C1.36 —- Crime Record


“Take me to him,then we can go home together.”


Jiu Shu looked to the object of the punishment beside him, and his fingers, wiped clean of blood, took his large, broad, slender hand in his.



The tall man was silent and hesitant, but he complied with his lover’s request.





You Xin carefully held his lover’s soft and delicate palms, and led the Jiu Shu into the cruise ship in front of him.



The deck was also covered with strange growing flesh and blood, and every step Jiu Shu took on the floor seemed to be stepping on something soft, with a strange slippery feeling.



“The floor, it’s slippery.” You Xin was in front to lead the way but suddenly stopped, after a long time, he finally stuttered out, “I’ll carry you ……”


You Xin said, somewhat embarrassedly lowering his head, he seemed to feel as if he had taken advantage of Jiu Shu, but he really didn’t want to let him step on these squirming pieces of meat.



Not only was it easy to slip and fall, but it was also bad.



Because in You Xin’s eyes, these chunks of meat were actually considered to be part of what was derived from the influence of You Xin, his lover stepping on these chunks of meat was simply like stepping on You Xin.



Even though he had agreed with Jiu Shu that there would be no more fighting in the future, before they completely fused into one soul, You Xin still had some ulterior motives.



He wanted to be closer to his lover, just them, nothing else.



“Okay.” Jiu Shu seemed to recognize You Xin’s little thoughts and his pretty peach blossom eyes curved as he smiled, stretching his arm out towards You Xin.



You Xin looked at his lover’s smile and was a little stunned for a moment, back to reality, the tip of his ears reddened, he quickly squatted down.



This time it was a very standard back posture.


A warm body quickly pressed against his back, and You Xin’s ears turned even redder. His muscular arms easily lifted his lover’s straight and symmetrical legs, and his palm seemed to touch the delicate skin behind the fabric of his pants.



After carrying Jiu Shu up on his back, Jiu Shu’s entire center of gravity was even closer to his spine, and the two of them seemed to be so close as to be indistinguishable from each other.



Skin to skin.



“Let’s go, you know where he is, right?”



Jiu Shu’s view was higher as he was carried, and he rested his chin on You Xin’s shoulder, rubbing the other man’s short, slightly stiff hair.



After coming back from the dead, the subject of the punishment’s hair had gotten a little longer and better to rub against.



“Hmm, can, can feel it.”



You Xin stuttered a bit as he carried Jiu Shu and then continued on his way, each step was smooth, but only Jiu Shu was aware of the other man’s slightly shaky breathing and reddened ears.



There was an innocence that contrasted greatly with his tall stature.



Jiu Shu glanced at You Xin’s reddened ears and seemed to laugh silently, always feeling that after confessing everything, You Xin had become much more open and honest, and also somewhat similar to the way You Xin used to express his love.


Both had loving eyes and a habit of blushing.


After all, they were originally split from one soul.


You Xin was like You Xin’s truest self, with an extreme personality and clear love hate. In his world, there was never a word of compromise, and it was the most genuine and reckless side of the object of punishment, as well as the most irrational side.



In the amusement park, those merciless acts of killing each other were the manifestation of his desire for exclusivity for his lover, and also the manifestation of his immature love.



Compared to the sub-personality, who was good at expressing the passionate love in his heart, the main personality You Xin, was much more clumsy.


He was stripped of his true character, leading to his numb and cold self, but he still had the desire for love and possessiveness that he couldn’t get rid of in his nature, which was why he lied in the amusement park, one wrong step at a time.



But compared to You Xin, his love was more rational, knowing to stop when appropriate, so the person who stopped and gave up killing the other him at the very beginning was him.


Perhaps after the last exchange of bodies, You Xin had quietly hid in the mirror world waiting for death to come, and he chose to let go of the body that was supposed to be his own, just to get things back on track.



He just didn’t expect that separation to be the last goodbye.


Jiu Shu actually saw it all in perspective.



As it was, perhaps the objects of discipline themselves hadn’t realized that they had become more and more like each other.



You Xin became more and more frank, and his eyes were no longer as numb and indifferent as before. He only buried all his emotions in his heart, he learned to express his true emotions.



And the previous frank paranoid, You Xin, also learned self-loathing, completely burying his real emotions.



Perhaps he had truly realized that that sickly paranoid possessiveness of the past should not have been there, and that he would pay the price of leaving the one he loved forever for those immature intentions.



