C80 – Sweet and Sour


When Lu Wenxing came back from outside, Wen Zheng was already sitting on the sofa reading documents.



“Brother, are you so early today?”


On a normal working day, Wen Zheng had to be home by 6 o’clock, it was quite rare to see Wen Zheng at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.



“I have a new project to work overtime next week, so I gave my staff an extra half day off.”



“So you won’t go to the company on the weekend?”



“Yes, I’ll rest for two and a half days.”



Lu Wenxing was a bit envious, he and Gu Yanshen hadn’t seen each other for almost a month since they had finalized their relationship.



Their schedules were always off, and when they were busy, they couldn’t rest for ten days to half a month. Although Wen Zheng was meticulous, strict and critical in the company, it wasn’t uncommon for employees to take turns to take a vacation when there were fewer projects.



“No new dramas lately?”



“There’s a movie that’s still under discussion.” Lu Wenxing took two bottles of juice from the refrigerator and handed one to Wen Zheng.


“Do you remember Cheng Xuan?”


“Yes.” Thinking of Cheng Xuan’s fearful nature, Wen Zheng asked one more question, “Is he okay?”


“He is fine. You won’t believe it, the book he wrote has already sold its copyright.” Lu Wenxing was happy for Cheng Xuan.



In the beginning, it was Mr. Cheng who wanted to support his brother’s novel and asked the copyright editor to contact Cheng Xuan, but he hid the fact that he had approached the copyright editor in private.



The copyright editor only intended to do a small favor for Mr. Cheng by giving him a chance to publish, but Cheng Xuan’s new work gave him a big surprise, and after reading it, the editor directly contacted the film and television companies that he had cooperated with.



Because Cheng Xuan’s novel theme this time was relatively obscure, it became more unique.



“The new drama you’re going to take on is Cheng Xuan’s novel.”





Before, Lu Wenxing mentioned a novel written by Cheng Xuan, which he had searched online. Overall, it was just a bloody and beautiful novel, and he felt that even as a movie, it couldn’t pass the review.


“His style has changed a lot.”



Lu Wenxing looked at Wen Zheng’s expression and guessed what he was thinking.



“The protagonist used to be a skier.”


Because he was framed by the competitors and insiders, smearing him for doping before the race. He was disqualified from receiving the award and was blacklisted and banned for four years by various events. The disillusioned protagonist travelled and encountered an avalanche, nearly losing his life. After waking up from the hospital, the hero lost his memory, and along with it, he forgot the unpleasant things that happened to him, as well as his passion for skiing.



By chance, he met the owner of a ski resort, the heroine, and was invited to play. Seeing the heroine’s heroic appearance on the ski slopes, the man felt a trace of desire from the bottom of his heart. But no matter how much the heroine encouraged him, he refused to put on a ski suit and try it himself, so everyone thought he didn’t know how to ski.


Until one day, the protagonist was finally willing to put on the ski suit again, but refused to move in his snowboard. At that moment, a four or five year old boy slid down the snowy mountain alone and was about to run out of the slope, the protagonist out of instinct, wearing skis, rushed out, and by the time he reacted, the child had already been rescued by him.



The tourists at the ski resort all looked at him, applauded and cheered for him, and the heroine was also amazed by him. The protagonist suddenly regained his memory and remembered the mess he made when he was thrown off the podium, and the cynicism he couldn’t avoid wherever he went. The protagonist’s friends intended to help him overcome the obstacles and return to the snowfield.



After listening to Lu Wenxing’s synopsis of the story, Wen Zheng was slightly surprised that it sounded like a good story, depending on how the director and screenwriter changed it.



Wen Zheng was very satisfied with this project. Lu Wenxing had acted in two films, both of which had gotten a lot of CP fans and narrowed down his acting career.



“Cheng Xuan is willing to participate in the movie adaptation, and the scheduled male lead will be me. But ……”



“There are concerns?”


