C76 —- Evidence

Gu Yanshen didn’t go too far and when he came back, he saw the cameraman holding a camera to shoot the Ferris wheel.



“Where did Wenxing go?”



The cameraman pointed to the Ferris wheel, “Zheng Haoxing took him up.”


“Wenxing followed Zheng Haoxing up?”



Gu Yanshen thought it wasn’t quite right, Zheng Haoxing and Lu Wenxing were meeting for the first time, and there wasn’t a lot of contact on the program, so it was even more strange that they took a ride on the Ferris wheel.


And since he said he wanted to play with him, it was even more unlikely that he would sit on the ferris wheel with someone else without saying a word.



“It’s …… Zheng Haoxing who wanted to ride the ferris wheel and pulled Lu Wenxing up.”



Gu Yanshen’s first reaction was to go knock on the working window next to the ferris wheel.



“Yeah, the boy in the mask and the guy in the doll suit went up.”



“That tourist refused to take off his headgear, it’s not recommended to be dressed like that. The Ferris wheel rotates slowly, so there won’t be any accidents. It’s just that the ascent process makes some people more prone to vertigo.”



“Can the Ferris wheel stop?”




The staff knew that there was a program group in the park that came to record a variety show, but there were other tourists on it, and no emergencies had occurred, so of course it couldn’t just stop.


Gu Yanshen gave Lu Wenxing a call.



He asked Lu Wenxing if he was with Zheng Haoxing, and got a negative answer.



“It’s okay, it’s a prank by an ‘old friend’. The Ferris wheel is spinning very slowly, so please wait for me for twenty minutes, Mr. Gu.”



“I can accompany you in whatever you want to play, Mr. Gu.”



Seeing that Lu Wenxing still had the leisure to flirt with someone, Wen Yu’s face turned white with anger.



“Roller coaster? That’s okay.”



“I can see the sea from here.”



“The scenery is quite good, it’s just ……” Lu Wenxing’s eyes carried a light smile, “I’d rather see it with Mr. Gu.”



Wen Yu thought that his appearance could scare Lu Wenxing, but in fact, when he removed the headgear, Lu Wenxing was a little surprised, but after that, he didn’t speak to him, as if he didn’t exist.



Receiving a phone call and still in the mood for small talk, meant that he didn’t care about him.



“Have you talked enough?”



Lu Wenxing lifted his eyelids to look at him and said nonchalantly, “Teacher Gu, wait for me to go down and find you.”



After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu didn’t open his mouth, Lu Wenxing didn’t ask, anyway, he wasn’t the one in a hurry.



Wen Yu was enraged by Lu Wenxing’s careless demeanor.



“Lu Wenxing, you really think you’re a big star, you used to pretend to be gentle and harmless in front of me, but now you don’t? Talking to who on the phone, not catching up with me, an old friend?”



“Friend? I just didn’t dismantle your mask, you’re still quite deep into the drama.”


Lu Wenxing’s expression was calm, deliberately irritating him.



“You can’t get any jobs lately, so you’re here to shove it in my face?”



When Lu Wenxing answered the phone, Wen Yu had already taken off his doll clothes, his fists clenched in anger. “It’s you right?”



“Making Wen Zheng withdraw my resources, and then deliberately finding the media to release false information.” Wen Yu’s voice became sharp, “Taking things from a few years ago and breaking the news, never releasing the evidence, and then laying out the evidence after I issued a clarification, you all joined forces to play me.”



Lu Wenxing heard such an inexplicable accusation for the first time, the previous outburst, and the later actualization with evidence were all done by Wen Zheng, Lu Wenxing was informed, but he didn’t think there was any problem.



When Wen Yu did those things, he should have been ready to bear the consequences long ago.



“Did I force you to find someone to replace me? Or did I force you to cut off other artists’ resources?”



“I’m now being cyber-violated, I’m being harassed by paparazzi when I go out, I’m being verbally abused and smashed objects on the street, and there are paparazzi and anti fans squatting in front of my house. This is all because of you, but it’s okay ……”



Wen Yu smiled, “You know what?”



“For the first dozen years of my life, I had a good life. When your whereabouts were unknown, I was the one who lived in your house”



He was disgusting Lu Wenxing, and he wanted to disgust his family as well.



“So?” Lu Wenxing looked at him coldly.



“Don’t pretend, I stole your life, I don’t believe you don’t mind. You must be angry in your heart.”




“You weren’t there when I was in your house, well-fed and well-dressed, and your mom and dad were taking care of me. You weren’t there when they were celebrating my birthday. Oh yeah, it was also your mom who went to my parent-teacher conferences every year, and in the eyes of others, she’s my mom.”



Lu Wenxing was impassive, like he was bored, tapping his index finger on the cushion.



