C115 – The Last Battle (2)


Although the message had just been sent to Duan Hengye’s light device, Yu Xinran had actually been awake for a while now.



When Yu Xinran first woke up, the doctor was busy running tests with various testing instruments, so he didn’t send Duan Hengye a message immediately. By the time Duan Hengye’s assistant, Ye Pu, found out about this and sent the message to Duan Hengye, it was already twenty minutes later.



On the return trip, the hovercraft had once again returned to the semi-open state it was in at the beginning. Because of its extremely fast operating speed, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but squint as it flew towards its destination. However, despite this, Duan Hengye still didn’t think to adjust the flight speed or raise the flaps.



By the time the hovercraft reached its destination, Duan Hengye’s bangs had already been blown up, and then his white forehead was revealed. With the sound of “Destination Arrived”, before the hovercraft came to a stop, he directly jumped down from a height of twenty to thirty centimeters from the ground, and then quickly walked towards the medical room.



Even though this height wasn’t high, one must know that Duan Hengye had always given people the impression that he was incredibly calm and steady, Professor Duan’s leaping down from the hovercraft that wasn’t yet stabilized was something that would have been unimaginable to the onlookers if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.



Because he had already been to the medical room many times, Duan Hengye barely paused as he walked past the several light screens used for identity checks, and then appeared in the medical room. This was one of the few places in the starship that had complete soundproofing, and having gotten used to the noise of the other parts of the starship, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but have the illusion that he had been engulfed by the silent air as soon as he walked into this place.



Then his pace, which had been a bit anxious just now, slowed down quite a bit, and Duan Hengye slowly walked to the inner cabin of the medical room. As the silver-white hatch slowly opened, the scene inside the cabin appeared in front of him. It could be seen that there weren’t a lot of doctors in the inner cabin right now, and at this moment, they were all standing around together, blocking Duan Hengye’s line of sight tightly. And beside the doctors, standing there was Ye Pu who had rushed here at some point.



Although Duan Hengye hadn’t had the chance to ask the doctor on the starship how Yu Xinran’s specific situation was, after seeing Ye Pu’s expression, Duan Hengye’s heart, which had been hanging high, finally fell.



At this time, the others in the medical room also noticed Duan Hengye’s arrival. Ye Pu turned around, then whispered a greeting to Duan Hengye, “Professor Duan.”


“Uh-huh.” Duan Hengye nodded his head while walking over, and it was also at this time that he suddenly heard a slightly hoarse female voice coming from the crowd.



“…… Duan Hengye?” Probably because she had stayed inside the Nutritional Warehouse for too long, Yu Xinran’s voice was a little hoarse when she spoke.



In Duan Hengye’s impression, previously, although Yu Xinran’s voice was definitely not sweet or coy, it was very clear. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was certain that no one in this room other than Yu Xinran would directly call him “Duan Hengye”, he probably wouldn’t have dared to associate this voice with Yu Xinran.



However, regardless of the voice, after hearing that she still had the strength to call his name, Duan Hengye completely relaxed. Also at this time, the various physical tests after waking up also ended one after another, the doctor left Yu Xinran’s side, and Duan Hengye finally saw her.


At this time Yu Xinran’s back was facing Duan Hengye, and she was still wearing the same kind of lab coat that she had worn when she was inside the nutrient warehouse. And he didn’t know when …… Yu Xinran’s long, fiery red hair was also cut to a length that just reached her chin. After seeing Yu Xinran’s shortened hair, he couldn’t help but pause for a moment before nodding his head in response to her earlier statement, “Uh, it’s me.” Upon hearing Duan Hengye’s affirmative answer, the woman in front of him who was half leaning on the black diagnostic chair attempted to turn around. Seeing her movements, Duan Hengye hurriedly went to the front.



Unlike the way she looked when she was in the nutrient solution, without the interference of the coloring liquid, Duan Hengye could clearly see that at this time, Yu Xinran’s face was already as white as paper, and her lips had also lost their color. However, what was slightly reassuring was that even though Yu Xinran’s face looked bad, her eyes didn’t have the kind of fatigue that belonged to a patient, but instead were extremely bright.



It seemed that her recovery was indeed good this time.



It was reasonable to say that Duan Hengye and Yu Xinran were close friends, and if they hadn’t seen each other for a while, they would always exchange a few pleasantries. But Yu Xinran was an Imperial Admiral after all, and she clearly remembered her mission, as well as what had happened before she fell unconscious. Now after seeing Duan Hengye come over, Yu Xinran hurriedly asked, “How is the battle going now?”



Before Duan Hengye could open his mouth to answer, Ye Pu, who was standing on the side, quickly responded, “Admiral Yu, you don’t have to worry, everything is fine in the empire right now. ……” Before he finished speaking, Yu Xinran waved her hand with some difficulty: “Don’t don’t don’t, Ye Pu, do you think I still don’t understand you? Hurry up and say it, there’s no point in hiding it from me.”