Lu Wenxing nodded, “I quite like this script, but I can’t ski.”



Taking some difficult and professional shots required professional skiing skills, but Lu Wenxing didn’t know basic skiing skills either. Even if his acting skills were excellent, he was completely inadequate and the shots taken wouldn’t be ideal.



Wen Zheng screwed on the bottle cap, “Want to try?”





“Skiing.” Wen Zheng’s eyes moved away from the cell phone screen, “I can take you to a ski resort on the weekend.”


Lu Wenxing’s eyes lit up and he nodded.



“I want to go.”



“When mom and dad come back, ask them if they want to go together.”


At the dinner table, Wen Zheng announced his plan to ski tomorrow, and Ji Yuan was also a bit tempted. Wen Huaizhe thought for a few seconds and followed suit.



“Book early, there are a lot of people traveling on weekends.”



“I have something to say.”


The trio’s gazes fell on Lu Wenxing.



“I’m in love.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t plan to hide it from his family, he and Wen Zheng had agreed that if he fell in love he definitely wouldn’t hide it, it was just that everyone was busy during this period of time and he didn’t meet the right time to say it.


“How long have you been together? What does she look like, do you have a picture? What does she do? How many people are in her family?”



Ji Yuan’s series of questions caused Lu Wenxing to bend his eyes with a smile. “We’ve been together for a month. He’s tall and handsome ……”



Wen Zheng put down the chopsticks in his hand and asked.


“How long?”


“One month.” Lu Wenxing didn’t know why Wen Zheng reacted so strongly, “What’s wrong?”





Looking at Wen Zheng’s not-so-good expression, Lu Wenxing didn’t feel that it was like nothing.



Ji Yuan also felt that Wen Zheng overreacted, she exchanged a glance with Wen Huaizhe and skipped over the topic, “Xingxing, you haven’t told me …… what kind of work she does?”


“Mom, you know him, we even had dinner together.” Lu Wenxing smiled, “An entertainer like me.”



An entertainer who had dinner together, Ji Yuan immediately associated it with, “The movie star Gu Yanshen?”



Wen Zheng hummed lightly, unhappiness written all over his face, he thought that the two had been together for a long time, but it turned out to be a relationship that had only just been established, Gu Yanshen’s demeanor had caused him to misunderstand several times.



He also unknowingly gave Gu Yanshen an assist.


When he thought that he had personally pushed Xingxing out, Wen Zheng was a bit upset. Gu Yanshen acted as if he didn’t take himself as an outsider, and was busy investigating the matter of being replaced, taking responsibility for him…….



Even so, Wen Zheng knew that Gu Yanshen wouldn’t take credit for it, and that he couldn’t fake his fondness for and devotion to Lu Wenxing.



After dinner, they each went back to the house to pack up their equipment and set off early tomorrow morning.


Gu Yanshen’s video call request rang for a long time, and it had already cut when Lu Wenxing walked over, he called back.



“You didn’t answer for so long, what are you doing?”



“Packing.” Lu Wenxing tapped the rear camera.



“I thought you didn’t have anything planned?”



“No, my brother is taking me skiing.” There was excitement in Lu Wenxing’s voice.





“E City.”



Lu Wenxing shared the guide with him, “Mr. Gu has worked hard on filming, I’ll take a good rest for you on the weekend.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”



“Okay, pack up.”



Lu Wenxing felt strange, in the past, when he talked to Gu Yanshen on video, it lasted more than half an hour, today, why did he take the initiative to hang up in two or three sentences?



“I need to board the plane, I’ll contact you tomorrow.”






Wen Zheng in the next room packed up his equipment and called his friend Xu Weiyao.



“What’s the matter in the middle of the night?”


“At the beginning of the month, someone booked a reservation in your restaurant, did you know?”



“I know.” Xu Weiyao replied, “Xiao Dong said that you invited your clients to dinner that day, but a guest chartered the venue.”