“What are you trying to convey? They’re still my mom and dad now, I’m the one living in the Wen family, and I’m the one being taken care of.” Lu Wenxing knew where Wen Yu’s sore spot was, he smiled mockingly, “And also you’re trying to tell me that your ten years in the Wen family can’t be worth the months I’ve been at home.”



“Then you’re quite a failure.”



“Lu Wenxing.” Wen Yu stared at him dead in the face, “Don’t be complacent.”



Lu Wenxing blinked innocently, “Or do you want to hear me talk about it, my life in the Xie family? That would really disappoint you, I’ve had a good life in the Xie family as well, mom and dad treat me like their own child. In the Wen family, you ……”



Lu Wenxing didn’t keep his words to himself, but Wen Yu understood his meaning, Lu Wenxing was mocking him, even if he lived in the Wen family, the Wen family didn’t treat him as a relative.



“Taking the trouble to bring me up to the Ferris wheel was just to say this nonsense?”



Wen Yu couldn’t believe that Lu Wenxing didn’t care, and he snorted. “Don’t hide it, what are you doing back in the Wen family if you’re really living so well?”



“You don’t remember what happened when you were a child, do you? Nor do you remember how you got lost, how pathetic.”



How could anyone honestly accept that their life had been replaced, Wen Yu decided that Lu Wenxing’s calmness and disinterest was all a disguise.



His coming here today was just to disgust Lu Wenxing.



“You even called me ‘brother’ when you were a kid, don’t you remember? Let me think, the day you disappeared it was me who went to kindergarten to pick you up, you definitely don’t have any memory of it.”



“I told you that mom wasn’t off duty yet, and that the Nanny had something to do and couldn’t come. You believed me without even asking, and even politely said ‘thank you’ to me. Isn’t it ridiculous? I separated you from your parents for more than ten years, and you even said thank you to me.”




Lu Wenxing looked at him expressionlessly, Wen Yu was still not relieved, his smile was full of malice.



“After you went missing, Ji Yuan had nightmares every day, and Wen Huaizhe had a bad time. You caused the whole family to have a bad time, maybe at first they looked for you because they were heartbroken, but it’s been so long, more than ten years of not seeing you, and you’re a child who was raised by someone else, how much more attached can they really be? Finding you back is just to make up for the deficit and uneasiness within.”



After Wen Yu finished speaking, Lu Wenxing revealed an expression of ‘sudden realization’, “So, you’re here to sow discord?”



The calmer Lu Wenxing was, the more Wen Yu was stifled in his heart.



“Wen Yu, I feel quite sorry for you. From a young age, you’ve been counting on me like this, so in the end, did you get what you wanted?”



This sentence was undoubtedly stepping on Wen Yu’s sore foot.



“You, shut up.”



Lu Wenxing let out a light laugh, “I heard my brother say that you entered the entertainment industry by hiding it from him, let me guess ……”



“You wanted to enter the family’s company and was rejected by my brother?”



Wen Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled, Lu Wenxing knew he had guessed correctly.



“The first time we recorded a variety show, we danced together. At that time, I realized that you sang and danced well, if you were willing, Wang Man would definitely let you debut in a group, you’d definitely become famous faster than taking the route of an actor, but you refused.”


“Because you don’t want to take the road of singing and dancing, if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t learn it at all, but you learnt it but didn’t take that road …… Was it because of my brother?”



Lu Wenxing was aware of how protective Wen Zheng was of him.



“I learned to dance when I was a child and even participated in competitions and won awards, you also learned it when you were a child, right, my parents must not have gone to see you compete. Did my brother think you were learning from me and imitating me?”



Lu Wenxing’s words fell lightly.



“It seems like you don’t imitate well.”



“Lu Wenxing, don’t take yourself so seriously. Who cares about imitating you, only you can learn the dance, others learning it is imitation?”



Lu Wenxing guessed it. Recently, there was a hot search about him selling the “Rich Second Generation” persona, and it was indeed a tag bought by Wen Yu.



Perhaps because of Wen Zheng’s words that stabbed Wen Yu, Wen Yu had a nagging feeling about being misunderstood, and found the opportunity to also let Lu Wenxing feel what it was like to be misunderstood.



Wen Yu would choose to come out to block Lu Wenxing, not only because he was disgusted with him, but he was running out of time, he couldn’t bear the thought of being in jail while Lu Wenxing was glowing in the entertainment industry.



He admitted that he was jealous and he wanted to destroy Lu Wenxing.



This was all forced on him by Wen Zheng, who had the transfer records between him and the former staff of the orphanage over the years in his hands, and even if it was relayed through the antique store owner’s account, it was an easy way to correlate the two when things fell apart.



Wen Zheng didn’t do things he wasn’t sure of, and giving the evidence to Wen Yu wasn’t to scare him, but to not let him have a good time, he wanted to make Wen Yu wait for the court summons in fear, he was torturing Wen Yu.



