C65 – Pathological Secret Admirer

After Pei Yan finished speaking, he picked up Chu Chen’an and headed for the door.

Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he wrapped his arms around Pei Yan’s shoulders as he was taken back to the master bedroom.

“For the sake of the child, we have to work harder.”

The bathroom had a warm light on, and the heat surrounded the dim light, disorienting Chu Chen’an’s eyes.

He looked into Pei Yan’s lowered eyes and shivered.

The temperature of the water in the bathtub seemed a little hot.

They didn’t leave until the hot water turned cold.


Drowsy, Chu Chen’an laid on the pillow.

It was now two or three o’clock in the morning.

He had just finished his second bath.

Pei Yan was still in the bathroom.

His hand gripping the corner of the quilt had no strength left, and his eyes were red, with a few tears that hadn’t been wiped away.

He was crazy.

He squinted his eyes, his curled eyelashes trembling slightly.

His face was now on the fluffy pillow, and his eyes gradually closed.

With every copy he returned, he’d begun to deeply reflect and regret.

He shouldn’t have paid attention to Pei Yan when he was injured!

The last time he was in this copy, he and Pei Yan were in the same high school.

Pei Yan was in his third year of high school and had repeated his studies for two years.

The system set his persona as a sophomore who skipped a grade; he just turned 18 and was three years younger than Pei Yan.

The first time he saw Pei Yan was in the evening.

The sun was like blo*od, and the sultry air smelled of bloo*d.

Chu Chen’an was throwing garbage over the garbage wall. The garbage smelled bad, and it seemed to be mixed with the disgusting smell of bloo*d.

He ran after throwing the garbage; he was afraid that once he opened those black plastic bags, he would find that they were filled with hideous, rotting corpses.

He covered his nose and turned to another remote path, which also led to the teaching area; it was surrounded by withered trees, and a few abandoned school buildings were located in the distance.

He hadn’t taken more than a few steps on this path when he saw a man sitting on the stone steps in front of the abandoned school building from afar.

The person was covered in scarlet blood; from a distance, it looked like he had been seriously injured. Chu Chen’an narrowed his eyes for a few seconds, pondering whether to turn around and leave or go forward to check.

“Hey, classmate,” he stood still and didn’t dare to go over, timidly shouting, “You’re hurt; do you need help?”

Pei Yan sniffed and turned his head sideways, glancing at him as he spoke, “I need it.”

Chu Chen’an hesitated, but the man covered in bloo*d, sitting there alone, looked quite pitiful.

He still went forward with a soft heart.

He squatted in front of Pei Yan’s body, only to see that Pei Yan’s school jacket was covered in blo*od, but there were very few wounds.

He shouldn’t have suffered any serious injuries.

He thought, his peach blossom-like eyes filled with timidity and caution, but he still asked, “Can you still walk?”

Pei Yan stared at Chu Chen’an’s lively eyes, lost in thought. There was no emotion in his eyes, and he whispered, “It seems like I can’t walk.”

“Then I’ll go call for help to help you to the infirmary.” Chu Chen’an stood up.

He was just about to turn around when Pei Yan tugged on his wrist.

“No need; I don’t want to trouble others.”

Pei Yan said, pulling down the zipper of his school jacket with one hand. Taking off his blo*od-stained school uniform jacket, he asked, “Classmate, can you help me over?”

Chu Chen’an was gripped by Pei Yan’s hand. He glanced at Pei Yan’s well-defined, handsome face and hesitated for two seconds.

He knew that he couldn’t meddle in other people’s matters.

But he had asked; it was just a trip to the infirmary.

“Okay …” Chu Chen’an said, propping one hand on Pei Yan’s elbow.

As soon as Pei Yan stood up, he realized that he was only up to Pei Yan’s shoulders.

Pei Yan’s expression was cold, giving an invisible sense of distance and oppression.

Pei Yan didn’t speak; it was just that he might have injured his leg and would accidentally bump into him while walking.

They got closer and closer, looking like an intimate couple from a distance.

Chu Chen’an held him all the way and found that the atmosphere was a bit dull and stiff.

He took the initiative to break the silence. “How did you… get hurt?”

“I was beaten by someone.” Pei Yan said, his cold eyes glancing at Chu Chen’an’s tantalizing red lips, and the knot in his throat rolled inadvertently.

“Was it that group of hooligans from Class Z?” Chu Chen’an carefully looked at the road; he had just glanced at Pei Yan’s school uniform, which was emblazoned with a golden A on it.

“Yes.” Pei Yan didn’t even think about it and casually responded, his gaze lingering on Chu Chen’an’s face.

Class A was made up of the top thirty students selected on merit out of the three thousand seniors.

From this, it was clear that Pei Yan should be an exceptionally outstanding student.

One in a thousand.

He should be a good person.

Chu Chen’an had grown up especially admiring smart people.