“Yes, what happened that day was told to be kept secret by the staff.”



Xu Weiyao found it strange that Wen Zheng even wanted to come to their restaurant. “If you book a restaurant, we won’t leave too many people there unless the customers demand it, privacy is good. Why are you asking?”



“Xingxing has been there.”




At the mention of Lu Wenxing, Xu Weiyao understood. Lu Wenxing’s identity was special, his itinerary was something that couldn’t be revealed casually, and fully booking a restaurant was definitely not a small matter. “Who did he invite for dinner?”


“Gu Yanshen.”



Xu Weiyao let out a laugh, “Heh, the two of them really do have a situation.”


“Don’t worry, our employees don’t do paparazzi work.”



“Xiao Chen said you’re not going to the office this weekend?”


“I’m taking Xingxing and Mom and Dad skiing tomorrow.”



“I’m going too!” Xu Weiyao also got excited at the sound of skiing, “I’ll call Weiyou and the others to go with me.”






Early the next morning, Xu Weiyao appeared at the Wen family’s front door with his three friends.



“Yo, good morning Xingxing.”



“Good morning.”



Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe came down from the second floor, and Xu Weiyao put away his mischievous demeanor and greeted them nicely.


“Good day, Auntie and Uncle.”


“Xiao Yao is here so early.”


“Hello aunt and uncle.”



“Hello you guys.”



They went to E City by airplane, they had lunch on the plane, and arrived at the place right after two o’clock in the afternoon.



Wen Zheng booked rooms in advance, so they went to their rooms carrying suitcases. The ski resort inn was built in a wooden cabin, equipped with hot springs and a small bar for entertainment.



Wen Huaizhe hadn’t been skiing for a long time, he put down his things and rushed to take the new ski clothes, itching to follow the other tourists from the mid-mountain slide down.



Ji Yuan knew that Lu Wenxing couldn’t ski, and it wasn’t easy for Wen Zheng to come out once, so that he and his friends could have fun, so she was hesitant to follow.



But Wen Zheng wasn’t interested in skiing, “Mom, you and Dad can go, I’ll accompany the stars, you can’t help him.”



Ji Yuan thought about it, Lu Wenxing was tall and had long legs, she stood beside him but wasn’t up to his shoulders.’ “Then bring Xingxing with you, don’t let him fall.”




After Wen Zheng answered, Ji Yuan also followed and skied down, Ji Yuan was wearing a ski suit that couldn’t hide her slim figure, holding the ski poles as she skied down from the top of the mountain, her speed was extremely fast, riding the wind, she looked especially valiant.



Lu Wenxing was wrapped tightly by Wen Zheng, helmet, snow mirror, mask, If it weren’t for the high recognition of his ski suit, no one would recognize him after being wrapped in this way.



Wen Zheng told Lu Wenxing the basics of skiing, he had already checked introductory manuals online before coming, but Wen Zheng wasny assured and explained again.



“Xingxing doesn’t know how to ski?”



Lu Wenxing shook his head, and Xu Weiyao came forward. “I’ve participated in competitions before, why don’t I teach you?”


Lu Wenxing knew they were here to play and shook his head. “Don’t bother, my brother can teach me.”



“I’ve been friends with Wen Zheng for more than twenty years, his brother is my brother. Don’t be polite with me.”


Xu Weiyao went to help Lu Wenxing, but was patted away by Wen Zheng, “There’s no need.”



“You’re being polite for what?”



“I’m not being polite to you, I’m afraid you’ll drop Xingxing.”



Xu Weiyao: “……”



Lu Wenxing: “……” He wasn’t that fragile.



“Wait for me.” Wen Zheng helped Lu Wenxing to the side.



Wen Zheng walked into the store near the ski resort, and Lu Wenxing stood waiting for him in an unoccupied area, unaccustomed to wearing snow goggles, he lifted his hand to push them over his head.



“Get out of the way.”