Wen Zheng also seemed to have gotten evidence that he and Li Xiao used the foundation to launder money.



Wen Yu and Li Xiao’s plan was originally perfect, and they also planned to make a final profit and then call it quits, Li Xiao was ready to abscond with the money. And Wen Yu didn’t sign any agreement contract, their transactions were done through an antique store.



Li Xiao collected fake certificates and even prepared fake accounts, intending to place the blame on the Li family. But they didn’t expect that Wen Zheng had already discovered their cooperation and quietly revealed it to the Li family.




The Li family’s g.ang of old foxes were hypocritical to the extreme, pretending to be unaware on the surface, smiling and welcoming every time, a look of no defense, but they privately found people to mix into Li Xiao’s subsidiaries, secretly collecting incriminating evidence.



Li Xiao was already under review, and soon it would be Wen Yu’s turn.


But after being exposed by Wen Zheng about finding someone to take the blame, Wen Yu was completely unable to turn around in the entertainment industry. Several properties under his name were also investigated, and his only residence was guarded by paparazzi and anti fans .



At this time, Lu Wenxing received a small video from Wen Zheng.



The man in the video had shaved his hair and was handcuffed for questioning.


Lu Wenxing raised his cell phone, “Do you want to watch it together?”



Wen Yu’s anger was on the verge of exploding.



The man in the video was the husband of the former orphanage director and Wen Yu’s biological father, named Huang Zhecheng.



“Do you recognize this man?”



The policeman asked him with Wen Yu’s picture in his hand.



Huang Zhecheng nodded, “My son.”



Wen Yu clenched his fists, his eyes showing mockery.



“The child I had with another woman, I didn’t dare to let my wife know, I was originally going to abort it, that woman secretly gave birth and threatened me with this child.”



“Who is the child’s birth mother?”



“Also a staff member of the orphanage.”



“Do you know this person?”



“Wen Chi, who doesn’t know him in C City, his birthday banquet was so extravagant that it drew media attention, even several newspapers were reporting on it in turn.” The man scoffed, “I heard that he was recovered, it was quite difficult, right?”



“Be honest.”



The baton slammed down on the table, and the smirk on the man’s face increased. “I’m guilty, but it was my son who came up with the idea.”



“Wen Yu told me that the kid was well protected and naive, and asked me to cooperate with him in a play, saying that he would give me a million dollars after the deed was done.”



In Wen Yu’s original plan, Wen Chi was kidnapped by the Wen family’s ‘enemies’, and driving over Wen Chi was not really intended to do anything to him, but to scare him. When Wen Chi was at a loss for words, if Wen Yu stood out, he would definitely subconsciously rely on Wen Yu.



If Wen Yu was injured because of Wen Chi, then Wen family’s guilt towards him would be deeper.



What Wen Yu had to do was to coax Wen Chi to take the initiative to ask the Wen family to adopt him, this was Wen Yu’s plan, he wasn’t willing to just live in the Wen family temporarily.



Adopted children had the right to inherit, he didn’t want the Wen family to be his temporary guardian, he wanted to be adopted.



But Wen Yu didn’t expect Huang Zhecheng to be so unreliable, and the person he found bumped and injured Wen Chi, and it was a bad injury. Wen Yu didn’t dare to let Wen Chi go home, he knew how much the Wen family cared about this young son, and they would definitely not stop when he was injured like this.



In the panic, Huang Zhecheng gave Wen Yu advice, since the injury wasn’t easy to explain, then they’d simply not let Wen Chi appear. The orphanage itself was trying to collude with the tra.ffickers, and the couple who took Wen Chi away were informants for the tra.ffickers.



They worked at the orphanage and also found suitable children for the tra.ffickers. They then found fake adopters to adopt children from the orphanage, and after deceiving the director of the orphanage, they abducted the adopted children to other cities to sell them.



The director didn’t know about this beforehand, but her husband was one of the traffickers. Back then, the Xia family, which was still just a small company, was the one who signed a contract with the human traff.ickers to give money to the orphanage in the form of donations, and Huang Haoyu, as the orphanage’s finance manager, made false accounts to divide the ‘donations’ equally.



“Didn’t I just sell a few children that no one wanted? What is this big crime? I found good families for them, with food and clothes, they even have to thank me.” Huang Zhecheng didn’t think he was guilty until now.




“Then you can investigate Wen Yu. What’s that man named, Wen Zheng? Isn’t he good at investigating? Just bring my son in and let him accompany me.”



Huang Zhecheng was still blabbering, Wen Yu’s face flushed red as he clenched his teeth, veins protruding from the corners of his forehead.



“All those bad things I did for him, he thought of everything.”