He began to let down his guard and spoke for Pei Yan. ”Don’t be afraid; I’ll go back and anonymously report them to the director! It’s too much! Even if they don’t love to study, they’re always bullying others.”

Chu Chen’an lowered his head to look at the road, completely failing to notice the dark and blazing gaze above his head.

“Well, thank you.” Pei Yan said.

Chu Chen’an smiled brightly, “No need.”

Pei Yan’s gaze grew more and more unrestrained.

Every part of Chu Chen’an was adorable, like a little hamster that fought for him with a plush nest of hair.

The back of his neck was like white porcelain; his skin was soft and polished.

It was so tempting to kiss and leave marks there.

But Pei Yan didn’t do that.

One kiss didn’t seem like enough; he wanted more.


Pei Yan walked slowly, and Chu Chen’an couldn’t be in a hurry, even when he supported him. He slowly supported him at Pei Yan’s pace.

It only took ten minutes to walk from the path to the infirmary, but they walked for more than half an hour.

Pei Yan was sitting on a bed in the infirmary, but the school nurse was late.

Chu Chen’an had to go to evening study, so he stood up and said, “I’ll leave first, then I should go to class.”

“Okay,” Pei Yan nodded reluctantly. He pulled on Chu Chen’an’s wrist again before he turned to leave. “I’m sorry, I got your school uniform dirty.”

Chu Chen’an looked down and realized that he did have a few spots of blo*od stains on the hem of his shirt. “It’s fine; I can go back and wash it.”

“Give it to me.” Pei Yan’s face was expressionless as he said indifferently, “I’ll help you wash it and return it to you tomorrow.”

“No, I can wash it myself; it’s okay.” Chu Chen’an shrugged it off; he absolutely couldn’t let such a smart person wash his clothes for him.

Pei Yan said, “Give it to me.”

His attitude was forceful, with the intention that he wouldn’t let go until he gave it to him.

Chu Chen’an froze, looking into Pei Yan’s cold eyes, and couldn’t help but feel a chill down his back.

Pei Yan just didn’t want to owe favors.

Seeing that he couldn’t push back, Chu Chen’an had no choice but to take off his varsity jacket and hand it to him.

“Thank you,” Chu Chen’an said. “What’s your name, classmate? You are injured, and it’s not easy to walk; tomorrow I’ll come to your class to get it.”

“Pei Yan.” Pei Yan said faintly, “Class A, No. 1.”

Chu Chen’an was shocked.

The first place in the whole school…

He suddenly began to regret letting him wash his school uniform for him.

“My name is Chen An.” Chu Chen’an nervously pinched the hem of his shirt and added, “No. 101 in… Class Y.”

Pei Yan nodded, his hand holding onto Chu Chen’an’s school uniform. “Uh-huh.” I know.

“Then I’ll leave first.” Chu Chen’an said, and he turned to leave the infirmary.

When he looked at Pei Yan’s indifferent gaze, he felt that Pei Yan didn’t like him very much.

Chu Chen’an thought, feeling slightly inferior for a few moments as he returned to the teaching area.

What he didn’t know was…

While he was feeling inferior, Pei Yan was leaning over and sniffing his school uniform, kissing the collar like a demented man.

Pei Yan wasn’t injured at all; that blo*od was someone else’s.


Chu Chen’an flopped down on the pillow and opened his eyes, ignoring those memories for the time being.

He rolled over with difficulty.

The back of his neck was covered with a number of red marks.

Chu Chen’an also didn’t understand why Pei Yan always bellied up to kiss the back of his neck.

Pei Yan came out of the bathroom.

He laid down on the bed and wrapped his arms around Chu Chen’an from behind.

“Good night, baby.” Pei Yan said softly.

Chu Chen’an felt like he was confined by Pei Yan.

Pei Yan wrapped his arms very tightly, as if he wanted to hold him firmly.

The next morning.

Chu Chen’an slept straight through until noon.

System live broadcasts were rarely turned on automatically, as he was currently in a punishment period and hadn’t yet activated the player’s main quest.

After Pei Yan fed him lunch, he was sleepy again.

Inexplicably, he had felt particularly tired since the afternoon.

His body wasn’t functioning as well as it had the previous two days.

He stood up on the sofa and wanted to go to the check room to change into a set of clothes and continue sleeping.

Chu Chen’an had just walked into the check room when he saw Pei Yan sitting on a leather horizontal stool, packing up his clothes.

It was a few sets of school uniforms and old colored pajamas, folded together with Pei Yan’s sets of black pajamas.

On the left pocket of one set of black pajamas, there was a cartoon blue button embroidered on it—a button that looked out of place with it.

That one was the button Pei Yan had removed from his pajamas.

It turned out that he had sewn it on his own clothes.

As Pei Yan organized, he noticed Chu Chen’an at the door and softly called him, “Baby, come here.”

Chu Chen’an sniffed and walked over, and Pei Yan swept him up in his arms.