That was why he chose to come to this cruise ship alone by himself to take revenge on those humans who had killed his loved one.



Jiu Shu lightly furrowed his brow and seemed to sigh a little.



One could only hope that they would slowly heal after returning to a body and become a truly complete object of punishment.




A sudden scream snapped Jiu Shu out of his thoughts, and he lifted his head, padding his chin on top of You Xin’s hair, and looked over with some curiosity.



It was a humanoid creature crawling slowly on the ground, letting out a mournful scream that only grew smaller as the wrinkles in his body grew.



“Save …… me ……” so said the humanoid creature, who seemed to have lost sight of the road, and could only sense that someone not far away was looking at him, and so reached out in the direction of You Xin and Jiu Shu.


The arm was full of layers of wrinkled skin, like the sagging skin caused by the rapid loss of fat after aging to the extreme, but if it was a normal human being, it would have already gone to the underworld at this level of old age.



“Let’s keep moving.”



Jiu Shu said calmly as he glanced at the rabbit mask hanging over the humanoid creature’s face.


Obediently, You Xin bypassed this humanoid creature in the hallway and continued to walk deeper into the cruise ship.



Just out of sight of Jiu Shu, his black pitch pupils met the eyeballs of humanoid creature struggling to open under his wrinkled eyelids, and his gloomy and terrifying emotions were like the one that appeared on the ceiling of the sacrificial hall not long ago.

Perhaps the emotions in the pitch-black pupils before them were more focused than that eye, but the resentment and loathing were only deeper.



Being the same soul, their love for their beloved Jiu Shu was the same, as was their hatred.



Staring dumbfounded at what was before him, the humanoid creature’s eyes suddenly widened in shock as he recognized.



Recognized the owner of those eyes.


It was none other than Kasmos, the god of Suffering, whom he devoutly believed in, and the eyes that enjoyed the suffering of others and took pleasure in it couldn’t be false.


The hoarse throat of the humanoid creature suddenly could no longer make a sound, but he still prayerfully reached out his hand, trying to ask for forgiveness from the tall figure that was gradually walking away.



Instead, all that came back to him was a faster and faster rate of aging, and he would pay a hundred times over for his years of misdeeds, living a life worse than death, a monster’s life.


“How much longer?”


Looking at the endless corridor in front of him, Jiu Shu reached out with some boredom to caress You Xin’s slightly cold cheek, tracing the contours of his face with his fingertips with a light intensity.


Like a feather.



The temperature of the subject of the punishment’s body seemed to be consistently low, appearing abnormally cold compared to the norm, and it seemed to make him seem cool and unfeeling as a person.



But in fact, the temperature would rise with the slightest teasing.





After feeling his lover’s movements on his face, You Xin subconsciously tightened the palm of his hand that was placed in the crook of Jiu Shu’s leg, and after being stimulated by the soft touch, he froze somewhat helplessly and could only allow him to caress his cheeks.



His lover’s fingers were so warm that it was as if a fire had scorched his mind into a daze.



Satisfied, Jiu Shu pressed his hand against You Xin’s slightly hot cheek and raised his eyes to look around.



This cruise ship was huge, with twelve floors of cabins, and the interior was exquisitely ornate, even though it was all covered in slowly growing flesh and blood, one could still vaguely see the brightly colored chandeliers and hanging paintings, and the bright red carpet was spread all the way to the end of the corridor.


“…… There’s, like, five more floors.” With a burning face, You Xin replied somewhat unnaturally to his lover’s inquiry.



Now that the entire cruise ship was wrapped in flesh and blood, the elevators were naturally out of service, so they could only take the stairs, and even though You Xin’s speed wasn’t exactly slow, it would take some time to get to where You Xin was in the center of the cruise ship proper.



“Alright then, wake me up when you find You Xin.” With that said, Jiu Shu pressed his head against the nape of You Xin’s neck and closed his eyes, as if preparing for a short nap.



After noticing his lover’s slowed breathing, You Xin carefully followed suit and slowed down, looking at Jiu Shu with a soft, loving gaze.






And after You Xin walked away, a strange whispering sound seemed to resonate within the walls, and a fleshy eye slowly opened from the wall as He looked at the backs of You Xin and Jiu Shu in the distance, seemingly stupefied for a long time.



Tick-tock-tick-tock – the walls covered in flesh and blood oozed out a lot of crimson tissue fluid, as harsh as human blood, and as if someone was crying silently.



