C77 – Who’ll Confess First

The ferris wheel stopped and the door was opened.



The staff was startled by the scene inside, when the photographer and Gu Yanshen had already gathered around.



Lu Wenxing easily held Wen Yu down and said to Gu Yanshen.



“Give me a hand.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t ask much,and picked up Wen Yu.



Lu Wenxing picked up the fruit knife on the ground, but someone had already picked up a cell phone and started recording.


“Isn’t that Wen Yu?”



“Yes, a few days ago the internet was covered with his scandal.”



“Oh, I used to think he was fair and polite, just like a gentleman. After watching the video leaked by the gossip group, I realized he was such a hypocritical person.”



“He almost ruined someone else’s life, there was actually such a scumbag in the entertainment industry.”



Wen Yu hung his head, the harsh words were like the cold wind, it was like being slapped.



The attention of the tourists turned to the masked Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen beside Wen Yu.



“Is that Lu Wenxing beside Wen Yu?”



“Gu Yanshen!!! Definitely.”



“Are Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen on a date?”



“Is it true?” The girl looked surprised.



“False, there’s a camera, so they must be recording a program.”



After hearing the name of the person, those who had passed by also followed suit, and under the Ferris wheel, a group of people stood grandly.



“I heard the two of them are together on a program.”



“Ah! I actually met Wenxing.”



“Brother Shen is so handsome! Did Wen Yu bully Xingxing and was carried like a chicken by Brother Shen.”



“If it’s a recording program, why is Wen Yu here too.”






People in the queue were taking pictures with their cell phones as security personnel and police pushed in through the crowd.



Because they had to investigate what happened, along with Lu Wenxing, they also had to go to the police station, and of course Gu Yanshen chose to accompany them.



The live broadcast room was indeed a different scene.



The four members of the group were followed by a cameraman, but the live broadcast was switched, the shots would be switched based on the most entertaining group.



With Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen’s fame, the two of them had more shots than the others, the live broadcast room and live shooting had a time difference of more than half an hour or so.



After the camera cut from the other groups to Lu Wenxing’s, what the viewers saw was ‘Zheng Haoxing’ in a doll suit bringing Lu Wenxing towards the Ferris wheel.



[Zheng Haoxing ran so fast and got to the Ferris wheel in one go.]



[It’s so strange, why did Zheng Haoxing bring Wenxing to the Ferris wheel?]



[sisters!! Wenxing and Brother Shen are walking in the amusement park after finishing their tasks. Can it be Brother Shen?] The comments speculated wildly, and suddenly the screen went black and only the dialog could be heard.



“I can see the sea from here.”



Lu Wenxing’s voice with a smile came out.



[Who is Wenxing talking to]



[Ah ah ah ah, I also want to ride the ferris wheel with Wenxing]



“The scenery is pretty good, it’s just …… I’d rather see it with Mr. Gu.”



[I’m out of it. I’m out of it.]



[I’d rather see it with Mr. Gu, awsl]


[TN: awsl —- that’s so cute ]



[It’s really sweet!]



[Wait, so Wenxing and Zheng Haoxing went on the Ferris wheel???]



[Something feels weird.]



“Have you talked enough?”



“Lu Wenxing, you really think you’re a big star, you used to pretend to be gentle and harmless in front of me, but now you’re not? Who are you talking to on the phone and not catching up with an old friend like me?”



[This voice isn’t Zheng Haoxing, is it?]



[Whose voice is that? It sounds familiar.]



[Wen Yu wore a doll’s costume and took Wenxing on the Ferris wheel. I’m a bit scared. Wen Yu’s been in too much trouble lately.]



[This sounds like a fight. Wen Yu won’t do anything to him, will he?]


[Comment screen protection]


“You made Wen Zheng withdraw my resources, and then intentionally find the media to release black information.”


“Taking things from a few years ago and breaking news, never releasing the evidence, and then laying out the evidence after I issued a clarification, you guys have joined forces to play me.”



[Wen Yu has a big face, doing something wrong and blaming others for breaking the news]


[They were really on the ferris wheel, why is there no footage, it’s so scary]


The conversation was suddenly cut off, the camera turned to the other groups, and the viewers were all confused by this operation.