Chu Chen’an looked at his gray school uniform and couldn’t help but raise his hand and touch it.

He hadn’t worn this in a long time.

“Does baby want to go back to school?” Pei Yan played with Chu Chen’an’s other hand, “After high school, then college.”

Chu Chen’an was a bit surprised. “Is that okay?”

Would he actually agree?

“Of course.” Pei Yan said, “I know that baby has always wanted to go to college.”

Chu Chen’an had mentioned it to him once, and he didn’t expect Pei Yan to remember it even now.

He had died in the real world after only reaching high school because he was sick, and immediately after that, he was bound to the system and had never felt what it was like to go to college.

This was perhaps a regret for him.

“But before going to college,” Pei Yan kissed the side of Chu Chen’an’s face. “Baby has to give me a child first.”

Chu Chen’an was stunned.


He knew!

It wouldn’t be that easy.

“Otherwise, I’ll be lonely when An An goes to school.” Pei Yan’s palm stroked his abdomen. “Besides, our child will definitely be as cute as you.”

Once again, Chu Chen’an said with difficulty, “I can’t have a child.”

“Look.” Pei Yan wrapped his arms around him and pulled open one of the doors of the closet, which was filled with baby clothes, with yellow and blue colors predominating.

This was because Chu Chen’an liked these two colors the most.

Chu Chen’an stared blankly at these adorable clothes.

“I prepared them a few years ago and changed them once a year.” Pei Yan wrapped his arms around Chu Chen’an and said, “As soon as baby came back, we’d have a child.”

Pei Yan had paranoidly waited for him for five years.

Had planned all this long ago.

“And the walls of the child’s toy room and bedroom, I painted it all the colors that baby likes.” Pei Yan picked up a pair of small yellow baby pajamas and asked again, “Give me a baby, okay?”

Chu Chen’an’s eyes were dizzy as he listened.


The more he listened, the more tired he became, his eyelids drooping and his vision wavering; he felt like he was going to collapse the next second.

“Okay.” He nodded, casually agreeing with Pei Yan first.

He was about to leave anyway.

Pei Yan pursed his lips and smiled softly. “Baby can’t go back on his promise.”

He rarely smiled.

Pei Yan leaned down and kissed Chu Chen’an’s lips, his heart excited and joyful.

The plan he had been thinking about day and night for five years was finally coming true.

After kissing him for a dozen seconds, Pei Yan released him.

Because he sensed Chu Chen’an’s sleepiness, he raised his hand and gently stroked the side of his face.


Seeing his drooping eyelids and pale face, he said heartily, “Baby, you look tired.”

Pei Yan carried him back to the bed and tucked him in.

As soon as Chu Chen’an laid down, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Pei Yan then sat on the edge of the bed to keep watch over him, using his hand to check his temperature.

The temperature was normal; there was no fever.

Only then did Pei Yan relax and stare at Chu Chen’an’s sleeping face. His fingertips traced up Chu Chen’an’s pretty features, love flooding his heart.

He watched like this until evening, and seeing that Chu Chen’an was still sleeping soundly, his breathing even and gentle, he got up and went to prepare dinner.

The beautiful lavender glow painted half of the sky, and the little afterglow was cast into the floor of the master bedroom through the french window.


The gentle light reflected on the face of the sleeping teenager.

The youth became more and more silent.

When Pei Yan approached with his meal, he saw the scene in front of him.


The gilt plate and bowl shattered, and the night wind blew up a corner of the curtain.

Pei Yan drove quickly to the bedside and carefully called out to him, “Baby?”

But the person on the bed didn’t respond to him again.

“Baby, I’ll really get angry if you keep this up.” Pei Yan leaned over and kissed Chu Chen’an’s lower lip.

The teenager’s lips were cool.

“Baby, you just promised to give me a child.”

“You can’t lie to me.”


Through the night, Pei Yan kept calling him softly.

The cold wind blew into the window at night, which was a bit cold.

The lights hadn’t been turned on indoors.

Pei Yan looked at Chu Chen’an’s face and smiled grimly for a while.

His sorrowful laughter echoed in the darkened interior, appearing morose and eerie.

His beautiful dream had only lasted a brief two days.

How could he possibly be willing?

“Baby, you’re such a bad boy.”

Pei Yan interlocked their fingers and said coldly, “When husband catches you, I’ll make sure to lock you up.”


Chu Chen’an sneezed, and he rubbed the tip of his nose.

It always felt like there was a cool chill around his body.

As soon as he woke up, he realized that he was sitting in the last row of class A.


It seemed that the new identity that the system arranged for him this time was that of a good student.

He was wearing a gray school uniform suit with a golden A printed on the left side.

It was particularly similar to Pei Yan’s set.

Inexplicably, the back of his neck felt cold when he thought of Pei Yan.

It felt as if Pei Yan would come and catch him in the next second.



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