C78— Surprised?

After the live broadcast of the variety show, Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen went back to C City together, and Wen Zheng sent a car to the airport half an hour in advance to pick them up.



The two of them took exit T3, the car was already waiting at the door, they didn’t know where fans got the news from, but they were already squatting at the exit at noon.



The airport sent a few security guards over to maintain order, because it was near the parking lot, it was dangerous, so the security guards pulled two cordons.



“Back up a little, the people at the back row shouldn’t push.”



The security guard who was transferred out from the terminal building was a bit impatient, the blowing air-conditioning inside was comfortable, but he was transferred here to maintain order.



“You can’t see them, they’ll come out and get in the car immediately.”



The security guards were sweating profusely as they tried to persuade the fans to go home earlier. “The sun is very high, you’ll get heatstroke.”


“Security guards, we’re not making a scene, don’t drive us away, okay?”



“It’s the first time I’ve been able to get so close to my idol, so please let me see him, just one look will satisfy me.”



“It’s my birthday today, if I can see Xingxing and brother Shen, that’s the best birthday present I’ll received this year.”



“Let them stay, it’s useless to drive them away.” Another security guard walked over, he faced everyone and emphasized again.



“The people standing in the back don’t push the people in front of them, the ones in the back row go back, stand on the lawn, don’t come out, it’s very dangerous for the cars to come in and out.”



Maybe because it was noon, or maybe because there were less cars at the exit, the fans squatted here for several hours and not many cars passed by.



“A car moved.”



The originally parked black business car opened a little.



Gu Yanshen walked out with sunglasses, Lu Wenxing with a hat, big sun hit his eyes, making him squint.



“C city is so hot, it’s almost thirty-seven degrees today.”



“Get in the car right away.” Gu Yanshen raised his hand to help Lu Wenxing shade the sun.



Lu Wenxing raised his hand to block the sun, and suddenly heard a few screams.



“Ah ah ah ah ah! Xingxing, it’s Xingxing.”


“Brother Shen! Gu Yanshen.”



The two fans were standing on the lawn on each side of the road, but the car somewhat blocked the view.



The car drove in front of them and the two got into the car.



“Lu Wenxing, Xingxing.”


“Gu Yanshen.”



The two had gotten into the car, the fans still refused to leave, even if they couldn’t see it, they still had to see the car leave.



“The car windows can’t show the inside.”


“I’m a little disappointed, did any sisters take pictures just now, remember to send them to me.”



“Let me pray that they will roll down the windows.”



“It’s so hot, they must have the air conditioning on, I guess they didn’t even notice us.”



There was a lane gate in front of them and the car drove slowly, just as the fans watched the car leave with bated breath, the windows were rolled down.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Xingxing rolled the car window down.”


“I saw Brother Shen, bursting into tears.”


Lu Wenxing also didn’t expect to see fans at this exit, the weather was so hot and the sun was shining, he wanted to persuade them to go back, but it was a bit far away, and the fans couldn’t hear him when he spoke, so he could only wave his hand at them in a small way.


Gu Yanshen rolled down the window of the other side of the car, causing a succession of screams from the fans.


Luckily, the fans didn’t follow the car, they just obediently stood in place and happily waved at them.



The car drove through the ramp and an assistant got out of the car.



“The weather is too hot, don’t stand here, there’s a drink store inside, Wenxing will treat everyone to a cold drink, cell phone order #156, other fans can also go over there.”



“Ah, Xingxing is too good.”



“My god, I can actually drink milk tea that Xingxing sponsored.”



On the same day, Lu Wenxing was on the hot search for treating his fans who came to greet him to milk tea, and the fans posted pictures.



#[Sponsor Wenxing on line]



[Xingxing and brother Shen are very close, they got on the same car]



[High value stars are different, their unedited pictures are so unbeatable]


[I also want to drink the milk tea sponsored by Xingxing, I’m envious]



[Doesn’t anyone find this behavior disruptive? It’s a small event, can Lu Wenxing be responsible for anything that happens?]



[Please the drinks isn’t encouraging fans to go to him, is it not just for hype? This can also get attention?]



[Toxic, right, the weather is hot, Lu Wenxing should have persuaded fans to leave the airport early before the drinks]



[Don’t pay attention to the anti-fans, they can use anything]



[Brother Shen’s fans also drank the drinks, the summer is very hot, I finally know why brother Shen and Xingxing have such a good relationship, Xingxing is really too warm]



[Experience the joy of the crew members being fed by Xingxing, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I want to hide him]



[Dangerous speech, Brother Shen’s knife can’t be put away.]



Lu Wenxing had recently been active in all the major short video APPs, and his interactions with Gu Yanshen on the variety show had been edited out.



Several videos without repeats could be swiped in a day, and there were also people editing the TV series that Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen filmed.



After the variety show aired, the drama was also released.


First the variety show, then the drama, Lu Wenxing was on three hot searches in just one week, the most recent being his and Gu Yanshen’s photo shoot that was released by VE Magazine’s official blog.



The double snow photo was made into wallpaper by many people, and there was another one of Gu Yanshen sitting on a chair in a suit, Lu Wenxing standing against the chair, leaning in close to Gu Yanshen, raising his hand to take off his glasses.



[This is not a shoot, this is a wedding photo]


[Please, please, get married in place]



[The way Xingxing looks at Brother Shen, I’m dead, my CP must be real]



[Does the one on the chair look like a post-wedding routine?]