“That kid is evil as hell, his mind is quite vicious at a young age, I should have drowned him in the water at that time.”



Wen Yu coldly looked at the man in the video, the reason he entered into the original owner’s body wasn’t at all the original owner who drowned to save the girl.



In fact, it was this man who created the ‘coincidence’ and wanted to drown the b.astard. As a result, Wen Yu wore over and used the threat of exposing Huang Zhecheng’s crimes as a threat before the two talked about cooperation.



Huang Zhecheng didn’t expect that this usually well-behaved child had a deep heart, but the child’s words tempted him. He confirmed that the child wouldn’t expose him, and for the sake of being his biological son, he let go of him when his heart softened. There was no need to struggle with money.



As for rescuing Sisi, it was also a lie. Sisi had to go to the hospital for rest after drowning, and when they heard that his family wanted to adopt Sisi, she happened to be hospitalized. So, they told the Wen family that Sisi was adopted.



The purpose was to get the Wen family to adopt Wen Yu, but they didn’t realize that the Wen family wasn’t going to adopt any other children after they heard that Sisi was adopted, they just came to deliver supplies every other day.



After Ji Yuan brought Wen Chi to the orphanage, Huang Zhecheng found a human trafficker who pretended to kidnap Wen Chi, and then intentionally mistook Wen Yu for Wen Chi and kidnapped him. He wanted to borrow the guilt and sympathy of Wen’s family so that they would think that Wen Yu suffered on behalf of Wen Chi.




Wen Yu’s foot was injured in the operation, but he deliberately fell, how could he make people feel guilty if he didn’t behave miserably?



“Those human traf.fickers were caught more than ten years ago, why didn’t they give you up?”



At Lu Wenxing’s question, Wen Yu only felt amused.



“You’re still naive. The human traf.fickers also have wives and children at home, and when I promised to give their wives and children alimony, they honestly shut up.”



“The frequent money transfers over the years are the same as the alimony payments to the orphanage employees and the traff.ickers’ families?”






Wen Yu admitted with a big smile, even if he didn’t say anything, Wen Zheng had already found out. Anyway, all he wanted was for Lu Wenxing to accompany him in his bad time.



Lu Wenxing really couldn’t understand, Wen Yu started scheming from childhood, but in the end it was like a basket filled water.



Wen Yu: “The ferris wheel will stop soon.”



Without a clue, Lu Wenxing was puzzled, only to see Wen Yu pull out a fruit knife from his bear pocket.



“Think I wasted my efforts to get nothing in the end?” Wen Yu sneered, “Yes, I don’t have a place in the entertainment industry, so you shouldn’t have it either.”



Lu Wenxing’s face became wary.



“Scared? Don’t worry, I won’t stab you, before long I’ll go in and meet with Huang Zhecheng, it doesn’t matter if I add a charge of intentional injury, but that’s not what I want.”



Wen Yu played with the fruit knife and gestured a few times on himself, “Where can I stab? I can’t get hurt too badly, but I can’t let you get out easily either.



“You’re crazy.”



After realizing what Wen Yu was trying to do, Lu Wenxing let out a low curse, “Even your own body can be used as a bargaining chip.”



“I thought you could still be as calm as you were just now.” Wen Yu said and laughed again, “I know, there’s no surveillance on the Ferris wheel.”



Not seeing panic on Lu Wenxing’s face, Wen Yu clenched his fists and his tone was icy.



“How about the abdomen? Even if the Wen family protects you, there are so many people in this amusement park, you’ll be sitting on the fact that you intentionally injured someone.”



“At that time, I’ll say that because of the indignation in your heart, you hurt me.” Wen Yu’s expression gradually became twisted.



“Celebrities can have a small scandal, then after a while, it’s over, but injuring someone with a knife is not something that can be easily washed away, when you come out of jail, that’s a criminal record, and your fans will be the same as my fans.”



“They’ll abuse you, say you’re disgusting, and turn their backs on you.”



Facing Wen Yu’s malice, Lu Wenxing looked calm and collected.



“Right.” He removed the microphone and lightly placed it on the cushion. “The variety broadcast, my mike…wasn’t turned off.”



Lu Wenxing pursed his lips and smiled, “It’s okay, it’s off now.”



Wen Yu’s face turned pale, Lu Wenxing took the opportunity to step forward, did an over-the-shoulder drop, and Wen Yu fell to the ground. The Ferris wheel swayed, the tourists in front of them had already gotten off the Ferris wheel.



“Did you forget? I can fight.”



Lu Wenxing’s knee pushed against Wen Yu’s back, and he stifled a grunt. Lu Wenxing clasped his hands behind his back and said in a cold voice.



“Jiang Zhengqin was put in the hospital by me.”




Crazy thing is people like this actually exist, smh 😪

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