Hearing Yu Xinran’s words, Ye Pu looked at Duan Hengye as if seeking help. Although he didn’t say anything, with the tacit understanding cultivated from working together during this period of time, Duan Hengye already understood Ye Pu’s meaning in an instant – right now, Yu Xinran had just woken up not long ago, and the Empire just encountered a large-scale attack. In order for Yu Xinran to be able to recover at ease, it was better not to tell the truth of the matter now.



Therefore, the words that Duan Hengye wanted to say just now were swallowed back into his stomach, and he said, “The situation in the battlefield …… is normal.” Duan Hengye had stayed in the Southern Star and the military department for a short period of time, but he wasn’t a real soldier after all. After understanding Ye Pu’s meaning, Duan Hengye subconsciously said the word “normal”.



In contrast to him, Yu Xinran was an admiral who had spent half her life on the battlefield. Before Duan Hengye, Admiral Yu Xinran had never seen anyone use the word “normal” to describe the battle situation. So as soon as Duan Hengye’s words were spoken, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.



After all, she had just recovered from a serious illness, and her injuries hadn’t completely healed, so after laughing, she couldn’t help but cough. This battle scared the doctors who had been guarding her side, and when they heard Yu Xinran’s coughing, they surrounded Admiral Yu in a pile of people again. Duan Hengye saw that the instruments that had only just been idle were functioning again. A while later, after once again determining that everything was normal for Yu Xinran now, the doctors dispersed once again.


Duan Hengye saw that at this time, Yu Xinran’s expression also became serious. She pursed her lips. Then she looked at Duan Hengye and Ye Pu, who were standing in front of her, and then said solemnly, “Tell me, what’s going on now?”



Having known Yu Xinran for so many years, Ye Pu knew that although the woman often seemed to be cheeky, she was definitely not a person who was easy to fool. After seeing her serious expression, Ye Pu turned to look at Duan Hengye again, and only after the other nodded gently did he say, “The battle situation some time ago was within our expectations, and the Lai Sheng Alliance’s side kept launching small and medium-sized attacks in an attempt to feel out the strength of the new-type mechas.”



“Hm.” Hearing this, Yu Xinran slowly nodded.


Ye Pu continued, “The strength of the new mecha ‘Nanwei’ is very strong, wherever Marshal steps in, it’s bound to be a quick battle.”



Yu Xinran smiled, “That’s for sure, the strength gap can be too big.”



“But ……” Ye Pu took a deep breath, then finally told what had just happened, “But, just an hour ago, the Lai Sheng Alliance, along with the remaining four stars, launched the most violent attack on the empire in recent time. Just as you awoke, the Marshal and also Admiral Dongfang and the others had already piloted their mechas into battle.”



Unable to help it, Yu Xinran’s voice raised, “They’ve already gone to wa.r?”



Ye Pu didn’t know how to continue answering, and at this time, Duan Hengye finally spoke. “Yes, it happened just now. Don’t worry, I checked the ‘Nanwei’ only a short while ago, it’s been running well for a while now, and Meng Jinhuai and the new mecha are working well together.”



Obviously in Yu Xinran’s mind, Duan Hengye’s words were much more useful than Ye Pu’s. After hearing what he had just said, Yu Xinran let out a slight sigh of relief. At this time, the robots also brought over the prepared patient’s meal to Yu Xinran. Because she stayed in the nutritional warehouse for too long, the current Yu Xinran was only able to eat liquid food.



Duan Hengye saw that the small robot in the medical room gently placed the bowl in front of Yu Xinran, and the woman slowly reached out her hand and proceeded to stir the contents of the bowl. Even though he could only smell it, Duan Hengye believed that the military department’s sick meal was definitely not difficult to swallow. And after being in a coma for such a long period of time, Yu Xinran should definitely have a strong interest in food.


Unless there was something else troubling her.


“What’s wrong?” Seeing Yu Xinran still absent-mindedly stirring around after half a day, Duan Hengye finally couldn’t help but ask.



After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Yu Xinran first froze for a moment, and then smiled towards him with embarrassment, “It’s nothing. …… It’s just that I accidentally had a random thought.”



“Random thought?” Yu Xinran was an admiral of the military department, Ye Pu believed that even if her brain was a little confused after waking up, she was definitely able to notice the details that ordinary people overlooked. So when he heard Yu Xinran say this, he couldn’t help but ask with some nervousness, “Is there anything important? I can go directly contact the marshal and the others right now.”



“Don’t don’t don’t.” Hearing Ye Pu say this, Yu Xinran hurriedly stopped him, and then continued, “It’s just that there was suddenly some panic, it’s not a big deal, it …… it should be related to me just waking up.”



Ye Pu was a qualified candidate for assistant, after hearing Yu Xinran’s words, he continued to communicate with the doctor. But Yu Xinran’s words were constantly hovering in Duan Hengye’s mind …… As of today, Duan Hengye still clearly remembered that he was living in a novel, and in the book, the so-called “premonition” was often not empty words.



As soon as he thought of this, Duan Hengye hurriedly said goodbye to Yu Xinran, and then quickly walked towards his own place. He didn’t know if it was because of the psychological implication, but after listening to Yu Xinran’s words, Duan Hengye actually got nervous.




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