Lu Wenxing turned around as a teenager on a double board, unable to brake, came crashing down on him. His heart jumped, and he moved slowly to the side, using his ski poles like he was walking.


But the boy’s speed was too fast, Lu Wenxing couldn’t avoid it in any way, he crouched down and tried to reduce the force of the impact, so that even if he fell, it wouldn’t hurt too much.


A hand reached out and pulled Lu Wenxing up from the ground, and before he could react, the man slid some distance away with him, the teenager slipping past his eyes.





Lu Wenxing tried to back away, but the man’s hand was still wrapped around his waist, he frowned as a familiar voice rang out.


“Just thanks?”



Lu Wenxing: “……!”



It was Gu Yanshen’s voice.



“Why are you here?”



Gu Yanshen pushed his snow goggles upwards, revealing a pair of dark eyes, “I came to find my boyfriend.”



“It’s been a month since I took a vacation, and my boyfriend didn’t even come to see me on his break.” Gu Yanshen sighed, pretending to be sad. “I could only find time to come here.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t believe him and smoothly hooked his arm around his neck. “You hid it from me and came secretly?”



“How dare I.” Gu Yanshen held him up, “It was hard to get a vacation, but I contacted you yesterday.”



Gu Yanshen originally wanted to fly to C city. Yesterday, during a video call with Lu Wenxing, he was waiting for his flight then he learned that Lu Wenxing was going to go skiing in E city. He changed his flight temporarily and arrived in E city at night. He stayed here all night just to surprise Lu Wenxing.



“I’ll teach you?”


Before Lu Wenxing could respond, Wen Zheng had already walked over.








Looking at the two people’s intimate movements, Wen Zheng’s face sank, they were in public, although he was wearing a face shield mask, in Wen Zheng’s opinion, Lu Wenxing’s eyes were very recognizable.



Gu Yanshen had already withdrawn his hand and politely greeted Wen Zheng.



Wen Zheng frowned and was about to say something when Xu Weiyao grabbed his shoulder.


“Why? It’s not easy for couples to meet, so don’t stay and be an electric light… just let it be.”



“Just now someone rushed over, and Gu Yanshen protected Xingxing.”



Xu Weiyao actually saw it, he was going to go and take Lu Wenxing away, but Gu Yanshen was one step faster than him, and looking at the two people being mushy, he simply stood far away.



Wen Zheng still wanted to say something, Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe came up just in time to see them and exchanged a few pleasantries.



“Xiao Zheng, compare yourself to your father?”



“Xingxing has Yanshen with him, yet you’re still worried?” Ji Yuan nudged Wen Zheng, “Your dad just remembered that he hasn’t competed with you for a long time.”



Wen Huaizhe: ?



When did he?



Wen Huaizhe stared straight at Gu Yanshen and was pulled along by Ji Yuan, “Yanshen, it’s our Xingxing’s first time skiing, so I’m counting on you to take more care of him.”



“Auntie, don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t let him fall.”



Wen Huaizhe snorted coldly, “What’s wrong with falling? The first step in skiing is to learn to fall.”


“Actor Gu is very good, but he may not be very good at teaching, let Xiao Zheng ……”



“Let? Let what?” Ji Yuan glared at him, “You two go play with yourselves, don’t stand here like a pole.”



Wen Zheng glanced at Lu Wenxing, from the time Gu Yanshen appeared, Lu Wenxing obviously became distracted, he coldly handed Lu Wenxing the anti-drop hip pads, “I brought yours.”



“Brother, isn’t this a bit exaggerated.”



Lu Wenxing saw a lot of children playing around here with knee pads and wrist guards, but the hip pads ……



Gu Yanshen raised his hand and took it, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wen, I will let Xingxing wear it.”



Lu Wenxing: “……” He wasn’t going to wear it.



After Ji Yuan left with a wink, Gu Yanshen deliberately shook the hip pad in front of Lu Wenxing, “You really won’t wear it?”