[What’s going on?]


[Don’t cut it off. I’m worried about Wenxing]



[I’m sure it’s something that can’t be broadcast.]



[Guys, look at Weibo, some netizens met Wenxing and Brother Shen at the playground] CP fans all ran to Weibo at once.



#”I met Gu Yanshen Lu Wenxing.



The amusement park was full of people, there were many onlookers at the time, so many people posted it on Weibo, the audience who squatted in the live broadcast room directly turned to the people online, to ask for an explanation.



“Director Zhang, we’ve received many private messages from fans.”


Director Zhang was also in a difficult situation, he just wanted to shoot some benefits for the CP fans and asked the cameraman not to turn off the camera during the recording. When he heard the call from Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen, he had thought that it would definitely make CP fans kowtow for a while.



Good lord, a Wen Yu suddenly popped up.



The conversation between the two would definitely be popular, but he didn’t dare to just put such a big piece of information.



God knew that when he received a call from a staff member saying that Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen had all gone to the police station, he was so scared that he almost lost his breath. After calling and asking Gu Yanshen, he was relieved after making sure that both of them were fine.



“Stay here and keep an eye on it, I’ll go listen to what’s been recorded?”



Director Zhang had the rest of the director’s team sit in front of the monitor and had the crew cut to Lu Wenxing’s conversation.


“What did you hear?”



“I want someone that hasn’t heard it.”



Director Zhang was in a trance, his heart palpitating as he put down his headphones. Suddenly, the phone rang, startling him.






“Hello Director Zhang, this is Wen Zheng.”



Director Zhang’s cell phone nearly fell to the ground, he was just recording an entertainment variety show, he didn’t want to get involved in some kind of business w.ar, and the brainy Director Zhang scared himself half to death.


He had only joined the director’s team of “Celebrate the New Year with Joy” in the past few episode, and such shocking news fell down on him, he wanted to pass away on the spot.



“Send me a copy of the audio.”



“Okay, okay.” Director Zhang replied abashedly.



Wen Zheng’s voice came, “Put the audio out.”



“Don’t worry, Mr. Wen, I definitely won’t let the audio get out …… ah?”



Director Zhang thought that he had misheard and asked again with wide eyes, “I, I didn’t hear you just now, Mr. Wen, you, you mean ……”



“Yes, someone will contact you later.”



Wen Zheng waited for the court’s decision to come down, currently Wen Yu was using the foundation to circle money, and also evading taxes, this behavior was enough to send him to prison for a few years.



He also had evidence of collusion between Wen Yu and the orphanage in his hands, this crime was not a light one.



But he never thought that Wen Yu would be stupid enough to find trouble with Wenxing at this time. When he received a call from the police, Wen Zheng thought that Xingxing was in trouble and broke out in a cold sweat, and after hearing that everything was fine, the first thing he did was to pacify Ji Yuan.



As for Wen Yu, going with a knife on the ferris wheel and in a closed space, there was a suspicion of his intent, so he’d been temporarily detained by the local police station.



In just one hour, the topic of Wen Yu and Lu Wenxing was topped on the hot search.



CP fans and fans of both stars spontaneously organized themselves to go to the show’s official page to leave messages, and also sent private messages asking the show to release the cut off audio.



The program group re-posted the processed audio.



Happy Chinese New Year v: The incident happened suddenly, both artists are fine, the link is the original audio that was cut off.



[I’m so confused. Wen Yu is not the adopted child of the Wen family? Lu Wenxing is the one ……?]



[Am I the only one who feels horrible? Is it really possible for someone to be this bad from a young age?]



[I threw up. I’ve been a fan of Wen Yu for three years and it’s falling apart.]



[Wenxing is so miserable. Go to hell, Wen Yu. My Xingxing is a good young master of a rich family, but he’s had such a rough time.]



[My heart aches for Wenxing, Wen Yu is a disgusting thing.]



A dozen years ago, the media reported that the Wen family gave their youngest son a big birthday party, and there were more than a dozen private jets parked on the lawn. With this level of luxury, the Wen family must have favored Wenxing very much.



[Fuck, I’m even more upset. Fuck Wen Yu, please.]