[The picture of brother Shen with glasses kills me.]



[I’ve seen the same picture in a blogger’s album, the similarity is 80%.]



[Which blogger? Let me have see.]



[The picture I saw, was painted well, such desire ah]


Fans looked at the fan pictures and they were well drawn. They were very fast, and the blogger who posted the photos was also a fan of Gu Yanshen. When she woke up in the afternoon, she saw private messages from the fans asking where the artwork was from.



Peach Cake: There are too many private messages that cannot be replied to. Here is a unified reply. Brother Shen’s fan picture was done by my cousin’s wife. She did two pictures for me, one of brother Shen wearing a suit, and the other of Xingxing taking a photo with a pink rabbit. But she doesn’t take draw celebrity fan pictures, but for the sake of my cousin, she took some time to draw for me.


[I burst into tears, it’s painted well, why not give out the Mrs. Weibo page info]



[The same request]



[Is that the page Song Jiajia reposted?]


[Xingxing and a pink rabbit, I want to see!!!!]



[I want it too. I’ll wait as long as it takes. I’m begging you to accept it.}


Lu Wenxing, who didn’t know that his other Weibo account had almost been revealed, was currently editing a WeChat message.



He just finished typing when Gu Yanshen sent a message.



[ Xingxing, are you free on Friday?]


Lu Wenxing was surprised for a moment, it really should be that ‘when you are thinking about someone, that person is also thinking about you’.



[ET] I’m free.



[.] I found a not bad restaurant, do you want to have a meal together?}



[ET] Where is it?


[.] I’ll share the location



Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate, it just so happened that he agreed to Gu Yanshen’s dinner date, and he was in the process of making a confession, so he could still definitely surprise him.



He acted quickly, and after Gu Yanshen shared the location, he found the restaurant’s phone number from the internet and immediately contacted the restaurant staff.


“Hello. This is the Fofri Restaurant.”



“Hello, may I ask if I can make a reservation for Friday now?”


“Yes, you can, just make a reservation a day in advance at our restaurant. What time is the reservation for Friday night, sir?”


Lu Wenxing said directly, “Friday night from six to eight, inclusive.”



“Is mister proposing? We can help set up the scene for free.”





The girl on the other end of the phone froze for a moment, there were those who spent their birthdays in their restaurant or proposed, but it was indeed relatively rare for it to be so grand when it was still just a confession.


“No problem, sir. Please leave your phone number and last name.”


After Lu Wenxing gave his details, he said again, “Don’t be too flashy with the decoration, I like roses. Red wine and chocolates can’t be missing either.”


“Okay, does sir have any other requests?”




“Does sir want to charter the first floor or the second floor.”



“Second floor.”



“Okay, thank you for Mr. Lu’s trust and support, Fofri wishes your Confession good luck and success.”





On the other side, after Lu Wenxing agreed, Gu Yanshen directly called the restaurant manager.



“The second floor is booked?”



“Yes, it’s also chartered, in fact, the first and second floors don’t affect each other.”


Gu Yanshen was hesitating, but Xingxing looked forward to the desserts at Fofri, so in the end, Gu Yanshen still booked the first floor.


“You’re sure it won’t affect it?”



“Definitely won’t affect, sir can rest assured. During the peak wedding season on holidays, we have two weddings on the first and second floors at the same time, it won’t interfere.”


With the restaurant manager’s assurance, Gu Yanshen had no other concerns.



“The scene setup should preferably be decorated with roses and stars.”



Gu Yanshen had already thought about what color suit he would wear that day with the rose brooch Lu Wenxing had given him, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising, “And red wine, chocolates, and desserts.”



“And a cake for confession.”



“Don’t worry, sir, it will definitely satisfy you.”



On Friday, Gu Yanshen drove to the Wen family to pick up Lu Wenxing.



Lu Wenxing didn’t dress as grandly as Gu Yanshen, a simple white shirt accentuated Lu Wenxing’s lean bones, topped off with a head of soft chestnut hair, his delicate and beautiful face was particularly eye-catching.


“Mr. Gu, good evening.”



Lu Wenxing smiled in greeting and walked towards the passenger seat. Gu Yanshen got out of the car, he was tall and had long legs, and in a few steps, he went around from the back of the car to the passenger seat, opening the passenger door before Lu Wenxing.


He had sat in Gu Yanshen’s car before, but this was the first time Gu Yanshen had opened the door for him, his eyes softened with a bit of a smile. “Thank you, Mr. Gu.”


“No need to be polite.”


“Did Teacher Gu participate in any activities during the day?” Lu Wenxing’s eyes fell on his suit.


“Hn, are we going straight to dinner?”






The two had just entered the restaurant when the manager stepped forward to greet them.



Considering that the guests would want a quieter environment, all the waiters in the restaurant were off duty by six o’clock, leaving only the people in the back kitchen and the floor manager.


The manager had dealt with all kinds of scenarios, but when he saw Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing, the look on his face was almost too taut.



“Did the two gentlemen book the first floor or the second floor?”


“First floor.”



“Second floor.”



The two looked at each other, Gu Yanshen only assumed that Lu Wenxing wanted to sit on the second floor, and explained with the restaurant manager again.



“My surname is Gu, my reservation is for the first floor.”



Lu Wenxing’s heart lurched, his eyes turning to Gu Yanshen.



There wouldn’t …… be such a coincidence, right?




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