“If I don’t wear it, will you drop me on purpose?”



Gu Yanshen blinked and looked at him innocently. “How could Xingxing think so little of me?”



Lu Wenxing hummed softly, “If you make me fall, I won’t let you teach.”



Gu Yanshen brought Lu Wenxing to the flat ground.


“Try walking back and forth first, then try spinning around.”


“Your knees buckled inside.”



Gu Yanshen was very patient when he taught Lu Wenxing, holding him up the whole time, “After walking smoothly, you can try going uphill.”



Lu Wenxing tried, although he walked like he was doing rehabilitation exercises, he really didn’t fall easily.


Gu Yanshen gave him a demonstration in front, “Can you roller skate? It’s probably that kind of feeling, the speed of movement can be slightly faster.”


Lu Wenxing followed and tried, his body falling backwards uncontrollably. By the time Gu Yanshen turned back, Lu Wenxing was already sitting on his butt on the ground.


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Although he couldn’t see his expression under the mask, Gu Yanshen’s eyes squinted from laughter had already betrayed him.


Gu Yanshen was laughing at him.


Lu Wenxing sat on the snow, his back to Gu Yanshen, leaving him with only the back of his head.


“Baby, I was wrong.”



Lu Wenxing slapped away his hand on his shoulder.


“You’re really angry?”


Lu Wenxing lowered his head, and Gu Yanshen squatted in front of him, looking down to see Lu Wenxing’s face. He suddenly raised his head, ripped off Gu Yanshen’s mask, and threw a handful of snow on his face.





Lu Wenxing let out a soft laugh and took the opportunity to push him, Gu Yanshen obediently sat down on the ground as if he had really been pushed over.



Lu Wenxing had already stood up while holding onto his ski poles, slowly moving a few steps. When he was a few steps away, Gu Yanshen grabbed a handful of snow and stood up to go after Lu Wenxing, and he didn’t even need to chase him, he skied two steps to catch up.


“Can you run away?”



Gu Yanshen’s other hand wrapped around Lu Wenxing’s slender waist that was wrapped by the ski suit, Lu Wenxing was quick to admit his mistake, he grabbed Gu Yanshen’s hand with a good and innocent look.



“I was wrong.”



Gu Yanshen let him grab him, loosening his grip on Lu Wenxing’s waist and ripping off his mask.



Lu Wenxing’s eyes moved, his body leaned forward, and a cold kiss landed on Gu Yanshen’s side.



“One kiss and that’s it?”



Lu Wenxing blinked, unconvinced. “It’s okay to let you hit back.”






Lu Wenxing stared incredulously, if Gu Yanshen dared to smash him ……



Gu Yanshen raised his hand, and Lu Wenxing subconsciously ducked his head to avoid it.



Slightly cool fingers clasped Lu Wenxing’s chin, not waiting for him to react, a gentle kiss fell.



It was sour and sweet.


Gu Yanshen asked, “What did you just eat?”


“Lemon candy.”


“I want some too.”



Lu Wenxing spread his hands, “There’s none left.”



“There is.”



“The candy was given to me by Xu Weiyao, there’s only one, he used it for a prank. It’s very sour, not delicious.”



Gu Yanshen let go of his hand, the snow fell to the ground, he clasped Lu Wenxing’s waist and lowered his head to bite his lips.


The thin lips slightly opened, the dexterous tongue took advantage of the situation, and the sweet and sour scents mingled.




After the two separated, Lu Wenxing’s cheeks were flushed, he leaned on Gu Yanshen’s shoulder, panting slightly.



Gu Yanshen smiled, happy like a child who had stolen candy. He lowered his head, his lips brushing over Lu Wenxing’s ear, his voice low and hoarse.



“Liar, it’s obviously very sweet.”



They’re honestly sooo cute (⁠✯⁠ᴗ⁠✯⁠)

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