[Luckily the Wen family found Wenxing, thank you to Xingxing’s adoptive parents, thank you for taking care of him] The audio soon hit the hot search, and it didn’t take long for it to reach the number one spot.



[What kind of asshole is Wen Yu? Where did he get such a big face?]



[Temporary custody, it doesn’t even count as adoption. How can he be so bad?]



[I’ve been a fan of Wen Yu for several years, but I heard that all the fan groups have been disbanded, and the original big fans are taking the lead to get rid of their accounts and withdraw from the group]


While everyone was still in shock, Wen Zheng released all the evidence he had collected, including the evidence that Wen Yu and Li Xiao had set up a foundation to raise money, made false accounts, and evaded taxes.



Weibo was suddenly lively.



[I don’t know about money-grubbing, but tax evasion is illegal, I just want to know how many years he can get away].


[Lu Wenxing was a minor at the time of victimization, so there’s intentional injury to a minor, but also in conjunction with tr.afficking, a number of crimes add up to a dozen years?]



[I’m still in the middle of the story that Lu Wenxing is the son of the richest man in C City.]



The most hurt of all was Lu Wenxing’s fans, who were furious, they felt that Lu Wenxing must be the most heartbroken, especially knowing that he was intentionally taken out by Wen Yu to throw away, but also be obstructed from meeting his family.




[Thinking about how hard it has been for Xingxing over the years, after signing with Mangcheng, he must have often been secretly poked and prodded by Wen Yu]



[Don’t say it, I can’t hide my knife anymore.]



[When I saw the hot search, I still felt that being replaced as student was so miserable, but it turned out to Xingxing, I cried to death.]




[I know it’s impossible for Wen Yu to go back to the entertainment industry, but I still want to wait for a blocking, to take down all of Wen Yu’s previous works.]










On the way back from the police station, Gu Yanshen’s face didn’t even look good.



He hadn’t thought much about it before, but now that he knew about it, all that was left was heartache.



“If only I had met you earlier.” That way he would have definitely been able to protect Lu Wenxing and wouldn’t have let him be treated unfairly or bullied.



Lu Wenxing let out a light laugh.



“Why are you laughing?”



“A little earlier, Mr. Gu might not have noticed me.”



Gu Yanshen froze for a second, then quickly understood what Lu Wenxing meant.



Lu Wenxing thought that without Mangcheng Entertainment’s pressure, he wouldn’t have been pushed to terminate his contract, and the two might not have met at the interview.



Much less would there have been subsequent developments, fate was about timing.


“You’re wrong.”



Gu Yanshen got serious with him, and Lu Wenxing gave him a surprised look, “Hmm? Where is it wrong?”




“At the right time, you’ll meet the right person.” Gu Yanshen stopped in his tracks, his deep eyes like the dark night sky. “You think so, don’t you?”



Lu Wenxing nodded.



“Then what is the right time?”


Lu Wenxing was confused for a split second by the question, and the corner of Gu Yanshen’s mouth hooked into a faint smile.



“For me, at another time or place, I would have noticed you just as much.”



Liked you.



His voice was soft, “So it’s not about meeting the right person at the right time, but when you meet the right person, every minute and every second can be the right time.”



The early or late time wouldn’t affect his feelings for Lu Wenxing, as long as the person he met was Lu Wenxing, he would definitely be moved. The difference was ……



If he met earlier, he would be moved earlier.



Gu Yanshen’s heart hadn’t moved to anyone before he met Lu Wenxing, which was enough to show that liking someone had no relationship with time or place, what mattered was the person who made your heart move.


“Wenxing, actually I ……”



“Teacher Gu.” Lu Wenxing interrupted Gu Yanshen’s words, he guessed what Gu Yanshen was going to say next.





This wasn’t romantic at all, the point was ……



The confession had to come from him first.



Gu Yanshen, who was interrupted, didn’t know what Lu Wenxing was thinking, but didn’t feel lost, Lu Wenxing just deserved the best, and it was wrong of him to confess so hastily.



When the recording was over on Monday, he would prepare flowers, red wine and chocolates, choose a good location, and more formally confess to Lu Wenxing.


And coincidentally ……



Lu Wenxing thought so too.



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