A lost survivor within the cruise ship passed by this corridor, and he was at first wondering why only this area was oozing blood.



But immediately afterward, he heard a strange rustling in his ears, and raised his head in horror to see that fleshy eyeballs had begun to grow out of the entire corridor, each with pitch-black, ghastly pupils.



Like the eye that had saved them, the sacrifices, in the sacrificial hall just now, they had shapes that made humans shudder, terrifying and twisted.



However, the difference was that at this time, these eyes no longer had that creepy color of resentment in them, but instead were filled with the pain that would cause a human’s liver to be cut to pieces just by looking at them.



The pain was so great that each eye was continuously oozing blood-like tears, soaking the corridor walls and ceiling in the liquid, becoming more and more muddy.



Yet in such obvious agony, all of these eyes were quiet to the point of not uttering a single sound, as if they were afraid of attracting anyone’s attention to make themselves even more pathetic.



“Oooooo……” The survivor fell to his knees uncontrollably as he stared blankly at the constantly blinking eyes, letting out an uncontrollable sob of pain.



“Oooh-” he sobbed until he almost fainted, and he didn’t know how long it took before he was awakened by his companions who had come to look for him.



“Oi oi! What’s wrong with you?” The companion was filled with worry.



The survivor, on the other hand, covered his still throbbing heart and sobbed, “I’m in so much pain …… But I don’t know why I’m in so much pain ……”

This unwarranted emotion made him so desperate that he even wanted to kill himself to end the pain that was beyond the limits of human endurance, but he was too weak from crying to move.


“Don’t look into those eyes ……”


The survivor used his last strength to so persuade his companion, who only revealed a confused look, “What eyes?”



After hearing his companion’s answer, the survivor raised his eyes, only to realize that the corridor had long since returned to its original form, and those muddy walls and ceilings had also returned to their original state.



Only those still climbing on the walls, growing and writhing on the flesh and blood still vaguely remained traces of once opened eyes.


“It’s gone ……” the survivor muttered dully.



It was as if someone had secretly hidden in a corner and cried, and erased the traces of what had happened after they had left, for the sole reason that they felt they shouldn’t be noticed by anyone.



He especially shouldn’t be seen by the love of his life in the ugly, dirty state he was in right now.



“Still not there yet?”



Jiu Shu asked so as he opened his eyes after taking a short nap and looked at the wall that was still growing with blood and flesh in front of him.



It must be said that the gait of the object of punishment was very stable, walking on the ground strewn with writhing chunks of flesh didn’t cause a single bump, so sleeping on his muscular back felt good, he originally only intended to close his eyes for a few moments of rest, but didn’t expect to really fall asleep.



In his dream he seemed to hear the sound of someone crying.



Kind of like You Xin, crying in an exaggerated way.



“…… I’m sorry, he’s, moving.”



You Xin said with an apology, noticing that You Xin didn’t seem to want to meet up with them, and since the two shared emotions, You Xin could sense that he was looking for Him, and so began to move his position.






Upon hearing this, Jiu Shu’s narrow peach blossom eyes raised slightly as he replied with a smirk, “There’s no need to apologize, so say something to him for me and give him a minute to appear in front of me.”



“Otherwise, you’ll bear the consequences.”



“…… Okay, okay.” Although his lover was smiling, it was as if You Xin could see something bad in that smile, and he couldn’t help but tense up and carefully nod.



The other end of the cruise ship.


In another corridor, a lot of bright red liquid seeped out of the bloody flesh that had grown eyes at some point, and the next blinking eyeballs were filled with agonizing despair.



Only compared to before, this time, the eyeballs let out some thin cries, like a moment of indulgence after a person had suppressed himself to the limit.


But he didn’t dare to be too loud.


They didn’t know how long they cried, even the carpet was soaked and deformed by the liquid that came out.



The survivors who hid in the nearby cabins turned pale as they listened to the rustling and strange noises coming from their ears, those crying-like sounds that made one’s scalp go numb and one’s brain about to explode.



“Dead meat oooh-”


“We’re screwed ……”



The survivors cried pessimistically, as if infected by the emotions in the cries, unable to control their thoughts at all, the more they thought about it, the more desperate they became, wishing to commit sui.cide on the spot.



