C28 — I Like You

Not long after, an oddly-shaped mecha wreckage abruptly broke out of the snow.

Cang Hai climbed out of the snow in a smooth manner and pulled Xiao Yu up as well.

“Whew, we’re saved.” Xiao Yu breathed in fresh air; just now, he almost thought that it was going to end here.

Cang Hai put the mecha umbrella that had made a great achievement into the space and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Xiao Yu shook his head, dusted the snow off his body, and looked at Cang Hai, who was as soaked as he was, and couldn’t help but laugh.

He helped Cang Hai clean off the snow on his body and the ones on his head and face as well.

His fingers skimmed over the man’s jaw, and when he felt the skin on his fingertips, Xiao Yu’s eyes became a bit more teasing: “Brother Hai, your stubble has appeared.”

During the days on the desolate star, although they had been displaced, they had always paid close attention to their personal hygiene, and Cang Hai would shave off his beard every morning when he washed himself.

Cang Hai hmmmed, “I think it’s a bit of a hassle, and I can’t see it anyway, so I didn’t bother to shave. What, do you dislike me?”

“Of course not!”

He just thought that Cang Hai, who had an extra layer of stubble, had a harsh and handsome look.

Also, Cang Hai’s words meant that he didn’t treat him as an outsider.

So he could present his unkempt side in front of him without any concealment.

Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu on his back and said, “This place isn’t suitable to stay for a long time; let’s leave here first.”

Xiao Yu nodded and looked around.


“But where should we go?”

After the avalanche, there was thick snow in all directions, and not a single trace of the beasts could be seen.

Cang Hai pondered for a moment: “Where do you think we should go? Don’t hesitate; just go with your intuition.”

Xiao Yu subconsciously said, “Left?”

Cang Hai followed Xiao Yu’s advice and went to the left.

So casual?

Xiao Yu asked uneasily, “What if I’m wrong?”

Cang Hai gently comforted him and said, “Then make the right decision.”

Later, Xiao Yu realized that if there was anything wrong, he would make the right decision. Cang Hai had already determined the direction of progress based on the wind direction.

He asked just to tease him.

The days passed quietly during the migration and hunting.

“Don’t move around; be careful of hurting yourself.”

Xiao Yu was holding a razor in his hand—this kind of household item that didn’t need energy to be used—and Cang Hai still had a lot of them in his ring.

Cang Hai looked like he had no choice but to let the blade wander on his face.

“Alright.” Xiao Yu cleaned his razor and casually touched Cang Hai’s chin, feeling very satisfied with his craftsmanship.

Unfortunately, this body of his just came of age; he didn’t know if it was due to him being an Omega or a mermaid, but he couldn’t find a single whisker on his face; it was as smooth as his fish scales.

Cang Hai nodded slightly and put the razor back into his space ring. “It’s time to go.”

The weather had begun to warm up again in the past few days, and the snow on the Desolate Star was rapidly melting, making it quite difficult to walk.

There were no less than ten earthquakes of various sizes in between, and the ground that was softened by the water appeared to have gullies of varying depths, which always made Xiao Yu feel like he was standing on a suspended platform that could collapse at any time.

As a result, just as Cang Hai’s words fell, there was another shaking of the ground.

“Quickly move backward!” Xiao Yu tugged on Cang Hai’s collar and very consciously jumped into Cang Hai’s arms.

Cang Hai held Xiao Yu backward, narrowly avoiding a nascent crack.

Xiao Yu looked back at the bottomless abyss, and there was a touch of celebration in his eyes.

He suddenly realized that on this barren star that could be destroyed at any time, it was anyone’s guess which would come first, tomorrow or an accident.

Did he really want to keep his words in his heart and not say them until he died? Would he really not regret it?

“Brother Hai, there’s something I want to tell you.” Xiao Yu gulped, his fists were clenched to death, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. “I know it might be a bit out of place for me to say it at this time, so if you find it absurd or distasteful, could you please just pretend that you didn’t hear it?”

Cang Hai said suspiciously, “Is there anything we can’t say to each other?”

“Then promise me first that you won’t be allowed to get angry after I say it! We are still companions and won’t change in any way because of these words, or you can simply cover your ears and wait for me to finish speaking before you let go.”


“Xiao Yu,” Cang Hai held his hand, but felt the cold sweat from his hand. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Don’t be nervous; I’m listening.”

Xiao Yu looked at the man in front of him, who looked so good that he was mesmerizing; he could almost hear his own booming heartbeat, thump, thump, thump, as if it were about to break free of his chest at any moment.

“Brother Hai, I like you.”


So bold, I like it 😏

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