So strange.


Qiong Ren’s heart was pounding.



Why did he still feel his heart flutter even though he knew that Yan Mo was acting.



No wonder there were so many on-screen couples pretending to be real, how could the actors resist when he was just rehearsing a scene with Yan Mo and his heart was already pounding?



If he said yes, wouldn’t everyone think that the two of them were going to live together in the future or something!



No, why should he be flustered? This was acting, acting!




Qiong Ren, come to your senses, you and Yan Mo are acting for the sake of justice, you’re not really going to live together.



He slowly raised his head and wanted to say yes.



But just as he raised his eyes, he bumped into Yan Mo’s gaze, although it was a face with little expression that he was used to seeing, but ……



Low temperature burns.



Qiong Ren inexplicably thought of this word, not a blazing temperature, but it would slowly leave traces of burns.



Just like Yan Mo, his gentleness was always quiet, but didn’t make people feel flat.



Like a gorgeous firework that bloomed silently in the dark night.



“Eyelashes.” Yan Mo suddenly said.



Qiong Ren repeated after him uncertainly, “Eyelashes?”



“Curly, it’s nice.”


“Is, is it?” Qiong Ren looked at his brows and eyes, his breath stuttered slightly, and he blurted out, “Yours look good too.”


Yan Mo’s eyes moved down a little.



“Red. It’s soft.” Yan Mo’s gaze slowly moved upward and looked at Qiong Ren seriously, “Can I touch it?”



Qiong Ren looked at him and said yes in confusion.



Yan Mo carefully stretched out his slender index finger, the tip of which gently pressed on Qiong Ren’s lips.



The peak of the full lips sunk slightly.



Keeping his promise, Yan Mo withdrew his hand after only one press, and he looked at his fingertips in a daze.



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but want to interview him, “What does it feel like?”



Yan Mo thought very seriously, “It’s hard to describe.”



He thought again and nodded, “It felt soft when I touched it, then my fingertips were a little numb, it was wonderful.”



Yan Mo wanted to explain further, Qiong Ren directly covered his mouth, “Alright! It’s okay! Please stop talking.”



If he said any more, he would become the first idol ever to die during a live broadcast due to shyness.



The scariest thing was that other people’s deaths were the end, but he still had to meet with King Yan when he died!



The comments screen had gone crazy.



As for the Black Shadow, ah, no one cared about Black Shadow.



[I can’t look at it, I don’t dare breathe.]



[I’m not human anymore.]



[I was writhing in bed like a maggot, my mom thought I’d finally gone crazy.]



[Too good, too good, too good. Is this something I can watch for free? I’m dead I’m alive I’m crying I’m laughing]



[Watching him press his wife’s mouth!]


[I don’t know why my face is so hot, guys, I’m going to the fridge to cool off.]



[I don’t know how to spell the name of this handsome guy, you’re good at it.]



In a sea of ah ah ah ah ah ah with AWSL and Kill Me Now, the black shadow grew smaller and smaller and finally dissolved into nothingness.



Knowing that the Special Affairs Division wasn’t capable of handling this unexpected event, Qiong Ren weighed in on the rabbit and asked it and its domesticated computer friend to replace the photos of the talisman directly on Weibo and to hide the “Three Thousand Learning Spells”.



This website not only contained the talisman, but also many incantations, all of which were evil incantations. It was hard for Qiong Ren not to feel familiar with this kind of sales pitch for free evil spells.



Previously, the person had left no trace that could be traced in either the transit spells or the subway flyers, but spells couldn’t be compared to technology, and the computer assured Qiong Ren that it would be able to follow the trail to the owner of the site as soon as the person logged on again.


It was all about using unscientific science to fight the bad guys who used technology to promote bad spells.


Very cyberpunk.



Three hours had rolled around.



There was one last part to the clue gathering phase, which was a centralized vote.



The ten people who participated in the program would vote for who the hidden trainee was.



Li Kui read out the rules, “The trainees will vote anonymously, and if they vote for the real hidden trainee, those who vote correctly will receive a reward prepared by the program. If the vote fails, the trainees will have to compete for three spots on the show. The Mentor can also participate in the voting, and if the mentor votes correctly, he will receive double the rewards.”



After Li Kui finished reading, his assistant whispered, “Will people think we’re too biased in favor of Qiong Ren.”



Li Kui was frank: “No, essentially Qiong Ren isn’t competing with the practicing trainees. So it doesn’t matter.”


Besides, so what if it was biased, every rule about mentors represented his respect for his dad.