Fortunately, there were still some strong-willed survivors who tried to boost their morale, and although they were also a bit pessimistic, they still insisted: “Hold on, we may still have a chance of survival if we rush out now, I’m afraid that if we keep listening to this sound, it’s only going to be the end of us!”




Saying that, she rushed out in the lead, the survivors behind her hesitated for a moment, and clenched their teeth and rushed out as well, and even more amazingly, after they went out, the sound suddenly disappeared.



They looked at their leading companion in surprise, but only saw her blank eyes.



She was truly bewildered.



It felt like she was going crazy the moment she just came out and met those horribly shaped eyeballs.



But who knew that the next second, those eyeballs trembled abruptly as if they had heard something unbelievable.



Inexplicably, she actually felt that the eyeballs looked like they were afraid of something, so afraid that a few of them were turning rapidly, almost falling off the wall.




That blinking and huffing while bleeding blood-red tissue fluid actually looked a bit like the panicked look of a child who had gotten into trouble and didn’t know what to do or how to make up for it.



But how was this possible, she couldn’t believe that she actually imagined these horrible and bizarre eyeballs in front of her as such a fragile appearance …… It was simply ridiculous.


But somehow her senses were telling her so.



As if peeping into the content that should not be known by humans, she painfully covered her head and could not think any longer, and after fainting, she was carried by her companions to leave this place.


And all that she had just seen was completely forgotten.






There was a strange whispering sound coming from suddenly far and near, and Jiu Shu raised his eyes to see a blood-colored residue slowly appearing on the wall in front of him, emerging from the blood-red flesh that covered the wall.


After breaking free from those muddy flesh and blood, this suddenly appearing remnant seemed to be a bit timid, He cowered and lowered His head, extremely corrosive tears of blood sliding silently down His chin, making His already tattered and unattractive appearance even more miserable



“…… ” Jiu Shu calmly looked at the Remnant Shadow, not uttering a word.



And the Remnant Shadow trembled, as if he knew that his current appearance was ugly and unappealing, a world away from the handsome appearance of You Xin, so he buried his face in his bloodied hands, hiding his face that was not covered by skin.



He dared not look up or at the love of his life before him, becoming more and more lost in the near silence, not knowing what to say.



In the end, he could only use a hoarse and dry voice to say the first words to his long lost and found lover, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry ……”



“It’s all …… my fault.”



It was as if these words had been rehearsed countless times, but they were still said with some panic, and He could only wriggle His lips sadly, His eyes becoming even more dead.



Perhaps this was the last meeting with His beloved.



He shouldn’t have appeared here in the first place, He was redundant, and redundancy should disappear, while He was hesitant to disappear because of some undeserved fascination.



“You’re pissing me off.”



Jiu Shu spoke suddenly, and the fingers of You Xin covering his face tightened painfully with it, oozing more blood-red liquid as He didn’t know how to make up for His transgressions.



Especially with the depth of His sins, He had made yet another mistake.



He truly was a monster with unforgivable sins, and shouldn’t have existed from the beginning.



“So to punish you, come give me a hug.”



Jiu Shu’s eyes narrowed, and in the dim light of the hallway, it shimmered with moving fragments of light, as he reached out and touched the remnants of a shadowy void.



It didn’t seem to be a solid body, he could only vaguely feel something eerie through a film-like touch.



However, Jiu Shu still stepped forward and hugged the blood-colored figure.



“It doesn’t count if you don’t hug it back.” Jiu Shu’s voice was as soft as a fantasy in You Xin’s most innocent dreams.



He stared dumbfounded at his lover, there was no disgust, no resentment on those lifted snow-white cheeks.


There was only the same loving tenderness and beauty as always.



It was just like the expression He had just seen, when he was with You Xin.



You Xin’s mind went blank, and He subconsciously followed what Jiu Shu had said, bending down and wrapping His beloved tightly into His arms.



The warm embrace was just as He had recalled countless times, mesmerizing, deeply loving, and unforgettable.



The tears on You Xin’s cheeks were no longer blood-red, but the teardrops still continued to slide down in silent sobs, nearly soaking the collar of Jiu Shu’s shirt with wetness.



“There, there, no more crying.” Jiu Shu was helplessly held tightly in this strangely tactile embrace that felt like being hugged by a ball of cotton candy with the touch of plastic wrap.



It was a very peculiar feeling.


He didn’t hate it.



Jiu Shu thought to himself as he looked at the tears that kept falling from You Xin’s dark pupils smiled faintly.




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