofa, and Gu Yanshen’s voice was dark.

“Xingxing, I want you.”

Gu Yanshen’s hands were propped up on the sides of the sofa, and Lu Wenxing raised his chin, his lips landing on Gu Yanshen’s index finger.

“Teacher Gu, has anyone ever said that your hands are perfect for playing the piano?”

His tongue was deft, as if it were a paintbrush often held in his hand, seriously and carefully outlining Gu Yanshen’s slender fingers.


Gu Yanshen’s eyes darkened.

“But only your words made my heart skip a beat.”



Lu Wenxing’s cell phone vibrated twice.

“It’s time.”


“Teacher Gu, happy birthday.”

The time was 23:59.

A soft kiss fell on the top of his hair.

“Thank you, Xingxing; this is one of my most memorable birthdays.”

Sheng Chao called, but he didn’t answer.

“Not answering?”

Gu Yanshen didn’t have the heart to answer any phone calls. It was the middle of the night when the second call came.

“Answer it.”

“Hello.” Gu Yanshen’s tone carried a bit of laziness: “Birthday wishes should be excluded; it’s already over.”


Sheng Chao: “……”

“Look at Weibo.”

He hung up after saying that; he would call Gu Yanshen again when he checked.

“What’s wrong?”

“Let me look at the Weibo.”

Sheng Chao specifically called him to check Weibo, so it was something related to him: he decisively clicked into Weibo, and his phone almost got stuck.

The private messages doubled and surged. Gu Yanshen seemed to feel something; he raised his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing and smoothly clicked into the hot search list.

#Lu Wenxing used the wrong account.

# Wangfei szd #


[TN: szd — it’s real]

#Lu Wenxing is painter S

Gu Yanshen was shocked; every hot search had ‘explosion’ hanging beside it; he clicked into the first one first.

[Lu Wenxing v] Happy Birthday, Boyfriend @Gu Yanshen

The accompanying picture was a picture of Gu Yanshen holding a birthday cake and blowing out the candles, but the signature in the bottom right corner was… Painter S.

The time was yesterday.

Gu Yanshen:!!!

Xingxing planned to go public?

Gu Yanshen’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and without waiting for him to take a closer look, Weibo was down without any warning.

No, that wasn’t right.

He froze for a few seconds on the blank screen and remembered the hot search title.

“Baby, you seemed to have used the wrong account.”


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