One by one, the trainees went into the voting booth to vote, with Qiong Ren going in last.



The voting ended quickly, and Li Kui looked at the tally and announced, “Gu Mengsang received two votes, and Qiong Ren received eight. Unfortunately, the vote, failed.”



Li Kui: “According to the rules, other than mentor Qiong Ren, the top three online numbers in the live broadcast room are Gu Mengsang, Xia Hui, and Miao Zheyan in that order. Congratulations to you all for entering the first installment of the finals of Psychic 101.”



Miao Zheyan raised his hand, “Director, who exactly is the real hidden trainee?”



Li Kui smiled mysteriously, “Qiong Ren said a long time ago that he knows who the hidden trainee is, so let Qiong Ren explain it to everyone, okay?”



The opportunity to show his face had to be reserved for his dear father Qiong.



Qiong Ren nodded, “It’s actually very simple. The hidden trainee is Gu Mengsang.”



Gu Mengsang laughed sheepishly, and Miao Zheyan was filled with hurt as he tightly gripped his beloved Dora keychain, “I discussed with you about who the trainee was, you lied to me!”



Gu Mengsang scratched his head, “It’s a competition, I didn’t want it either.”


Miao Zheyan took it upon himself to be the comic relief, “Why him, did we miss any key evidence?”



Qiong Ren: “In fact, I prompted you, important clues in the second floor room.”



Miao Zheyan: “We went to the second floor and opened that box, what else?”



Qiong Ren: “Photos, they’re photos.”



He glanced towards everyone and realized that no one understood this little pawn’s stunt, withdrew his gaze in disappointment, and explained expressionlessly:



“There are ten people on the photo at first glance, but in fact the one on the far side isn’t a real person, there’s a mirror there, and the tenth person is the person reflected in the mirror. The crew intentionally did the old treatment to make the photo very blurry, you guys just skimmed over this detail.”



“The ten names arranged in numbers are hints in themselves.”



“Wu Hua has eight characters, he’s Wang Bachi.”


Wu Hua, who was out at the same time as Jiang Yiming, turned green when he heard the word Wang Bachi.



“Xia Hui has six characters, he is Wu Liu. Miao Zheyan has seven characters, he is Zheng Qi.”



Hearing him name the corresponding identities one by one, all of the practicing trainees revealed the look that it was so, they hadn’t even thought about it in this regard.



“Jiang Yiming has eleven characters, and when the individual digits are added to the tenth digit, it becomes 2 again, and he is Qian Er.


“Using this method, it corresponds one by one to the nine people from 2 to 10. Gu Mengsang is the Hidden trainee, and it just happens to be ten characters. And according to how Jiang Yiming’s name was handled, 10 would also have to use 1 plus 0, which would be 1. He was also Zhao Yi.”



“That would match up with the fact that there are actually only nine people in the photo. Zhao Yi is the resurrected Chen Shi. The supporting evidence is also there, Jiang Yiming found the Resurrection Talisman on the first floor. The Resurrection Talisman is only related to Chen Shi and Qian Er. Why would it be in Zhao Yi’s room?”


Miao Zheyan understood, “Because Zhao Yi is the revived Chen Shi, so the revival talisman was in his room.”



Qiong Ren nodded, “Whether it’s the program or the plot, there were only nine people all along, ten people is Li Kui’s blindfold la.”


“Totally right,” Li Kui led the applause, “If it wasn’t for the limitations of the show’s rules, I would have wanted to give you a little more reward.”



He personally gave Qiong Ren and Gu Mengsang the reward, an urn made of pure gold.



Gu Mengsang didn’t even dare to pick it up, but Qiong Ren graciously took it and complimented the urn for being made with care.



But ……




Qiong Ren asked Gu Mengsang: “Why did you vote for yourself?”



Gu Mengsang scratched his head, “Because I’m number one in popularity anyway, ah, technically you’re number one and I’m number one as a trainee. I’ll make it to the finals anyway, so even if it’s discovered that I’m a hidden trainee, it won’t affect me.”



But he really didn’t expect that not a single person would guess correctly!



It was simply unscientific that Qiong Ren’s number of votes was at the top of the list.



Gu Mengsang asked suspiciously, “Why did you guys vote for him? He looks like a mentor at first glance.”



The trainees were silent, probably because too many supernatural events had happened around Qiong Ren today, and it unintentionally fit with Chen Shi.



It was all very unscientific.



On the way back, the agent kept looking at Yan Mo in the rearview mirror.



“Ahem, Little Yan,” the agent said, “I still don’t know what you do for a living, do you have any siblings at home, and what do your mom and dad do for a living?”



Qiong Ren: “Are you trying to help me with a blind date?”



Broker: “Kid, don’t interrupt. Don’t mind it, Yan Mo, I’m just asking casually.”



Yan Mo: “No siblings or parents, working …… sort of as a large special enterprise manager.”



“Pfft.” Qiong Ren didn’t want to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.



Arriving at the door of the two men’s home, Yan Mo had wanted to say a few more words to Qiong Ren, but his agent stared at him with a glaring gaze and his fat stomach blocked the door.



Yan Mo had to go back to his house.



“Qiong Ren na,” the agent began to persuade, “He doesn’t have parents or siblings, so it doesn’t feel like he has a good life. You should think carefully.”


Qiong Ren: “…… Are you scolding me?”



“Don’t worry, I don’t have that kind of relationship with him, today was a deliberate act because of a problem with the filming location.”



Once Qiong Ren said what exactly happened today, the agent had a moment of hindsight: “So it’s like this, in that case, Yan Mo is quite capable.”



More than capable. Qiong Ren said in his heart.



“That’s good,” the agent was relieved, “He’s too rich, if you’re with this kind of person, we’re powerless, in case something goes wrong in your relationship, the Dean and I can’t even support you if we want to.”



Hearing this kind of words, Qiong Ren was a bit unhappy, “Yan Mo wouldn’t bully others with his power.”



The agent’s heart thumped.



There was something wrong with this attitude, not like it was fine.



“By the way, Director Wang Yaoqing’s new movie, it’s already the Nth time you’ve been invited, I think they’re really sincere, and they’ve been going round after round with me lately.”



Wang Yaoqing was a veteran director in the circle, and his original work was mediocre.



Watchable, fair quality in all respects, but ordinary.



But in the past few years, it was like he suddenly opened up the two chakras, with one explosive drama after another. He paid a lot of attention to the choice of actors, and now he had a fantasy drama to shoot, with the male lead being the mythical beast Qilin.



He felt that Qiong Ren was perfect for that role, and in order to get Qiong Ren to say yes, the assistants under him had been talking with Yang Feng for a long time.



“I don’t want to do a drama, even if I wanted to, you’d have to press me,” Qiong Ren saw that his agent was a bit moved, and hurriedly persuaded, “You know my acting skills well, that’s just no acting skills at all. If I go to play the leading role in a drama, it will only leave a stain on my career.”



“But I see that you acted well today,” the agent was once again wary, “The way you blushed wasn’t an act?”



Qiong Ren lied without changing his face, “That’s me blushing because of shame, don’t make any wild guesses.”



The agent was fooled by him and nodded, “Okay, then I’ll turn it down for you. Also, Aikuxun’s annual Love Encounter Starlight Night is about to start, you were invited and won an award.”



Qiong Ren: “A music award?”



Agent: “How can that be? You just became popular not long ago, the music award won’t be given to you, it’s the best variety newcomer award.”



…… But it was a trophy anyways, so Qiong Ren wasn’t dissatisfied.



When it came time for the Psychic 101 trainees to perform, a hundred audience members were invited to the venue.



The performance was originally planned to take place at midnight, but after yesterday’s mistake, Li Kui felt that it was better to be a wimp and changed the time to eleven o’clock in the evening.



Miao Zheyan said, “My usual commercial performances are all big venues, I’ve never sung to such a small crowd.”



Gu Mengsang laughed coldly, Miao Zheyan was really still too naive. Yesterday there were frequent paranormal accidents in the building, and although they were all covered up by the program team with plot effects, he was convinced that the place was haunted.



Who knew how many people were actually there now.



Qiong Ren looked at the crowd of ghosts that was so overwhelming that he couldn’t see the end of it, and felt suffocated for a while, then Yan Mo said softly, “You’re not afraid at all, you just think you’re afraid.”


“Fear becomes a habit, even if you are no longer afraid, you will still have anxiety triggered by similar situations.” Yan Mo’s voice was low and calm, making Qiong Ren, who wanted to run away, slowly calm down, “You’ve worked hard to do so much training, even if you were scared and cried you’d still insist on watching ghost movies, how could these efforts be ineffective?”



Qiong Ren felt convinced.



He held the chains on both sides of the lotus petal, pulling it away from his skin, then he looked at the ghosts and silently chanted, “I’m not afraid I’m not afraid I’m not afraid.”



“Ah …… “Qiong Ren seriously felt a difference, “Really, although I’m still a little bit scared, it’s not to the extent that I can’t stand it.”




“My special training is working!” Qiong Ren was especially excited.



So proud. He crossed his arms.



Yan Mo looked at him with a gentle expression.



The ghosts were only here for Qiong Ren, but they seriously applauded and applauded the performances of the others.



Finally it was time for Qiong Ren to go on stage.



As a mentor, theoretically there was no pressure to compete, but for the sake of getting more fans, it was of course best to prepare some stage works that had the potential to explode in popularity.



Qiong Ren originally thought the same thing, but what the uniformed ghosts said yesterday made him realize one thing, these ghosts who worked hard every day to serve all the ghosts reincarnating into the next life actually had their own struggles.



They had been silently enduring the pressure inside them, sticking to their posts, either in charge of hooking souls or torturing ghosts, frying, mincing, slicing, charcoal roasting, and pouring iron on the sinners.



In short, it was very hard and stressful.



He wanted to sing a different song.


The Mantra of the Past Life



When Qiong Ren learned from Lian Qingquan that his mother had died while giving birth to him, he composed a special song, the Mantra for the Past Life, using this gesture to send his condolences.


“Today is a very special day, I would like to sing a song for the Mantra for the Past Life for Chen Shi, who suffered from bullying and died and became an evil spirit in the plot.”



Qiong Ren’s gaze looked far away, and the ghosts suddenly realized that this song might be for Chen Shi, but it was also for them.



Qiong Ren looked around the group of ghosts and the uniformed ghost was standing right at the front, he smiled at the uniformed ghost and the sound of an electronic instrument rang out.



His voice was clear and ethereal, and just by listening to it, one could feel the irritable panic in one’s heart being smoothed away.



The ghosts gradually quieted down and listened attentively to the song.



The one hundred ordinary spectators also stopped laughing and talking, they felt a strange atmosphere of healing yet solemnity, the song seemed to contain a power that made their hearts palpitate.



As Qiong Ren sang the second verse, the expressions on the ghosts’ faces gradually became calm and soft. Even the crew members and ordinary spectators sensed that the atmosphere of the venue had changed, and this change lightened their moods.



Yan Mo saw a piece of pale golden light descend from the sky, spinning a few times in the air and landing lightly on Qiong Ren’s shoulder.



Of the sixty billion citizens of Underworld, whether they were ordinary residents or staff members, very few could live in the underworld with complete relief.



Those who had a bad life in their previous life were often worried about their life after reincarnation. Those who did evil in their last life were even more fearful of their future as animals.



The Kings and staff of the Ten Temples worked diligently every day for the ghosts to be able to step into reincarnation smoothly, and the terribly heavy work was like hell.



Whether it was King Qinguang, who threw his incarnation into the mirror to the point of having problems with his sanity, King Song, who became a famous kunqu singer in the underworld in order to give himself a breather, or King Yan, who had been suffering from insomnia for so long that he didn’t dare to listen to Qiong Ren’s albums until now.



It wasn’t that they owned the underworld, but that the underworld owned them.



The underworld, was a place where resentment boiled in secrecy.



If someone could use a song to temporarily soothe the hard work of the ghosts and bring the boiling resentment to a temporary standstill, that would indeed be a great merit enough to be recognized by the heavens.



As a god, King Yan didn’t believe in any gods, but he did want to say thank you to the unknown being at this moment.



Thank you fate, for giving him to me.



The first episode of Psychic 101 went live soon after the live broadcast, and the edited version went online.



The broadcast volume exceeded 100 million for a single episode in just a day and a half.



Many people gave this variety show an I can’t understand it, but I’m greatly shocked expression.



Yan Mo’s words even became golden sentences, which were wildly played by netizens.



[Sending you a bottle of ’82 Lafite, although the vintage is a little newer, I can’t find a vintage that’s older.]



[Send you a 750-point report card, although the score is a little worse, but there are only so many questions on the paper. Sadness.JPG]



[Yan Mo and Qiong Ren’s CP is already ranked #1, although the rankings are a little lower, there’s no higher rankings, as a CP fan, I’m ashamed]


Qiong Ren had gone through a crazy rise in fans after Psychic 101, and the most discussed topic on the internet, besides his CP with Yan Mo, and how rich Yan Mo, the tycoon, really was, a fan topic unexpectedly appeared.


#qiongren song




A netizen discovered that Qiong Ren’s version of the “Mantra for the Future Life” was added to the music played during the temple’s rituals, was his ability recognized by professionals?



After someone posted this message on the Internet, people said that the temples in their area were also playing Qiong Ren’s version of the Mantra for the Future Life when they were overtaking the lonely souls and wild spirits.



There was also a small anchor who went to interview the monks and asked them why they were using the arrangement of the Mantra for the Past Life sung by an idol, he wasn’t even a Buddhist, there had been many internet famous monks in temples. Did they want to gain popularity?


It turned out that the monks’ answers were surprisingly consistent. They used this because it was so effective at superseding, and they planned to keep using it, and they also called on Qiong Ren to sing the Diamond Sutra as well.



Netizens were speechless, what was going on with this idol Qiong Ren, why was he on every hot search list in such a strange way.



Either they dreamt of him, or he formed a CP with a Red Lotus, or a tycoon suddenly appeared on the program to deliver a large courtyard.



Now even the song he sang with good transcendence effect was out.



In short, it was magic.



But some people also expressed their disgust for Qiong Ren.



Qiong Ren was checking Weibo when he suddenly came across a video in which a middle-aged man with a flat face was scolding him for not properly improving his skills, but only knowing how to get attention with feudal superstitions and male-male scandals.



Qiong Ren was speechless, it was all due to coincidence: “Who is he ah, why is he scolding me?”



His agent came over to take a look and also revealed a speechless expression: “This is Wang Yaoqing.”



Qiong Ren was shocked, “Didn’t he appreciate me and come to invite me three times? Why is he suddenly scolding me just because I turned down his offer?”



Agent: “That must be the reason, Wang Yaoqing is a person with a smaller heart and he loves saying such things.”



Although Qiong Ren was speechless, he didn’t take it too seriously, his fans had already broken thirteen million, almost doubled compared to before he appeared on Psychic 101, he was very happy.




Anyway, under the post that Wang Yaoqing scolded him, there were a lot of people who didn’t pay attention to the idol circle that accidentally knew about Qiong Ren’s magical existence, to watch the fun, they quickly searched for information about him.



This wave of reverse benefits, Qiong Ren simply wanted to thank Wang Yaoqing.


He immediately arranged to say thank you.


[Qiong Ren: Thank you director Wang.]


The accompanying picture was a collage of many comments with the same content: “From the video where Director Wang scolded you, I saw your Weibo and felt that you were great. I followed you.”



A short four words and a picture that was extremely mocking, it almost made Wang Yaoqing angrily drop the phone.



Although Qiong Ren didn’t feel angry about Wang Yaoqing’s actions, he couldn’t just take it for granted. Besides, slandering him for maliciously hyping up male scandals was too much. It was clearly because he and his neighbors acted for justice.


Wang Yaoqing refused to be outdone and pulled out a behind the scenes video of the “Peach Blossom Fan” crew reading the script, which included Qiong Ren’s interpretation and evaluation of the two prototype characters, Jin Xuecheng and Xu Li.



Qiong Ren boldly guessed that the real love life of these two people may have some minor setbacks, but it wasn’t as tragic as in “The Peach Blossom Fan”, and Xu Li’s personality was very lively, not as deep as in “The Peach Blossom Fan”.



He also boldly guessed that the author wasn’t Xu Li, much less Jin Xuesheng.



Wang Yaoqing immediately criticized passionately on Weibo.



[Director Wang v: nowadays a lot of newcomers don’t read the material at all, and without the slightest understanding of their predecessors, they start to talk big. In Peach Blossom Fan, the relationship between Chen Tao and Song Yuncheng is very bumpy, and those who know the two archetypes have said that there is always a burning, poignant, and mutually torturous atmosphere between these two. Could it be that a certain newcomer knows the two archetypes better than the people who actually knew them? As far as I know, the little newcomer hadn’t even been born yet when Jin Xuesheng died, right?]



After seeing this post, Qiong Ren became more and more speechless.



He immediately posted it in the group chat, Love One Another Family, which was built by Emperor Song, and the members were Emperor Song, Qiong Ren, and Secretary Jin.



[Trying to get rich: Secretary Jin, someone scolded me. He said I don’t know you. And that I’m blabbering without knowing a thing about you. ]



Qiong Ren thought about it and added a tearful cat-cat head emoji.



Secretary Jin quickly popped up.



[Secretary Jin: What piece of trash bullied my baby cub? I’ll fight him!]






[Secretary Jin: Whoever is babbling, I’ll deal with it right away.]



Qiong Ren smiled and narrowed his eyes, what to do when being bullied, of course, it was to just shout:







See ya tomorrow ✌️

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